Xbox Series X Controller + 1TB Expansion Card Hands-On

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Hands on with the new Xbox Series X controller and 1TB storage expansion card.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Mese fa
Xbox Series X or PS5?
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 3 giorni fa
Xbox honestly it has better hardware
Rob Vinton
Rob Vinton 21 giorno fa
Xbox for me, got a ps4
Pugger Boi
Pugger Boi 22 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy x
Cihan Koca
Cihan Koca 27 giorni fa
Rocknower 28 giorni fa
Only if I have money
Axiquis 8 ore fa
I think the core controller is way better then the elite. I would rather buy the core controller and customize it then buy the elite controller. So much money saved.
Empire Roman clash
Empire Roman clash 14 ore fa
Ps5 of course
Marcus Munn
Marcus Munn Giorno fa
🤢 really hope the dualshock 6 becomes compatible with pc
ItsMePeleg Giorno fa
Eric Chaboyer
Eric Chaboyer Giorno fa
I am hearing next gen games won't be able to be played off of my 1TB portable hard drive? Someone please let me know! I am gonna be getting the Xbox Series S because I only have a fhd curved 27 inch monitor and I love it! I play Warzone, and I'll have every sports game and a few racers. Will I actually have to buy a expandable storage to play more games since Warzone is gonna take up the whole hd pretty much?
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Giorno fa
The next gen games only work on the internal SSD, or the official expansion SSD
Donald Golver
Donald Golver 2 giorni fa
Gassed about the usbc plug in uno
Rob Vinton
Rob Vinton 3 giorni fa
I've had a ps4 pro last few years now, fancy an xbox this time
Smith Louis
Smith Louis 3 giorni fa
Everyone: hmm reminds me of a memory card 😂
Leo Cr7
Leo Cr7 4 giorni fa
Can I put my Xbox one battery on the new Xbox control? (obviously using the respective cable)
PRO.ARAB.GAMER 4 giorni fa
That expansion module looks like the chip they took out of the T-800's head. Talk about predicting the future 😱
Kenneth Nielsen
Kenneth Nielsen 4 giorni fa
This is like comparing the speed of two cars that are standing still without their engines running. When you actually have a console and games to play on it then a hands on will be useful. Until then...
GEX LEX 5 giorni fa
I guess people don't understand that the reason its 219 is cause it's an SSD (solid state drive) not a hard drive which is old and slow... sure it's cheaper than the ssd but the series needs the ssd in order to do quick resume interchangeability between multiple games... and a hard drive would completely negate that option.
Preston Gamble
Preston Gamble 6 giorni fa
why couldn't the share button be a clip/screenshot button instead lol
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Giorno fa
That's what it does.....
Black Hole
Black Hole 7 giorni fa
You are fuking fake reviewer!
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme 7 giorni fa
yeah im not gonna pay $200 for 1TB wheni get it for like $50 at most
FUGLY 8 giorni fa
\m/_ 😏 _\m/
The Bwasian
The Bwasian 8 giorni fa
$200 for 1TB?! I have the other seagate drive. $80 for 2TB
The Bwasian
The Bwasian Giorno fa
Still compatible though right?
Follow the howl
Follow the howl Giorno fa
That's a HDD, not an SSD
Cludz 9 giorni fa
219 dollars for that expansion chip... mite aswell buy 2 ps4s
In a few years they'll probably come out with a drive that actually holds about a hundred terabytes maybe even five hundred maybe even the next teraflop
Nicholas Abbott
Nicholas Abbott 8 giorni fa
I literally hate the new D pad.. design.. especially.. the internal battery.. already the Xbox one play and charge kit literally lasts A FULL 24 hours
LonghornsLegend 10 giorni fa
I'm disappointed that they don't have the controller you can charge out of the box like the PS4 we shouldn't have to buy a charge kit on a $500 console. They had a generation of Sony using it and they still didn't incorporate it
Michael Van Zandt
Michael Van Zandt 10 giorni fa
the music is distracting from you talking please do not do that again on another video
Pennywisecreepy 10 giorni fa
219$ geez
Nils 10 giorni fa
what use has the usb type c port? connection?
Epic Fat Lip
Epic Fat Lip 10 giorni fa
Looks like we're stepping back into the memory card age, not a fan of the pricing either...
