You'll Never Share Earbuds Again...

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8 mesi fa

For more information on LG TONE Free FN6:
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UVnano charging case “kills 99.9% of bacteria” limiting only to the speaker mesh part of the earbud not the entire earbud.
The blue lighting shown when the charging case is opened is not the UV light, but it is a blue mood lighting for aesthetic purposes.
The UVnano light kills 99.9% of E. Coli & S. aureus bacteria on the speaker mesh part of the earbuds.
It does not clean or disinfect the earbuds.
It takes approximately 5~10 minutes for the bacteria to be killed while it is in the charging cradle, it does not kill the bacteria instantly.
UVnano feature was tested and “verified” by the UL but it is not “UL-certified”
UVnano charging case does not protect consumers from the disease caused by COVID-19.

kassie p
kassie p 2 giorni fa
I need a cash many things id love to get, earphones, headphones, new laptop etc *sighs*
pablo Hernandez
pablo Hernandez 5 giorni fa
don't use God name in vain
GTA MAFIA 5 giorni fa
What is app name where you make changes on earbuds??
Newbro101 7 giorni fa
oh hey this was made on my birthday
btp589 11 giorni fa
Better to just cut off the hands tbh. They seem to be the culprit for a lot of things.
ANIME FOR LIFE 11 giorni fa
149$ for a headphone is not a pro price lol, The realme buds q is around 22$ and it sounds very good with good bass compared to the price And 149$ is monthly income for a lot of people here. So it's very expensive in my view, don't know about others
DS Rai
DS Rai 17 giorni fa
Why not buy one of those UV disinfection/sanitation cabinets. You can pick one up for around £100 and use them for anything within reason including phones?
Edoardo Volpi
Edoardo Volpi 19 giorni fa
Who the hell ever shared earbuds in the first place?? 😂😂
Nicolás Herrera
Nicolás Herrera 19 giorni fa
I like your phone
Garv Gupta
Garv Gupta 22 giorni fa
w8 w8 w8 shoudnt the title have been that now you can share the earbuds again cuz u can clean them.
Ninja_Marx 26 giorni fa
When he's unboxing the earbuds: White earbuds: *doesn't even care and drops on the table* Black earbuds: *takes out carefully* Does he even care about the white ones...?
khizar mahmood
khizar mahmood 27 giorni fa
Bro you should test the earbuds before use them.
Azfar Malik
Azfar Malik 28 giorni fa
I think its not fair that u used the swab to take / "clean" the bacteria from both earbuds n then swab the "clean" buds again for the next test
Benedikt Mohr
Benedikt Mohr 29 giorni fa
Can anyone help? The LGs have good sound if you download the app and change the sound profile. Then it's totally OK. Problem: it looks like the headphones themselves don't remember the setting. When I connect to my MacBook, the sound is crap again - it's completely bogus. And for Mac there is no way to change the sound setting - or is there? Does anyone else have this problem? And a solution? Thank you!
RockSleeper 29 giorni fa
This test was done poorly. He swabbed both earbuds on the first test, then only one earbud on the second test. the second results are likely double what the device showed, somewhere around 340. Still a good improvement, but this test was still very poor.
RockSleeper 29 giorni fa
give a link to that testing device pls
Stephen Uiduldam
Stephen Uiduldam Mese fa
inaccurate reading since he is talking right next to the swab...
Aomine Daiki
Aomine Daiki Mese fa
I remember at school my friend and i had wired earbuds to listen to music on the same device. I had my own pair and she had her ownpair. All we did was use our own to listen to music on the same device- idk why people share thier earbuds-
A Hawa
A Hawa Mese fa
You did not test it before you put it in your ear. Maybe it is the dirty manufacturing equipment??
Ken N
Ken N Mese fa
what phone are u using sir
Nathan Stifel
Nathan Stifel Mese fa
Wow people be scared of everything
RespectingContent Mese fa
Talking and breathing over the swab.. I can't. I'm deceased.
Angela Mese fa
You were spitting all over the swab while generating the sample tho
Aristarko Luneno
Aristarko Luneno Mese fa
They go for 49$ in Sweden
yusuf monir
yusuf monir Mese fa
i dont need that wireless UV etc. earbuds.... all i need is cotton buds and alcohol cleaning my ear and ready for wearing cheap earbud safely. 😅
the_aesthetic_anomoly Mese fa
Why is there always a special device for everything? How just how?!
Nadeem khan
Nadeem khan Mese fa
0.1% germs are always invisible.
