Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra - You Might Be Surprised

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 mesi fa
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4th Chamber Music Producer
4th Chamber Music Producer 6 giorni fa
Can I have one of those phone please ? I 🙏🙏
Bargunan NS
Bargunan NS 22 giorni fa
I've a small qn...does galaxy note 20/ultra rattle give some noise when shaken coz I've seen the same rattling noise in some other unboxing videos...could you please check and tell?
Lyon TenBroeck
Lyon TenBroeck 28 giorni fa
@Bishal Nagarkoti I agree with you. If people will read the specs the new gorilla glass is a slight timt as well as refresh rate differences. In all comparison the note 20 ultra would have a more tighter resolution. Try a 1080p monitor same refresh rates as a 4k monitor and see difference as well. will be tad dimmer due to the tighter resolution
@UnboxTherapy is there a holster you can get with the latercase for the ultra? Really like the case but have no empty pockets while I work.
greg elek
greg elek Mese fa
Why am I not going to get my case until until end of September ordered it on August 26th I mean if they are having you promote it knowing how many people watch your videos they should have them ready to go for when you put video out.
Harley Broughton
Harley Broughton 2 ore fa
I have the note20.. I love it🔥 nothing wrong with it👌
Abel Cordova
Abel Cordova 7 ore fa
So where going to leave out the fact those are display phone
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor Giorno fa
Tbh I have the Samsung s20 note ultra and yeah some bits are more advanced like the camera and the fact with the stylus u can take pics and pause music using it but for negatives the touch plays up some times the touch screen doesn't respond to your fingers its really heavy and makes your fingers go numb after holding it for a while it gets way to hot and the sound is a bit crap thought it would been a little louder my partners s9 is louder the general look is nice Shame about how fat the camera back is and yeah the whole plastic back makes it look cheap
Lokk J
Lokk J Giorno fa
Lol the back isn't plastic
chelley bee
chelley bee 2 giorni fa
I just search in ITpost that there will be samsung 30 ultra leaks info August 2021
chelley bee
chelley bee 2 giorni fa
Sorry you just mentioned dollars so they are going to launch in the US.
Tom 4 giorni fa
I'm watching this video on my note 20 ultra. 😄
Stephanie Slover
Stephanie Slover 4 giorni fa
Wtf is up with the camera bump is all I want to know? Omg Samsung what were you thinking? Please get rid of this in the future.
Dominic Randolph
Dominic Randolph 6 giorni fa
Can anyone tell me what beat this is?
BmnGameBoy 6 giorni fa
i can get the Note20 ultra for 1084 Euro's
BmnGameBoy 6 giorni fa
"but in this case" i get it
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 6 giorni fa
The note 20 ultra ive been hearing doesnt have as much color lol so this makes since but something was wrong with yours because that thing had like no saturation lol and the regular note 20 looked like it was way more saturated then normal even you may of had a bad display idk that was to much of a difference even the note 20 ultra against the s20 ultrs the s20 had better color but not at this amount haha but hey ive always noticed the note usually being less saturated then the regular s series but I will say the regular note20 is way more cooorful then expected wow also the note 20 ultra should be much brighter then the regular note20 yoy def got a bad display or soemthing lol it should be 1500 jits even the s20 ultra is only 1200 nits so thats weird but it can happen man shit happens ive seen this happen before compared 4 different samsungs of the same model they all have slight differences in the image lol
Marc djb
Marc djb 7 giorni fa
Isn't having glass which breaks around most of the phone an engineering blunder rather than an engineering marvel? Reminds me of the story... The king has no clothes on!
Candice Robinson
Candice Robinson 8 giorni fa
Maybe the gorilla glass has something to do with the less saturated look on the ultra. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Shimron Lakra
Shimron Lakra 8 giorni fa
Dyan na na na na na eyy
l wr
l wr 9 giorni fa
honestly i used to be a samsung fan but now i am sitting on a fence between iphone and samsung... both of these brands really have good qualities about them lol i cant choose :((
Dude 9 giorni fa
Ebay has alot of fake note 20s. Watch out. ✅
X M 9 giorni fa
Which Lenovo laptop is that at 11:42?
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav 10 giorni fa
The display difference might be due to GG Victus. It is a more resistant glass and the strongest one on any smartphone though.
