iPhone 12 Unboxing All The Cases!

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iPhone 12 Latercase - latercase.com
iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger unboxing and test - itpost.info/dev/jn19hIfbeo-ZemY/video
iPhone 12 official cases featured in white, black, plum, deep navy, red, pink citrus, cyprus green and kumquat.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Mese fa
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Amazing Home Experiments
Amazing Home Experiments 16 giorni fa
"Case smells like case" - Lewis George Hilsenteger 2020
Garrett Brackin
Garrett Brackin 16 giorni fa
I may be wrong but the the magnet you were using has a good hold because that piece you attach to the phone is just steel and not another magnet.
shawn johnson
shawn johnson 24 giorni fa
When is the latercase available? I don’t want to wait 2 months after I have the iPhone to get it. I would like to know a exact date
Elsa Berliani
Elsa Berliani 29 giorni fa
Marcin Szczecinski
Marcin Szczecinski 29 giorni fa
I Love iPhone 12 Pro White
오마이걸 14 ore fa
What’s your favorite color?
Photo Sentences
Photo Sentences Giorno fa
You said all... so where are all cases inclusive with all leather cases?!
alex boesch
alex boesch 2 giorni fa
Just ordered a Latercase!
James Barron
James Barron 3 giorni fa
Dude my MagSafe Apple case scratches the side Of my phone
Mister Doback
Mister Doback 7 giorni fa
Man let me tell you, the later case screen protectors for the 12 mini, are glorious! Usually have an issue putting a screen protector on, but followed your directions from the video where you installed one and GLORIOUS! Perfect install and no bubbles. Thanks for making a great product! Waiting on the Willy Blue Edition mini case, have the blue one so, when?
Anika Itadani
Anika Itadani 7 giorni fa
what colour case do you think would best suit the green iphone 12?
Happynsnappy 7 giorni fa
Love the Plum on Black iPhone
Ellen Fisher
Ellen Fisher 7 giorni fa
I did buy the clear case as I wanted to show off the dark blue color of my 12 pro. But the buttons on the case don't make good enough contact with the phone. You have to press really hard which I can do because I have arthritis and can't really hold both buttons down together hard enough to close the phone. I need a case which does not have the buttons covered. Does one exist?
Boris Gorokhovsky
Boris Gorokhovsky 7 giorni fa
Oof the plum is juicy
Abdul matin Hamid
Abdul matin Hamid 8 giorni fa
Hii, is anyone know what kind of animal the leather case been made of? Is it possible that the saddle brown case leather been made from pig skin?
Nicolas Georgiou
Nicolas Georgiou 8 giorni fa
Cyprus green🇨🇾
vasu kanamarlapudi
vasu kanamarlapudi 8 giorni fa
Silicon case and leather case which is best?
미띵넝 8 giorni fa
deep navy is nice
Gene Edward
Gene Edward 8 giorni fa
I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount, that guys is a life saver indeed💯 ✅
dazekester monty
dazekester monty 8 giorni fa
When the phones on it recognizes the case with a ring.
Cristian Rosca
Cristian Rosca 9 giorni fa
On the clear case, we can see that the role of the white bit undernearh the circle is another magnet which helps with the alignment of magsafe wallet.
Batman 9 giorni fa
Why paying 1000dollars or pounds just to cover a nice screen with a protector ? Or a case? I mean at some point you will forget how beautiful your phone feeels and looks. If you can’t afford them don’t buy them. Honestly when I dumped me screen protector it was like I had a different brighter better quality screen. And when I left the case I remembered by I paid for this phone. Peace
Karanveer Singh
Karanveer Singh 9 giorni fa
Can i get discount code for later case??
trefliptoface 9 giorni fa
Why does it look like front notch has 4 cameras
Prajwal B
Prajwal B 10 giorni fa
What's the weight and thickness of the case..??
Mike D
Mike D 10 giorni fa
Where's the leather variants?
