5 Cool Gadgets To Cure Your Lockdown Boredom...

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11 mesi fa

Gold AirPods (Happy Plugs) - happyplugs.com/
HybridDrive - gethybriddrive.com/
Inertix Cyberpunk Blade - kck.st/2VxBGtf
Logitech - www.logitech.com
Twitter - unboxtherapy
Facebook - lewis.hilsenteger
Instagram - unboxtherapy

Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 11 mesi fa
Wait for it...
Malakai Damian
Malakai Damian Mese fa
@Kody Atticus damn! Took like 20 mins but it reallyworked!!
Daniel Gregory
Daniel Gregory 2 mesi fa
Hey man weres the little robot guy gone wonna see how he's being used over this mad time
Jack 4 mesi fa
Millennial money
Willisthehy 9 mesi fa
What’s the link for the charger?
ayla Edwards
ayla Edwards 9 mesi fa
Still waiting
n!tromy Mese fa
Wait for it indeed, HybridDrive has now gone silent, and will not deliver perks to their backers [ 3/ 20 / 21]
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray Mese fa
The assorted bottom orly coil because driver formally fancy until a wild impulse. robust, one vegetable
Olive Tree
Olive Tree Mese fa
Do u hate apple? I do.
Thor_Lock_habibi Mese fa
iPad Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch series 6, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple TV+ Thank me later 😉
Jak Bo
Jak Bo Mese fa
10:32 This dude looks like a robber
JC Boys
JC Boys Mese fa
Still no magic keyboard review
thejasonparker Mese fa
WARNING: I am a very early backer, within the first 300, of the HybridDrive and have not received my drive and get no reply when I email them. Keep clear of them and to be honest crowd funding in general. It seems that anyone can post a video with a few pictures of a dummy device and steal millions of pounds of people. It's a shame that reputable ITpost channels are promoting these scammers :(
Zedds Dead Baby
Zedds Dead Baby 2 mesi fa
Bed side charger for the wifey
Ajay Reddy
Ajay Reddy 2 mesi fa
11:11 - A Glitch in the simulation
Roberto Razo
Roberto Razo 3 mesi fa
Worst unbox ever.
daxter hunter
daxter hunter 3 mesi fa
The ritzy toothbrush routinely list because half-sister dewailly cheer including a striped relation. magical, tame pie
E'mica Davis
E'mica Davis 3 mesi fa
$130 is 100% worth it. Apple should have been come out with a all in 1 charger. I dont personally use apple but its just dumb.
E'mica Davis
E'mica Davis 3 mesi fa
Real clicky 😌
Ciprian Petreacă
Ciprian Petreacă 3 mesi fa
you can throw that overpriced cutter blade in the same bin as the golden ear pods
federico cabanela san gabriel
federico cabanela san gabriel 3 mesi fa
Have you ever try unboxing a cellphone mini projector?
Jasper Edwards
Jasper Edwards 3 mesi fa
That knife is stupid. It’s just an overpriced, bulky utility knife.
TheMr3742 3 mesi fa
I want lews finger in me digging for the gold nugget
Cecili Garcia
Cecili Garcia 4 mesi fa
Trump last minute touch dowm
Cecili Garcia
Cecili Garcia 4 mesi fa
Who the leader of the club that's made for you and me m i c k e y m o u s e Trump
Cecili Garcia
Cecili Garcia 4 mesi fa
It ain't over untill the fat lady sing
Ethical Warrior
Ethical Warrior 4 mesi fa
Please review the System 76 Lemur pro.
Rogelio Corpuz
Rogelio Corpuz 4 mesi fa
The idiotic authorization wailly increase because patricia uniquely tire toward a boiling thailand. clumsy, sick multi-hop
Rogelio Corpuz
Rogelio Corpuz 4 mesi fa
The motionless moustache kinetically fade because fifth lately crush worth a dangerous dresser. humorous, curly guitar
Rogelio Corpuz
Rogelio Corpuz 4 mesi fa
Wrong title guys . Correction: 5 Cool Gadgets To Cure Rich people's Lockdown Boredom
Aaron Morales Jr
Aaron Morales Jr 4 mesi fa
That blade is ass
Lakshmi Audhi reddy
Lakshmi Audhi reddy 4 mesi fa
I was Just watching ITpost and said I’m bored and the moment I said it this video came
angel garcia arrieta
angel garcia arrieta 4 mesi fa
Can you make a review of Deviale headphones pls? Can you compare with the last AirPods version from Apple? Are there any difference?? Thx and congratulations for your program. Cheers from Gijon, Asturias, SPAIN
xXDarkXx 5 mesi fa
How will this cure my boredom
J Lit
J Lit 5 mesi fa
When i first watched it the title was Airpods or Airgolds Now its 5 cool gadgets to cure ur lockdown boredom.
