PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Showdown

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5 mesi fa

PS5 or Xbox Series X... Which next gen game console will you choose?
The Sony PlayStation 5 receives a completely new look while the Microsoft Xbox Series X aims to keep things simple. These new consoles are capable of playing games in 4K at up to 120fps. Whether you choose the PS5 or Xbox Series X you should consider upgrading your TV to take full advantage of their capabilities.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 mesi fa
Which one would you choose - PS5 or Xbox Series X?
Antonio Bujor
Antonio Bujor Mese fa
Lakshmipathy Akkapeddi
Lakshmipathy Akkapeddi Mese fa
Xbox forever
A.Y Max
A.Y Max Mese fa
Jaymoney Warfreak777
Jaymoney Warfreak777 2 mesi fa
Ps5 is an overrated console yea its pretty good not gonna lie but the series x powers like a PC and is better than most PCs as well do im going with series x
Branimir 5 ore fa
i have sold my fair share of consoles in the past and i miss my xbox 360 slim more than i do ps4
Sham 950
Sham 950 Giorno fa
It is better than that shitty xbox
Sham 950
Sham 950 Giorno fa
Alexander Baker
Alexander Baker Giorno fa
Honestly I Love the Xbox series x
Larseus Giorno fa
Just bought the Series X, no regrets!
Zaayan Hasan
Zaayan Hasan 3 ore fa
@Larseus lol, series x is so much better. My friend has a ps5, he says the fan was silent for a week then it turned into a ps4 LMAO. I only hear my fan if there is no sounds and my ear is very close to the fan. Series x is also more powerful.
Larseus 3 ore fa
@Zaayan Hasan lol you guy trolling.. lol, well at least you were you honest about it. lol
Zaayan Hasan
Zaayan Hasan 3 ore fa
@Branimir Lmao I was just seeing what people would say if i said this stuff, I got the series x on launch day, its really good.
Branimir 5 ore fa
@Zaayan Hasan You probably have a pc with pentium4 wishing your mom would buy you a ps5
Zaayan Hasan
Zaayan Hasan 12 ore fa
Series x is garbage, go buy a ps4 and you'll be better off than a cheaply made Trash box
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 2 giorni fa
Ah yes, the wifi router and the mini fridge Lol, I've entered a sweepstakes to get an xbox series x mini fridge
Jkea New
Jkea New 2 giorni fa
My Wii is better than both of them.
Michael Lagos
Michael Lagos 2 giorni fa
I love watching This with my Ps5 next to me
Doggo 2 giorni fa
Me who still has the xbox s
Vibes 3 giorni fa
28:54 (just leaving a resume marker
Drake Vaughn
Drake Vaughn 4 giorni fa
Ahh walk em down straight to the ground we make sure that he don’t get up
Lukey is a BoReD GamEr
Lukey is a BoReD GamEr 4 giorni fa
Now we can play games without a jet engine in the background
GreeKurd Channel
GreeKurd Channel 4 giorni fa
I will always choose Playstation over Xbox, and it's not about the one that performs slightly better than the other but about the exclusive games the console has to offer. Playstation has without a doubt the best exclusive games ever, God Of War (definitely) Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted, Days Gone etc. Playstation all the way baby!
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Functions 5 giorni fa
Focus Question: Compare and Contrast the structures of the PS5 and Xbox Series X
Mpi Malikongwa
Mpi Malikongwa 5 giorni fa
Give me one
Nithin 5 giorni fa
When’s ps5 adding extendable storage?? Pls guys someone help.....
Ameer Abindi
Ameer Abindi 6 giorni fa
I prefer PS5
Golden Leoni
Golden Leoni 7 giorni fa
I’ve never met a hacker like *Scotthack340* on telegram.he’s legit thank for getting my ps5 unbricked
hamed zarone
hamed zarone 7 giorni fa
بسیارجالب هست واقعا okay
Locks FPS
Locks FPS 7 giorni fa
Sharven Hubbard
Sharven Hubbard 8 giorni fa
So bassicly it all comes down to petsonal preference
Mila Jamie
Mila Jamie 8 giorni fa
OMG"☺️ This is amazing Techwiz0 on telegram just got my PS5 fixed his highly recommended..
Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor 8 giorni fa
Damn! it’s crazy to think I’ll probably be 43 by the time the next consul comes out I’m 33 😭😭😭😭 o well I’ll still be playing 😁.
mike wells
mike wells 8 giorni fa
I hope you are not that old old and have not tried a PC yet
Davis Connor
Davis Connor 9 giorni fa
From microsoft at least they let you play og xbox, xbox 360, and xbox one games on xbox series X and not only that, but they also let use a paid app call dev mode from microsoft website and download to xbox series X and then download an emulator like retroarch and emulate games like nes, snes, ps1, ps2, gamecube, gba, etc, and this did not make your xbox live account ban or anything like that, and from sony for some reason can't not do the same and the cmos battery on ps3 when it die and it well the games that have been download from psn store will not work anymore after the psn store shut down and yes you can still use the game disc after the psn store shut down, but the ps4 is even worse when the cmos battery die after the psn store shut down not only the digital games will play amymore... but also the game disc will not work anymore at well so yea at this point after all that have been say and done... fuck sony, fuck the ps4, fuck the ps5, fuck the battery that bulid in the systems, fuck jim ryan and fuck this i am done with sony.
Lucky 9 giorni fa
Specs: Xbox Controller: PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Xbox UI: PS5 Services: Xbox Exclusives: PS5 Next-Gen Accessories: PS5
Adarie Pennant
Adarie Pennant 9 giorni fa
What would happen if Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony put aside their differences and made a console together?
Anthony J Buck
Anthony J Buck 10 giorni fa
I was told of aimcrypt on 1nsta and I got mine from them. I really appreciate the service and recommendations...
Anthony J Buck
Anthony J Buck 10 giorni fa
I was told of aimcrypt on 1nsta and I got mine from them. I really appreciate the service and recommendations...
Bill Bei
Bill Bei 12 giorni fa
Pov: you get the xbox just because you are a fun of me😐.....ok
Timothy Landry
Timothy Landry 12 giorni fa
the thumb sticks also have 3 resistants settings that u can change by using the tool that came in the case like a screwdriver when u take them off
layne anderson
layne anderson 12 giorni fa
no games worth even playing....I'll stick with the switch.
Rawan Hopkins
Rawan Hopkins 13 giorni fa
3:05 he kinda looks like Ned Luke the voice actor of Michael from GTA V
Nin*Tony 13 giorni fa
Wifi Router vs Mini Fridge "Who would win" I'll go now...
Aman Afreen
Aman Afreen 13 giorni fa
Looks Like a Fridge
mohammad el-batniji
mohammad el-batniji 13 giorni fa
wtf am i saying christ like really good
mohammad el-batniji
mohammad el-batniji 13 giorni fa
plus sony projectors looks christ
mohammad el-batniji
mohammad el-batniji 13 giorni fa
i go for ps5 because i dont like sony but i have alot of funny things like epson old projector or remote shit something always erry i like xbox but could be no chatter animation
ExTiNkT 15 giorni fa
Xbox didn't need to change the controller much..... because why change something that is already nearly perfect.
Michael M
Michael M 15 giorni fa
I like the bumpers and triggers and grips better for xbox and the front buttons and joysticks better on playstation, this being said i have a series x
goated_100 15 giorni fa
low key I'm tripping out on how the headphones are wireless
Archman Games
Archman Games 15 giorni fa
The ps5 looks like an abstract art sculpture Im glad that they changed to type c
Octuly Airsoft
Octuly Airsoft 12 giorni fa
It doesn't it looks pretty simple too anyone could do it it's just too much useless plastic
No Name
No Name 16 giorni fa
Went with the ps5, kind of regret it. The thing has trouble connecting to 5ghz wireless routers and I'm too far away from router to do wired. Really disappointed with it tbh.
