I Bought the $800 Chair Endorsed by Celebrities

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Let's give this unique office chair a shot...
BackStrong C1 Chair - all33.com/
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Unbox Therapy
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Phil Gali
Phil Gali 18 giorni fa
so what do you think of it today? saw some reviews saying it caused back and under leg pain? do you recommend this chair or not?
RoCCo CarmeLL
RoCCo CarmeLL Mese fa
Oh... Click... What? :D
only 999 subscribers
only 999 subscribers Mese fa
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Chaitanya Bharadwaj
Chaitanya Bharadwaj Mese fa
Me-He could have bought the pewdiepie chair... Me-Sad "19 year old" noises
Alex Russo
Alex Russo Mese fa
Hey guys so esports guys say that your arm needs to be 90degrees from the arm rest to the desk, so I think you need to.make it higher, there's a downside to having this without adjustable arm length
Summie 13 ore fa
How many ITpostrs does it take to put together a chair? 🤣😏💅🏻
Ryan McAllister
Ryan McAllister 21 ora fa
Everyone: $800 chair?!?!?! Herman Miller: hold my beer
Ryan McAllister
Ryan McAllister 21 ora fa
Kudos to your cameraman for having a Ghost t-shirt
olddurtybastrd Giorno fa
I honestly remember that video about your old set up chair .. how long ago was that lol
리엄이 3 giorni fa
Where did u get ur hoodie?
TallGuyEric Gaming
TallGuyEric Gaming 3 giorni fa
Someone please pet those damn doggies.
Ricky James
Ricky James 3 giorni fa
Take a shot every time they say lumbar!
Hassane Hamzaoui
Hassane Hamzaoui 4 giorni fa
what's the update on this chair ?
Charlie Hernandez
Charlie Hernandez 4 giorni fa
The question that remains is can fat butts fit in that chair lol!! sorry fat people =(
Finesse 5 giorni fa
VI Bans
VI Bans 6 giorni fa
After a couple years probably squeak like crazy but then guess just hit it with some wd40
Dreographic 9 giorni fa
I really want to see your update video
Vishesh Sharma
Vishesh Sharma 10 giorni fa
Dog: Hey you, now let me try that chair
john doe
john doe 10 giorni fa
This is my first time seeing jack!!!!
Muhummad Siraj Khan
Muhummad Siraj Khan 11 giorni fa
I came from a vid 3 years ago to now, and I gotta say. Lewis lost so much weight and he aged so well. What's your diet routine bruh 😂
Paul Horne
Paul Horne 11 giorni fa
Thanks Lew - I was in the market for a chair and about to buy another Herman Miller, but I went for this one based on your recommendation. Really happy with it - definitely changed the way I sit.
Egg Benidics
Egg Benidics 12 giorni fa
That's not the best chair because... .....CAN U DO THIS!!!!.... BY:PewDiePie
Jstone732 12 giorni fa
I would’ve loved to see this with the 700 apple wheels 🧐👀
Patrick Monis
Patrick Monis 13 giorni fa
Drinking game :- one shot everytime you hear lumbar
Ilham vlogs
Ilham vlogs 13 giorni fa
"I've never felt this straight before" 😂😂😂😂
ZP Gaming
ZP Gaming 13 giorni fa
Why does the camera invert the colors almost every time it cuts
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 13 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2
Alex Volkov
Alex Volkov 13 giorni fa
I hope scooter braun goes bankrupt and loses his house
Salty Box Gaming
Salty Box Gaming 14 giorni fa
I hope it goes on sale during black Friday
Vikas Dadwal
Vikas Dadwal 15 giorni fa
previously jack was a computer.....now jack is a real human being.....in the future is will be a alien............
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 16 giorni fa
I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU
yasir sen
yasir sen 16 giorni fa
What shoes is he wearing
Behind-The-Scenes_77 18 giorni fa
Can your chair do that pewdiepie
Doan Trinh
Doan Trinh 18 giorni fa
Love my Herman Miller chair. I have the same one...
Henrik-Arjen 18 giorni fa
i he wearing Nike Zoom fly 3? normally?? those things have a carbon fibre plate and are rigid as hell to walk on normally.
