AirPods Pro Spatial Audio = MIND BLOWN

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13 giorni fa

Apple's spatial audio feature for AirPods Pro just exceeded my expectations.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 13 giorni fa
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General Chris Gaming
General Chris Gaming Giorno fa
Ehat if you set the audio to movie theater
Wilmer Flores
Wilmer Flores 5 giorni fa
Anybody know what I can watch to experience this. Ik Netflix doesn't work so idk what to watch to experience this.
Janath Gunawardena
Janath Gunawardena 8 giorni fa
Hey no prob. big fan.. Also can u guys do a review on Marshell & Fender Bluetooth speakers? really interested in your take on them
Austin Williams
Austin Williams 8 giorni fa
what hoodie are you wearing?
mynameaajeff :3
mynameaajeff :3 10 giorni fa
joshua arnold
joshua arnold 3 ore fa
It don’t work for iPhone X
joshua arnold
joshua arnold 2 ore fa
I take that back
Don Giuseppe
Don Giuseppe 4 ore fa
What about music apps ?
Silent Rocco
Silent Rocco 4 ore fa
The spacial effect is amazing, the sound quality horrible - thin with too much reverb. I‘d never set this over the normal mode when watching something.
Cozy Reader's Pack
Cozy Reader's Pack 5 ore fa
Look at me get these and connect them to something in my room and just watch a movie with popcorn😳 Movie theater experience 2020✌🏻
Redhurricane 6 ore fa
And you got me over here watching with earbuds
adams trasd
adams trasd 7 ore fa
Airpods update start when following conditions are met. 1. Connect airpods to power 2. Have your phone on wi-fi 3. Leave it as above for 30-60 minutes
Crolath 8 ore fa
is that possible with andriod?
Extreme Music
Extreme Music 10 ore fa
Imagine being in a spinning office chair while watching a video with this
Extreme Music
Extreme Music 10 ore fa
Me thinking it’s for AirPods 1st and 2nd gen:😲 Me hearing him say it’s on,y for AirPods Pro:😟😕🙁☹️🥺😩😫😖😣😭😭😭
Leon Cibolja
Leon Cibolja 10 ore fa
What’s his wallpaper on his phone? Someone send link plz
Reed Burrito
Reed Burrito 14 ore fa
Imagine being high while this is on
DrKumkar 16 ore fa
What case is that on the AirPods Pro?
handlez524 17 ore fa
Cuco 17 ore fa
Does this work for the beats ?
Tech Is Life
Tech Is Life 19 ore fa
ASMR will be taken to a different level now
Jason James
Jason James 19 ore fa
Save yourself the money and not get them if you want the sound to seem like it’s coming from the device. Lol
Julius H
Julius H 19 ore fa
I got them last week and when I tried them I had the same reaction
Shawn 21 ora fa
I hope maybe unbox therapy can touch on the hearing aid feature that was also released on the 14 update. It’s $300 EarPods vs $3000 hearing aids. Apple is stepping it up with the health thing lately. Someone should address this.
Luis Prumbs
Luis Prumbs 21 ora fa
So it’s like not using headphones???
Ali Saeo
Ali Saeo 22 ore fa
idk if this is true but arent they working on ar glasses or something? imagine placing an object in ar and using the airpods pro to feel it in a 3d space.
Ismael Chanon
Ismael Chanon 23 ore fa
Wish I had AirPods Pro
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin Giorno fa
I knew I had to test it it’s what you do , tech videos. It’s your job.
Breion Young
Breion Young Giorno fa
Lmao y’all are dope!
gustacular Giorno fa
So, the sound stays fixed in one place. What's the use though?
wex -kent800
wex -kent800 Giorno fa
wex -kent800
wex -kent800 Giorno fa
Wait but its only on airpods pro?
JBTheDev Giorno fa
5:08 This made my decision for me.
The Life of Bry
The Life of Bry Giorno fa
Can someone please make a meme edit of this, sampling and repeatedly using his Shaker sound every time he gets confused 😂
where can l buy it
dlSense Giorno fa
Who the hell dislikes this, even if you are a android user you can’t dislike such a great feature from apple’s AirPods Pro✌️
Hubson Giorno fa
Meh, still prefer my $99 wired AKG from Samsung, will never buy any overpriced junk from apple.
