The Flagship Killer Smartphone is BACK

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Unbox Therapy

19 giorni fa

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has the flagship specs you care about at a much lower price. You can find the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for as low as $599 USD.
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abdo fadel
abdo fadel 4 ore fa
Good video!!
Miguel Meireles
Miguel Meireles 7 ore fa
Well done samsung Apple : We have iphone 12... Well done Samsung
Alex Sallery
Alex Sallery 11 ore fa
Is it worth getting the FE on snapdragon over the S20+ on exynos?
bailey fortenberry
bailey fortenberry 15 ore fa
GooooooooooD Job
Just Do It
Just Do It Giorno fa
why the music while you are talking!
CanyonMiniCooper Giorno fa
The Samsung build quality seems cheap to me, compared the the iPhones. That’s really the only thing I don’t like about their phones.
Vikhyat Sharma
Vikhyat Sharma Giorno fa
So sad that SD865 is only for US market.
lyanne Giorno fa
plastic back it makes the phones cheaper. that's why samsung was so cheap in the past. the glass encasing is what makes samsung now expensive. so giving us the option with plastic is a good idea for those not willing to pay an arm and a leg for a phone. most *note: most* people use a case with their phones anyways. this is how i got samsung a71. design like s20, the price was 360 for 6ram and 530 for 8ram, camera is 64mp, it has almost all the stuff you get in s20, almost as good as s10 *camera is way better already* and if you put a case on it, no one an tell if i have an s20 or not. samsung always excelled at this, non flagship phones just as good as the flagships. glad they're bringing them back. considering s20 fe has 12 mg and samsung a71 has 64mg, i'd say a71 is a better bargain.
Angel Meyer
Angel Meyer Giorno fa
dirty pants
dirty pants 2 giorni fa
I'd rather buy the oneplus 8t
sh0d0ta 2 giorni fa
Is the cpu the bottleneck in smartphone gaming? No one ever mentions the adrenos in these phones
Ruby Pareek
Ruby Pareek 2 giorni fa
HELLO Unbox Therapy (everyone please like this comment so that it comes to his notice). I am Sankalp Pareek,a die hard fan of yours from India. I am going through a really tough time and I figured out that I could use some help from a highly talented tech youtuber like you. I have been using a 32-bit Windows Vista Desktop since the beginning of this pandemic... I would be really thankful if you give me a decent laptop from your huge collection of gadgets, it would make my life a lot better. I am really serious about this...please reply to this comment if you want to help
Ludek Feno
Ludek Feno 3 giorni fa
does it have wireless charging pls?
BlancheDubois 3 giorni fa
I fn LOVE this channel!! I really want u to unbox the Cicret!
noah milman
noah milman 3 giorni fa
Why is it "fan edition"
Drew Halsted
Drew Halsted 3 giorni fa
We gonna get a Lew later case for it? I'm really enjoying this phone so far!
Merc399 3 giorni fa
Andy 777
Andy 777 3 giorni fa
God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.
Solomon Terza
Solomon Terza 4 giorni fa
Hopefully I'll be getting this for Christmas! 🤞🤞
iamakash 4 giorni fa
please do the mi10T pro
Graham Balls
Graham Balls 4 giorni fa
Well I don't have another 500 dollars XD but I got Huawei Nova 2 lite oof
Shacc Shack
Shacc Shack 4 giorni fa
What basketball game is that?
nizam biru
nizam biru 4 giorni fa
Anyone know where to get the wallpaper like shown here?
D fo
D fo 4 giorni fa
The flat screen and bigger battery sold me
||||upjidasoid 4 giorni fa
Probably the single most unimportant issue on a phone, colour and what it is made off. Who the hell cares....period. It comes boxed, out into case never to be seen again.
Al Din Baluyot
Al Din Baluyot 11 ore fa
@Andrew how does a skin sound, then?
Andrew 15 ore fa
@lyanne no, I'm not. You just can't accept that not everyone does what you do
||||upjidasoid 17 ore fa
@Andrew yep those people are called stupid though.
lyanne Giorno fa
@Andrew you're missing the point i'm making.
Andrew Giorno fa
@lyanne also, clear cases exist
iKhmerReaper 4 giorni fa
Do more giveaways for ur fans
Kamaljeet Singh
Kamaljeet Singh 5 giorni fa
I bought this mobile yesterday.. 😍😍
Krkry200 5 giorni fa
Roberto Arnesto
Roberto Arnesto 5 giorni fa
I won't buy anymore a samsung phone in my life, the battery life of those devices sucks!!!!!
radchills 5 giorni fa
I can't find it for $599
Antony Irving
Antony Irving 6 giorni fa
Getting mine Monday can't wait to come from my iPhone 8 to this!
Muhammad Shazwan Abdullah
Muhammad Shazwan Abdullah 6 giorni fa
Mi10t: Are u kidding me?
