The Coolest Smartphone You've Never Heard Of...

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6 mesi fa

The Redmagic 5G is the first smartphone I've tested featuring a blazing fast 144Hz display.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
Which is your favorite smartphone so far in 2020?
Mate xs for now but i like the 144Hz in red magic so maby i'm gonna get red magic 5g
Toluwalase Abayomi
Toluwalase Abayomi 2 mesi fa
Not 5g
Toluwalase Abayomi
Toluwalase Abayomi 2 mesi fa
Red Magic 5S best phone I have used
Arihant Tomar
Arihant Tomar 2 mesi fa
Nice Gaming
Nice Gaming 2 mesi fa
how can i order that phone?
Blake NoLast
Blake NoLast 3 giorni fa
Screw flagships, there are so many amazing mid tier and budget phones now.
Jav G
Jav G 6 giorni fa
*Me: buys this* *Also me: damn, finally games without lag* *Wifi: hahaha lemme stop u right there...*
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez 8 giorni fa
How would you compare this to ROG3? Wanting to get the Nubia because it's cheaper but I also want to do streaming. Will the Nubia handle all that?
EzSqueezy Giorno fa
Buy a pc If you wanna stream if it is specifically mobile games you wanna play I recommend bluestacks on your pc
k_wap GG
k_wap GG 13 giorni fa
And it’s only like $580 I’m definitely getting this
Siddharth Nath Shrestha
Siddharth Nath Shrestha 13 giorni fa
Mercy crying in the corner... Knowing I'll never get phones like these
MystWays 17 giorni fa
awesome review sir.
SJ Berry1021
SJ Berry1021 17 giorni fa
In the Philippines there a few people bought this phone just for their Own stuff ,, the comparison is Great smooth and ALSO NOT CHEAP
Eli garcia
Eli garcia 21 giorno fa
I cant find this red n black version
Shadow Ki
Shadow Ki 22 giorni fa
The Red Magic 5G's fan is a great idea and it does work well, except when you try to play "World of Subs." Then your phone may overheat (with the fan pushing!
rj recto
rj recto 23 giorni fa
Imagine watching a phone review u cannot afford🤦🏽‍♂️
ChairForce1987 rolyat
ChairForce1987 rolyat 25 giorni fa
Is this phone tmobile compatible?
Ded Ded
Ded Ded 26 giorni fa
Very Bad mobile
Andrew Gamblin
Andrew Gamblin 27 giorni fa
But can it run minecraft
JC Lazaro
JC Lazaro 27 giorni fa
the best ever review of this phone that I watched on ITpost. The other video reviews from other channel are just below average.
RRG.R Mese fa
Does the Red Magic 5G have a recorder that only records internal sounds on any game?
Muhammad Yasir Hussain Usmani
Muhammad Yasir Hussain Usmani Mese fa
happiness is watching it again on my Redmagic 5G this time ! 😍
Devil DJ
Devil DJ 5 giorni fa
@piotrlagojda also does the fan still works??
piotrlagojda Mese fa
Im thinking about buying one ,can you tell me about system update ,is it working did you have any issues whit that
raul22ir Mese fa
Company is trash my 5g stopped charging, I contacted the company and said I was charging it wrong. Wtf... I bought 2 docking stations and both broke. Do not buy unless you want a defective product
Adil Iqbal
Adil Iqbal Mese fa
My mom want one😜
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo Mese fa
Does it have an IP68 rating
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo Mese fa
I Prefer a small bezel to a hole punch. I've note 9
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo Mese fa
Nubia is part of ZTE. My only concern although it's an amazing smartphone is security
No Gods or Kings, Only Man!
No Gods or Kings, Only Man! Mese fa
Now we have the Red magic 5S, though I would like a SD card slot..