RΞD ΛNTS 18 giorni fa
watching this while sitting on my dog.
Micky Kurniawan
Micky Kurniawan 18 giorni fa
Same cheap chair in my local cinema teather
Armin Safavi
Armin Safavi 19 giorni fa
"I sit in a chair" - Unbox Therapy, 2020.
hueything228 20 giorni fa
They actually have that cradle accessory sold separately in Korea which you can put on any chair. It's the same thing
Hendy 20 giorni fa
you need to unbox a leg press machine and hit ya legs bro...just kidding, love the vids
J W 21 giorno fa
this video should be labeled "overpriced stools unsuitable for people over 6 foot."
Artorias 21 giorno fa
Watching this video while kneeling(Seiza style) on the floor.
Astro 23 giorni fa
Herman Miller Embody Chair is the best office chair hands down!
VanSanPro 23 giorni fa
when did "PU Leather" become "Vegan Leather". Aren't they the same thing?? I mean I'm all for not using real leather, although plastic leather isn't great for the environment either, but they are trying to pass of "Vegan Leather" as some sort of premium material.
Teleporter Gaming
Teleporter Gaming 24 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy's evolving!!!! It's an Unbox Chairapy🌋😮🌋
itzHuska 24 giorni fa
*Plot twist:* This chair is made for gay people to make them straight
AAndy Chia
AAndy Chia 24 giorni fa
looks very cheap made,
Timothy Nguyen
Timothy Nguyen 24 giorni fa
Herman Miller or Steelcase chairs are the way to go if you're going to spend that much money. Both have been making nice office chairs for over 100 years and there are a good amount of choices at the $500 to 900 range. I personally use a Steelcase Think
Philip Chacko
Philip Chacko 24 giorni fa
That one sentence " I never felt this straight before ". that was it icoukdnt stop laughing 😆
Clarence 24 giorni fa
Dog therapy on site
Jake Green
Jake Green 25 giorni fa
$800 chair comes in crappy made in china looking box like every or thing made these days.
Mike Perry
Mike Perry 25 giorni fa
All plastic no thanks
Arpan Mandal
Arpan Mandal 25 giorni fa
Does anyone know the names of all those 3 🐕 ?
Sai potala
Sai potala 25 giorni fa
Who started watching dogs instead of chair
Mike Paton
Mike Paton 27 giorni fa
"paid promotion" not really worth watching then is it, just a giant advert
Gede Babatz
Gede Babatz 27 giorni fa
Where are those shorts from?
Chris Vee
Chris Vee 27 giorni fa
Ikeas best office chair is the Renberget and it's only $60 CDN, comes in one box you can put in a small car, and takes about 20 mins to assemble. 10/10 recommend saving the $700 and getting one of those instead
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 27 giorni fa
You pay for comfortable and support. It’s just like shoes. People think cheaper is better but in the long run it’ll ruin your back. The chair is expensive but just like everything else it’s an investment. That being said.. still can’t afford one lol
Shawn Lim
Shawn Lim 27 giorni fa
I see that X box X behind there lol... whens that vid dropping?
afreeland99 27 giorni fa
A big hot dump in your hat is worth more than any celebrity opinion.
MD Hussain
MD Hussain 27 giorni fa
8:54 I never been this straight before
Unknown Sources
Unknown Sources 28 giorni fa
that look uncomfortable
Kath 28 giorni fa
I'm not an architect, just a random construction worker but you might want to get that crack on your floor checked. Maybe you've done it already but if you haven't, do it! These are usually a sign of structural weakness.
David Thomas
David Thomas 28 giorni fa
I'll just go to Walmart and get me a $15 chair
murilo ninj
murilo ninj 28 giorni fa
At this point, anyone who takes the advice of a "celebrity" needs to turn their brain on ffs! smh!
At the Moment
At the Moment 28 giorni fa
I'm watching this video sitting on 5 $ plastic chair
Hussein masri
Hussein masri 29 giorni fa
For me, a chair without a head rest is not a comfortable chair
SandyGIVO 29 giorni fa
Was that Alan Harper?