Ej Sn1p3r
Ej Sn1p3r 10 giorni fa
219$ for that small of an expansion is a rip off. I got 10 t’s of external HD space for 75$ years ago and still use it today on the Xbox one. Wth
Ej Sn1p3r
Ej Sn1p3r 10 giorni fa
1 t expansion = 1 call of duty game. Come on Microsoft. We need more storage. We need at least 5 T’s on the console itself. And larger expansion abilities
Kawliga 10 giorni fa
so can u have multiple expansion slots with games and just swap em out if u wanna play something new? thats pretty cool i guess, but im still sticking with my pc
Frank 10 giorni fa
If the controllers don't have Bluetooth connectivity that'll be a real letdown.
GD Spam King
GD Spam King 10 giorni fa
They will have bluetooth, i researched
Elson N
Elson N 11 giorni fa
Batteries! Lol
Forza Horizon
Forza Horizon 11 giorni fa
series X/S controller looks so smooth
Sam Leonetti
Sam Leonetti 12 giorni fa
When the external storage card is nearly the same price as the Xbox Series S console...
Tony_yeung 12 giorni fa
Both console seems awesome, I personally love the xbox controller more, and I'm glad Sony changed their style. If I have money left, definitely getting one :D
Gridzzz 12 giorni fa
What I like about the Xbox controller is when you connect it with wire it becomes a wired controller, unlike the ps4. I hope the ps5 follows suit.
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 12 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2 🙏🙏🙏
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
This is the saddest comment I’ve seen in a while.
Epic 11 giorni fa
Buy them
Vegetto19 12 giorni fa
Xbox Series X controller for PC gaming and a PS5 for playing the exclusives.
Sujit 13 giorni fa
Only one more month to go.!!
Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez 13 giorni fa
Lmfao rechargeable batteries again lmfaooooooo Xbox raping.. plus they’ll charge you another 200 for the series x elite controller when that releases
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
I would much rather have battery’s then a internal rechargeable battery that you can’t replace, Especially after time.
Epic 11 giorni fa
pavy415 13 giorni fa
Over 200 dollars for that 1tb drive? There is no point getting that when they will make 2 or more tb for it and cost less than that later on.
Pepapig Killer
Pepapig Killer 13 giorni fa
Im just sitting here with my eliete series 2 controller
Judas Blewit
Judas Blewit 10 giorni fa
I was wondering about this. Should I wait to buy one?
Terence Johnson
Terence Johnson 13 giorni fa
It looks just like an Xbox One controller except they added 1 or 2 extra buttons to it and changed the look of the d-pad. There's really no changes to the Xbox Series X controller like there is with the PS4 and PS5 controller.
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
MrBoriqua2000 14 giorni fa
It's a better idea to pay $299 for the series S instead of paying $219 for that external drive.
IcePhoenixOfTime 14 giorni fa
Its more like a elite controller
dellebigboss 14 giorni fa
Wow... Those loading times are so fast
Felix Bo
Felix Bo 14 giorni fa
I have One Question I will Buy the XBox Series X do you leave the Rechearable Battery Pack in the Controller and then you will Load it with the USB Type C port
hi I AM you
hi I AM you 14 giorni fa
I like the xbox controller better because it has batteries you don't need to wait for your control to recharge when you just pop in new batteries and start playing again
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
Yeah and if you want rechargeables you can purchase some for like 20$.
Faruq. O
Faruq. O 14 giorni fa
£219 for storage. Can we all just take a second to deep that. £219
Dang Le
Dang Le 14 giorni fa
A lot of ITpostr that did the controller review didn’t even mention the usb c. You and only a few mention. It’s a big deal to me because the old one the charger ports would get lose and break for me.
Omar Herrera
Omar Herrera 14 giorni fa
There’s no reason for AA batteries in a gaming controller in 2020.
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
@Irshad I’d rather have AA battery’s
Irshad 13 giorni fa
Landon but ms is making it an option to buy rechargeable kits & batteries. I rather have it to where I can switch them out myself instead having to spend $60-$80 on a new controller
Landon 14 giorni fa
I agree that’s my only critique for Xbox controllers I wish it had the same battery system as PlayStation
Soongyu Kwon
Soongyu Kwon 14 giorni fa
Xbox Series X Controller be like: •_•
Michael Booker
Michael Booker 14 giorni fa
Im not paying $219.00 for 1TB, I can get 4TB for that price.