18 Football
18 Football 6 giorni fa
iPhone 11 is dead ...
Kimmy B
Kimmy B 6 giorni fa
Not sure about there but here you do have an option for a 256 gig storage with 8 gig of ram for an extra 💯. The thing I like most is being able to get a Snapdragon for a change. And unlike most budget phone's you don't lose the telephoto camera. In fact you get 3x zoom now. Great value
Justin Hall
Justin Hall Giorno fa
Drop that link to the 8GB and 256GB spec one
Rodel Panganiban
Rodel Panganiban 7 giorni fa
5g ?
offHappy 7 giorni fa
You can be the envy💭💭💭
Nahomi Garcia
Nahomi Garcia 7 giorni fa
I just bought this phone coming from an iPhone XS so I’m excited 😬 I was waiting for the iPhone announcement but it was ehh so I was ready for a change
jigglypuff_wuff Playz
jigglypuff_wuff Playz Giorno fa
I was gonna buy the iPhone xs for a cheaper price but man this one is so much better
jwalkrr 7 giorni fa
You've convinced me... Im buying this phone Should be a HUGE upgrade from my current lg stylo 4 lmaooo
Amber 7 giorni fa
I'm debating whether to get S20 or S20 FE
Divyanshu Daga
Divyanshu Daga 7 giorni fa
Can we purchase Snapdragon varient form US or other cuntry will it work in India ? with warrenty or do they give international warrenty. Hopes for reply
alexandra defer
alexandra defer 7 giorni fa
Do I get a Sony Xperia 5ii orrrrrr should I just get this. I need a suggestion
GHOST 7 giorni fa
Samsung wins in 2020
Vinje Helene
Vinje Helene 7 giorni fa
Sony Xperia 5 II or Samsung Galaxy s 10 lite? Im gonna get one og them.
Chicle VColon
Chicle VColon 8 giorni fa
There is a big flaw in all smartphone, that no one talks about. And that is the front facing camera! And the problem is its location. Why? Well try to look or focus your eye balls and watch the display to make sure its on fucus.. you just can't. I hope that wen they figure out how to make under display cameras they re locate de camera to the center of de display that way every time you take a picture all you have to do y look yo the screen and not to the top of you phone and lose the focus and the posture you trying to take only cause you had to look up... and again you got something in you're eye and it hurt and you just can't use your phone to check it out but you have to look up
History Of Obama
History Of Obama 8 giorni fa
Wish they would just release Pocophone F2 Pro to be compatible with America so we can have a true Flagship killer
Jon P.
Jon P. 8 giorni fa
Have you checked out the A80 by samsung?
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 8 giorni fa
🙏🙏🙏Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2 🥺🥺
Hussaintv 8 giorni fa
Anyone know will be FE of note 20?!!!!!!
Osama Bean Laden
Osama Bean Laden 8 giorni fa
non protruding camera please
deekay13 8 giorni fa
$950 CAD isn't exactly flagship killer pricing. That's lower-end flagship pricing.
Whayne Padden
Whayne Padden 8 giorni fa
No 8K: bonus, No huge zoom: bonus, flat screen: bonus, No Exynos: massive bonus, much cheaper than S20: massive bonus. With flat screen you can now easily fit a decent glass screen protector and as someone that always uses a case, plastic back is irrelevant to me.
Wolve XD
Wolve XD 8 giorni fa
Do a review for the umidigi S5 pro pls its just $250
H0MEDADDY 8 giorni fa
Glass back is not a flaw it's a feature, frame is still aluminum so the phone is just as ridged. Another huge feature, no edge screen. God do I hate the screen wrapping around the edges on so many phones. My current s8+ has bothered me for years. Finally due for a new phone and this one is in the running.
YTAnime 8 giorni fa
Im going to buy this on Prime day
TheLiasas 8 giorni fa
500 bucks for a damn phone in a world where poco xiaomi realme Asus and vivo exists... Gtfo man.
Shroud Mobile
Shroud Mobile 8 giorni fa
Can i have it
Pixelated 8 giorni fa
Dang I just got two note 20 ultras. I do like having 12 gigs for gaming though.
cadavric 8 giorni fa
Plastic case..... But most people put their phones in cases anyway..... Making it USUALLY a plastic case anyway
Wesley Bristol
Wesley Bristol 8 giorni fa
Love this video
Corbin Eggleston
Corbin Eggleston 8 giorni fa
Totally didn't watch this until after I bought one I love this phone so far
Allen Tanner
Allen Tanner 9 giorni fa
Would have got this over the Pixel 5 BUT I refuse to have a screen over 6.2 inches. At least until I'm old and my eyes don't work well.