Ramon Isak
Ramon Isak Giorno fa
Edit Name
Edit Name Giorno fa
What's the background music to this video though while lew is talking?
blythe50 Giorno fa
it does work very weird
Kurosoko Giorno fa
Unbox Therapy out of context: 6:56
Raymond Constantino
Raymond Constantino Giorno fa
I bought my new AirPods Pro yesterday and test all Dolby Atmos content here in. ITpost.... and yes..., it’s mind blowing! For a tiny airpods producing that amazing experience.
SSR Giorno fa
He is astonished! APPLE?! How? Should have been Samsung right?!
Omer Shakeel
Omer Shakeel Giorno fa
l cant see it in apple is it out or something whats the name and where can l buy it?
Steve Claude
Steve Claude Giorno fa
imagine using this feature while watching porn 😅
Shahzada Asad
Shahzada Asad Giorno fa
I fking love this guys energy.
TM T-P Giorno fa
Im amazed about this feature... porn is going to be an outer space experience oh and movies too ofc
VeniVidiAjax Giorno fa
Pythagoras basically I guess. It measures the angles and distance between both pods and the phone.
Jason Aponte
Jason Aponte Giorno fa
I have them and don’t like how they don’t stay in my ears for too long. Anyone have a fix for that?
Bradley Hodson
Bradley Hodson 2 giorni fa
He perfectly explained that
Giz Gad
Giz Gad 2 giorni fa
Thanks man for making a real video. Keep it up!
oplix 2 giorni fa
A feature where you walk around to hear a video? More Apple gimmicks.
Tanakehrahne Kirby
Tanakehrahne Kirby 2 giorni fa
Imagine listening to Pink Floyd with this
Sukh-E 2 giorni fa
It should work on any headphones.. I have note 10 its has bulit in dolby atmos..
Sukh-E 2 giorni fa
I have 11 years old laptop i just buy dolby headphones , they have exilent sound exprience on netflix windows app...
Kanish Tamil
Kanish Tamil 2 giorni fa
imagine *p0rn*
Cailey Noelle
Cailey Noelle 2 giorni fa
i just bought airpods pro’s and didn’t even know this was a thing or that it was an update. earlier today i put my airpods in and when i heard it for the first time i was absolutely shocked.
Elliot 1234
Elliot 1234 11 ore fa
Only on AirPod pros btw
Sepehr Mn
Sepehr Mn 2 giorni fa
I’m still struggling to update the thing.
Being Indian
Being Indian 2 giorni fa
Does it work just on apple music ..?
Thee Intellectual
Thee Intellectual 2 giorni fa
And I have air pods pods no pro 😂
Ronnie 2 giorni fa
It sounds.. like sounds!
Iheart2U 2 giorni fa
Why doesn’t he just say it feels like listening to the phone without ear phones ?
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou 2 giorni fa
How do you know if the video supports this?
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 3 giorni fa
0:54 dat babe is THICCCCCCCC. Tim is missing those cheeks big time!
akhil padma
akhil padma 3 giorni fa
Does airpods pro support spacial audio with Android ?
Kunal 3 giorni fa
Got 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro and an Omen 15 ( Sadly omen ) What should I go for?? Airpods Pro Qc 35 ii
Rick Cs
Rick Cs 3 giorni fa
Miliking vids
Thinh Phan
Thinh Phan 3 giorni fa
Imagine playing a horror game with this
샌즈 3 giorni fa
Iys funny how Apple brags they have 5G while samsung announced 5g 3 years ago
MagnifiScents 3 giorni fa
Is Lew warming up to apple? Or are they cutting him a deal he can't refuse!?