Veronica Serrato
Veronica Serrato 11 giorni fa
Subscribed to see more videos for the iPhone 12 max pro leather cases
Video Rama
Video Rama 12 giorni fa
Самый прикольный - кумкват
Yelitza Rodriguez
Yelitza Rodriguez 12 giorni fa
I’ll go for plum with gold iPhone ❤️
Jason Novak
Jason Novak 13 giorni fa
What about the leather cases?
Michael 14 giorni fa
That plum though
B Manik
B Manik 14 giorni fa
Will you please make a video on all the gadgets you have. Please please please
BannedFromYT 14 giorni fa
I want the white one but dont want it to turn yellow or dirty
I Like Birds
I Like Birds 15 giorni fa
Not so Fun fact: you can get an Apple pen for two Apple cases
I Like Birds
I Like Birds 15 giorni fa
Let’s be honest, Apple’s cases suck and they’re too overpriced
Angello S
Angello S 15 giorni fa
how is his iphone like glossy black?
John Richardson
John Richardson 15 giorni fa
Silicone or plastic dude?
AR - 05GD 808053 Rowntree PS
AR - 05GD 808053 Rowntree PS 15 giorni fa
I wanted a charging case for the phone but of course apple screwed it up
ABS 15 giorni fa
Can you give me a iPhone ? please 🙏🙏
M Rav
M Rav 16 giorni fa
Are the silicone cases bulkier than the leather ones?
Claude Cadman
Claude Cadman 16 giorni fa
The clear case is not that good I would choose the black one
Adnan Salama
Adnan Salama 16 giorni fa
Unboxed all colors for iPhone 12 , pro ---> used only one iPhone color for all cases
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 16 giorni fa
I’m stuck between the black & the green 🤔😬
Mikale Khng
Mikale Khng 16 giorni fa
Very nice cases bt the problem is I didn't own iphone cos can't efford it 🤩
Joshua Nolan
Joshua Nolan 17 giorni fa
Just so you know of course he ordered iPhone 12 cases on alibaba and called them the later case....
Khalil Brigui
Khalil Brigui 17 giorni fa
Marked Man
Marked Man 17 giorni fa
cyber cases are just as much . Like the cases . Clear with the logo is kinda cool
Megan Stewart
Megan Stewart 18 giorni fa
Got the White and the Kumquat for my blue 12
Jazmine Delacruz
Jazmine Delacruz 18 giorni fa
i love it
YungExec 19 giorni fa
I have the blue iPhone 12 I wanteither white or deep navy
Vinje Helene
Vinje Helene 19 giorni fa
iPhone 12 or should i get Xperia 5 II.??
randy K
randy K 21 giorno fa
No way I am going to pay Apple for that piece of silicone.
Alexander Holm
Alexander Holm 21 giorno fa
Why dose the iPhone 12 pro have a glossy back?
Isaac Laemmle
Isaac Laemmle 21 giorno fa
I like the vid, but I do wish you’d stop plugging the LaterCase. Btw, it’s covering the Lidar scanner.
Amazing Home Experiments
Amazing Home Experiments 22 giorni fa
Michael Cole
Michael Cole 22 giorni fa
I’ve already bought your case. Will there be lip protection??
Salvador Flores
Salvador Flores 22 giorni fa
Apple new motto: less equals more
Suman Das
Suman Das 23 giorni fa
The Gaming Bronto
The Gaming Bronto 23 giorni fa
69 dollars and cumqrant lol
Animes h kumar
Animes h kumar 23 giorni fa
So cheap you are
shawn johnson
shawn johnson 24 giorni fa
When is the latercase available
Luca Trippitelli
Luca Trippitelli 24 giorni fa
Just got a white one, the chicest of them all.
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia 24 giorni fa
I just don’t get why some cases are not protected all the way around from the top or bottom like the clear one. I like the carbon fiber one too but the bezel being exposed scares me too
Jevaughn 25 giorni fa
Imagine a case for a Nokia you could destroy planets
Business Guide
Business Guide 25 giorni fa
This video is worth watching! More of this, please!
Marijane perdiz Virtudazo Ursal
Marijane perdiz Virtudazo Ursal 25 giorni fa
I like red But all colors are beautiful
Lynn Lynn1
Lynn Lynn1 25 giorni fa
Hands down GRAPEFRUIT WINS !! and i live apple accessories. I love when my phone case, watch band all match!
