Responding to this Escobar Fold Situation...

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Unbox Therapy

6 mesi fa

Original Escobar Fold 2 unboxing video -
Twitter - unboxtherapy
Facebook - lewis.hilsenteger
Instagram - unboxtherapy

Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
After watching the video cast your vote. Should the original video stay up or come down?
Sy A
Sy A 3 mesi fa
delete your entire channel
Dawood Khwaja
Dawood Khwaja 3 mesi fa
Take the video down. U should have done ur research before even filming it in the first place
Renzo Panganiban
Renzo Panganiban 3 mesi fa
Take it down
Manish Shrestha
Manish Shrestha 3 mesi fa
Are you saying you have no reliable research on any product ??
Athena's Corner
Athena's Corner 3 mesi fa
Keep it up
thecopyninja 13 ore fa
What is with Escobar It’s everywhere
betty 134
betty 134 15 ore fa
Mkbhd is the one who have to be the most subbed tech channel by his deep reviews I won't be amazed if he have 50 mil sub or even more
Alec Giorno fa
Delete the video shill
Alpha Brender
Alpha Brender 2 giorni fa
The original video shouldn't be take down.Let more people lose hope in you...
Alpha Brender
Alpha Brender 2 giorni fa
Reggie E
Reggie E 2 giorni fa
Way too defensive. Mistakes happen. Should own it a little better.
Naimul H. Oni
Naimul H. Oni 2 giorni fa
Took you long enough to say sorry even though you didn't.
Real Reviews
Real Reviews 4 giorni fa
At the end of the day Who was really going to buy this
Dipro Prattoy
Dipro Prattoy 4 giorni fa
It should be renamed- "Reacting to my controversial video to get more views."
Ernest Holloway
Ernest Holloway 5 giorni fa
Bro just say you messed up.
Matt Gregory
Matt Gregory 5 giorni fa
You let Marques brownlee best you big time on this. He was straight up honest. You just bumbled for a few minutes. Take a second and think about taking a page out of his book on this one.......
Myhands Blog
Myhands Blog 5 giorni fa
Stop climbing on the mirrors
♡venuz_babi♡ 6 giorni fa
Ok so this channel really is JUST the unboxing part? Ohk cool that's just not for me
The Struggler
The Struggler 7 giorni fa
Imagine making an apology video without apologizing
Rohitashwa Sengupta
Rohitashwa Sengupta 7 giorni fa
even after everyone asking to delete that video, that's still up. that's how much money he got
CocoBanana 8 giorni fa
When you try to re edit a video you already posted :D
HOT DOG MEDIA 11 giorni fa
The video is still up today, should maybe be pulled down.
Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez 13 giorni fa
For you is a joke, but a lot of people lost their money because of the video
Nate C
Nate C 4 giorni fa
It's their fault. Who's stupid enough to buy a sketchy Escobar phone with his face as a wallpaper? People should be smart enough to not fall for scams nowadays
jamesjan 14 giorni fa
Stop being a shill for scams and fake shit.
chiranjibi nayak
chiranjibi nayak 14 giorni fa
Not ur fault U were weeded dat time
DEADSHOT 14 giorni fa
I feel sad for people with low sense of humour
[KPG] 14 giorni fa
Just admit you dun goofed.
dibya mandal
dibya mandal 16 giorni fa
I started watching this after watching the unboxing vid. It did promote the product. I expected an apology here. I left after 4 mins to see so much self-justification. It's pathetic.
gio gao
gio gao 16 giorni fa
I just come here to dislike the video y'all. Thanks and byee ❤️
Jorge Matos
Jorge Matos 17 giorni fa
U guilty
Joshua Jun Ong
Joshua Jun Ong 18 giorni fa
Just say you're sorry. No one's falling for it
Emmaneel Joy Rama
Emmaneel Joy Rama 18 giorni fa
Aight, time to unsubscribe folks
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas 18 giorni fa
These people in the comment section are going nuts man!! I mean misleading others and giving the excuse that its sarcasm is a shitty thing to do. Also for those who are saying to do our research before a product and that unbox threapy was never wrong😑.Guys most people watch tech reviewers, so that they dont have to do research. I mean think about it, why would you watch a tech review channel when you have to ultimately do your own research, before buying a product. Just so that you can gaze upon lew’s face? Hear his voice?while he continues to mislead more and more people day by day. Well people can keep on succing unbox therapy’s D for all i care and defend him under the disguise of sarcasm, but remember even if you love someone it does not mean that you should turn a blind eye towards them and not call them on their bull shit.
Sudan Bhurtel
Sudan Bhurtel 22 giorni fa
You can go to settings and find out what the product is in the about info or can't you?
Angel Franco
Angel Franco 22 giorni fa
Video still up
chrischrz 26 giorni fa
This douche bag is trying to blame his subscribers for not catching it and for listening to him smh. Marques keeps it real, stick with him. F this dude.