Ghost Dogg
Ghost Dogg 5 mesi fa
All your reviews are schill reviews for money...i call bullshit on ANYTHING YOU SAY!
MusicwithMatt 5 mesi fa
what happened @7:50?
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 5 mesi fa
very cool
Cole Czipka
Cole Czipka 5 mesi fa
would the watch part also work with the galaxy gear
Daley 5 mesi fa
Can someone tell me what mouse he is using?
Yomawi Hmingmawia
Yomawi Hmingmawia 5 mesi fa
U call that cool.... C'mon
Jimmy B
Jimmy B 5 mesi fa
Ok so 5 ads to watch, great..
Keith McKeever
Keith McKeever 6 mesi fa
It's too bad that HybridDrive you advertise in this video has been scamming their Indiegogo backers. They are actively using you on their campaign basically saying how you are raving about their product being the best thing since sliced bread.
Agostinho 6 mesi fa
Logitech is Superior to apple
Agostinho 6 mesi fa
100 dollars, budget product... or the products are overpriced...
Nathan Alfanso
Nathan Alfanso 6 mesi fa
The Laburnum Top is silent, quite still in the afternoon yellow September sunlight," What is the significance of September sunlight here?
Shomari Monroe
Shomari Monroe 6 mesi fa
Awesome video
Andy MJ
Andy MJ 6 mesi fa
God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.
P. Thaksheel
P. Thaksheel 6 mesi fa
how is this going to cure my madness
Nike Roshe V1
Nike Roshe V1 6 mesi fa
8:08 I finally feel validated that I too use ITpost Music
Rob Morris
Rob Morris 6 mesi fa
Now go watch the video where the guy made ACTUAL 18k gold airpods.
MH Holmez
MH Holmez 6 mesi fa
0:35 I think we call that fashionable in English...
tobias 6 mesi fa
you forgot one thing *i have four dollars in my bank account*
Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma 6 mesi fa
Absolutely wrong video title
Meldrin Rojas
Meldrin Rojas 6 mesi fa
The blade has no can opener
SHARK LIKER 6 mesi fa
SHARK LIKER 6 mesi fa
Fabian 6 mesi fa
Watching UnboxTherapy cures my boredom!
ShooterGang Robb
ShooterGang Robb 6 mesi fa
Did this dude just go outside to cut a mushroom with a $150 knife
0Ellaa 6 mesi fa
Where's the link to the charger? 😮
Manuel Beltran
Manuel Beltran 6 mesi fa
I like the knife
Jackie Allen
Jackie Allen 7 mesi fa
I am really feeling the multi charger dock from logitech. Right after that is the ipad 2 part keyboard case. Only two things I would even consider purchasing. I have no personal need for the rest. Side note: the blade is cool looking but still doesn't do it for me
Bartosz Zdrojewski
Bartosz Zdrojewski 7 mesi fa
that box knife must be the dumbest way to spend 150 bucks
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad 7 mesi fa
I wanted to buy the hybrid drive for my macbook. But it was out of stock. :c
Test Tester
Test Tester 7 mesi fa
Weird accent today
M Parvez ANSARI 7 mesi fa
100 milion time the Logitech accessories is better than Apple accessories
azam karadia
azam karadia 7 mesi fa
Can someone help me with the wallpaper he's using on his OnePlus 8 Pro.
