Realme 7 5G Unboxing - 120Hz for under $300

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The value for money smartphone race stays hot! Here's an unboxing of the brand new Realme 7 5G. A 5G 120Hz smartphone for under $300 in 2020.
This video is sponsored by Realme.
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Jose Roman
Jose Roman 23 minuti fa
Whats the name of that track in the video?
aazim Mohammed
aazim Mohammed 25 minuti fa
i have a realme 5 pro and it has i think about 4 lenses ultra macro, wide angle, 44mp, and normal but if i switch modes for eg: from normal lens to 44mp the lens doesn't switch like if you cover the normal lens and then switch to the 44mp still you won't be able to see anything and if you cover 44mp and choose 44mp mode you can take the pic, they only switch lenses for ultra macro mode and normal lens rest all are taken by normal lens
Steven Young
Steven Young 25 minuti fa
Will it be better than the both poco x3 and the redmi k30 kg that are 120 hz and under 300$?
Ronald Garcia
Ronald Garcia 40 minuti fa
I would rather choose silver 😍
Imran Ismail
Imran Ismail Ora fa
XueHua Piao
XueHua Piao Ora fa
Review Batpod please.
Ricky_RG_ Ora fa
Rommel Jay Enciso
Rommel Jay Enciso 3 ore fa
redmi k30 5g/poco x2 and poco x3 is waving 👋 xiaomi did it first in the budget segment
Armando ruiz suares
Armando ruiz suares 4 ore fa
where is located that set of recording?
film79 4 ore fa
I think there is a poco phone with a 120hz screen for under $300 too
Teachmehowtodoge 4 ore fa
I won’t buy any coronavirus phones from Winnie the Flu.
Ridzwan Sahaidi
Ridzwan Sahaidi 5 ore fa
And realme 8 series came out end of December
West 6 ore fa
After COVID, im boycotting everything that is Chinese.
vickimon 8 ore fa
It's better to have a feature and not need it than to need it and not have it
Rakesh Waghela
Rakesh Waghela 8 ore fa
@6:48 trying hard to turn ON the mobile ;)
Matty Matt
Matty Matt 8 ore fa
They remind me of what OnePlus Used to do
Wahid Hashoory
Wahid Hashoory 8 ore fa
Is it available fir purchase in USA?
Love Ghotra
Love Ghotra 8 ore fa
Lui Mer
Lui Mer 9 ore fa
These Intros feel so luxury and Premium 😮👌
Ashad Jamal
Ashad Jamal 9 ore fa
He Literally Fingered Apple @ 120Hz😂😎🔥
Zero Wan
Zero Wan 9 ore fa
This kind of phone make the features look cheap AF lol no wonder apple dont want to do this yet lol 😆😆
Evol M3
Evol M3 9 ore fa
Makes you really think where the hell these up charges come from in flagship phones when people only text and Instagram anyways.
Transition Guy
Transition Guy 10 ore fa
I bought the realme 7 pro at cheap price,its a month now and phones started lagging and there are dust inside camera and when i went to service centre they told it can't be repaired,the price is low cuz these phones lack details which will give u trouble
Ahsan khan
Ahsan khan 10 ore fa
Give me one phone plz
Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson 10 ore fa
Can I buy this in the US?
Almas Siddiqui
Almas Siddiqui 11 ore fa
I Feel sad for iPhone user as lew feels..
