PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Showdown

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18 giorni fa

PS5 or Xbox Series X... Which next gen game console will you choose?
The Sony PlayStation 5 receives a completely new look while the Microsoft Xbox Series X aims to keep things simple. These new consoles are capable of playing games in 4K at up to 120fps. Whether you choose the PS5 or Xbox Series X you should consider upgrading your TV to take full advantage of their capabilities.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 17 giorni fa
Which one would you choose - PS5 or Xbox Series X?
Angel_knight4 11 giorni fa
@1 sub with notis before 2021? stop the cap
maurice benton
maurice benton 11 giorni fa
Xbox for me
Bryson Sobota
Bryson Sobota 14 giorni fa
DTG 15 giorni fa
Yair Garate
Yair Garate 17 giorni fa
Xbox Series X
zmaud 7 minuti fa
Is Xbox REALLY next gen???? Looks more like some spec boosts to me I’d get the ps5
RoLL dannK
RoLL dannK 18 minuti fa
Ps5 looks so dumb
Øreos 55 minuti fa
Tbh i think the ps5 looks better
Joel46n2 Ora fa
Wow xbox really sucks with the whole remote thing....
Hudson Fein
Hudson Fein Ora fa
what my friend does with his x box is he actually plays without batteries and just keeps it plugged in at all times, kinds weird but it worked for him.
R. R.
R. R. Ora fa
Paul Hillman
Paul Hillman Ora fa
Bottom line: BUY BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1nsyte Games
1nsyte Games Ora fa
Thank you so much for this!
Paul Buns
Paul Buns Ora fa
Getting the first model is dumb it’s like being stuck with the original Xbox one and then 4K Xbox one X comes out not long after. Just wait like a year guys fr
Gaunt Ora fa
These are my thoughts: PS5 has a way better controller, but Xbox has a better console. It honestly just comes up to preference. If you want a next gen controller and nice exclusives, PS5 is the way but if you just want to game and you don’t care about exclusives and want to play with a powerful console, Xbox is the move.
Laura Williams
Laura Williams Ora fa
Thank you for keeping to your words his a pro in *hack unlock recovery programmer* and finally my account is to normal. hit him up on IG easy_locks
Laura Williams
Laura Williams Ora fa
Thank you for keeping to your words his a pro in *hack unlock recovery programmer* and finally my account is to normal. hit him up on IG easy_locks
Rip King Von
Rip King Von 2 ore fa
I wanna create my own console one day.
HeroinPapi 2 ore fa
Anyone have any insight of suspension comparisons? Does psn suspend more often than xbox? Does psn suspend for lesser reasons? I’m currently suspended for 3 days for no reason coming off a 7 day suspension for telling someone to “kys” I hadn’t even spelled out the actual phrase. What’s funny is this grown man originally messaged me telling me “you’re going to be so mad when you lose you dumpster fire” but lost and prompted him to report me. I had my PlayStation completely off for those days and days following I turn my PlayStation back on only to be suspended for no legitimate reason. I hadn’t even opened my messages.
Hulk Timberlake
Hulk Timberlake 2 ore fa
If only Xbox could make transitional controllers. It's actually the main reason I've stuck to playstation. I'm too fixed with the PlayStation controller.
Hamza Rana
Hamza Rana 3 ore fa
i chose ps5
GreenMachine 3 ore fa
So when can we plug in external graphics card into Xbox?
ll Blue :D
ll Blue :D 4 ore fa
Could I use the those headset on my ps2?
Caleb Danis
Caleb Danis 4 ore fa
for all the people that tilt when playing driving games lmao ps5
Randomj 4 ore fa
Randomj 4 ore fa
Trying soo hard not to say the Xbox controller is wack and it’s design is crap hahahaha had to get the accessorie controller to quickly back it up
Caleb Danis
Caleb Danis 4 ore fa
so a story is i got my friends old ps4 and it didnt come with a charge cable so we looked everywere and there wasent the chunky micros that work with it just skiny micros that wont charge
Sliiightly Reepeeted
Sliiightly Reepeeted 4 ore fa
Pssh, yeah, if I could ever say that to my parents as a kid: playing games; trying to get to the bottom of it... *nonchalantly*
hi 4 ore fa
That tool is s for adjusting the thumb stick tension
audio scavenger
audio scavenger 5 ore fa
Apparently you were not delivered by Fedex haha
Keith Lau
Keith Lau 5 ore fa
Most of the comments here are pointless, including this one.
rammercanada 6 ore fa
both are good so both of them
MrGMoney1944 6 ore fa
I've never given less of a crap about a console release just improving graphics/ framerates isn't enough for me. Show me games you literally couldn't make on last gen and I might care.
supa macho
supa macho 6 ore fa
Xbox 🎮
pagla baba
pagla baba 6 ore fa
i just bought rtx 3090.puk consoles
Disease Beats
Disease Beats 7 ore fa
Xbox: "1v1?"
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson 7 ore fa
When did you get the weird,... like Dutch accent?
W&D Perez
W&D Perez 8 ore fa
PS6: When you boot up Assassins Creed the controller stabs you.
