Motorola RAZR 5G Unboxing. The Newest Folding Phone

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Unbox Therapy

4 mesi fa

Unboxing the new Motorola Razr 5G for 2020/2021.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 mesi fa
May Presiyosss
May Presiyosss Mese fa
Watching through my Moto razr 5g!
I seen the display ripple a bit from a angle I think over time within a 6 months it will get worse almost $1000 fuck it and the SAMSUNG fold . Get a HUAWEI cheaper and better
DOMINO UKAE The Furry Otaku
DOMINO UKAE The Furry Otaku 3 mesi fa
Razr: Has ITpost app, has no headphone jack...
Blue October
Blue October 3 mesi fa
@Unbox Therapy if you get bored with your watch, sell it to me I'm interested in buying your watch.
ML Top Players
ML Top Players 3 mesi fa
please give me that phone i need it for onlinr class
B. Stone
B. Stone Giorno fa
This phone reminds me of my ex.... It's forgotten...
Rich Aliasdude
Rich Aliasdude 2 giorni fa
Looks cool, but some issues: Very expensive. Screen will scratch easier than Gorilla Glass, Motorola is now a Chinese company.
GKP Authority
GKP Authority 3 giorni fa
Box looks amazing, but the phone looks like a crappy version of nokia flip phone
FlixCreEightR 3 giorni fa
A box within another box in a box ?! All that for a stupid phone !?!
breadfan9 4 giorni fa
"Would I use the cover for the phone? No" That's like not wearing your seatbelt when driving
Dado Doda
Dado Doda 6 giorni fa
Worrying part is after 1mil flips; screen might start going off??? Im so close to switch from iphone to this; justy be ablw to flip it lol
G. Osiris
G. Osiris 7 giorni fa
I like the phone i just don’t like Android system. There is no other alternatives unfortunately.
Sai Kiran
Sai Kiran 8 giorni fa
I want your smart watch details
Josh 10 giorni fa
Motorola still not giving up on makin’ ugly phones.
Lode Snaet
Lode Snaet 10 giorni fa
Is the dockings station also a charging station?
Krrrimmi 10 giorni fa
If my beloved Samsung Galaxy is broken (yrs. later), I will try to buy MOTO RAZR next. 😎📲
Simeon Shaw
Simeon Shaw 11 giorni fa
I want it to say “Hello moto”
Arnoldhey 12 giorni fa
This looks like something they would put in men in black or sumthin
Gardenhead 15 giorni fa
The thing I liked about flip phones was a physical keyboard, this seems kinda pointless to me
Lee 16 giorni fa
Samsung z flip 5G best 😂😂😂😂😂
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 16 giorni fa
The most I've learned from their video is you can make ITpost ALL THE WAY I'll screen!!! Thanks MAN!!! I never knew!!
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 16 giorni fa
And with my iPhone 12 pro max, it's BEAUTIFUL
Cas Box
Cas Box 16 giorni fa
This phone is really cool, but... it is 1400€?!!
Shaun Daniels
Shaun Daniels 17 giorni fa
I own iPhone and the razor love the razor more
E C Red
E C Red 18 giorni fa
Does anyone know how the hell I can use apps on my Razr 5G's external display. I tried looking online everywhere but no answers. I just want to use the damn calculator on the external display.
Nicole Matip
Nicole Matip 18 giorni fa
Man i am gettin the 12 max pro but I want this one as well ...
Edgematic 19 giorni fa
seems pretty cool... now if they could knock 700 dollars of the price I would consider buying it...
Örkki 19 giorni fa
This channel is about fancy boxes. Peeling plastic and perving about it.
Rat 19 giorni fa
That's an overly large box for a phone
Adrian Jimenez
Adrian Jimenez 21 giorno fa
What in tarnation is that?
Von Delying
Von Delying 21 giorno fa
It seriously comes in that box....I need it to fit through the letter box.
Chaiyaphong Srikamolsith
Chaiyaphong Srikamolsith 21 giorno fa
I love it but the price is not really friendly in Australia.
Jose Valenzuela
Jose Valenzuela 22 giorni fa
Pretty fucked up i bought the Motorola Razr (2019) on April 2020 for $1500 and few months later, they release this. I should've waited.
Geisister achuchu
Geisister achuchu 22 giorni fa
ITpost making me watch 2 unskippable ads is literally gonna make me lose my phone as i charge up for a floor throw
Jordan Demery
Jordan Demery 23 giorni fa
As I type this off of the first 2020 razr, I can tell you guys it's a sick phone, but do not buy it. As far the second model, AGAIN, IF IT STILL HAS THE PLASTIC SCREEN, don't buy it guys. A minor prick of a car key or anything pointy will permanently scratch the screen. D+ in screen durability. Also you can't use a screen protector on these so.