Abhijit Panda
Abhijit Panda 11 ore fa
Actually except 5G this phone is not that impressive because Realme has already launched NARZO 20 Pro which has 65 watt fast charging and almost similar specs at only around 200 USD in India
Aviral Kaushal
Aviral Kaushal 12 ore fa
Love that line after spending $1000 you cannot enjoy 120 hz display guy didn't know how smooth the screen of $250 bucks phone......😂😂
U forgot the poco x3
Stray Productions
Stray Productions 12 ore fa
People should change their perspective on buying phones they should choose the ones that have better offers despite the price
Nassim 12 ore fa
He didn't forget the poco x3 he's just advertising so hard for the realme
ですゆすけ 4 ore fa
So sad
L' Cynote
L' Cynote 13 ore fa
Up NEXT..The BatCave Tour 2020
Syafiq Samrie
Syafiq Samrie 13 ore fa
His voice reminded me of stonemountain64
Mubashar Graphics
Mubashar Graphics 13 ore fa
the background is real? unbox t
zitsau zoeng
zitsau zoeng 13 ore fa
Kal El
Kal El 14 ore fa
Yuck 🤮🤮🤮 🇨🇳🇨 Chinese goods suck 👎👎👎 only good for one time use... Watch out people 👀👀👀👀
Adi 14 ore fa
willie du is Alfred
Derek Venturi
Derek Venturi 14 ore fa
Is it using the snapdragon 765g ?
Abd Azi
Abd Azi 14 ore fa
Micromax note 1 review
Muanpuia Sailo
Muanpuia Sailo 14 ore fa
Realme 7 5g or realme x3
wesley lim
wesley lim 15 ore fa
Poce x3 120 fps for 230usd
Mirza Gee
Mirza Gee 15 ore fa
Poco X3 120hz $200
Chicken Lips
Chicken Lips 15 ore fa
the only reason Apple doesn't have a 120Hz display is because iOS users can't flick the settings widgets up and down like that to test the speed
Mário Ferreira
Mário Ferreira 16 ore fa
Crazy how some People still spend 900 or more on phones in 2020
Segunda Mano
Segunda Mano 16 ore fa
realme: we have 120Hz and 5G for 300$ Apple: uGh yEaH 1099$ ehehe
Balamurugan Sekar
Balamurugan Sekar 16 ore fa
Realme value for money...👍👍
Daniel Sorrell
Daniel Sorrell 17 ore fa
REALME...lets give em dart charge and a case 👍! APPLE...lets not even give em a charger and charge em shitloads! 🤦‍♂️
Shubham A
Shubham A 17 ore fa
watching on my realme 7
roger Glassou
roger Glassou 18 ore fa
He won’t talk and never mention the name of apple 😂
Arvind Singh
Arvind Singh 18 ore fa
6:57 you had to say that 🤣
kEYlMoDz _
kEYlMoDz _ 19 ore fa
Realme 7 5G, Realme 7 Pro or Poco X3 ???
paul phoenix
paul phoenix 19 ore fa
10 realme 7 equals to 1 iphone 12 pro. omg
Russell Regulator
Russell Regulator 19 ore fa
GMT 19 ore fa
I literally just bought the Realme 6 two months ago, and now the 7 pro is selling for only $5 more. However, the differences don't seem all that amazing, aside from the intentionally worse camera software and better display. 5G is useless to me. 7 Pro has slightly better battery, but performance benchmarks seem worse. Same storage, memory, smaller screen. Aside from the 120Hz, this against the Realme 6 is kinda hit or miss.
Chilled Readers
Chilled Readers 23 ore fa
Girl ITpostr help guys ❤️❤️❤️
Certified Cheater Goldigger
Certified Cheater Goldigger 23 ore fa
APESHIT Giorno fa
Lew send me a faithful subscriber a mystery box with some of these gadgets they send you I mean what do you really do with them phones etc. that they send you maybe you should send them out to subscribers let us review them and keep you informed on what we think I’m mean real consumer tech reviews!
How much realme gave u for advertising the brand? $😉$
Sunny Sam
Sunny Sam Giorno fa
My choice would be mist blue!
Edsel Azupardo
Edsel Azupardo Giorno fa
The new setup of studio its seems like i seen it before.. One ok Rock "clock strike" Check it out😂😂😂
Daviddewin yt
Daviddewin yt Giorno fa
What is a poco x3 something i see it too much in thr commets
Andreas Sihombing
Andreas Sihombing Giorno fa
Ever heard Poco X3?
Daviddewin yt
Daviddewin yt Giorno fa
Samir Giorno fa
POCO X3 NFC Unboxing - 120Hz for under $200
TheSwed3 Giorno fa
Waiting for S21
Cris Buenmojo
Cris Buenmojo Giorno fa
The whiter unboxing ever. My eyes hurt. Hugs
Sky Mimo Blue
Sky Mimo Blue Giorno fa
Any news about the new killer " REDMI K30 S " !!?