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma 29 giorni fa
love those twerks lew keep em coming
Anonymous ಠಿ_ಠ
Anonymous ಠಿ_ಠ 29 giorni fa
Jack: "I've never been this straight before".🤣
ahmed al kurdi
ahmed al kurdi 29 giorni fa
Why you switched from the thinkpad ?!!!
Emmanuel Bernard
Emmanuel Bernard 29 giorni fa
Chair technology hasn't improved till now
Michael Ilao
Michael Ilao 29 giorni fa
I dont have a phone since march 2020 and can't afford to buy one because im still a student (can't find part time jobs because of pandemic). I hope he read this and help me because my online class will start in October and don't know what to do. Even a 100$ phone will really help me, i just need it so that i can participate in my online class... Sorry for begging please help me 😭😭😭
Nikhil B
Nikhil B 29 giorni fa
Ok he didn't like it and I agree that too
James j
James j 29 giorni fa
Just because something is new and cost a lot doesn’t make it better in my opinion
Rem Trap
Rem Trap Mese fa
**Inserts PewDiePie's chair meme** But can u do this
M14 Mese fa
Ya my DX racer chair cost like 300 something dollars
David Wang
David Wang Mese fa
"it's not as much into my butt"... 7:35
Axel Mese fa
"Endorsed by celebrities" aka don't buy.
TechReacter Mese fa
Support, Rakhi Sawant 🙏
Oswal Sauceda
Oswal Sauceda Mese fa
All of the dogs!
Aatif Sheikh
Aatif Sheikh Mese fa
7:37 - 7:39 : That's what she said.
Aatif Sheikh
Aatif Sheikh Mese fa
Lew's 2012 setup is my 2020 dream setup.
Robert Foster
Robert Foster Mese fa
Happy pup was the best part of the video
justin colburn
justin colburn Mese fa
Feel like it would be nice for a little while then a freaking pain for a good while until you get used to it
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 Mese fa
I would not be able to sit still in that chair
Exploit377 SE
Exploit377 SE Mese fa
Pewdiepie’s chairs’s better and its only 399 !
Tom Choi
Tom Choi Mese fa
so many crotch shots
Jonny Mese fa
hmmm i wonder what would happen is lew does an unboxing on a PewDiePie chair🤔🤔🤔
Samar Pratap
Samar Pratap Mese fa
Get the pewdiepie chair
Khalid Nur
Khalid Nur Mese fa
Chairs -.-
K M Mese fa
800 bucks piece of crap
Icepick614 Mese fa
I've never thought of him actually sitting. I guess I always thought he was floating in white space 🤔
B N74
B N74 Mese fa
Sitting with a old metal chair all day feels fine
Juan Yepez
Juan Yepez Mese fa
It looks like a kids swing chair
Frank Jackson
Frank Jackson Mese fa
Stoppppppppp😂😂😂😂😂. You getting way too in depth on explaining the unexplained!
noctane 3
noctane 3 Mese fa
What about the Herman Miller x Logitech chair he should review that one
Mecares Mese fa
I just picked up a RH new logic which is made by Flokk, a swedish company. It has realease tilt mechanism which makes it so your chair actively moves with you as you lean back which is kinda similar to your chair only on the RH new logic its implemanted 1000x better. It also has a lumbar supports pump (sounds weird buts its amazing), back adjustment, sitting adjustments, backrest leanback, sitting height adjustments & on the left it has a ratating knob for the sensitivty of the tilt mechanism. You can also lock any part in any position, like there are no stages for anything. I went to a store for office chairs which had herman miller, some other & rh chairs. After I left I googled for rh chairs on which I stumbled on a bankrupcy auction where I managed to pick the chair of for 350 when it normally costs 1200 euro new.
Damian Brown
Damian Brown Mese fa
Baby chair within an adult chair
SMOK メ P I K A Mese fa
antony kairu
antony kairu Mese fa
Welcome to another episode of the things you can't afford
Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army Mese fa
That, in fact, is a chair.
This chair is for celebrity and you are also a celebrity 😉☺😊😀
MadSpacePig Mese fa
Lew says the word tremendous more than Trump now.
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