Unboxing LG's Mind Blowing 8K 88-inch OLED Beast

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Unbox Therapy

4 mesi fa

Unboxing the new LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV. This TV takes things to another level. It supports 8K at up to 60Hz or 4K up to 120Hz. Check it out here - (USA) - lgoledtv.co/Unbox8KTV
(UK) - lgoledtv.co/Unbox8KTV_UK
This video is sponsored by LG.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 mesi fa
Matthew O’Brien
Matthew O’Brien 5 giorni fa
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez 12 giorni fa
And here I am on my 5 year old iPhone viewing in 480p trying to experience this
الخليفي الهلالي
الخليفي الهلالي 16 giorni fa
What Name of the music? 2:15
FGIP 19 giorni fa
Anooj John Francis
Anooj John Francis 22 giorni fa
EP 4 ore fa
nuh il pass im waiting for 100k thx
Potato gamer
Potato gamer 7 ore fa
Lets test how many this tv Can defeat AK47 bullet.
HIGH ON LIFE 7 ore fa
this guy has best job in the world
Dovic 16 ore fa
This literally only looks good with 8K content. Saying shit like "Upscaling" does nothing, 1080 and 4k looks like shit on 8k screens, just like 1080 looks like shit on 4k
franco alvarado
franco alvarado 16 ore fa
Cago la Samsung esperaron y se mandaron la tv LG congratulation
Joltar 19 ore fa
so in a few years i can get it under 1000? say less :)
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh Giorno fa
It’s a promotional video Don’t get fooled
Nil _verse
Nil _verse Giorno fa
8k--(watching youtube in 360p)
John Blakewerth
John Blakewerth Giorno fa
8k theres literally zero content, big chance of burn in still there and seems like its bit too far from seating or atlest it looks small. This place is it garage lol it look odd, but i can imagine nice home theater here maybe even 12.1 heh. Also much bigger tv... probably that laser but then it would lack OLED picture... tough choice.
Get going
Get going Giorno fa
That's the only rare time when someone watches animals on tv..
Technical Renu
Technical Renu Giorno fa
अगर आपका कोई सवाल है तो कमैंट्स में हमें जरूर बताएं। अगर आपको वीडियो पसंद आई हो तो लाइक और सब्सक्राइब जरूर कीजिए। Video Highlights
Stay Healthy
Stay Healthy Giorno fa
After service is the key, no matter how good is the product, They sent me a faulty product, and told I have to wait almost a month for replacement, and left faulty TV in my living room until they have replacement. Shop is not going to refund / change to other brand.
Jetendra Gautam
Jetendra Gautam Giorno fa
Dougie D crypto analyst XRP fan
Dougie D crypto analyst XRP fan Giorno fa
How much are they
I gave the video a like just because of the dog 🤣
We Have TikTok
We Have TikTok Giorno fa
stablization video is horrible :D
Bhaskar Pilla
Bhaskar Pilla 2 giorni fa
Hi, I like the chair furniture, can you provide the details of them ? would greatly appreciate
Nick 2 giorni fa
$30,000.... No thanks. I'll go outside and look around, maybe play with some sticks.
Kevin Stanleyy
Kevin Stanleyy 2 giorni fa
lmaooo why the fuck did he start talking with an accent closer to the end of the video. he went from like an American accent, to Norwegian, to some guy from Boston that says that like dat
Ernest Vickers
Ernest Vickers 2 giorni fa
Cool TV! What’s the asking price
Rox Fox
Rox Fox 2 giorni fa
My LG Oled also had the best picture quality in the world. now, two years later its darker, have burn in areas and a decolored area in the middle where all yellow colors a appear in green. LG Support said: sorry it´s out of warranty (2 weeks out of warranty by the way!) and also burn in is a risk you have to calculate when you buy an oled. 2.500 Euros down the trashcan. thanks for nothing LG, "burn in" hell!
I-bz 00
I-bz 00 3 giorni fa
No I don’t think I need that 4 now
Tricia Doutte
Tricia Doutte 3 giorni fa
I love the chair. I need one of those..
Zen’ō Sama Futuro 全王
Zen’ō Sama Futuro 全王 3 giorni fa
30k. If you planning on upgrading your tv i can take this 88’ for you.
Deflo Koding
Deflo Koding 3 giorni fa
You need 8k to watch natgeo wild
Manuel Makaveli
Manuel Makaveli 4 giorni fa
Wo gibt es den Sessel link?
Lelandboss0314 4 giorni fa
What if when he was peeling it the tv just fell and shattered
56LPgoldtop 4 giorni fa
Sit in the center of the chair. Damn. Just like dudes driving a car leaning over into the passenger seat. Ahhhh.