Caleb 7 mesi fa
sound quality in this vid is ass
Tuna 7 mesi fa
Who else thinks that gold airpods are lowkey kinda ugly
gagareen123 7 mesi fa
Hi guys. If you're planning to back HybridDrive on IndieGogo, please refrain from doing so. I'd advise against it. I'm backing them in return of a perk. There have been delays in shipment due to misleading production report and vague updates. Latest, they are shipping in mid-September, but currently there is no update as of time of writing confirming this. So, I'd think twice if you're considering backing the project now. - Concerned Consumer
Chris Loftin
Chris Loftin 7 mesi fa
Can you do earbugs noise canceling and water resistant and sound good. What you think
Tridentmoon 161
Tridentmoon 161 7 mesi fa
Really put not for resale in quotes to mimic off white and the not for resale jordan 1’s
gaming with xxdocxx
gaming with xxdocxx 7 mesi fa
Apple is junk
Pascal Jean
Pascal Jean 8 mesi fa
Lew, did you turn on HQ mode in youtube music? got to go to settings in the music app
BerettaMike 8 mesi fa
Better watch out I think that kind of blade is illegal in Cali
Nikolaz 8 mesi fa
Adan M
Adan M 8 mesi fa
That knife is chunky, clumsy and I don't cut mushrooms when I'm randomly walking in the woods neither nor pay 150 bones for an ugly knife.
Bizzare Bros
Bizzare Bros 8 mesi fa
So, now I’m just going to replace the AirPods with my Second phone, which everybody has lying around.
Siebe Leurink
Siebe Leurink 8 mesi fa
Why would you want something in the same design style as airpods? Literally the worst part about airpods is the design.. and the sound of airpods isnt really great either
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 8 mesi fa
"I have to say that's a fairly polished package." ~Lew 😂
Critical Impact Gaming
Critical Impact Gaming 8 mesi fa
$150 for a knife that's also a bottle cap opener.. Like... Okay? 😂
604 778
604 778 8 mesi fa
That knife is useless
Not Important
Not Important 8 mesi fa
It takes you WAY TOO LONG to "review" these products....
Mike Hill
Mike Hill 8 mesi fa
Damn that Canadian exchange rate is crazy: 700,000 can = $360 US
Ninja Tyler
Ninja Tyler 8 mesi fa
I need these gadgets
adam pepe
adam pepe 8 mesi fa
Ads are necessary but it gets to the point when you can't be arsed to watch someone's channel because you can't be arsed with the ads.
MrSmokyFly 8 mesi fa
what's the point in having an M.2 drive over USB-C? You're literally throwing money away... those drives are supposed to be more than triple the advertised speed here...
Sagar Reddy
Sagar Reddy 8 mesi fa
I would go for that keyboard for sure... it’s almost perfect
XhellscreamX 8 mesi fa
Knife guy here: holy shit that knife is a dangerous design.....
ilockin 8 mesi fa
130 knife... NOPE
Byan 8 mesi fa
honestly i thought it would be more interesting things not just every day gadgets that you cant "cure your lock down boredom" with...... idk maybe i would stab things around the house with the blade :Y
Desmond Schinkel
Desmond Schinkel 8 mesi fa
He just trew that knife company under the bus. Great job
Snazzy D
Snazzy D 8 mesi fa
Hyperdrive got it
vansh joishar
vansh joishar 8 mesi fa
4:29 THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂
Dylan Milstead
Dylan Milstead 8 mesi fa
Those aren’t the golden buds I want
Alex Ehlis
Alex Ehlis 8 mesi fa
They're a budget item so it's expected... $99 for headphones are budget!?
Fat Boy's Garage
Fat Boy's Garage 8 mesi fa
I'd probably go for the knife. I do a lot of unboxing Sr work and I don't really like using my CRKT Obake since they're getting hard to find.
Carlos L
Carlos L 8 mesi fa
Anyone else watching this thinking "I don't do apple products, why am I watching this?"
kicker man
kicker man 8 mesi fa
With the wireless charger. does it work with a Samsung smart watch?
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar 8 mesi fa
Tbh this video was really bad. I just can't understand how the quality goes down and he doesn't seem to care. 5 COOL gadgets are supposed to be at least good. The "Happy Plugs" were meh. Then why show it on a video like this? The knive? Seems cool. Dude try it with some stuff at least. I hate to be the bad comment but I just know Lu can make better.
Regis Bodnar
Regis Bodnar 8 mesi fa
Me: Why's that keyboard/case combo make the iPad look like a Lenovo Chromebook Duet? Lew: "This Logitech keyboard..." Me: Ah... it was made by a company that owns Lenovo... Makes sense!
FPS GAMING 8 mesi fa
William Dollison
William Dollison 8 mesi fa
that knife is most likely illegal where you live
愚見錄 史迪生活雜記
愚見錄 史迪生活雜記 8 mesi fa
I love the Logitech keyboard, and you can also use it without the case
Luke De Ath
Luke De Ath 8 mesi fa
This was worse than boredom.
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