Aterhallsam Mese fa
What is YOUR germs gonna do to YOU? Nothin
DamonKraft 2 mesi fa
So I'm looking for workout earbuds, jumping rope and hitting the sack, so are these a good recommendation? I don't want that feeling of falling from my ear every 2 movements. If not, any good recommendation under 150?
ADeadKid 2 mesi fa
What happened to the batcave
Hay 2 mesi fa
I believe your breath was what really sent 150 germs the other 18were on there hehe
Ashish Bahure
Ashish Bahure 2 mesi fa
A big paid review !!!!
Robin Burkhalter
Robin Burkhalter 2 mesi fa
The deserted lettuce mainly tap because rubber uniquely pine sans a glossy moon. handsome, spiteful flare
Paige Larrabee
Paige Larrabee 2 mesi fa
you should try UE fits. they custom mold to your ear in 60 secs
WILD7 2 mesi fa
BTW UV light destroy's plastic.
Ben Cassidy
Ben Cassidy 2 mesi fa
Be interesting to no what the number are straight out the box ! What germs are sent with a new pair .(:
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili 2 mesi fa
Nice cap again 👌
EL 2 mesi fa
😂 one of the most ridiculous test I’ve ever seen.Talking so close to a swab?? ..Seriously?? 🤣🤣🤣
Swedlyheyz 2 mesi fa
Love thesee!! Great sound, awesome fit and they freaking survived a go in the washingmashine! (Forgott them in my workclothes pocket😂)
Justin Abraham
Justin Abraham 2 mesi fa
So we can all agree this things actually works
vinish shetty
vinish shetty 3 mesi fa
any part of your body that has an opening and body fluid / moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria virus and fungus.....Never share things that you stick inside your holes....
Grant Odle
Grant Odle 3 mesi fa
I love my Tone headphones
Ruslan McIntosh
Ruslan McIntosh 3 mesi fa
Who else remembers when Jack was just a camera?
Eckuss YT
Eckuss YT 3 mesi fa
First he is testing both earbuds an after uv light he is doing only one of them... for sure you get than a smaller number 👎
Suren Papanyan
Suren Papanyan 3 mesi fa
Do thwy work as Earbuds as well?? What about Siund things?? It's still Earbud , right??
mio nome
mio nome 3 mesi fa
How is the drain battery in the case?
ZERO MINION 3 mesi fa
sir why dont you try fireboltt buds1100 once
lIlIlIlI 3 mesi fa
I shared my headphones and they got stolen
Even before this I never shared headphones islets discussing :/
Avinash goud
Avinash goud 3 mesi fa
please review crossbeats torq tws ear pods
clsman 3 mesi fa
I hope he didn't test the same earbud twice
KevGnosis 3 mesi fa
I don't know if u noticed but when u were swabing the ear buds for the first time, you held the swaber in front of your mouth which probably picked up a bunch of bacteria from your breath.
KevGnosis 3 mesi fa
Would explain why u got a 718
Noble Ray
Noble Ray 3 mesi fa
Its fascinating how your videos have changed throughout the years.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 3 mesi fa
That 0.01% is Covid 19
Asif Parkar
Asif Parkar 3 mesi fa
Seems the editor did everything except to edit this video
Rohit Nagvanshi
Rohit Nagvanshi 3 mesi fa
This video was so long and boring. I understand he wanna test everything but his videos are really boring tbh.
i LoveKitties
i LoveKitties 3 mesi fa
There is no need to sterilize against our own bacteria 🙄.
Swedlyheyz 3 mesi fa
Orderd a pair of these today for 50euros :)
permeus 4 mesi fa
if i remember rightly the 3 dirtiest things in the average house are the kitching sponge/scouring pad, the tv remote and the light switch but i know that the older real button phones were in the top five and i cant imagine smartphones have made then cleaner.
Caleb Danis
Caleb Danis 4 mesi fa
yo just go get a bottle of hand sanitizer
Ismael Smikle
Ismael Smikle 4 mesi fa
"a human with eye balls" 😃
Kulver GD
Kulver GD 4 mesi fa
Lew is that one clean looking rich guy that owns every electronic you can think of
JACKIE 4 mesi fa
To answer your partners question. Your supposed to put part water part peroxide in your ears to clean them
Esli Selmani
Esli Selmani 4 mesi fa
I am watching this on a a31 and its amazing
Steve-o Prime
Steve-o Prime 4 mesi fa
but he first swabbed both ear buds 2nd time he only swabbed one ear bud...
logankillerd 405
logankillerd 405 4 mesi fa
He didn’t even swab both ear buds after the uv cleaning
Renni 4 mesi fa
People share earbuds? nastiest shit ive ever heard
Lil TBear
Lil TBear 4 mesi fa
1:00 CovidBuds
Rolwhite 4 mesi fa
If that's all LG has to offer is clean earbuds, they are in trouble in this earbud market!
