Amazon Prime Day is Right NOW

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14 giorni fa

Join me for Amazon Prime Day here -
Fitbit Versa 2 -
Sony XM3 Headphones -
Seagate 10TB External -
Apple AirPods -
Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse -
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 -
JBL Boombox -
Twitter - unboxtherapy
Facebook - lewis.hilsenteger
Instagram - unboxtherapy

Gareth Bragge
Gareth Bragge Giorno fa
What tracks were those at the end??
Macmac Macalanggan
Macmac Macalanggan 2 giorni fa
I hope u will notice me and u can give me one. Just for my brothers online class😊. One of ur subrscriber here☺.
Oliver Stenning
Oliver Stenning 2 giorni fa
Can you imagine how much tech this guy has laying around😂😅
Srinivas Madhukar Pastay
Srinivas Madhukar Pastay 2 giorni fa
Lona Lunek
Lona Lunek 3 giorni fa
That soundtrack in the end guys please tell me the title🥺
Lovely Fleury
Lovely Fleury 4 giorni fa
Hahae so good
Ferdinand ecol
Ferdinand ecol 5 giorni fa
Lew can i follow you on soundcloud, i like the music you played.
Joseph42 6 giorni fa
what are those beats he is listening to I need to know
kieun kang
kieun kang 6 giorni fa
Love from my heart
Benami Sai-Kham
Benami Sai-Kham 6 giorni fa
I got the note 20 from prime day it was a great deal for the base model
Suman Das
Suman Das 7 giorni fa
Miles Brigham
Miles Brigham 7 giorni fa
You didn't even mention that this video was a promotion. Not telling the audience that the video is promoted by someone is against youtube's guidelines!!
P'Jay Ryan Fortaleza
P'Jay Ryan Fortaleza 7 giorni fa
I'll L
Tetius Shapaka
Tetius Shapaka 7 giorni fa
Can I please get the speaker, it's for my basketball team. Our old one died please man have a heart
ALiX 7 giorni fa
"I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: We are here. We are waiting." he died for us man!
Lxst 8 giorni fa
I’ve been watching video that talk about people reviewing the prime day deals and I can’t find anybody that would go over the razer mamba and razer black widow chroma tkl
Matthew Churchill
Matthew Churchill 8 giorni fa
It is like the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7.The iPhone 6s is very similar to the iPhone 7 but the iPhone 6s is over one hundred dollars more.
Angie María Picado Leitón
Angie María Picado Leitón 8 giorni fa
Safe and sound
Khady Gueye
Khady Gueye 8 giorni fa
Safe and sound
Ahmad Rafa
Ahmad Rafa 8 giorni fa
Wait i thought prime day was a day to remember Optimus and the other primes that has fallen in the battlefield and celebrate the great work that the current prime is doing to keep peace in cybertron
Jeremy Merculio Dela Cruz
Jeremy Merculio Dela Cruz 9 giorni fa
When rich people have a multiple latest smart phone while me still struggling on my phone that old as time 🤯 on my daily online class
impendio 9 giorni fa
Was I the only one hearing a sharp compression noise throughout this video? Seems like the post production might have been either rushed or extreme on the noise levels? It's a little bit grating to be honest
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly 9 giorni fa
Very nice 👍
Classic Red Eye
Classic Red Eye 10 giorni fa
should of subbed out the razer mouse for the Corsair Darkcore pro, they did the job better with usb c.
X Fade
X Fade 10 giorni fa
Ugh a giant jbl speaker. Don't give the 14yo dutch kids ideas.
ASHISH 10 giorni fa
I also suggest the Motorola Tech3 (3 in 1 ) from wireless to wired headphones, like to check it out ,kinda standout technology from current headphones.
heather murphy
heather murphy 10 giorni fa
GooooooooooD Job
mrinvasableprofilepic 10 giorni fa
i have jbl boombox 2 and trust me it shakes a house
Andy 777
Andy 777 10 giorni fa
God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.
Jayaprakash S C
Jayaprakash S C 10 giorni fa
Did you really buy all of them :>
Clay Foster
Clay Foster 10 giorni fa
Uravgconsumer Massive tech unboxing 1.0 remix
Adrian’s Unbox Therapy speakers Jbl
Adrian’s Unbox Therapy speakers Jbl 10 giorni fa
Yesssss you guys finally did a review of the jbl boombox because I have one also that’s just the battery try plugging it in
Andre Cousins
Andre Cousins 10 giorni fa
You have the best job lol
Usha Dvsn
Usha Dvsn 10 giorni fa
Iam in india iam having great indian sale
carlo tan
carlo tan 10 giorni fa
Try the airpods pro 4.. I know its fake but the sounds if great especially the bass
seffseffseffseffseff 11 giorni fa
Just treated myself with a razer Ultimate, I love it 😌
Tarun Nagarajan
Tarun Nagarajan 11 giorni fa
i got renewed xm4 for just as the price of the xm3 with 6 months warranty I think it's a very good deal considering the headphones have only released a month ago so the first user might not have used it that much.cheers!!