Martin Nedelchev
Martin Nedelchev Giorno fa
Oppo X 2021 unboxing when?
Pete Coventry
Pete Coventry Giorno fa
Do you NEED a photo behind you to make it look like you have a bigger room? No.. point taken
Kaki Game
Kaki Game Giorno fa
Powerbrick included?? 120hz?? Take my money!!!
monke Giorno fa
Realme is pretty good. Using the X right now and has never disappointed me.
Bogz Chriz
Bogz Chriz Giorno fa
request Poco M3 please
Hammad Randhava
Hammad Randhava Giorno fa
Poco X3 NFC is a Better Choice In this Price range.... Consider it
sudhamsh renikunta
sudhamsh renikunta Giorno fa
hey this is not the first mobile with 120 hz below 300 dollars check out poco x2
stefanus owen
stefanus owen Giorno fa
Poco x3 nfc?
Paul JC
Paul JC Giorno fa
I have the RealMe 6. It gets hot. Within a few days of constant use it ridiculously hot. 4 months later it still gets very hot. It’ll keep your hands warm during the winter.
Paul JC
Paul JC Giorno fa
I’ve only ever watched him review Apple stuff. This is the first video I’ve seen with him NOT being salty throughout
steve 444
steve 444 Giorno fa
Is the screen super amoled??
Mursalin Sadnan
Mursalin Sadnan Giorno fa
We want your current studio tour man. Otherwise, we'll assume that it's just a green screen
MegatronYoutube Giorno fa
I have a Realme6. The cameras ain't great (usable) but everything else is really great
Christian Ochea
Christian Ochea Giorno fa
You forgot Poco
Sxrgii Giorno fa
Apple only has good cameras lol
Aniket Biswas
Aniket Biswas Giorno fa
Seems Like Lew knows Batman. Nice.
Ashok Nanda
Ashok Nanda Giorno fa
Less than 1 millon views in 3 days hmm
Aniket Biswas
Aniket Biswas Giorno fa
Mc Choke
Mc Choke Giorno fa
Realme why 7 5g not 7 pro 5g 😅
Nate f
Nate f Giorno fa
i like the new vibes and directing... looks unique
Kristoffer Sotoza
Kristoffer Sotoza Giorno fa
Please help me have a new phone for my my online class, love from Philippines🇵🇭🧡
Tommy Liu
Tommy Liu Giorno fa
I like fingerprint unlock much more than face unlock,anyone?
nyero bobs
nyero bobs Giorno fa
The edit on this video is so over world class
Daniel Yara
Daniel Yara Giorno fa
La baticueva existe!!! Youre Batman
Che Muhd Irfan
Che Muhd Irfan Giorno fa
iPhone with 60Hz: I'm the most smoothest screen refresh rate ever !! Realme 7 with 120Hz: Hold my bear.. Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro with 144Hz: You guys are really cute..
Youlost Dk
Youlost Dk Giorno fa
@dracooo moritz lol
dracooo moritz
dracooo moritz Giorno fa
why da fuck is he gonna hold a muthafuckin bear dawgg!!
Lyndon James Edoria
Lyndon James Edoria Giorno fa
Poco x3 is better
Poco x3 is $250 gives 120 hz refresh rate
Fakeritz Giorno fa
I think POCO X3 Is more worth IT LOL
King Charles
King Charles Giorno fa
Is that the bat cave ur back ground😁😁
stephen fontanilla
stephen fontanilla Giorno fa
realme number 1
GABBY DIAB Giorno fa
Coming in India next month
the_seattle_chief 007
the_seattle_chief 007 Giorno fa
The "e" of realme stands for e - waste
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera Giorno fa
Poco x3 seen
Anonymous 44
Anonymous 44 Giorno fa
The moment you bought this smartphone, realme gonna drop realme 8 the following day 🤣
Why do I like the iPhone 12 Mini?
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