Every Console In One Box - The Origin Big O

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Unbox Therapy

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The Origin Big O 2019. A combo of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and RTX Titan Gaming PC in one box.
Origin PC - www.originpc.com/big-o/
LG UltraGear 38GL950G - bit.ly/2Lf9Qy4
LG UltraGear IPS 1ms 27GL850 - bit.ly/2JJTgnX
Twitter - unboxtherapy
Facebook - lewis.hilsenteger
Instagram - unboxtherapy

VortX Gaming
VortX Gaming 18 ore fa
Nobody talks about how cool the knife that he used to open the box is
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Giorno fa
Just bought 2 of these for my twin brother's, They're reaction was priceless
Talkative Yellow Toad
Talkative Yellow Toad Giorno fa
“Every console in one box” literally only PlayStation and Xbox because your one of those guys no one likes
mohamed ismael
mohamed ismael 2 giorni fa
Very good !!
Lesley Braggs
Lesley Braggs 2 giorni fa
I want one 😍
SHAHEER PLAYZ 3 giorni fa
want it ?
Dankosaurus Rex
Dankosaurus Rex 4 giorni fa
You can only imagine what there going to do with the new consoles systems
Zicaphi 5 giorni fa
Price: Inf
GWV 5 giorni fa
I have ps,xbox and Nintendo thanks but I don't have my kidney no thanks 🤑🤑🤑🤑
GWV 5 giorni fa
I will try to buy but I will die
Professional Degenerate
Professional Degenerate 5 giorni fa
Wait. That's illegal
Emilio Rubio Madrid
Emilio Rubio Madrid 5 giorni fa
But what if there an tutorial of how to build it without putting this computer on sale I said not on sale
Sleazy 6 giorni fa
i need this, gimmie have it
Coire Jones
Coire Jones 8 giorni fa
What's the point of having an Xbox when you also have a gaming PC?
Smiley TeK
Smiley TeK 9 giorni fa
"Soda eksbox sgotta preinstalt eaternet. Got da eksbox rettitahgoh. It's ah customthing..." 🤣🤣
Leland Wood
Leland Wood 9 giorni fa
Them: what do you play on? Me: yes
Imposter 10 giorni fa
Racism is no more *If you get it*
Gamer Jet
Gamer Jet 12 giorni fa
How much does this cost i wanna buy all of this
Saladmander !
Saladmander ! 12 giorni fa
Starting bids at your first born
Househopper 15 giorni fa
Controller issues meeting
Mrsuperking Youtube631
Mrsuperking Youtube631 18 giorni fa
That ps4 xbox switch and laptop combination looks epic
Armanie Singletary
Armanie Singletary 19 giorni fa
Enjoy 60fps
Ender 6489
Ender 6489 21 giorno fa
Interesting name
Hewie Louis
Hewie Louis 21 giorno fa
And.. Its obscelete!
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili 22 giorni fa
Rosalio Rodriguez
Rosalio Rodriguez 22 giorni fa
The price of the wood used to encase this system would probably cost more than the system now a days. If you know you know.
CHILL TV 23 giorni fa
The big oh my god on the price
SHIELA YAMBAO 26 giorni fa
its a complete gaming pleasure 🤩 😋😋😋😋🥳👏👍
Sonic boy 145
Sonic boy 145 28 giorni fa
1:05 I like how the guy is just on the pc and he’s like... LET ME FRICKIN RELAX
Dragon Ball 1892
Dragon Ball 1892 Mese fa
what if they upgraded it to have the series x and the ps5?
Lezioni Mese fa
When PlayStation and Xbox had a baby
RockRedGenesis Mese fa
"Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!"
the slav boi
the slav boi Mese fa
I mean you could get it, you just need to take out a loan because obviously everyone wants to pay back a loan for something they will use for like 3-5 years
Dew_En_ Them_Propper
Dew_En_ Them_Propper Mese fa
Is their a way they can use your PS4, Xbox and switch to built the BIG O? I'm just wondering because I have kids and we have 2 of each.. I don't need 3 ps4's, xbox's and switches.. may be a dumb question but I had to ask... ty
Cão irritante #tropadocafé
Cão irritante #tropadocafé Mese fa
How can im buy, its too expensive?
someone in the internet
someone in the internet Mese fa
i have to pay this in AED.... KIDNEY OUT OFME NOW
prasad Kadu
prasad Kadu Mese fa
After few months it will laying around in his big tech storage room .. where he has many of these things setting dust
Gator87playz Mese fa
Payments Liver Kidney Heart Entire life savings
Volgath Mese fa
and now we for the "Origin Big O2" that combines a top-end PC, PS5, XBOX Series X, and a Nintendo Switch Pro
P Vidhyatharan
P Vidhyatharan Mese fa
box of all consoles = ps5
Adam holley
Adam holley Mese fa
Ian Moore
Ian Moore Mese fa
I would literally sell my organs for this
sapras 76
sapras 76 Mese fa
More shit we can't afford
Forever Legend
Forever Legend Mese fa
So it 2 consoles mix with a pc, this has ended a war that lasted for years 🤯
boyfriend de otro universo uwu
boyfriend de otro universo uwu Mese fa
malek suliman
malek suliman Mese fa
It's $2500
Rj Creations
Rj Creations Mese fa
My girlfriend hates it 😂
Darth Jar jar
Darth Jar jar Mese fa
Really thought he said 2 bucks I would have cried.