X_Snickers_ X
X_Snickers_ X Mese fa
Can u download apk’s
Alvan HL
Alvan HL Mese fa
Review nubia play 5G.. Kinda lit
konnie stamos
konnie stamos Mese fa
Dumb question where on your site is the name of that phone
Roland Hamid
Roland Hamid Mese fa
Definitely not waterproof
War Lord
War Lord Mese fa
very good experience to play PUBG on this mobile
Player Nought
Player Nought Mese fa
11:26 "Game type experiences". The sound and the speakers are optimized for Jimi Hendrix Experiences
Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie Mese fa
Now that it has been a while, can I please get this phone off of you guys? I really need an upgrade and I am so attracted to this phone. When I say I need an upgrade, I am dead serious. Im still rocking an old samsung galaxy s4. Im on my third battery now and this one is starting to go bad as well. She is starting to swell up. So please hook a brotha up. Ill keep watching and liking all of your videos I promise. Says all this while knowing he will never see it.
gaming Kid
gaming Kid 2 mesi fa
It’s so loud
Tony in The Kitchen and The Grill
Tony in The Kitchen and The Grill 2 mesi fa
Hey Lou You should do review on this phone ZTE Nubia Play 5G
Sammie Tam
Sammie Tam 2 mesi fa
Most games on app store are pay to win.. so who cares if your phone runs faster.
dfgh 2 mesi fa
This phone acting as phone disguised as another phone...
TAYYAB EJAZ 2 mesi fa
He was a bot
JM Art
JM Art 2 mesi fa
Riddik79 2 mesi fa
I'm sorry I just can't take this seriously 🤣 A gaming phone 🤣🤣
Diego V
Diego V 2 mesi fa
Is it true you can't change the launcher? Deal breaker for me
Diego V
Diego V 2 mesi fa
I wank to this every day. Maybe i should get one? How is the ROM and build quality, shock proofing etc
Aurelian Manoli
Aurelian Manoli 2 mesi fa
And at half the price of a flagship 😂😂😂
Muhammad Yasir Hussain Usmani
Muhammad Yasir Hussain Usmani 2 mesi fa
Allan Jao
Allan Jao 2 mesi fa
wow... awesome... Just hoping to have one ...very nice , thanks a lot.
Nice Gaming
Nice Gaming 2 mesi fa
send me the link of this company i want it
Jimmie Jam Of The Day!
Jimmie Jam Of The Day! 2 mesi fa
One speaker or dual speakers? I missed that part.
Xeticus 2 mesi fa
This is REALLY impressive. They seem to a really solid device.
Potato Goose
Potato Goose 2 mesi fa
Thanks bro u just made me buy this phone and it's just to GOOOOD
Kelvin lim
Kelvin lim 2 mesi fa
Anyone having problem with the battery?
Jakkula Kiran
Jakkula Kiran 2 mesi fa
Nubia red magic 5g
John Vincent S. Pangilinan
John Vincent S. Pangilinan 2 mesi fa
Hey 144hz for $600 than my laptop that costs $4500 because of the screen refresh rate which is 144hz why not?
zoe1baby 2 mesi fa
I wish on Boxwood tell us if it is or any of the phones he brings up that are available or might be available or comparable with the CDMA network with Verizon. I don’t want to get a folder find out it won’t work! Who knows if I can send it back in the whole process is giving me a headache but I want to try a new phone but I need to know it works on the CDMA not just the GSM!
Senpai Ewiek
Senpai Ewiek 2 mesi fa
can you make a review about Nubia Play 5G
Jezzkiller 2 mesi fa
Can i just have that phone now 😭😭😭 Cries in poor ghad dang it
LORD BEERUS GOD of Destruction
LORD BEERUS GOD of Destruction 3 mesi fa
Oh i did have that phone that phone name is red magic 5g
Lawrence Acosta
Lawrence Acosta 3 mesi fa
Wow....I’ve been playing COD mobile right now so having a phone like this would be awesome
New Kid
New Kid 3 mesi fa
Hello UT
pandi selvi
pandi selvi 3 mesi fa
Bro red magic 5g
Karl 3 mesi fa
Can you give me that phone please?
xeeshan jalani
xeeshan jalani 3 mesi fa
who in the world plays that much on their phone? ok bit of cod, pubg or fortnite. but serious hours playing games uninterrupted on your phone?
