They Call it the Flow...
iPhone 12 Bend Test
OnePlus Nord Unboxing
it_ alexanderthegreat
it_ alexanderthegreat 21 ora fa
I will live in this studio if I own it lol very nice
John Milks
John Milks 21 ora fa
ya the dex is a very good working system. At first i got a hdmi and cast it to a tv, the battery didnt last long. i figured if i needed i could port to other peoples tv if i needed on the go. I got a inexpensive hub with built in 100w charging and a jelly comb mouse and keyboard. Its exceeding my expectations so far.
Drea Rica
Drea Rica 21 ora fa
Wooohooo pen is still there! Since they will discontinue the Note this year
Aqua void
Aqua void 21 ora fa
And I though my I phone 11 had a lot of cameras...
Aren Fuentes
Aren Fuentes 21 ora fa
How they pronounce US - apple China - oppo 😀😀😀
Raymond Amoroso
Raymond Amoroso 21 ora fa
All this money from a ITpost Channel... wow
i need that LG OLED G1 . is 55inch exist please ?
Warren 21 ora fa
Redmonster 21 ora fa
Xavier LaPorte
Xavier LaPorte 21 ora fa
Why does your background look like the Batcave from the Dark Night
Chinny P.
Chinny P. 21 ora fa
I wonder if Lew got a discount for promoting this or sumthn
معاذ العتيبي
معاذ العتيبي 21 ora fa
How much
Junior Cobblah
Junior Cobblah 21 ora fa
The lights in the studio are ruining the image
Sunny Shah
Sunny Shah 21 ora fa
Slowly put the phone on the table man, it hurts my heart!!
simon geary
simon geary 21 ora fa
Already ordered the phantom black ultra
ForeverMasterless 21 ora fa
That doggo wants attention so bad.
- Aloganthropos -
- Aloganthropos - 21 ora fa
It took you 15 minutes to review a mask?! WTF people
Mike Wisdom
Mike Wisdom 21 ora fa
*All thanks to vaqpro_ on Instagram he helped me to unlock my macbook pro 🇺🇸*
Super 5213k
Super 5213k 21 ora fa
Imagine watching PH on this beast 🤯🤯🤯🤯😏
Mike Wisdom
Mike Wisdom 21 ora fa
*All thanks to vaqpro_ on Instagram he helped me to unlock my macbook pro 🇺🇸*
Mike Wisdom
Mike Wisdom 21 ora fa
*All thanks to vaqpro_ on Instagram he helped me to unlock my macbook pro 🇺🇸*
Leroy & Suzan Scheijven - Kuijsten
Leroy & Suzan Scheijven - Kuijsten 21 ora fa
Snapdragon 875 🤣 👌
xArch 21 ora fa
jeez lou what are we in the batcave lmfao
Ansar Naib
Ansar Naib 21 ora fa
The background seems like the Batman garage
Frederik Lun Jacobsen
Frederik Lun Jacobsen 22 ore fa
where is your hoodie from the fit is perfect?🔥🔥🔥
Mutatis Mutandis
Mutatis Mutandis 22 ore fa
Why sit 30 feet from the screen...!? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
robert fleming
robert fleming 22 ore fa
The irritating mass interstingly squeeze because insect importantly head until a little onion. separate, inexpensive cub
ForeverMasterless 22 ore fa
This is stupid. Most decent monitors have reticule overlays built in these days.
MrNYCinc 22 ore fa
A pen🤣🤣🤣 must be 2010👎🏽
Berry McCockinner
Berry McCockinner 22 ore fa
It's called 4k, but 3k would have been racist, so they just called it blueray.
Myco Enriquez
Myco Enriquez 22 ore fa
Phantom Black is 🔥🔥🔥
Jason Bucy
Jason Bucy 22 ore fa
The thumbnail makes them look like goddanm tablets hahah wtf
AirPodUser 223
AirPodUser 223 22 ore fa
Imagine when this model is like 1,000 dollars
ray diaz
ray diaz 22 ore fa
why usually Smartwatch has not camera included?
Odst soldier
Odst soldier 22 ore fa
5g is a chip that causes coronavirus and cancer and everything bad
WildWesti 22 ore fa
XM4s for me
Jerry Mendoza
Jerry Mendoza 22 ore fa
Can we just stop and appreciate the music and style of Lew's videos?? Absolutely unique
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden 22 ore fa
10:58 wrong
dio brando
dio brando 22 ore fa
Does the bluray that has streetfighter 2 animated movie have japanese original soundtrack and japanese language with english soundtrack?
waqqashanafi 22 ore fa
Been a lifelong Windows user - and just placed an order for an M1 macbook air. ... and searched ITpost for videos and came across this. Great. :-) :-( I decided on the M1 mac air for the crazy battery life. I got tired of the "8 hour" advertised battery on most laptops which in reality is around 3 hours.