Official Agency
Official Agency 23 giorni fa
Hackerlunotechpro on IG had my device unlocked perfectly, check him out for your device and carrier solution
ruby bernadez
ruby bernadez 26 giorni fa
i hope i can have one tomorrow 🤪🥰😍
Official Agency
Official Agency 23 giorni fa
Hackerlunotechpro on IG had my device unlocked perfectly, check him out for your device and carrier solution
Sunil Bhai
Sunil Bhai 26 giorni fa
this is not stylish phone this phone is baby doll toy design lol🤣 very boring. much better galaxy flip series and galaxy fold series 💝. Stop selling overpriced Motorola sotorola🤣 1lak+ price idiot this phone like 1500 hundred noob.
Pavel Km
Pavel Km 26 giorni fa
Крутой смартфон от мотороллы, жаль что цена совсем уж не демократичная 🙄
Jerome Gold
Jerome Gold 27 giorni fa
Great review 👍. Question does that phone have a 120 refresh rate
Angel 28 giorni fa
What a good looking Rooster!
ramaswamy abhishek
ramaswamy abhishek 28 giorni fa
Its like art but not usable in day to day
Travis D
Travis D 28 giorni fa
Anyone wanting a sidekick phone comeback maybe with a actual keyboard 🤔
Tareq N. Gaming
Tareq N. Gaming 29 giorni fa
This will probably be my next next (next) upgrade
Joshua Ortiz
Joshua Ortiz 29 giorni fa
Honestly I want to buy this strictly for the unboxing to flex on the gram lol
lil xtraxs
lil xtraxs 29 giorni fa
Hello moto
Relax Relax
Relax Relax Mese fa
I’m to poor for this phone
Shinya Nakamura
Shinya Nakamura Mese fa
So if you change all of icons of apps on the phone ,would those icons on external display be changed too?
johnpaulmartin1977 Mese fa
No offense. But I have the hugest crush on you. Ok besides that always an entertaining and informative channel! =^,,^=
Jason Aguirre
Jason Aguirre Mese fa
Why did they make it so wide and squat...The original wasn't...
nightrazer85 Mese fa
Awesome phone I can't afford :-)
Captain Sinclair
Captain Sinclair Mese fa
This puts the Star Trek TOS communicators to shame yet again! Flip Phones are back in style!
Michael Heins
Michael Heins Mese fa
Motorola 🤗 Nice 👍
Marcus Mese fa
The original Razr was revolutionary. The form factor and price point was huge everybody I knew had one. When you had an issue with it you just went out and picked up another one. I remember opening a kitchen drawer where the utilities like batteries and such were kept and seeing 3 or 4 of them in there with an assortment of Nokia’s. That died with the smart phone. Don’t get me wrong the release of the iPhone changed the world forever and I’m glad but I do get majorly nostalgic about those Nokia and Motorola days. Not sure how confident I would be about slamming this one closed though 😂
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Mese fa
So apple will launch foldable phones by the year 2040 right?
RobbyDG Mese fa
Just got this phone today. I didn't get this cool box with it 😒
Zain Uddin
Zain Uddin Mese fa
The z flip is the obvious choice
Diamond Centofanti
Diamond Centofanti Mese fa
I want that phone so badly. Yet since I’m a chef and all restaurants are hurting think it will be a long time till I upgrade iPhone 8+
Syed Nabi
Syed Nabi Mese fa
My dream phone
Syed Nabi
Syed Nabi Mese fa
I want this phone so much
Emrah Uncu
Emrah Uncu Mese fa
The real cost must be: Phone: 200$ Box:1000$
Ozzie Archangel
Ozzie Archangel Mese fa
Man you sold me on this phone. Getting this when my plan runs out mid next year I cant wait. Nostalgia here loved the original. I prefer smaller phones than bricks. Fits better on the pocket and looks gorgeous
cloned81 Mese fa
So that's a waste of nature... 🎄
Ahror Yusupov
Ahror Yusupov Mese fa
The thoughtless february unexplainably bow because cough contextually miss despite a true birthday. measly, courageous goat
Vinurik Prime
Vinurik Prime Mese fa
I am debating whether to buy razor flip 2020 or Samsung Galaxy z flip 5g. I been Google search them as much as I could, I've start to checked them out on video. So I need some serious opinion of them guys, can those phones can do everything like any current smartphones can do? Like ITpost, Netflix, hulu, game, google, chrome, take pictures, etc etc. For those who actually owned them or used to.
Jourdan Christian
Jourdan Christian Mese fa
This phone must have battery problem.