Murry 15 giorni fa
Gotta love these retarded console fanboys that don’t know what a ssd is and why it’s 200
Dark Dino
Dark Dino 15 giorni fa
Xbox 3 or ps6
robert gomez
robert gomez 15 giorni fa
I'll wait once the 1tb or 2 tb gets a price cut since I pre ordered the series x
robert gomez
robert gomez 15 giorni fa
Cod mw is up to 190+ gb cause of all the b.s updates
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 15 giorni fa
I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU
DEATH TRAIN316 15 giorni fa
Ha The Xbox 1 TB I got 8 TB I don’t need that little thing
Epic 11 giorni fa
Youw1lllaughtodeath_VXR 15 giorni fa
Xbox series x tho what if the controllers has led on the x logo
Sploads 15 giorni fa
Series X looks sexy in person tho
Raúl Carrera
Raúl Carrera 15 giorni fa
After watching ps5 teardown, I feel like sony has innovated a lot more than microsoft this gen
Orion Tuck
Orion Tuck 13 giorni fa
@Irshad Does it? To my knowledge hardly anyone has the device in hand. Where did you read about it overheating?
Irshad 13 giorni fa
Let’s not forget about how ps5 overheats more than the XSX lmaoooooo
Orion Tuck
Orion Tuck 14 giorni fa
Raúl Carrera Out of curiosity, what are some ways Sony did innovate over Xbox? I watched the teardown too, but I didn’t see anything that seemed overly innovative. I mean the liquid metal is neat and being able to remove the dust easily is good, but other than that form factor seems to be the main difference of the two.
Mason Montague
Mason Montague 16 giorni fa
The D pad is terrible, you should be able to easily feel up down left and right, but its flat.
Andrew Duddy
Andrew Duddy 16 giorni fa
In this video he is going to 'show you how the expandable storage plugs into the console'.... wow! Also BTW, $220 for the extra TB is outrageous
SuperDuty Zack
SuperDuty Zack 16 giorni fa
So both Xbox and PS will basically require you to use bigger internal or external memory but PS doesn’t make you use their technology while xbox does. I’m honestly disappointed that both companies have such low storage capacity and with more and more games being 4k of course they will hog more space. I almost just wanna get a PS4 Pro or One X for hella cheap and wait a year or two for both companies to release a Pro version of their consoles.
La Brava
La Brava 16 giorni fa
I say just buy some energizer battery’s easy instead of the one with the stand those are ugly
Marvin pineda
Marvin pineda 16 giorni fa
I'm just glad tht im able to use my elite controller on the new xbox series x/s.
Mr Flynn
Mr Flynn 16 giorni fa
Xbox Series X
Dave 16 giorni fa
this video is why i follow this channel
Ariel Camacho
Ariel Camacho 16 giorni fa
It’s worse
Jay Day
Jay Day 17 giorni fa
Man I thought they would have two storage slots on the back. Slightly disappointed.
Philly 17 giorni fa
Bitch that's a stadia controller
andy andy
andy andy 17 giorni fa
Ima just stick with my razer tournament ultimate controller, not the crappy xbox ones. Thanks :)
Tinu varun
Tinu varun 17 giorni fa
Does series x controller work on Xbox one ?
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
Yeah it does
Epic 11 giorni fa
I think so
Deplorable 113
Deplorable 113 17 giorni fa
Xbox is back on top! Just like America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dre Hammon
Dre Hammon 18 giorni fa
That reminds me of the memory card from ps2
ShinKamaitachi 18 giorni fa
Actually wonder if the Xbox series x controllers work on a regular Xbox One.
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
Yeah it does unlike Sony.
kaifrombx 18 giorni fa
Still no chargeble controllers give me a break smh
Epic 11 giorni fa
What do you mean? There are no rechargeable series x controllers?
Joshua Javorsky
Joshua Javorsky 18 giorni fa
So can you still plug a phone charger on top of the controller bc that's what I do with my xbox one controller (btw its a android phone charger)
Jon 18 giorni fa
$219?! That is absolutely insane.
Shadow Hound
Shadow Hound 17 giorni fa
that is the price for speed. And a USB drive will still work for all Xbox one and Xbox 360 games.
gatts13 18 giorni fa
I would rather have the port for the card on the front, lile old consoles
Joshhh 123
Joshhh 123 18 giorni fa
I feel like I would loose the 1 TB card lmao
Yung rouge1840
Yung rouge1840 18 giorni fa
Xbox x series is better than ps5
Clive Fernandes
Clive Fernandes 18 giorni fa
Can you give me one I really need it
Epic 11 giorni fa
Buy it
Noor Alamgir
Noor Alamgir 19 giorni fa
pls tell me the Android cable port isnt garbage again
Matthew Mayes
Matthew Mayes 19 giorni fa
Tell me why the expansion card is 200$
Shadow Hound
Shadow Hound 17 giorni fa
because at $200 it is about the price of an M2 Samsung drive that you can buy right now.