Heidi S
Heidi S 10 giorni fa
I went from iPhone to this and I'm liking it so far I was able to move my iCloud email over and my Apple music
D S 11 giorni fa
A face only a mother could love
Everything and Anything
Everything and Anything 11 giorni fa
Don’t hate me but I’m watching on an iPhone and I think I’m converted!
123 456
123 456 5 ore fa
Watching on a note 9 getting my Note 20 Ultra in T-30 hours
Dave 12 giorni fa
What is the demo video running on the Note 20 Ultra?
Victorious Fam
Victorious Fam 12 giorni fa
I still have my note 9 alive and well 🥰❣
Johnathy Dongle
Johnathy Dongle 11 giorni fa
Same lol tho I wouldn't say well 😂 I cracked it the other day after 2 years of it being fine
Selin Zachariah
Selin Zachariah 12 giorni fa
what watch are you wearing ?
Aceu 13 giorni fa
Note 20 ultra lookin kinda sus with that display....👀👀👀👀
Onkar Kanhegaonkar
Onkar Kanhegaonkar 13 giorni fa
tell samsung to do samsung galaxy note 20 fold
RAFFA VARR 15 giorni fa
I notice this too comparing my Note Plus and my N20 Ultra...Note 10 Plus looks brigther
Mohammed Abdul Muqeet
Mohammed Abdul Muqeet 16 giorni fa
Amanda James
Amanda James 16 giorni fa
I just purchased the Ultra model today! Thanks for the video!
Love Pink
Love Pink 6 giorni fa
That's the one I want
Candra Nugraha
Candra Nugraha 17 giorni fa
Well at least give us a 90 Hz display on the Note 20....we wouldn't whine as much....
Dragonfly Ponds
Dragonfly Ponds 17 giorni fa
went to buy the s20 ultra but my bank account is broke.
neon ninja
neon ninja 17 giorni fa
Straight up Honest review bro. Those are both really nice screens. Crazy that the cheaper one looks better.
neon ninja
neon ninja 7 giorni fa
@Kenny Cuevas It really looked that way. Why do you say it doesn't?
Kenny Cuevas
Kenny Cuevas 11 giorni fa
It doesn’t tho
funkyfreshflavor4u 19 giorni fa
I have the Ultra and compared to the regular Note and FE for 2 hrs today in bestbuy. The regular Note20 screen looks like what everyone is used to with Samsung oled. The Ultra and FE both have 120 screens and it is something in the screen that doesn't look as good. The regular Note 20 has the best screen I could find in person never saw the Xperia 1 mark 2 screen. Will be returning my Ultra for the regular Note because it has more vivid colors and better contrast ratio and sharper text. All settings with 60hz. My old Note 3 looks better than the ultra and possibly better than the regular note. I wonder if this is what Apple saw as well. I know one plus uses this Samsung galaxy 120 screen and has the same issues and green tint on black. Even in qhd ultra vs 1080 note the regular note still looks better. Nothing we can do the screen is junk honestly looks more like lcd then oled.old. We know its not the glass because Galaxy FE has same problem its the 120 screen.
Jacob Henderson
Jacob Henderson 20 giorni fa
The displays could be different due to the different glass on the screens.
Note20 Ultra
Note20 Ultra 21 giorno fa
I'm better. In every way. Oh nevermind-
Carl Pizzo
Carl Pizzo 21 giorno fa
How do I use an earplug FOR PRIVACY?
jryoungsr 21 giorno fa
Is there a reason why the Note 20 Ultras in my sprint and best buy have the same plastic back as Note 20.
paulina kabzinska
paulina kabzinska 21 giorno fa
wow, very cool !
Bargunan NS
Bargunan NS 22 giorni fa
I've a small qn...does galaxy note 20/ultra rattle give some noise when shaken coz I've seen the same rattling noise in some other unboxing videos...could you please check and tell?
Sermon Eulogy
Sermon Eulogy 23 giorni fa
Note20 ULtra ....
Reaper plays
Reaper plays 23 giorni fa
Why does my s10+ feel dead lol
HTB83 24 giorni fa
I'm buying the $1000 plastic just for the processor case closed 💼
Ashlea Maxwell
Ashlea Maxwell 24 giorni fa
A natureza é maravilhosa
Erik Hanna
Erik Hanna 25 giorni fa
cant wait to buy it used for $400 in a couple months! samsung holds their value great
ebelin guevara
ebelin guevara 26 giorni fa
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
12LOOK4 2FAST 26 giorni fa
@unboxing the bronze phone was made with stronger glass and case. Its posted on Samsung site. It has a stronger glass and case. Much more durable bronze has a different built then the rest
907Ronald 26 giorni fa
Glad I went with the cheaper version. Great video broseph.