Jamin Sam James
Jamin Sam James 11 giorni fa
Please review Onyx studio 5 , Harman Kardon
Ryan Coffee
Ryan Coffee 11 giorni fa
Who makes those beats you were playing on the JBL?
fatalshot009 11 giorni fa
I really wanted Sony's XM3 or XM4 headphones, but their Prime Day price ($300 US) was still too expensive for my budget. So I went with Bose's 35 ii ($200 US). So far I'm really happy with them considering they're my first pair of noise-cancelling headphones.
domme jongens
domme jongens 11 giorni fa
This guy only wears black clothes
Raymond Fahn
Raymond Fahn 11 giorni fa
Pretty cool.
MintMonkey 11 giorni fa
Has Lew done a video on any variation of the JBL party box(s)
Uniquethequeen S
Uniquethequeen S 11 giorni fa
Y'all Airpods pros were on sale for $200 online, very happy i waited to purchase them.
محمد البلوشي
محمد البلوشي 11 giorni fa
Where is the “ annual iphone drama reaction “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ian Salome
Ian Salome 11 giorni fa
Gbap Vlogs
Gbap Vlogs 11 giorni fa
JBL BOOM BOX and earpods please 😇🙏 watching here in the Philippines.
sunshine ! • 20 years ago
sunshine ! • 20 years ago 12 giorni fa
frick i missed it
Terrance Lee
Terrance Lee 12 giorni fa
No money honey... Are only rich people shopping? Wtf
NoPirloNoParti 12 giorni fa
He makes me want to buy all of it :D
ManiKanta 12 giorni fa
that hands moving up and down needs a thumbs up 😂
scotty thompson
scotty thompson 12 giorni fa
Cool video tech talk lew lol
Jay976 3
Jay976 3 12 giorni fa
10:36 am I capping or did he say apple event on Tuesday?
Jai_Biring 12 giorni fa
Fun fact I wasn’t allowed anything from it
Soudamini Biju
Soudamini Biju 12 giorni fa
Pls if you get iphone 12 s20 plus vs iphone 12
louis _526_
louis _526_ 12 giorni fa
Lew can i have the jbl boombox please
Python Ninja
Python Ninja 12 giorni fa
19:45 *"That's nice and portable"* LMFAO 😂😂😂
Drew Graham
Drew Graham 12 giorni fa
I think gimbals will quickly be a thing of the past as cameras and software are getting better you can get super smooth video with just some software
Drew Graham
Drew Graham 11 giorni fa
@truth seeker have you heard of the insta360 go? They do the gimbal stuff within the software replacing the need of a gimbal and still getting the same quality video, i think if companies just do what insta360 did they can get rid of the extra weight of varying a gimbal.
truth seeker
truth seeker 12 giorni fa
gimbals are for people who want to record long videos especially if they walk or run. theres alot of people who do street walking just recording places, and alot of people who record long events.
Drew Graham
Drew Graham 12 giorni fa
There is nothing 🤦🏼‍♂️ i was expecting to drop some money but absolutely nothing caught my eye
q3dqopb 12 giorni fa
That's a great set of gadgets! I already have the WH-1000Mx3 and I love them. Although I think Mx4 is better because you can pair it to 2 devices and switch between a laptop and a phone seamlessly. I like the fitbit versa showdown, but I'd live to see a fitbit sense review. And this razer viper! Man, this mouse looks so tempting! I have a perfect experience with my razer abyssus mouse, but it is wired. And I hate wires. If this viper mouse in its wireless mode is indeed faster than a wired connection, I WANT IT NOW! Plus this charging stand... It doesn't even have to be RGB in order to make me want it. Any charging pad or stand is better than a cord that you have to stick in your gadget. USB-c is nice to have for travel to LAN parties, but at home I would rather use the charging stand. Looks so neat, a place for the mouse to rest when you're AFK.