Ryams Hunter Lucky
Ryams Hunter Lucky 4 giorni fa
Who r ready broke this Tv 😂.....
Guillermo S.
Guillermo S. 5 giorni fa
LG Oled = Burn In
nookraju chikkala
nookraju chikkala 5 giorni fa
Me watching this 8k tv in 144p
brazy kris
brazy kris 5 giorni fa
It’s a 30k tv i thing no thanks
Ebrahim Mahajeri
Ebrahim Mahajeri 5 giorni fa
Admin, did you find my channel?
Kevin Gutierrez
Kevin Gutierrez 5 giorni fa
Damn, this just feels like when they were advertising 1080p back in the early 00s
Michael grosz46 Channel
Michael grosz46 Channel 5 giorni fa
I have a question does that TV wider than 16 x 9 it looks like it has a wider aspect ratio well I could movie cinema
Trevor Le
Trevor Le 5 giorni fa
it bothers me it dont say 8k but 4300p
Israr Engr
Israr Engr 6 giorni fa
46 lacks in pakistan 🇵🇰 WTF the scheme is only for rich people tho 😅
tommy Williams
tommy Williams 6 giorni fa
Can I have it!
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 6 giorni fa
How is it feels, to lost such amount of money, and after 6 months it costs 10 times less?))
Skittlez 6 giorni fa
I'm sitting here watching this on 4k trying to judge 8k....FML.
Aphrodite's Child
Aphrodite's Child 6 giorni fa
why my 3D LG tv cannot detect 4T Seagate portable NTFS? can detect kingstone Ntfs
Jean Aldahir
Jean Aldahir 6 giorni fa
Dammnnn You live in Batman’s cave ???
24revealer 6 giorni fa
So this will display 480p? Can you show what that would look like?
Abdessalam ッ M
Abdessalam ッ M 6 giorni fa
Looks like batman's cave 🤔🤔
Joe 7 giorni fa
He makes it seem like every has 2 grand on a tv
Dirty 30
Dirty 30 7 giorni fa
lets be honest, we all wanna buy this to watch 8k porn...the truth is the truth
VietnameseMen 8 giorni fa
i smell money taste in this video!
Ch Zulfiqar
Ch Zulfiqar 8 giorni fa
Its not 8k supported on utube as u shown resolution up 7450 for 8k
Jack Plays
Jack Plays 8 giorni fa
yo yo what music is playing in the backround
R Akshy
R Akshy 9 giorni fa
I am from india i love u r video so much bro ❤❤❤
Mr Perfect
Mr Perfect 9 giorni fa
Which is that flute song?
Syricx Axline
Syricx Axline 9 giorni fa
When I saw this video I noticed the same lounge chair I have at home... 👀👀
Deewas Tamang
Deewas Tamang 9 giorni fa
I'm watching this on my 144p screen.
617pito 9 giorni fa
Only $30k, I'll take 5, just leave em out front I'll send my butler for them Thanks Go with christ,
Manny Wiebe
Manny Wiebe 9 giorni fa
I don't think anyone would be able to tell difference between 8k and 4k though. Human eye doesn't care. Once we at 4k anything higher will look the same
Manny Wiebe
Manny Wiebe 9 giorni fa
Unless the 8k tv is like absolutely massive
Manny Wiebe
Manny Wiebe 9 giorni fa
How many Batcave comments do you get per video lew? haha
Ebo Kevin
Ebo Kevin 9 giorni fa
Where is the chair from? Thanks
NeckNoddin' 9 giorni fa
Lmao the remote battery comes out like a gun magazine 🤣
Sandesh Thapa
Sandesh Thapa 10 giorni fa
Is this the batman cave?
Johnny Dwyer
Johnny Dwyer 10 giorni fa
I bought ONLY LG T.V's since I got my first place. I went to best buy and compared pictures and the LG stood out. I rember Samsung particular next to the LG. And the Samsung had nice color, but it was so far off a true to life experience next to the LG. You looked at the Samsung and the people on the t.v didn't have a single wrinkle on their faces. Then you looked at the LG and could see every fine line on the peoples face, I was sold. Then a couple years ago I bought a 65 inch OLED, and now LG ruined T.V for me, as I will always have to spend that extra money. There's is just no argument that LG is the King of T.V's
K Johansen
K Johansen 10 giorni fa
If you don’t have an OLED tv you need to go out and buy one now. 8k isn’t necessary for the regular Joe Shmoe right now but 4K, 120hz, Dolby vision, HDR, etc. will blow you’re freaking mind if you’re still on an lcd or back lit led.