Raje617 - Jenn
Raje617 - Jenn 26 giorni fa
Video all over the place. Didn't go over all the functions. Moving on to another review of the two for a decision. ...
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack 26 giorni fa
2020 still rocking with my note 8 ♥️
Eleanor Nurse
Eleanor Nurse 16 giorni fa
mine just been dropped and died
its me
its me 24 giorni fa
Me too😊👌😂
Blaze Scott
Blaze Scott 27 giorni fa
My notebook ultra is awesome
Christian Araujo
Christian Araujo 27 giorni fa
My screen note 20 ultra is burn from factory :(
Lamar Long
Lamar Long 27 giorni fa
Calibrated images with higher refresh rates are usually darker and more true to color super vibrant dosent always mean clearer or sharper.
Fernando Godinez
Fernando Godinez 28 giorni fa
So I upgraded from the Razer Phone 2 to the Note 20 regular version, and I'm losing the 120 hz? Didn't know that...
Bangtan ARMY
Bangtan ARMY 28 giorni fa
Note 20 Ultra has a HUGE camera hump. That's why I would prefer Note 20 (also because I'm short on budget) :')
Toro428 26 giorni fa
Well if you’re short on budget this phone shouldn’t even be on your wait list get a Redmi or one plus or something cheaper
janoo85 28 giorni fa
Anybody problem with note 20 ultra display color problem ? Mine loom washed out color compare my s9+ pop up colors 🤦‍♂️ both of them vivid setup Any idea ? Is it broke i schould bring back or its normal overal ?
GGreviews 28 giorni fa
Would it be dumb to get a note mainly for semi gaming and drawing on the go?
Giriraj Parsewar
Giriraj Parsewar 29 giorni fa
note 20 is just there to people go and buy note 20 ultra......
woke af
woke af 29 giorni fa
I got my note 20 yesterday and idk how I feel about it yet yes its a beast but I still not sure how I feel about this phone
Charles Douglas (TD Drones Reviews)
Charles Douglas (TD Drones Reviews) 29 giorni fa
Cool videos, I guess you get a worse screen on the ultra to save on battery with the refresh rates. Samsung is a rip off indeed. I have a new S20 and yeah. Never again. Also Exynos and whatever to whatever. Fed up of Samsung totally. They have so many versions of their flagship. If you live international, you get a automatic rip off. Lol. Samsung Whack son.
Lava Girl
Lava Girl 29 giorni fa
Chance Dudley
Chance Dudley Mese fa
Its really tempting to get the 20 ultra especially given the current deals being offered on it but man I really love my s10+ I don't think I can give it up
eth3rl0rds Mese fa
Very premium phone with expensive price tag for just a year or two! I really wanna see their sales Stat after this fiscal year of Corona with $1599 phone where people are getting evicted for their $800 rent!
Jaydee N
Jaydee N Mese fa
That watch tho.... Clean. What brand is that?
Logan Blomquist
Logan Blomquist Mese fa
I am able to take some pretty cool pictures of the moon with the note 20 ultra
Derrick V
Derrick V Mese fa
When the phone is going to be put inside of a case for some type of protection it really doesn't matter about the look or how it feels the case will hide all of that.
calvin powell
calvin powell Mese fa
I like my note 20
vkhiev Mese fa
FYI I have 2 new note 20 ultra (rose n black) the black back cover is shiny plastic but the rose is plastic exactly like the regular note 20 you have here.
Boston quad
Boston quad Mese fa
I heard the glass in the back cracks all the time
Melssa Pontremoli
Melssa Pontremoli Mese fa
I bought note from Walmart 3yeard
Brandon Omoyele
Brandon Omoyele Mese fa
Was the Blue Light Filter on?
Aldo Mese fa
Who the hell cares what it sounds like when you tap it on the back! What a maroon....
Aldo 16 giorni fa
@N0T0KAY 100% Android...why would I be here if I was an iPhone lover moron?
907Ronald 26 giorni fa
@N0T0KAY I guess he forgot he didn't have to watch.
N0T0KAY Mese fa
My iPhone user senses are tingling...