Moncito TV
Moncito TV 9 giorni fa
My Phone Is Very Laggy and im using it for 3 years now Hayst. I need a new phone online class..
truth seeker
truth seeker 8 giorni fa
format your phone it would become fast as new
Evelyn Rayne
Evelyn Rayne 9 giorni fa
zenohacks IG@ is the best and legit HACKER
Evelyn Rayne
Evelyn Rayne 9 giorni fa
zenohacks IG@ is the best and legit HACKER
Rafael Tavares
Rafael Tavares 9 giorni fa
600$ is low? Lol, funny
The 6ix
The 6ix 9 giorni fa
Me watching the 120hz scrolling on my 60hz screen Woah that's so awesome *smooth*
Kristine Robinson
Kristine Robinson 9 giorni fa
All curved screen addicts are like 'trash'
Batir Carrera
Batir Carrera 9 giorni fa
Where do I find that wallpaper?
KinzDarell 9 giorni fa
it's still 800usd in my local samsung store wtf
UNEED8 Store
UNEED8 Store 9 giorni fa
This hilarious, does samsung know there are phones in market since 2019 have fast charging, samsung phones suck at fast charging, only have good camera
Non Ofyourbusiness
Non Ofyourbusiness 5 giorni fa
Lol my s7 have fast charge. Its almost 5 years old. Battery lasts for about 5 hours at full use. With entertainment mode turned on. Fast charge doesnt wreck batteries.
Keshan Perera
Keshan Perera 6 giorni fa
Fast charging is will your battery like a bitch
RAY NL 10 giorni fa
What kind of busy millennial edgy camera work is this? Are you guy strying to do as much cuts per second as possible?
Tippy Cruz
Tippy Cruz 10 giorni fa
Please do a review between Note 8 of Infinix too!!!
VettyGaming ML
VettyGaming ML 10 giorni fa
Review on poco x3!
bafare25 10 giorni fa
I got a pixel 4a for $210 after some coupons I had. That's the best time for me. Plays asphalt legends very nice.
kasheF 11 giorni fa
intro song : Angiograms-Ridlaa
andoletube 11 giorni fa
Should have put a headphone jack on it. Would have been my next phone if not for this.
Nick Garlick
Nick Garlick 11 giorni fa
Love the blue!
Rishi Jackson
Rishi Jackson 11 giorni fa
Its almost a price of console🤐
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 11 giorni fa
I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU
Bill Kelly
Bill Kelly 11 giorni fa
Not even a huge hump....... meanwhile it’s huge
Bill Kelly
Bill Kelly 11 giorni fa
Never seen any of these flagship killers..kill a flagship but whatever Lew, keep those lips flapping
Rajat Dash
Rajat Dash 11 giorni fa
S10 lite or S20FE ?
American Wisdom
American Wisdom 11 giorni fa
Who’s still here on their iPhone 4?
Stuart Moss
Stuart Moss 12 giorni fa
Great video again whats the best 5G phone at the moment for around £200-£250 uk pounds
Will Clark
Will Clark 12 giorni fa
My contract is up for renewal, I have a Mate 20 pro. which I love. but honestly the specs of some of these phones and even the cameras just dont seem like a upgrade at all. I would go for huawei again if google wasn't removed from it. (not interested in workarounds anymore. my jailbreak/rooting phones days are long gone).. Any ideas people?
M.Oskar 12 giorni fa
So the flagship kills flagships :D ?
LORD 2545
LORD 2545 12 giorni fa
Bro, you should make review the Pixel 5
LORD 2545
LORD 2545 12 giorni fa
all colors
I'M DEAD 12 giorni fa
Yeah that's my phone... I recommend to buy
Haig T
Haig T 12 giorni fa
I thought this would be a video about OnePlus :(
Mike V8
Mike V8 12 giorni fa
Ah boring. Bend test maybe?
Sudarshan Ramesh babu
Sudarshan Ramesh babu 13 giorni fa
I Think you forgot to mention about wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. And also IP68 water resistant!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩
Mark H.
Mark H. 13 giorni fa
A question that I and so many others have that you could answer so easily...WHAT ANDROID PHONES, NEW OR USED, WOULD YOU BUY IF YOU HAD $350 TO SPEND
Daniel Olah
Daniel Olah 13 giorni fa
Nice! This is great!
leo messi
leo messi 13 giorni fa
Lol, 👀 Exynos 990 in Indian variant for $750
Maxim Neumann
Maxim Neumann 13 giorni fa
Remember when a 'flagship killer' was around 350$?
Parth Mawai
Parth Mawai 13 giorni fa
hey lew, is it a good deal in india as they are offering exynos version.
J C 13 giorni fa
Vs google pixel 5
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi 13 giorni fa
Apple wants to ditch notch
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi 13 giorni fa
When S20 has plastic too
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi 13 giorni fa
How often were you using that, well it depends after all...
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