Johnathan Greene
Johnathan Greene 8 ore fa
They both suck. No thanks.
Jonathan Pineda
Jonathan Pineda 8 ore fa
Can you use the ps5 controller on the ps4?
nikhil shankar
nikhil shankar 8 ore fa
I love ps 5 a lot
zero to one
zero to one 9 ore fa
I can't watch this video ...the xbox is looking weird with ultra wide ...I have slant vision btw...
vctjkhme 9 ore fa
why do you have alkaline batteries in a game controller? to get around the broken connectors for USB micro i use the round magnetic usb tips. the round tips are even more practical than usb c if you're not going to be yanking on the cord and don't need to transfer data via the cable.
Carlos Montes
Carlos Montes 11 ore fa
For sure the ps5, been a ps loyalist for years
Pearl_Of_The _Orient
Pearl_Of_The _Orient 11 ore fa
I'm far from being a tech guy kind of person, but, it is refreshing to see that both companies/consoles are trying to outdo the other, with better offerings for the consumer to look upon, "competition thrives or yields quality products", great comparative review by the way @Unbox Therapy
Tj pumpkin king V2.0
Tj pumpkin king V2.0 11 ore fa
I don’t know why but this brings me back to lucky penny shop
Avex Theatre
Avex Theatre 11 ore fa
You can hear how careful he is talking bout these things because he might piss off the fan boys of both xbox and playstation hahahah
Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva 11 ore fa
God I hate the fuckboy way this guy talks. Why do I even come here??
it's hpgaming2.0
it's hpgaming2.0 12 ore fa
I would say ps5
XFZ Mobile Gamer
XFZ Mobile Gamer 12 ore fa
Get battery packs
FrC_g_o_a_t_08 12 ore fa
I would choose PS5
Aditya asdflux
Aditya asdflux 12 ore fa
Haha... My last console is PS One..
Luchia 12 ore fa
I couldn’t decide and now I’m the happy owner of both :D
Kennedy The Don
Kennedy The Don 8 ore fa
Congrats man!! 👑👑
Alfredo Alfonso
Alfredo Alfonso 12 ore fa
Yep that’s me!! Just gonna boot up the next COD. That Xbox controller is the selling point for me so sick. I don’t care how much it costs. Xbox here I come!!
Brandon All3n
Brandon All3n 12 ore fa
As a xbox gamer... I am disappointed with xbox and the "new controller". They should have shipped with a version of the elite. I believe Playstation which I haven't owned since high school (ps3) has really out done itself.
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel 13 ore fa
Ps5 is hands down better
James Steele
James Steele 13 ore fa
I bought an Xbox One X... don't regret it. I love it!
chunkess !
chunkess ! 13 ore fa
We came for the Xbox vs playstation, not a elite controller review.
Tea Sea
Tea Sea 13 ore fa
My PS5 has been giving me error code CE-108262-9 for a week now, but my XSX hasn't given me any issues whatsoever. I can also *HEAR* my PS5, while the XSX has been whisper quiet. No bias, just my honest experiences so far.
Prince 14 ore fa
Xbox design looks horrible
Gameboy 64
Gameboy 64 14 ore fa
Xbox Series X Is On My Christmas List!
Kazim Mazumder
Kazim Mazumder 14 ore fa
Series X and PS5 getting fame *sad series s noises*
Zeth Christian Esarda
Zeth Christian Esarda 14 ore fa
Can you give me the ps5 plssss.
Tico Nice
Tico Nice 14 ore fa
burtonium1 14 ore fa
The only real difference between these consoles is operating system. X runs on windows, while ps5 runs on Linux, while HW is the same. Everything else is just Chinese cheap plastic and it's same on both consoles. How did you manage to make 30+ minutes video I don't know.
Genoh Manuel
Genoh Manuel 15 ore fa
Cant wait for a slim version coz we all know every original release of a playstation thers always a major issue
Mario Caletz
Mario Caletz 15 ore fa
I love ps5 control but it’s really not the software with these new generation it’s the game. Right of the back Spider-Man to me look lot like xbox one graphics with better play and smoothness. But yes the game developers need to run wild with these newer consoles
Pastafazool 15 ore fa
Ps5 memory runs too hot, Xbox chimney edition, get a PC
Adam 15 ore fa
So, with the storage, Microsoft has continued their mission to be more like Apple.
Reeves Reeves
Reeves Reeves 15 ore fa
Stay in your lane and just unbox stuff. You lack the knowledge, based off what was and was not said to "review" or even discuss these head to head.
A K 16 ore fa
PC games are better.
TheKHfan358over3d 16 ore fa
I hate the internal power brick thing that Port, that goddamned port is too damned unreliable, your cat or someone accidentally moving a drawer could easily unplug it! this is why I prefer the external power brick, it's easier to manage, the port for power is more reliable as it won't easily be unplugged, and lastly extra cable length. the internal power brick is nothing but cons, shorter cord length, easier to unplug harder to manage (you have to care about placement a lot more) and just easily unplugs. I've dealt with this with the PS3 and PS4, and god damn it is annoying. I suppose it's not the fault of the power supply being internal, but the standard connector for the power supplies.