Nate C
Nate C 4 giorni fa
It's people's own fault though
David Blaze
David Blaze 26 giorni fa
sorry.. already unsbubscribe
Sergeant Gutsy
Sergeant Gutsy 26 giorni fa
Bruh... at least pretend to apologize 😑
Ardi Niinepuu
Ardi Niinepuu 26 giorni fa
rAnDoM sH!tPoStEr
rAnDoM sH!tPoStEr 28 giorni fa
Andre' Warren
Andre' Warren 29 giorni fa
I'm not understanding the big deal. I know satire when I see/hear it and there was a moment in the video that actually showed that it was just a reskinned Galaxy Fold phone, in highlighted text
Faxanadufire 29 giorni fa
Vid should stay up, I think it's all pretty obvious the angle u were going for. I feel like it's one of those "read between the lines" things.
Doom Akira
Doom Akira Mese fa
Goodbye following for a year very disappointed
András Szepesi
András Szepesi Mese fa
Maybe the most problematic thing is that kids watched it and probably bought it and never got it because of his video, so he definitely contributed to scamming people unwillingly or not. He is either without any integrity or a complete idiot. Take some responsibility.
Mark Fanning
Mark Fanning Mese fa
Too inocent. Lol
Shailesh Kharat
Shailesh Kharat Mese fa
how and why does this idiot have more subscribers than the legendary MKBHD?
WhatsonMV Mese fa
I bet when you loose your subscribers. You’ll take the video down. Then it would be to late. Cause more people would have lost money from your recommendation.
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Mese fa
Mate you should have just left it.
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Mese fa
This video makes you seem more guilty Imo. Stand your ground. You fell for it, accepted it.
krb693 Mese fa
Poor response dude. Just apologize and be done with it.
FireAdrix Mese fa
"I didn't think I was promoting this at all, you can see it in the tone of my voice" dude your WHOLE channel is full of promotional stuff!!!! LOL
CaLiDaRi Mese fa
how many "kilo" included on the phone package?
Galla_goes Mese fa
Y’all are so hurt 😭 if you watch this channel for anything other than entertainment, I’m sure you were once involved in a pyramid scheme 😂 just watch and enjoy! Why y’all begging/hurting for an apology?? He’s entertaining and making money. He’s living his life! I would never apologize for that.
Nate C
Nate C 4 giorni fa
Exactly my thoughts. Literally everyone trashing him for it would be the kind of people to send money to a sketchy Nigerian prince
Slither 24 giorni fa
@FireAdrix Super trashy comment
FireAdrix Mese fa
trashy comment
Renz Sobrevilla
Renz Sobrevilla Mese fa
Yeahhh this is where i decided to not trust Lew anymore.
BeardedMenace25 Mese fa
How do guys like these have millions of followers and do this for a living? This is so fucking stupid.
Oto G
Oto G Mese fa
Look at all of you blaming him for your stupidity 🙄 “oH iM uNfULlOwInG” 😂 I mean the channel still has over 17 mil Subs.
Oto G
Oto G 24 giorni fa
Slither are people really that dumb to buy a $2000 phone for $400? Don’t blame him for their stupidity. It’s pretty damn simple.
Slither 24 giorni fa
I mean he is pretty much saying this phone is cool which might make people buy the phone and lose their money. If they knew the truth they would probably not buy it.
KVC Mese fa
Bro you have tried bullshitting people with subpar tech for awhile now, and have been getting called out multiple times. Gtfoh
Cristian Acuna
Cristian Acuna Mese fa
Say what you mean, mean what you say. I'm not even a viewer of this dude but yeesh if you are, no judgement but how could you keep supporting this guy? Did nothing but ramble
yzrx 622
yzrx 622 Mese fa
Please destroy that escobar
sherin Joseph
sherin Joseph Mese fa
Hey he is just a big name...he canno say things that directly ..need to be bit sarcastic
Hafif Syukra
Hafif Syukra Mese fa
Bro Brah
Bro Brah Mese fa
Your a lame now bro, I'm ashamed for following you once
this just shows how peoples mind sets today are... to attack others.
Gare Mese fa
I still don't really see a problem with the original video, nor this one. I think people have taken this so far out of context that it's rather pathetic. Sure, Lew should probably do a bit more research for something like this, but that wasn't the point of the video. I do think in the future, it'd be better to do a more investigative piece on these sort of dodgy products and certainly be more sceptical going into them, but people should also just... use their brains a little bit more. The amount of outrage tells me that a lot of people around here aren't very bright.
zev bronshteyn
zev bronshteyn Mese fa
"Sure, Lew should probably do a bit more research for something like this," he knew it was a galaxy fold. you make it sound like he didn't know.
Haz Ziq
Haz Ziq Mese fa
big meech
big meech Mese fa
Take the video down I bought that and got sent a book bc of you 🤬🤬
Royal blood
Royal blood Mese fa
So your telling me you dont do any sort of research before reviewing a device and giving your opinions to 17 million subscribers if you dont then this means your not a reliable source to buy a tech and your opinions dont matter
netzero Mese fa
I don't see why everyone is mad at Lew. Lew didn't do anything wrong to anyone stop crying.