David Hudson
David Hudson 4 mesi fa
2:20 Lew slamming his hands down without looking while that blade is open, sharp side up, made me anxious.
Gio LilVato59
Gio LilVato59 4 mesi fa
Weird question what if you rub hand sanitizer on that and test it
Gio LilVato59
Gio LilVato59 4 mesi fa
Statement sorry😂
Permas Alif
Permas Alif 4 mesi fa
Looking cool using white or black guys?
Hlokomani Khondlo
Hlokomani Khondlo 4 mesi fa
COVID has left the chat
Truong Cong Hoan
Truong Cong Hoan 4 mesi fa
Lew: "You'll Never Share Earbuds Again..." Me: "Who the hell actually shares earbuds"
Joaquin Carretero Martinez
Joaquin Carretero Martinez 4 mesi fa
Did we get a new camera man or a new editor?
Blue Rainbird
Blue Rainbird 4 mesi fa
What’s the track on this?cheers
Jonas Loekke
Jonas Loekke 4 mesi fa
I'm just asking but should you also have a uv cleaner for the case??
Carlos Elijah Almanza Rivas
Carlos Elijah Almanza Rivas 4 mesi fa
Shows And movies free
Shows And movies free 4 mesi fa
Why didn’t you swab both though the 2nd time
Bruno Viland
Bruno Viland 5 mesi fa
How to grow/develop/mutate your own UV resistant bacteria with mediocre UV disinfect device...
Dennis Svendsen
Dennis Svendsen 5 mesi fa
I wouldn't share them to begin's disgusting!
ReddFoxx1562 5 mesi fa
taking a sample without a mask of any kind, even decades before covid, is not good science.
Oliver Cowan
Oliver Cowan 5 mesi fa
Next steps wear a mask when testing because there is loads of bacteria in ur spit and you were holding it in front of your mouth while talking. Big fan but interested to see the difference!!!🤩
Centauri 5 mesi fa
Anyone know the name of the watch brand he is wearing? Been looking for a watch like that
Live Laugh Smile A
Live Laugh Smile A 5 mesi fa
Swabs two ear buds for germs. After UV cleaning only swabs one. O.o.
T is for Timur
T is for Timur 5 mesi fa
LG always innovate the most. They had a mobile phone with a projector in it not long ago. I forget that LG make Apple’s Mac screens.
Gab F.
Gab F. 5 mesi fa
aptx HD better with phone is compatible with it
Rahul M Prathap
Rahul M Prathap 5 mesi fa
Please make small videos, you won't get much views with length y videos
Thomas Lukins
Thomas Lukins 5 mesi fa
3rd party contraption....70 percent isopropyl alcohol. Pretty sure the meter is also covered in bacteria.
mallolollo 5 mesi fa
excuse the ignorance, what model is the smartwatch you have on your wrist?
Pops Arollin
Pops Arollin 5 mesi fa
I work at Apple and believe me. The ear wax nastiness that gets brought in cannot be cleaned by anything but scraping and alcohol. Not a fun thing to have to handle
Lyric X
Lyric X 5 mesi fa
I like the ambient sound but what I really need it to do it doesn't really do.
Jeremiah Mann
Jeremiah Mann 5 mesi fa
Why they built like that tho
Gaylord Focker
Gaylord Focker 5 mesi fa
When you were talking a few inches from the swab/earbud you may have been contaminating it
Marianallvlog 5 mesi fa
Well... I never did share anything that goes into your years 😂
Marianallvlog 3 mesi fa
@Benji Blitz ears... Stupid autocorrect...
Benji Blitz
Benji Blitz 4 mesi fa
leloxxx 5 mesi fa
I got these earbuds and i gotta say when you select custom mode then it sounds the best.
Sedtha CHANSOMPHOU 5 mesi fa
He shouldn't be talking while taking all these bacterias on the buds, that's also probably why it took more germs than usual.
Vinayak Arora
Vinayak Arora 5 mesi fa
The last 0.01% germs: We are still there for you..😂
graceoverall 5 mesi fa
Bacteria keeps your immune system strong!!! This ultra paranoia of bacteria is exactly why children are growing up with a million freaking allergies and getting sick all the time. I let my kids be kids and they've never been sick and have no allergies. 😉
Paul Margani
Paul Margani 4 mesi fa
True your body learns from it to fight off other germs/bacteria as well. This is a neat feature as well.
Skizzy 1
Skizzy 1 5 mesi fa
Lg actually cares about their customers unlike some brands.
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