Terry Harris
Terry Harris 17 ore fa
What i got out of this video is dont even buy either console till you can afford the TV required, thanks I see you in about 2 years 😆 lol ✌🏾ultra
Mkeelcab 17 ore fa
The Xbox 360 slim is the greatest consle design: CHANGE MY MIND
P0T4T0 Computer
P0T4T0 Computer 17 ore fa
What I think about the new consoles: PS5 Standard Edition: For people who has a massive collection of PS4 discs. and for all who wants to have a physical game and also interested with the new PS5 exclusives. PS5 Digital Edition: For tight budget people, but still want to get that full PS5 experiece that doesn't have a previous playstation console. also for people came from potato pc's (such as myself) that also doesnt have extensive amount of PS4 game discs. Xbox Series X: For people who want that top of the line, or more powerful console but doesn't really care for the faster speed load times that the PS5's SSD is offering. also for the people who wants that xbox exclusives. Xbox Digital Version "Xbox Series S": for people in a tight budget, or for people who doesn't really gonna play in 8k intensive resolution but just want to have a good time with 1440p to 4k. but it is still capable of running in 8k (i believe) and not overall interested with the new features the new gen offers. It's also $200 cheaper than the standard version so it's still a win, but is significantly inferior compared to the Series X. Update: I still don't know which one to buy, also there is still NO STOCK, for god knows how long.
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation 18 ore fa
Looking like both consoles r pretty legit. Have only had Sony consoles but totally respect what Microsoft has done this time around. Build quality looks solid (watched a tear down). With quality lacking these days with so many things, I always appreciate a great quality build & product.
Saiyan G4mer
Saiyan G4mer 18 ore fa
He took the ps5 yes victory! Victory is ours!
Motionless_ Jay?
Motionless_ Jay? 18 ore fa
*me just appreciating wha my family gets me*
Motionless_ Jay?
Motionless_ Jay? 18 ore fa
Me liking every console buh preferring ps4
Christopher Lacroix
Christopher Lacroix 18 ore fa
I don't get how these things are getting to be size of a bar fridge. You'd think they'd get smaller as technology ostensibly progresses.
MysticPrince •
MysticPrince • 19 ore fa
This comment section is a dangerous place any thing could set off a chain reaction by saying these words in any order:PlayStation Xbox better is than
Ayman Kabir
Ayman Kabir 19 ore fa
The PS5 is the winner just because of the controller, which seems truly next gen. Otherwise both the consoles are just mere improvements on the previous gen.
tec738caf ;dik'fac
tec738caf ;dik'fac 19 ore fa
This guy: has both PS5 and X Box Series X Me: who rarely was able to play a PS4
Katrulzin 19 ore fa
The PS5 is storm trooper approved
3hunniitt 20 ore fa
I have always seen through my eyes Xbox to have better Multi-player games while Play Station has better Single-player games 😄
DD DeionDance
DD DeionDance 20 ore fa
Tara Kristjansson
Tara Kristjansson 20 ore fa
Xbox is soooo much better. Lol I respect your opinion though.
ALある 20 ore fa
Podtrash Radio
Podtrash Radio 22 ore fa
Really confused. He said that he was playing both of them the night before... but both systems are fake demo units? There are holes in the PS5 and the center black piece looks wrong,? Not sure about the Series X... looks mostly legit.
Juan Campos
Juan Campos 22 ore fa
PS5 All the way
Squirrel 22 ore fa
Thats headset looks nice accept what not nice is when your parents are yelling at u and u say u couldnt here them and then they ground u... but i couldnt here. Them....
ARNAV 29 22 ore fa
can someone explain to me why does the big adaptive controler exist? i dont see any purpose fot it
Raul Bustillo
Raul Bustillo 11 ore fa
It’s for people who have disabilities who aren’t able to use the actual controllers
xavier 22 ore fa
ps5: spider man xbox: lego spider man
SH Music
SH Music 22 ore fa
Xbox sucks 🤮 there still using AA Batteries
Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson 22 ore fa
How did you get the job you have I’d love to do this.
Unicorn Life
Unicorn Life 23 ore fa
33:55 your welcome
OdessaOdd 23 ore fa
Like I love ps5s but Xbox’s r still cool
Johan Mostert
Johan Mostert 23 ore fa
Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox Xbox!!!!!!! 👍🏼
OdessaOdd 23 ore fa
I’d choose Ps5 NO questions asked
Felix wang
Felix wang 23 ore fa
Look at him trying so hard not to piss of fanboys of sony or microsoft
thecreator094 3 ore fa
@W&D Perez huh?
W&D Perez
W&D Perez 8 ore fa
The little metal thing is used to adjust the tension for the joystick
Ray Incredible
Ray Incredible 23 ore fa
PS5 me please
Nico Pacheco
Nico Pacheco 23 ore fa
One day these consoles will have so much power, that they will play with you lmao
Charli Resendiz
Charli Resendiz 23 ore fa
Wow that ps5 is bigger than I expected and the Xbox doesn’t seem as big as a fridge 😅
Grant Giorno fa
Ps5 wins again
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