Nate C
Nate C 4 giorni fa
Finally, a sane comment
Jamie Barrington
Jamie Barrington Mese fa
I think you should leave the video up, so everyone can see your true character.
Ashish Kumar Singh
Ashish Kumar Singh Mese fa
30k people still liked it? Man how gullible are these individuals?
Christian End.
Christian End. Mese fa
So sad bro... You think that phone is a real deal... Bring it down if i we're you...
Sid J
Sid J Mese fa
As far as the tech youtubers go... Lew isn't a bright one. I'm not even sure if he should call himself that.
studio Topeng
studio Topeng Mese fa
this fon very very good i use...this is best fon..belive me
Jake Gamble
Jake Gamble Mese fa
I like how you imply that you were trying to warn people with your subtle comments like, "how can it be that cheap?" Bro you really think people are dumb if you think we are going to buy that haha. I see right through your bullshit, you're used to talking your way out of a jam but you played yourself. Congratulations 👏
xQualifieDx Mese fa
Sup boys i found a new channel to cancel 2020 and i didnt even know about it 1 min ago
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen Mese fa
Loved the video, but then again I’m not born in usa, I’m from Europe and we do not get upset easy... picky..🥱 it was like, boooooooring. 🙄 What the heck is wrong whit what he said? 🙄 Ok, you pissed off americans (read usa) GET OVER YOURSELF usa viewer ...damn...
Slither 24 giorni fa
Maybe you will get upset when you think that you are getting a folding phone for 400 dollars and instead get a book because some tech channel pretty much recommended it to you not telling you about the shady stuff about it.
Why am I even here?
Why am I even here? Mese fa
I'm surprised this isn't riddled with ads
#TOLLYmasthi Mese fa
It's like gold digger trying to explaining good digging.
popo 890
popo 890 Mese fa
Thanks Marques Brown for the truth
Everson Llanzana
Everson Llanzana Mese fa
Best apology video ever.. Now that is how you use sarcasm
israel moreno
israel moreno Mese fa
Lowkey regret giving you a view
israel moreno
israel moreno Mese fa
Lmao this shit kind of funny tho
israel moreno
israel moreno Mese fa
Just making ur self look even more stupid
OmegaXis Mese fa
Oh I'm steering from Unbox Therapy alright. Good luck being a clown Lew.
POTUS 2020
POTUS 2020 Mese fa
This guy has no credibility caught lying to his subscribers!
Max E
Max E Mese fa
Just say it’s the Galaxy fold for god sake. Willydoo probably sold out
Niko Mese fa
take it down already, i can't believe that u can't just apologize for being duped into being part of their marketing scheme. no one that orders this will get this phone, regardless of it being skinned or not.
jsjeejej ejebejhdd
jsjeejej ejebejhdd Mese fa
what he did was wrong but every ITpostr has done something before. everyone needs a chance to be forgiven.
Zac Watkins
Zac Watkins Mese fa
Keep it up so we can see how fake you are! Pathetic little man with no credibility or ethics whatsoever!
Hope Bernava
Hope Bernava Mese fa
Him: this phone is great it's just as good as a fold but WAAAY cheaper Also him: I never said go buy it, just why you should. Pablo brother: good job lots of money coming in here's your hush money.
Sabbir Hossain
Sabbir Hossain Mese fa
take it down
Ahmed Dhiaa' Alsarrai
Ahmed Dhiaa' Alsarrai 2 mesi fa
How they can deliver? it's a Galaxy fold you idiot!
majorkonfuzion 2 mesi fa
Anteneh Ayalew
Anteneh Ayalew 2 mesi fa
you made me order the phone and i Got.....
ElysiumNZ 2 mesi fa
It's videos like these that allows people like Marques Brownlee to become popular. 21k down votes says it all really.
E Z 2 mesi fa
pay the kids for their losses scumbag
mohamed ahamed
mohamed ahamed 2 mesi fa
its funny how he sold out by making that video praising the escobar fold but it acctually ended up ruining his fanbase and credibility
Benji Bison
Benji Bison 2 mesi fa
Never liked or subscribed to the guy anyway! Never trusted his content, just came here to confirm what I knew would happen years ago anyway! 2020 sucks as it is! For some more than others!
OJNA 2 mesi fa
this video does not need alot of talking it only need three things. ADMIT, APOLOGIZE, MOVE ON.
Jarett Saccento
Jarett Saccento 2 mesi fa
You been exposed. Clown.
Chaos Inc
Chaos Inc 2 mesi fa
Lets just call it what it is, you are misleading people and you are promoting the product
Oj Pimpson
Oj Pimpson 2 mesi fa
Guilty, next case.
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 2 mesi fa
Lewis be like omg I've never seen this phone it has no similarity to the galxy fold I unboxed. I'm dumb I believed this asshole and bought the hing and now I'm broke
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 2 mesi fa
Yeah right sarcasm🙄
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