Spectr1aLGG 17 giorni fa
Because its much quicker than most normal external hard drives
mantid 17 giorni fa
Becuz it's using new technology that runs more fast. You can still use an external usb 3.1 SSD/HDD, but it won't be as fast.
φuιŦ21 Ŧ21
φuιŦ21 Ŧ21 19 giorni fa
Battery on xbox controller 💩 and ps 5❤
8-Bit Gamer
8-Bit Gamer 18 giorni fa
Xbox doesn't sell batteries.
Dan 18 giorni fa
Batteries are better kid
Therd Sc
Therd Sc 19 giorni fa
Fucking batteries ughhhhhhh
jacob fishell
jacob fishell 19 giorni fa
Wtf was that sound at 1:49
Bradley 19 giorni fa
Not gonna lie, I am impressed by how small they made that expansion but at the same time I just have this "oh you gotta be kidding me THAT costs 229" feeling
Shadow Hound
Shadow Hound 17 giorni fa
agreed but a 1tb M2 drive cost about $220 from samsung so I am not surprised.
Rimu Taka
Rimu Taka 18 giorni fa
I know exactly how you feel I don't how I'd be able to explain to anyone why I paid so much for something so plain and tiny even though the tech is impressive
R33C3 89
R33C3 89 19 giorni fa
219 dollars for a memory card........ dont see the point companies are just abusing there customers now days to purchace stupid things that can simply just be added while being built for pretty much the same price, yes more money in the companies eyes but come one seriously your gunna need one of those fuckers to just to store the new call of duty lmao its beyond a joke both playstation and xbox need to be a bit more giving in space 1tb these days is like a 500gb 5 years ago outdated 2tb/3tb given standard would please a bigger crowed of gamers.
The Anime Tomato
The Anime Tomato 19 giorni fa
Where do you get the storage expansion?
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
It’s not out yet.
Suy Sinh
Suy Sinh 19 giorni fa
whatever I'm waiting for your new video on the other amazing device in the world
bruce white
bruce white 19 giorni fa
The storage device is a waste of money because I could get 12 TB for around 300
Coxy HD
Coxy HD 20 giorni fa
Can I still use my 3.0 external hard drive that I currently use for my one x
Pedro Guimarães
Pedro Guimarães 20 giorni fa
the battery for the controllers are the same?
Kanavi Hakurei
Kanavi Hakurei 20 giorni fa
Are you able to tell if old charge and play batteries can be charged with usb c cables?
Don Juan DeMarco
Don Juan DeMarco 20 giorni fa
I just got a 4 bay battery charger (VC4) and some rechargeable AA Eneloop batteries and hot swap them when I need them. I always have a full battery charge at arms length. In fact that’s how every AA battery product in my house works everything always has full charge.
westendcory _
westendcory _ 20 giorni fa
When is xbox gone go rechargeable controllers 🤣
Agent_E 8 giorni fa
Hopefully never.
Epic 11 giorni fa
@westendcory _ i have a rechargeable controller lol, its very cool, you can recharge while playing
iTz yArthur
iTz yArthur 17 giorni fa
@westendcory _ there is rechargeable batteries like Playstation i think that you can recharge while playing, I have and use one
westendcory _
westendcory _ 17 giorni fa
@iTz yArthur Ian never seen or had a rechargeable controller from Xbox
iTz yArthur
iTz yArthur 18 giorni fa
hmm 2 years Ago I think
xSnickleFrittzx 20 giorni fa
Lmao Xbox is so lazy they didn’t even change their controllers 😂 also, won’t allow you to get your own storage. 1tb isn’t going to be nearly enough storage for the series x consoles.
Ahxed 19 giorni fa
xSnickleFrittzx you can do the same with xbox, they do accept 3rd party external hard drives
xSnickleFrittzx 19 giorni fa
@Ahxed I’m both a Xbox fan and PS fan buddy. I’m just making the point that it’s 2020 and they should have rechargeable controllers. Also, yes they have the same storage but with PS you can buy your own external storage and plug it in.
Ahxed 19 giorni fa
Their controllers didn’t need change they were already the best, they got some upgrades too ps5 and xbox series x have the same storage. Stop being a sony fan girl so hard
CCmuscleman21 20 giorni fa
Would've been nice if they could have put that expansion slot in the front somewhere.
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