Red Bull Zero
Red Bull Zero 11 giorni fa
Fuck your way, how are we gonna take it
Quoai Tran
Quoai Tran 11 giorni fa
4k upscale to 8k pornos a must.
satyex 11 giorni fa
Please suggest me between LG or Sony 4k 55 inch TV
Har-t 11 giorni fa
He’s reaction to that is like me looking at something in 1080 without it loading
지효랑미나는단짝친구 11 giorni fa
japanes : HATE LG
VISHAL 11 giorni fa
Maybe the batman rent this room for the movei 😀
Sérgio Moura
Sérgio Moura 11 giorni fa
Next, on the channel, unpacking the Tumbler.
Black Lyfe
Black Lyfe 11 giorni fa
Ps5 can output 8k
malelPro 11 giorni fa
I swear LG have the most insane TVs ever made.
NOAHJ69 11 giorni fa
Good review Unbox Therapy 💙
Roberto Guerrero
Roberto Guerrero 12 giorni fa
I want a review of that expensive chair
Daniel Akbari
Daniel Akbari 12 giorni fa
I absolutely love the fact that you put excellent classical music on your videos! 🥳🙂😁
SV Gaming
SV Gaming 12 giorni fa
The nonstop aries unprecedentedly confess because zinc taxonomically switch around a quixotic celeste. caring, bite-sized frost
High on Acids
High on Acids 12 giorni fa
Zeeshan Hyder
Zeeshan Hyder 12 giorni fa
Where is Alfred and Bat suit hanger?
Dilshan Madushanka
Dilshan Madushanka 12 giorni fa
OMG 😳 $30,000
Chakradhar Verma
Chakradhar Verma 12 giorni fa
after 10 days size of the tv will slowly decreases to 32 inch, if you step backward for 5 meters tv look like 32 inch tv, big screens are for 10 days fun only, we cannot go more close also
Christchurch Trader
Christchurch Trader 12 giorni fa
Meanwhile starving kids in Africa look out the window and see real wildlife in infinite pixels
Bojan Petrović
Bojan Petrović 12 giorni fa
My God 🙏 i have never seen uglier dog 🐕
TheGuitarnob 12 giorni fa
ps5?? put a pc gamer...............
Saif Al Saad
Saif Al Saad 12 giorni fa
Batman is here. Stay back😎😎
Travis Bromell
Travis Bromell 12 giorni fa
30 rackz gtfoh
Adil's Gaming
Adil's Gaming 12 giorni fa
Allah naseeb kary ❤️
Alexander Panchenko
Alexander Panchenko 13 giorni fa
8k tv, he’s going to watch some demos that came with the tv, and that’s it. No 8k content is available right now and in any distant future.
Sourav Das
Sourav Das 13 giorni fa
Just mind-blowing
der Koch
der Koch 13 giorni fa
From wich company ist the chair ?
Marwadi Babu
Marwadi Babu 13 giorni fa
This studio looks like some psycho is about to come from the dark and suddenly Lewis came out 😂😂
Mr. President
Mr. President 13 giorni fa
Have an OLED myself with ambilights, 2019 version and it's insane. Not trying to be a know-it-all but I was just on Norway's biggest electronic store and I saw both 8K and 4K Tv's and I honestly couldn't see any difference, both were OLED's btw.
UF KAK 13 giorni fa
This tv with that super costly massage chair of lew be like heaven at home❤️
Alvaro Lopez
Alvaro Lopez 13 giorni fa
How much does that chair cost?
Joshua Tyler
Joshua Tyler 13 giorni fa
Man... I'd absolutely love to upgrade my TV, but for $30k?!?!? Bro I'm over here driving an 02 toyota corolla cause I can't afford a new car let alone a tv worth $30k... Makes me realize how poor I really am 🤣🤣🤣
luhbreezus offi
luhbreezus offi 13 giorni fa
14k looks better
7R9R9 13 giorni fa
I have a LG 75" NanoCell and I'm pretty happy with it.
anathema987654321 13 giorni fa
My mind would need a factory reset after watching an 8k movie on this TV!
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw 13 giorni fa
play some fortnite
Pablo Brito
Pablo Brito 13 giorni fa
what's the name of the soundtrack? i've been searching for this music for years.
Daniel Thunberg
Daniel Thunberg 14 giorni fa
When you build a huge room for a project and don't have a clue what to do with it when you are finished
Leo 007
Leo 007 14 giorni fa
It really costs 30,000$. Soldout everything and get this 8k □■
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