CHRISTOPHER Bearce 17 giorni fa
U rilly are suckin on that xbox
CHRISTOPHER Bearce 17 giorni fa
I guess you'd look at this at a professional level PS versions are both the same Xbox versions are different there's nothing professional about being different
CHRISTOPHER Bearce 17 giorni fa
I think the volum of both is the same,I dout there is diffrence in size
8 ninty
8 ninty 17 giorni fa
I use ps4 for 5 years but xbox this time
mido mayadoo
mido mayadoo 17 giorni fa
7:47in ps5 uactually can go with PS4 controller but you will have to change game settings to PS4 version to play it
MarchTooFine 17 giorni fa
Noah Figueroa
Noah Figueroa 17 giorni fa
Ps5 GANG!!!
Nikola Alavantić
Nikola Alavantić 17 giorni fa
Love them both but playstation overall have better exclusive games: Spider man, god of war, the last of us, ghost of tsushima, etc... Don’t get me wrong, i love XBOX games like Halo but Ps have more better exclusive games
funkyflights 17 giorni fa
Man, that PS5 looks like you can slap a mattress on it and sleep ... HUGE...
hotxed 17 giorni fa
You took forever telling me about the xbox controller, it's not even
Liquid Cool
Liquid Cool 18 giorni fa
8:55 if u didn't understand what he was saying ill explain it. He was technically saying if u shoot a pistol in a game that's very easy you just pull down the r2 button but if you shoot something like and RPG than the r2 button puts on resistance to make it feel like you are actually shooting an RPG.
Octuly Airsoft
Octuly Airsoft 12 giorni fa
But her nerds don't know what it feels like to shoot a rpg lol can't compare I'd you don't know. I don't know. It the power isn't in a controller
brian durante
brian durante 18 giorni fa
brian durante
brian durante 18 giorni fa
brian durante
brian durante 18 giorni fa
Spock Fox
brian durante
brian durante 18 giorni fa
Alexander Ismajlvo
Alexander Ismajlvo 18 giorni fa
foster smith
foster smith 18 giorni fa
double aas wowwwww fuck you bill gates..guess we gotta buy that baddass 300 dollar controller lmao
Abdul-Gamer YT
Abdul-Gamer YT 18 giorni fa
Let’s go PlayStation fan
Dream SMP
Dream SMP 19 giorni fa
Title - PS5 vs Xbox Showdown Goes on talking about extra super expensive controller for 19 minutes 😅
Games of All
Games of All 19 giorni fa
Xbox is built to be simple and very sturdy and ps is built like a cheap Chinese thing but to be fair I guess it looks cool but I always like black controllers
Ellie Best
Ellie Best 19 giorni fa
I’m about to cave and buy a PS5 from eBay 🥺 Help.
davanti union
davanti union 19 giorni fa
Find Ruhr
Find Ruhr 19 giorni fa
They still went with the battery set up for x box 😂 stupid
Octuly Airsoft
Octuly Airsoft 11 giorni fa
Nah it's not it's more engineered than playstation lmao. Playstation looks like a wanna be future design when it's not. Especially when the xbox has better specs storage and all of that kind of embarrassing Playstation
Find Ruhr
Find Ruhr 19 giorni fa
Let’s be honest Xbox didn’t fit it into a smaller system it’s just if you stretched out the Xbox to be as tall as the PS five they will be the exact same so Xbox did was make their system shorter but they had to make it wider to fit in all the technology
Rotel Dorel
Rotel Dorel 19 giorni fa
de moment its come to beheve normal not like culicodo :))
Mr coder
Mr coder 20 giorni fa
I prefer xbox x series
William Conner
William Conner 20 giorni fa
I caved in and got a PS5 off eBay but I still got for this in my decent price
Mr S
Mr S 21 giorno fa
I have a PS5 and so far so good with it! Have to say though probably the best deal in gaming right now has to be Xbox Game Pass.