Future Balance
Future Balance 22 ore fa
A prison window for the future.
Bomb Quest
Bomb Quest 22 ore fa
buddy for a person who has never had an apple product the specks on the iPhone SE are really good for the price point. Your not the target audience, Someone who has loads of money who can buy any phone they want . The Phone SE is for someone who wants to get a iPhone for a cheep price.
Koshani 7
Koshani 7 22 ore fa
You have to own a gamepsss? Do have xcould
bigbassjonz 22 ore fa
The cameras on the phones are becoming a meme.
X S 22 ore fa
Wireless guard
thetalldutchman 22 ore fa
Which watch is best for spo2 tracking to see the oxygen level over 12 hours or so
LORD OMEN 22 ore fa
Non of them... This phone is a step back for Samsung no microSD slot and no MST Samsung pay.. I'll pass
CHAOSvTheWORLD 22 ore fa
Anyone know what mic he uses for these videos?
mewym 22 ore fa
Bad cover every german can see its an taycan, nevertheless its an good car (very fast)(very nice acceleration as well) Edit: fixed some spelling
Lupu Stefan
Lupu Stefan 22 ore fa
Kelly L
Kelly L 22 ore fa
That background music makes me wonder if he's gonna murder someone with that phone.
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 22 ore fa
Is this the room in the Batman and 007 movies?
drusha 22 ore fa
unbox the Galaxy Buds Pro
Noor 22 ore fa
JackPeach1997 - Animation
JackPeach1997 - Animation 22 ore fa
Very interested, fingers crossed Exynos is not a shit show, we will see soon won't we.
UncleGreatness 22 ore fa
Is that hdmi 2.1 on the separate unit?
weedy fourtwenty
weedy fourtwenty 22 ore fa
Nice. For next 3 years I'm good wit my note 20 ultra 😅😅
skywalkerminrow 22 ore fa
i would pick this over any tesla any day and i think i am in love🤩😍
marlon carr
marlon carr 22 ore fa
but its 13inches...
VanTastic Traveling
VanTastic Traveling 22 ore fa
5:18 Was that a dog there? 😇 Great vid mate! That music made me want to jump off a bridge though 😂
James J
James J 22 ore fa
Please demo this with an active pen, gaming is one thing drawing is another.
Sol4rr 22 ore fa
1:27 Oversimplified music starts playing
Seth 22 ore fa
Great review, man. I've owned 3 iPhones. Could never afford the latest and greatest one. I had the 6 and then the 7 until a few days ago when I completely obliterated the screen. I need my phone for work, etc, so I had to get a phone asap. I ran to Walmart (I have Straight Talk service) and picked one of these up for $249 (!!!), and it blows the other 2 out of the water. No contest. The 7 had to have one of the worst batteries of any smartphone out there and one of the most disappointing cameras. It would be at like 40% by lunchtime. This battery is at least 2x better. The camera is light years ahead of the 7 as well.
Mitesh 22 ore fa
How do these creeps get expensive phones before anyone? 🤣
dean Grant
dean Grant 22 ore fa
$1000 laptop beats this now
Lenny Krog
Lenny Krog 22 ore fa
Material things are the tools of the devil. That being said, dope TV.
Manos Biliouris
Manos Biliouris 22 ore fa
Why is there a wall in the middle of the room?
cascisa22 22 ore fa
Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood 22 ore fa
Why didn't you use the actual colour names. Blows my mind that people come here for advice
NVO 22 ore fa
The best laptop is a pen and paper
yaseen mostafa
yaseen mostafa 23 ore fa
Can you watch the smart show 🙂 pls
David Lambert
David Lambert 23 ore fa
Porsche for sure!👌🏾That’s a good look for you my dude, enjoy..
Michael Beiruty
Michael Beiruty 23 ore fa
Who ever chose this track for this video should not be allowed to choose anymore.
Haris Saqib
Haris Saqib 23 ore fa
gonna get this for my 10 uear old nephew
Jeejay Wolf
Jeejay Wolf 23 ore fa
I curse no one buys billionaire toys lol
Art Key
Art Key 23 ore fa
All those beautiful colours. Ending up behind a black silicone cover...
Collyn Smith
Collyn Smith 23 ore fa
This 8k shit is suck a weird marketing tactic
Nicolas Bonilla
Nicolas Bonilla 23 ore fa
Amazing music for this piece of art!
Mr_Kettle 23 ore fa
Did Coca Cola ever give you a call?