J B Mese fa
Apple we are making our boxes smaller to save the environment..... Motorola , hold my beer
Lopia Zurea
Lopia Zurea Mese fa
ITpost is becoming waaay too confident with making us watch 2 ads in a row...
Daniyal Aziz
Daniyal Aziz Mese fa
A new version of an old throwback. I remember the original razr when you had to press the number key a few times to get the letter you wanted, interesting to see essentially the same phone in a new way
Shane Gaban
Shane Gaban Mese fa
So apple gives you a minimalist package with a nice phone and Motorola gives you sick package with a flip phone...
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Mese fa
I remember in 6th grade, every white boy had a Motorola razr and I wanted one really bad
veldora tempest
veldora tempest Mese fa
Iam gonna get it.
klein dizon Mangaco
klein dizon Mangaco Mese fa
Honeslty Using Motorola it reminds me of Gossip girl haha
Lmao_mini Mese fa
I would be scared I break it in half because of games 😂😂
Efi Mese fa
lowlight camera test, please
BKing Thana
BKing Thana Mese fa
I bought it a few days ago and cant work with maps application. Nothing in the app is moving while driving caused me a lot of lost. Any experience on this ? Please share how to fix ,thanks.
Aya Avalon
Aya Avalon Mese fa
Hello Moto
Isabelle Sierra
Isabelle Sierra Mese fa
This phones looks so clean. I’m going to trade my iPhone in for this😍
Josh James
Josh James Mese fa
Randomly searched Motorola razr to look at the old phones . Didn’t know this was even out
mobile games 239
mobile games 239 Mese fa
Ok honesty how much did this cost
FreshLikeYafet Mese fa
Wouldnt ever buy anything from Motorola. In case if you buy the Internet Modem you coming for a rip off because I've had it and I couldn't say a 100$ cheap plastic Modem that weighs less than 3 pounds and looks like it was from the last generation. Dont buy internet services from Motorola and the new phone. Nothing is worth from Motorola just a bunch of cheap plastics!
Joseph Eidelberg
Joseph Eidelberg Mese fa
Hope this phone starts to set the standard
Oni Mese fa
How much for the box?
Digi tal
Digi tal Mese fa
First phone in a long while that I actually want. I think the flip will make lot of people jump ship from iphones...
Joe mores
Joe mores Mese fa
Bring back the sliders
Josip Markov
Josip Markov Mese fa
It turns out 2020 isn't bad at all
Flat Earth
Flat Earth Mese fa
I might get a Razr 5G , I love my Moto 360 smart watch
Charles Knott
Charles Knott Mese fa
Look out I thank moto moto likes you ha ha here he come
Charles Knott
Charles Knott Mese fa
My hp is a iPad 😃😃😃
Alberto Ramos Jubera
Alberto Ramos Jubera Mese fa
Es un duro... va con motorola
spacebaged Mese fa
If they put high specs in this phone and reduce the price it’s gonna be a no-brainer for so many people.
Jess G.
Jess G. Mese fa
I don’t think it will sell compared to apple or Samsung but at least a person like me who likes different will enjoy!! Welcome back Motorola!!!
Peter Sampson
Peter Sampson Mese fa
Josh Garretson
Josh Garretson 2 mesi fa
Why so expensive though 😭😭😭
Step deRdeR
Step deRdeR 2 mesi fa
Being a fan of motorola since I was .... 12 year old Love the flip phones... I remember having my sony ericsson lol But Moto is my go to! This guy really make this video educative, informational, and entertaining ( my humble opinion) Thanks for posting ! I'll wait for 2021 Moto phone
Nathan Standifer
Nathan Standifer 2 mesi fa
I want this bad boy... In maybe 6 months when the price drops
iPoop 2 mesi fa
Omg i still have my old 2005 razr laying here in my drawers. Such nostalgia🥺
Guilherme Riquena de Oliveira
Guilherme Riquena de Oliveira 2 mesi fa
The question is... why?
Mike Mo
Mike Mo 2 mesi fa
I actually really like the chin and the overall design. Too bad it’s on Verizon only.
Ethan Mena
Ethan Mena 2 mesi fa
I still think this idea is interesting. But for the prices i’ve seen, gotta pass
OG Dumplings
OG Dumplings 2 mesi fa
All phones should fold, or at least roll. Soon people will bend all the non folding phones it is just so stupid to carry a phone can't fold
CSCJB 2 mesi fa
6:11 fuckin hell is that leather?
CS Success Gamer
CS Success Gamer 2 mesi fa
sg s20 is still 100x better then this.
CS Success Gamer
CS Success Gamer 2 mesi fa
Very low battery life: Li-Po 2800 mAh, non-removable
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