Insert name
Insert name 26 giorni fa
69 Canadian dollars noice
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 26 giorni fa
The product red case is the most orange looking red I've seen in a while.
Jacob Lindström
Jacob Lindström 26 giorni fa
Is there no leather case for the 12 this year??? I always get those, they’re the best
JR Hernandez
JR Hernandez 27 giorni fa
❤️ them all!
David Zhou
David Zhou 27 giorni fa
It always feels like that damaging side buttons of iPhone when wearing and unwearing the caese.
Believe 27 giorni fa
I love the iphone 12 Pro Pacific Blue. Thank you..
Ilyas2018 JSK
Ilyas2018 JSK 27 giorni fa
These phone case cast more than my phone
Fauzie Leonhart
Fauzie Leonhart 27 giorni fa
1:02 N I C E
Erik Paul Balasa
Erik Paul Balasa 28 giorni fa
VantaVoid 28 giorni fa
Checked the LaterCase link...🤔🤔🤔 $40!!! GTFOH!!! 😂😂😂 Edit: This man said he would chose his own case at the end over all those beautiful Apple cases. It’s not even going to protect the phone from a drop...bias much??? This channel is just self promotion at this point. 😒
Cdog Yt
Cdog Yt 28 giorni fa
underneonloneliness2 28 giorni fa
Apple should've made the bumper case like they did with the iPhone 4
Marvin 28 giorni fa
Come on KUMQUAT!!
Time With Rizwan
Time With Rizwan 28 giorni fa
marcotube1982 28 giorni fa
I bought the iPhone 12 and the clear case. After 3 days of low use the cover appears kind of damaged in the top edge and in the lower corners. Anyone experienced the same?
Aso Hussein
Aso Hussein 28 giorni fa
Iphone 12 pro max
mohammed moheen
mohammed moheen 28 giorni fa
Love from India
Malike2k 28 giorni fa
Can you put the case of the actual real phone so we can see what it look like 😁
D.M Virtudes
D.M Virtudes 29 giorni fa
I hope so??😕🙁
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal 29 giorni fa
Pramod 😂😂😂
JaeOlogy 29 giorni fa
that blue looks good
Vanessa M
Vanessa M 29 giorni fa
I like the fact that the cases now cover the whole phone instead of being open on the bottom. I would get the plum one
GAMING MONSTER 29 giorni fa
Looking So lovely ,like it too good quality and durability. Love much
Kid Rife
Kid Rife 29 giorni fa
😅the case I'm using right now cost 5 bucks
Kid Rife
Kid Rife 29 giorni fa
I've been waiting for this one
we gae bears
we gae bears 29 giorni fa
i have a clear i phone cases and they work very well and better than this ones
Dimon20144 Мазуренко
Dimon20144 Мазуренко 29 giorni fa
danny duncan
robin mae otibap
robin mae otibap 29 giorni fa
u had me @ the thumbnail
Macmac Macalanggan
Macmac Macalanggan 29 giorni fa
I hope u will notice me and u can give me one. Just for my brothers online class😊. One of ur subrscriber here☺.
mglkash Mese fa
Lou, what watch are you wearing in the video? Anyone know?
Bassetthound04 Mese fa
I want that plum case😂
Hardik Bhoir
Hardik Bhoir Mese fa
Hey Lewis, What about iPhone 12 Mini, what are your thoughts? i'm awaited for your unboxing video of 12 Mini.
Mustapha Abubakar
Mustapha Abubakar Mese fa
i love your videos
Maia Matilda
Maia Matilda Mese fa
Waitttt where is pink sand? Are they discontinuing it this year? It has always been my fave :(
Jyothish Jitesh
Jyothish Jitesh Mese fa
I just luv all his vids featuring iphone 😍🥳🥳
jayjay bandiola
jayjay bandiola Mese fa
Can i have 1 of that just for my online class🙏😇 From Philippines 🇵🇭
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez Mese fa
I can't believe that finally i got my iCloud unlock with the help of *scozhacker_* on iG You did a grêat job bro
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