Animesh Meshram
Animesh Meshram 3 mesi fa
Software is literal pile of shit
Hatozi _
Hatozi _ 3 mesi fa
So lucky I have this 😍
ulrich gabriel
ulrich gabriel 2 mesi fa
Im unlucky we are poor 😭
zackstud09 3 mesi fa
Here. Listen to the sound of this phone on your phone. How does that work? If that phone has better speakers than my phone it'll still sound horrible since I am listening the them on my phone 😂
Vice3AMV :DDMe
Vice3AMV :DDMe 3 mesi fa
u always make that face when u take a pic it makes me laugh XD
Adam Karim
Adam Karim 3 mesi fa
I have known it has a FaN!!!!!
Brixy Brixhamite
Brixy Brixhamite 3 mesi fa
The pan is mightier than the sword.
abdou Bmd
abdou Bmd 3 mesi fa
I want this in algeria
Raymond Jacobo
Raymond Jacobo 3 mesi fa
Ang pangarap ko na gaming phone..
Hou Felix
Hou Felix 3 mesi fa
well, nubia is a subsidiary of ZTE. Their earliest products were made mainly to take good pictures. "a phone that can photo stars" as they say. The price of nubia in china is usually cheaper than other brands that using similar hardware components. I have been using z9max,Z17in the last 10 years. The main functioning is beyond any problem. But the GPS of them are really disappointing.I hope they have fixed the GPS for the redmagic 5g. It's my next phone. If not, it will be like, you bought yourself a Ferrari, super fast, super brilliant looking, only the air conditioning won't work normally, and that will be so mindfxxking...-_-
Hou Felix
Hou Felix 3 mesi fa
well,5 years,i forgot
Daniel Barajas
Daniel Barajas 3 mesi fa
Where can you buy these
James Seraph
James Seraph 3 mesi fa
I keep seeing gaming phones, which sounds great. But I have yet to see any good phone games, not to mention on screen controls ruin any game. Give me a controller or you are wasting my time.
X 3 R 0
X 3 R 0 3 mesi fa
These gaming phones are starting to make me want to cheat on Apple
Tony in The Kitchen and The Grill
Tony in The Kitchen and The Grill 3 mesi fa
Hi Lou, You need to get this phone "Nubia Play 5g"
Dereku San
Dereku San 3 mesi fa
Watching this on my Red Magic 5g
Rayhan’s Apple Tech BD
Rayhan’s Apple Tech BD 3 mesi fa
Bangladeshi vaiera support me please 😍❤️😇
doppelgunner 4 mesi fa
but it doesn't have google play??? huhu
Shadow Ki
Shadow Ki 4 mesi fa
This phone is awesome BUT the case from Nubia is pure garbage. They put a screen on it for you but it is only to avoid a rush of issues when people drop the phone on a hard surface like a tiled floor or concrete. This phone has the fragility of an egg shell I joke you not!! I now have to deal with getting my screen fixed after 2 weeks with Nubia's sketchy case!
Lev Legs
Lev Legs 4 mesi fa
Trying to order one of these now. Paid. Can't enter correct address. Now they want to refund me instead of edit the almost correct address, 13 days for refund. For me to place order again 12 days for them to pack and post after that. Red magic 5g 2 will be out before I get this phone
Weird Awkward Woman
Weird Awkward Woman 4 mesi fa
Wanting a new phone. This is pretty awesome and the camera doesn't look to bad
Edmar Jade Claro
Edmar Jade Claro 4 mesi fa
I'd like to have one, but I'm not that rich.
Sifuji Commando
Sifuji Commando 4 mesi fa
I play call of duty
Elizeu Boy
Elizeu Boy 4 mesi fa
I've ordered mine a long time ago, still yet to receive it. Have contacted their support, opened ticket on their website, they stopped answering my emails. It says 2 day processing time but it's been way more than 2 days. Their support is the worst thing imaginable. Sucks because I really wanted this phone, but I have no other option than to pursue refund. Worst phone company ever. I guess this is the kind of stuff you really can't mention in your videos because you probably skipped the customer experience of ordering the phone. If anyone reads this, word of caution, RedMagic's support is non-existent so good luck getting your product or your money back.