Surafel Tesfaye
Surafel Tesfaye 21 giorno fa
Why you heat ps5
David Jones
David Jones 21 giorno fa
AFS Salim
AFS Salim 21 giorno fa
The__Grow__Life 21 giorno fa
Can i still play games with my son if i have the PlayStation and he has an xbox
ZombieGhost235 _
ZombieGhost235 _ 21 giorno fa
Idk if he fully understands the adaptive controller
Katharine Krawczyk
Katharine Krawczyk 21 giorno fa
The afraid join diagnostically challenge because babies genotypically guard lest a black jumper. cynical, squeamish defense
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome 22 giorni fa
God of war Spider man Horizon zero dawn Ps5 better
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome 11 giorni fa
@Octuly Airsoft ps5 got faster speed I think
Octuly Airsoft
Octuly Airsoft 11 giorni fa
It's not though it's rushed a piece of garbo for being next gen. Guess what the specs and storage and pixels are all better on Xbox so.....
Gui Silva
Gui Silva 22 giorni fa
Gui Silva
Gui Silva 22 giorni fa
Xbox series x this time. I was ps fan. But game pass is Better. FPS Boost is Better, God of war GOES to Xbox too. Só Xbox this time
xxvalkirae 999
xxvalkirae 999 22 giorni fa
Yeah then Japan launches playstation games n wins
Mark Huse
Mark Huse 22 giorni fa
I've been a Playstation guy since PS1, and have a working ps2, ps3, ps4 and soon a ps5
ابراهيم محمد الحضرمي
ابراهيم محمد الحضرمي 22 giorni fa
Light skin XXVVXX
Light skin XXVVXX 23 giorni fa
I don't think people where excited when these consoles came out 🤔☹I wasn't
Tech Empire
Tech Empire 23 giorni fa
I have a pretty good setup, lg cx oled 65 120hz 4k panel and its amazing
Mr GucciSparkles
Mr GucciSparkles 23 giorni fa
i disagree
David Suárez
David Suárez 24 giorni fa
Microsoft went above and beyond with the design of pretty much everything. My only gripe is that the Elite controller is not cheap. It just looks so clean and well... I think I've made my choice lol I'M GETTING BOTH.
E A 25 giorni fa
i would choose xbox bc it has type of games i want to play
Japonyos 25 giorni fa
please unbox xiaomi produsts
baniya boy
baniya boy 25 giorni fa
sir give me one ps5 pls
Nathaniel Perez
Nathaniel Perez 25 giorni fa
I always wondered how people have thousands of likes
Chuck The Pug
Chuck The Pug 26 giorni fa
Any you tubers going to actually make a choice rather than “honestly” buy both - well just say that at the start. Surely that is the video in short 🤦🏻‍♂️
Utkkarsh Mehta
Utkkarsh Mehta 26 giorni fa
No you forgot the ps5 remort
Trent Boman
Trent Boman 26 giorni fa
The metal key in the case on the Elite Series 2 is for adjusting thumbstick tension.
Zatoon Begum
Zatoon Begum 27 giorni fa
This looks good. How much is both of
timur memet
timur memet 27 giorni fa
Playstation 5
sami mughal
sami mughal 27 giorni fa
which tv name? and model ?
RunescapeRatchet 27 giorni fa
Lindsay Wilmoth
Lindsay Wilmoth 27 giorni fa
I've been PlayStation Fanboy for many years now. I absolutely hate, hate, hate the design of the PS5. I think it is the goofiest looking console of all time and I can barely stand to look at it. That said I still want one and I'm going to buy one if I could ever find one. I just wish they would have taken a different approach to design.
RunescapeRatchet 27 giorni fa
Gerald Perry
Gerald Perry 28 giorni fa
Microsoft and Sony have used the illusion of scarcity to sell to the consumer the new consoles at average cost of $1000.00 The only sources who each have a console are the influencers and it has been their jobs to hype and promote while the only units to be found are sold at $1000.00 and the common person is supposed to believe nothing can be done about it.
tyler hogan
tyler hogan 29 giorni fa
all that tech in the ps5 controller just for it to start to drift in a couple days 😂😂
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