Darth Jar jar
Darth Jar jar Mese fa
28 seconds in
Timo Mese fa
that costs as much as 4 kidneys
STEEL BATALION line of contact.. it is an original x box game that was played with its very own GIANT CONTROLLER... is it possible to completely convert this game into VR.. so you can bypass the giant controller and play it entirely in VR... on your PC
Socalju Mese fa
This made my ps5 laugh. Thank you for that.
That Guy
That Guy Mese fa
That device would drive me nuts for all the mods I'd have to go through and find again gahhhhhh
reaction pods
reaction pods Mese fa
Fat Tony
Fat Tony Mese fa
Can I work for u plz
Lukas Bubliauskas
Lukas Bubliauskas 2 mesi fa
Kirk and Will just vibing at the end.
Ali abdulhadi
Ali abdulhadi 2 mesi fa
they should make one but with the new consoles
Tahrim Rasheed
Tahrim Rasheed 2 mesi fa
We need a ps5 & xbox s
Traxm 12 2
Traxm 12 2 2 mesi fa
i whan this thing but it not for sale 😯😪
Caleb Ultee
Caleb Ultee 2 mesi fa
One of a kind does that mean not for sale
ItsJakMC 2 mesi fa
Bruh what
Jo Ce
Jo Ce 2 mesi fa
That knife though
Anonymous Empire
Anonymous Empire 2 mesi fa
I should've known this existed years ago
Kniner360 2 mesi fa
I’ll call it the xstation
xXNO0d1Ar_EliTzXx 2 mesi fa
but can it run crysis? all in one
RetroCollector101 2 mesi fa
1 year ago: spends all life savings on this beast Present: next gen consoles come out
Red V. I. P
Red V. I. P 2 mesi fa
The most beautiful thing gamers will see
Juicy Polar Bear
Juicy Polar Bear 2 mesi fa
What about last gen like 360 and ps3
Mountassir Zarioh
Mountassir Zarioh 2 mesi fa
Stop imagening, the monitor is 1600$ on its own
MRCHEESR Man cheese
MRCHEESR Man cheese 2 mesi fa
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden 2 mesi fa
When you combine the Triforce and the Mother box with the Tesseract.
Golden Garbage
Golden Garbage 2 mesi fa
Limited Time Sale: only for 10 human souls
RodriguesChan [gacha life]
RodriguesChan [gacha life] 2 mesi fa
Soy el único latinoamericano mirando esto :,v
HADER GAMES 2 mesi fa
Aquí estamos
Echo_WolfLink 2 mesi fa
Cousin: do you have games on it? Me: Do you like your kidneys
David I.
David I. 2 mesi fa
Solo para traquetear apir apir Apir apir
Albatros 2 mesi fa
Dad, my school recommends a PC for school work.
dante sky
dante sky 2 mesi fa
playstation 5 fusion xbox arcade 999 nvidia
Daniel Galan
Daniel Galan 2 mesi fa
how much does it cost?
Kutloano Toti
Kutloano Toti 2 mesi fa
How much is this thing really?
Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion 2 mesi fa
To bad its not for sale
Kid gamer
Kid gamer 2 mesi fa
PS4: $300 Xbox:$300 Switch:$300 Total: $900(this isn't counting taxes and shipping) Big O: $2,500 The Big O cost around 2.8 times greater than all the consoles put together(that were mentioned above)
KEVIN Mendez
KEVIN Mendez Mese fa
Its also a pc
Ron Taylor
Ron Taylor 2 mesi fa
Aaaaaand it's obsolete.
why? 2 mesi fa
Do you play Console or PC? Him: Yes
InsaneViper _Champ
InsaneViper _Champ 3 mesi fa
how can we get this for ourselves
Everton Cirne
Everton Cirne 3 mesi fa
how absurd this machine!
Straightwiththescar 3 mesi fa
this is gonna be a dope retro console package in 20 years 🥸
another pickachu
another pickachu 3 mesi fa
BTW the FBI take him down bic he has too much power
CasperDaPyro 3 mesi fa
Man, I thought I was the first to think about doing this myself! Someone beat me to it...
Alex Denton
Alex Denton 3 mesi fa
Love what origin does not only the Big O Defenetly gonna buy from them
AngusHK Animation
AngusHK Animation 3 mesi fa
Holy shiiiiiit
Max _8955
Max _8955 3 mesi fa
Can u buy these or no
Boss K
Boss K 3 mesi fa
Payment method: V2 Visa MasterCard Kidney Ur soul
Avil Georgescu
Avil Georgescu 3 mesi fa
great stuff
Zeb Petrof
Zeb Petrof 3 mesi fa
For the price and what it’s worth not worth it especially because everything is becoming cross play so pc and ps4 and Xbox and play with each other so I say if you have the money just get the pc but I can’t afford that so I just got the ps5
X S 3 mesi fa
Ym=1 terr baap ka you tube he?
Jaba Dahut
Jaba Dahut 3 mesi fa
Enjoyed the overwatch gameplay
David Parks
David Parks 3 mesi fa
I would hate buying one of these then having it all be outdated when the new stuff comes out
Caleb Chetty
Caleb Chetty 3 mesi fa
I jus want a ps5😂😂😂n u hv all dis
F G8
F G8 3 mesi fa
Just imagine building up a complete fortnite squad with this single box, playing 4 platforms at the same time. That would be so epic. Next gen LAN party is here, my friends.
XxH Z X YxX YT 3 mesi fa
well this is rare
Carlos De Nully
Carlos De Nully 3 mesi fa
Wow this is beyond unbelievable it’s like every gamers dream come true. This is Gamethology
Traxm 12 2
Traxm 12 2 3 mesi fa
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