IYAK NXP FANS 4 mesi fa
Still an IPhone and Samsung killer yet
Paomin Haokip
Paomin Haokip 4 mesi fa
That's a bot .. u r so noob 😂😂
Ismail Rizvi
Ismail Rizvi 4 mesi fa
Worst ever android phone I have ever used buggy and useless software.
Kyle Lambino
Kyle Lambino 4 mesi fa
Sir what is most better Nubia Redmagic 5g or iPHONE 11 Because I want to buy a new phone..... Hope to see
Dhinesh Jagan
Dhinesh Jagan 4 mesi fa
Having turbo cooling fan,144hz,Gaming triggers,Game mode Then y pubg players always goes for iPhone xs max What the hell?🙄
Tmanvwd 4 mesi fa
Between the Redmagic 5g & the Asus Rog phone 2 which do you prefer?
Bro still I have ddr4 ram in a 1000$ PC .... I Could buy this
J G 4 mesi fa
Those vents are for the fans it's pretty obvious fans need a input and output to do their job
Modd Qudar
Modd Qudar 4 mesi fa
Can i have this phone please
Aesky Gaming
Aesky Gaming 4 mesi fa
Why is the logo at the back light?
Ty Queen
Ty Queen 4 mesi fa
What emulators work on it? PSP, Vita, N64?
Shadow Ki
Shadow Ki 4 mesi fa
The Red Magic 5G is the best phone ever made. It's the phone that takes the BIGGEST bite out of 🍎...😂! I got the "Pulse" model and can tell you straight up, this phone is the best there is as far as design. That's why Nubia is coming out with a see through model. Because they know the phone has been stuffed with specs and is super fast! 😯🙂😄😁 Look at apple and their iPhone debauchery: No room for a headphone jack? Nubia: " Okay let's put in the Snapdragon 865, a cooling fan, liquid cooling system, 2 operating systems, 2 sim trays, vents, cameras, etc, and oh yeah, while we're at it, how about a headphone jack as well for quiet use in a bluetooth power pinch and charge less than $600.00 for the base model! I always knew apple was full of it and was going to be defeated sooner or later. And by who? ZTE/Nubia! from out of nowhere!!!
Davie Mar Balbuena
Davie Mar Balbuena 4 mesi fa
Hi sir. Can you lend me some phone for me to use in our online class. I hope you'll help me
артур резепов
артур резепов 4 mesi fa
есть руские ?
Juls Sison
Juls Sison 4 mesi fa
Can I have that :((
Shadow Ki
Shadow Ki 4 mesi fa
The Red Magic 5G is without a doubt the most perfectly designed phone ever! I'm holding the "Pulse" model in my hand right now! This phone feels extremely good to hold; not too big but not to small. The aluminum chassis is finely polished and is beautiful. The speed compared to all that came before goes without saying. The visual colorization is the best I've seen so far. It is as smooth as any iPhone. There are no issues that haven't been fixed or will be later through update patches. This phone is not particularly rugged but Nubia did put the tempered glass on the screen. They should have done better with the case. I got the pro handle case by mistake so controllers can be attached. This phone will need a seriously protective case! Other than that there really isn't much to criticize negatively. This phone is a power house! Unbelievable prices on these phones for the specs and build quality.
mu saleh
mu saleh 4 mesi fa
Which one is better the hot rod red color or pulse
āllāñ sūgōīī
āllāñ sūgōīī 4 mesi fa
Just put your phone to your aircon and play
āllāñ sūgōīī
āllāñ sūgōīī 4 mesi fa
Oh baby this is the slowest phone and cheapest we have on 3040 im not gonna spoil it but... Get ready : ) for the techs coming soon
MLG Joe 4 mesi fa
Is it available in blue?
greek kid shows
greek kid shows 4 mesi fa
It would have been nice if the s20 was used for a sound comparison It did sound good, but that depends on my tv speaker's aswell
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