MR. PEACE 12 giorni fa
JBL can't go wrong there, i have the JBL Flip 4 best Bluetooth min speakers i have owned
Zinedine Zethro
Zinedine Zethro 12 giorni fa
"you won't even notice it there" welp it goin straight to my washing machine
Team Shmo
Team Shmo 12 giorni fa
The jbl boombox is huge but sounds great and is somewhat portable. I have the jbl xtreme which is the smaller version of it. It is super loud and portable. Best party speaker for outdoors. Not the world's best sounding but nothing better for getting drunk outside with and listening to music.
Cookie pie
Cookie pie 12 giorni fa
Ian Salome
Ian Salome 12 giorni fa
App. App app
Ian Salome
Ian Salome 12 giorni fa
Fresh Frozen
Fresh Frozen 12 giorni fa
"Dont know what your gonna use the storage for". Me: the hub
Lukas Stipp
Lukas Stipp 12 giorni fa
Lmao 😂 am I the only one who thinks the jbl boombox looks like a big black pillow wearing over ears headphones?
The retard Channel
The retard Channel 12 giorni fa
sing Giming
sing Giming 12 giorni fa
Hello bro
edwardk12687 12 giorni fa
Ya, and the deals sucked ass
Geng Pan
Geng Pan 12 giorni fa
Trash is still trash even price drop
Jeeq 12 giorni fa
You've obviously never seen UrAvgTechConsumer unboxing
Joshua Narang
Joshua Narang 12 giorni fa
he talks like he has a kids grammer
Alaskan Gamer.
Alaskan Gamer. 12 giorni fa
All the stuff I was interested in didn’t ship to my state so that’s fun 😐
Eduardo Prado
Eduardo Prado 12 giorni fa
prime day in brasil is a complete shit
Abdriel Soto
Abdriel Soto 12 giorni fa
The galaxy watch has those features too except for the turning
Dash 12 giorni fa
Prime day has the most useless bullshit I've ever seen. Literally the bottom of the barrel crap haha. "Here is a air fryer that plays "come ol ye faithful" when it's done"
Technical Expert
Technical Expert 12 giorni fa
This guy is As cool as These Tech Products ❤️
Matthew Sommerville
Matthew Sommerville 12 giorni fa
I miss that fit bit battery life
Mr. S h a r m a
Mr. S h a r m a 12 giorni fa
How prime day works : Hike up marked price a week before sale then offer discount which is still above Cost price.
truth seeker
truth seeker 12 giorni fa
not really. if you use the chrome plugin "camelcamelcamel" or their website to see price history over time, you would realize most of these prices are actually at their lowest ever.
Pete Bish Lyrics
Pete Bish Lyrics 12 giorni fa
That JBL is a steal. Copped that all day!!!
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons 12 giorni fa
You made me mute my Alexa
Ricky Ortiz
Ricky Ortiz 12 giorni fa
TF is this?
Dano1738 12 giorni fa
Watching someone unbox a hard drive-what has my life become 😆
African Campus life
African Campus life 12 giorni fa
Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this incredible service and lots more 👍🏾
RedTape 12 giorni fa
Please I need 100 000k LIKES on this comment for me to quit my job. I hate it please
Shehab Abukheil
Shehab Abukheil 12 giorni fa
Ive never seen your head, are you bald?
Shujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman
Shujatur Rehman Shujarur Rehman 12 giorni fa
Shehab Abukheil
Shehab Abukheil 12 giorni fa
your like the best youtuber dude
offHappy 12 giorni fa
You can be the envy💭💭💭
rohan tripathi
rohan tripathi 12 giorni fa
What are the name of the songs playing om boombox
Boss Matti
Boss Matti 12 giorni fa
razer is trash. worst brand for computer peripherals. they are more company than normal companies, low investement maximum profit. if u want a good mouse check steelseries rival 3 for 60€.
sillymahimcool2 12 giorni fa
Claim your here before 1 million views ticket currently:998,678
Lourdes Nathan
Lourdes Nathan 12 giorni fa
K Wilson
K Wilson 12 giorni fa
Redeem your "Here before 1 million veiws" card
Samiul Khan
Samiul Khan 12 giorni fa
i wanted the xm3s for so long but they're to much
GamingBeatsPlays 12 giorni fa
If he is in Canada, why does he put USA links?
Bryan James
Bryan James 12 giorni fa
Trust me, nothing is easier to unbox than a fitbit. i have two so trust me i know. i actually just got a new one recently.
P. Q
P. Q 12 giorni fa
Next year they are going to make Christmas shopping start in July lol it’s getting to the point where I don’t even want gifts anymore
womensrightslol 12 giorni fa
What songs
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