Gagandeep Singh Sokhey
Gagandeep Singh Sokhey 3 giorni fa
I just bought a par of AirPods Pro. The transparency feature is somewhat hearing aid technology. Noise cancellation initially was felt as if my ears are stuck with mucus. However the bass is better than the previous AirPods. Good product 👍
Dinakar B
Dinakar B 3 giorni fa
When heard the price of Apple iPhone 12 pro 5:28 😂😂
Félix Champoux-Deschatelets
Félix Champoux-Deschatelets 3 giorni fa
Plays 0.5 sec of a Batman movie *whole video claimed*
Joseph C
Joseph C 3 giorni fa
My fucken Airpods won’t update
Kevin Shields
Kevin Shields 3 giorni fa
I order AirPods Pro and someone stole them off my porch. Pretty sure they watched this and were only after spatial audio. Thanks Unbox Therapy
Jim 3 giorni fa
Just got them on prime day
jrmop 09
jrmop 09 3 giorni fa
If you're on ITpost premium and just hear the ITpost app without seeing it, it sounds like Lew is having sexual relations with his ear pods
CanyonMiniCooper 3 giorni fa
You got some nasty dandruff going on, Yo!
YoungK 4 giorni fa
No one warned me this was a double device featured video 👀
Nihad Mohamed
Nihad Mohamed 4 giorni fa
Review huawei freebuds pro
Karlo De Grano
Karlo De Grano 4 giorni fa
Is it available on Mac? I mean Airpods Pro connected to a Macbook Pro.
Karlo De Grano
Karlo De Grano 4 giorni fa
Also, could be nice if it's available in Podcast so you could feel like you are in the room with the host!!!! ---- Big shoutout to Apple devs here.
Tobi G.
Tobi G. 4 giorni fa
Can you compare them to the Bose quietcomfort earbuds please ?
CDart950 4 giorni fa
Wait until they release their HomePod Studios next year, their own headphones. That’s when it’s going to sound the best.
Sebastian 3 giorni fa
XTHE_FLASH _ 4 giorni fa
I bought my AirPods and they started messing up now I can’t use this feature until I get my replacements on Tuesday :(
AK Media
AK Media 3 giorni fa
YTStyla 4 giorni fa
And now the question is: Wouldn‘t this make so much more sense on the Apple TV? I rarely watch a movie on my iPad and especially not on my iPhone.
Milan Ben
Milan Ben 4 giorni fa
Btw , you can do that without airpods as well 😂
B W 4 giorni fa
Does spatial audio work with android?
Just4commentchannel 4 giorni fa
its like the picture that stares at you no matter where you move
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 4 giorni fa
Thumbnail pic very dangerous
Trap_or_Treat 4 giorni fa
So... let me get this straight I want to buy headphones that sound like the music is coming from the phone...without headphones.
globalHell 6 ore fa
It's a complete surround sound system. The demo just shows it coming from the Phone.
Saske 23 ore fa
no you want to buy headphones that have the option to make it sound like you have a surround system around you which can be demoed by letting a sound seemingly come from your phone.
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 4 giorni fa
Great, but how about the sound as to music??
Moises Michel
Moises Michel 4 giorni fa
😂🤣😂 This is awesome!!! This is why I love this channel so much. Lou does a an awesome job communicating his emotion!!!
Usman S.
Usman S. 4 giorni fa
there are moments when Apple products are amazing... then you realize the iPhone still doesn't have usb-c....... :(
ZaayOw The One
ZaayOw The One 4 giorni fa
7:20 GOD! His Face!
AquanautSt1 5 giorni fa
wow @ 0:54 super "spacial" ....
Sukhpal Singh
Sukhpal Singh 5 giorni fa
Fernie Gutierrez
Fernie Gutierrez 5 giorni fa
That M7 flex on the bluetooth list
Hristo Savov
Hristo Savov 5 giorni fa
Sold !
DimaMVK 5 giorni fa
Another useless gimmick...
Hasan 5 giorni fa
Does this spatial audio works with MacBook Pro 2019 model?
പ്രിന്റോ പുന്നപ്ര
പ്രിന്റോ പുന്നപ്ര 5 giorni fa
Not right now
R EMcW 5 giorni fa
It's almost like this is what 3D should have been, headphones not glasses. would probably work really well with a curved screen.
Gershon Bass
Gershon Bass 5 giorni fa
Love this feature 💥
SG Skills
SG Skills 5 giorni fa
I just ordered a pair of AirPods Pro and this video popped up in my recommendation..I was not even subscribed to Unbox Therapy(I am now and also I sometimes watch his videos but always forget to subscribe lol) Coincidence?🤔
Dark Obsidian
Dark Obsidian 5 giorni fa
What settings do you have setup for it
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