Micheal Carr
Micheal Carr Mese fa
i bought the ultra 512gb version
joshua leggans
joshua leggans Mese fa
I'm getting upgrade to Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra. My Galaxy S9 has cracks on the back and there is a spider web crack which just been on it since yesterday evening. I have had my S9 since March, 2019. And it is paid off finally. Can't wait to get the Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra. Who else is a Samsung S Series?
Danzy S
Danzy S Mese fa
Unbox therapy what is that screensaver you got i want it ?
Heidi S
Heidi S Mese fa
I got the note 20 and bummed no SD card slot. my ebooks, audiobooks, music took up 85% of my storage is meh but i am coming of iphone pro 11 and screen and speed much better over my ifi
Infinite Studio
Infinite Studio Mese fa
My S 10 plus just cracked today and saw the Note 20. I am trading that in
Mad Sodaz
Mad Sodaz Mese fa
Even having the Galaxy Buds, I'm not happy lacking a 3.5mm jack...
Squirrel Squadron
Squirrel Squadron Mese fa
Glass phones are so stupid, why would you buy something that's easier to break.
freeholeless50 tv
freeholeless50 tv 26 giorni fa
As a construction manager i agree I hate glass
Noble's Vault
Noble's Vault Mese fa
Thanks Unbox Therapy you saved me from selling my S20plus and getting a note 20 phone. LEW LATER strikes again!
Patrick Gan
Patrick Gan Mese fa
The problem with the screen display probably is because of the different glass the 2 units have
samuel afolayan
samuel afolayan Mese fa
“Cheap vibe that it puts out” 😂
Sherri Asenova
Sherri Asenova Mese fa
Everyone pretending that the note 10 lite does not exists with an s pen for like 450 USD.
d. j james
d. j james Mese fa
I hate the way he keeps sliding around the phones on that surface
Jana Wilson
Jana Wilson Mese fa
I like the "we can do 8k" jingle 🎶
JuliCarryon Mese fa
I was immediately confused on what phone was what... didnt lime the video. Hes too relaxed. I need specs, comparison no bs
Alex C
Alex C Mese fa
Didn't realize the plastic feel on my note 20 until now
Aldo Mese fa
@Orlando Nunez ya you are probably right..then don't buy it that's the only way Samsung will learn. If they charge top dollar they should use top shelf materials.
Orlando Nunez
Orlando Nunez Mese fa
Aldo it does for the price
Aldo Mese fa
Like it really matters....
Aditya Khandelwal
Aditya Khandelwal Mese fa
Lol. I was gonna get one. I'm not gonna becus of the plastic
Caleb Mese fa
I'd rather have plastic I'm going to put a skin or a case on it anyway
Anand Babu
Anand Babu Mese fa
Can you review the 108 MP camera ?
Yvan Novoa
Yvan Novoa Mese fa
the screen difference rant is such a first world problem
Jay Pesi
Jay Pesi Mese fa
Hey what watch does he uses during the video?
Unreal For Real
Unreal For Real Mese fa
Pretty sure Samsung really FUCKED the notes up hard this time around. Plastic with a 1080 screen at 60 hrtz for $1000? Who at Samsung that that was a good idea!? Wow.
Jeff Harmon
Jeff Harmon Mese fa
Can't believe all the people trippin over a plastic back. I'd like metal sure but it's not conducive to signal propagation. I hated the glass because day one of the 1200 note 9, before I was able to get a case, my key (singular) in my pocket cracked the back just by simply sitting down. Then speaking of cases almost everyone uses a case so you never see the back ffs. I liked the note 4 backing but I welcome plastic over glass.
성민 Mese fa
Note 20 regular model looks brighter and more saturated on ITpost. did you check 'setting - display - video enhancer (at the bottom)' on or off ?
Alein FromEarth
Alein FromEarth Mese fa
For anyone wondering why it's screen was looking more popping more saturated was because of the music video, the video changes between saturation
Felecia Woodard
Felecia Woodard Mese fa
Anyone still watch this video?
Shaun Allsopp
Shaun Allsopp Mese fa
Samsung posted a video of you in it. But they took the moment where you were tapping on the back of the Note20 5G saying "here listen" about the air gap.. and then they coupled it with another tidbit from later on when you were talking about something else you said "listen, its a powerhouse phone" from later in the video.
Dee Hall
Dee Hall Mese fa
You're so rough with those phones lol
Ryy Mese fa
Its the same with the iphone 11 pro. Some models have a “better screen” while some models don’t apple told me its normal as there are two types of screen and i was like wtf
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis Mese fa
The day i get one of this phone i will kill my self 😆
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