The Most Mysterious Laptop Unboxing Yet...

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Unbox Therapy

24 giorni fa

This is one of the most mysterious unboxing experiences I've ever faced. Here is the ACRONYM x ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G14 Laptop -
This video is sponsored by Asus.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 24 giorni fa
This has to be one of the craziest keyboard designs I've ever seen.
Sergio Briceño
Sergio Briceño 6 giorni fa
Why are there "A"s all over the place?
slenderman y
slenderman y 13 giorni fa
Bin Jong un
Bin Jong un 14 giorni fa
I need a loptop
ayla Edwards
ayla Edwards 17 giorni fa
@Unbox Therapy do yall keep all the tech u get? this was a dope design
haitham kea
haitham kea 19 giorni fa
How many laptops do you have
Chiqui Chiguagua
Chiqui Chiguagua Ora fa
Want something clean that you can use for work and gaming? Check out the Lenovo legion.
its me
its me 6 ore fa
9:25 little bug at the bottom of the screen wants to check out the laptop.
Sanjeev Jajor
Sanjeev Jajor 14 ore fa
first video i have not skipped a bit
FunkNatives 2 giorni fa
The bubble packaging is A+ for sure
That kid on the block
That kid on the block 3 giorni fa
it's a gaming laptop if it has more than 4gb ram and processor no matter what design
BigBoyBreadstick 4 giorni fa
It looks like If Virgil Abloh made a laptop
Jolle Julian
Jolle Julian 6 giorni fa
All that, and still no webcam.
sir fartsalot
sir fartsalot 6 giorni fa
You look like dlive22891
Mumble 6 giorni fa
The design choices are interesting, sure, but it still seems a bit... tacky? It's all visual noise without special meaning. The phrases they put on everything make absolutely no sense, and were only written to be confusing. This design aesthetic doesn't match a secret organization at all. Some discrete branding here and there that actually make sense once you've found all the easter eggs would've been so much better. But this is just my own subjective opinion, and the product probably isn't aimed at people like me. The designers and engineers obviously worked hard on this project and that deserves recognition. Is there anyone who knows if you can set up a dual boot system that only boots the second OS when specific conditions are met? For example: The drive has two partitions for Windows and a customized Linux distribution, but it only gives the option to boot Linux once a specific key is plugged into a usb port, or a special hardware key is switched (like a small slider similar to the iphone silence switch)? Because doing this, paired with a more discrete design aesthetic, would've been fucking _sick_.
RinoaFlix YT
RinoaFlix YT 6 giorni fa
Back of the laptop image is much better quality than the laptop im using.
ZeroLife 7 giorni fa
this is a clueless device designed for nobody
Mohammed Mansur
Mohammed Mansur 7 giorni fa
I think six nine should buy this laptop 😂 😂
ssjaken 7 giorni fa
Price is lower than expected from acronym
V3NOMXIII 8 giorni fa
Looks nice but I'm not settling for anything below 120hz
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 8 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2 🙏🙏
shahraiz ali
shahraiz ali 8 giorni fa
where is the webcam?
K3romatic 8 giorni fa
I need this laptop like heaven😭
Amit das
Amit das 9 giorni fa
TY 😃
Hades 10 giorni fa
Asus: A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A
Reha Esen
Reha Esen 10 giorni fa
The keyboard made me puke
stan kidofu
stan kidofu 10 giorni fa
6 gigs of ram??? lmao thats GDDR lew -_-
cristian iosif
cristian iosif 10 giorni fa
Derek Chung
Derek Chung 11 giorni fa
You were thinking perfect dark don't lie
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 11 giorni fa
I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU
Ryan 11 giorni fa
Funny enough I clicked on the buy button for the UK market and I’ve been redirected to a clothing website 😂
Giacomo Bettini
Giacomo Bettini 11 giorni fa
the keycaps design and color look awful to me
Alex Hatch
Alex Hatch 12 giorni fa
Can you do a review of a plumbus?
James Ogilvie
James Ogilvie 12 giorni fa
I've literally watched this video 5 times this week because I think it's such an interesting laptop.
BlackScreenシ 12 giorni fa
This is really ugly and obnoxious...i'm sorry
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 12 giorni fa
Please please see give trade whatever but I need this and it’s unavailable everywhere help turn this year around for a struggling creator
八神イチロー 13 giorni fa
What's that periodical beeping noise across the video?
Null 13 giorni fa
13:37 there is 420, gotta find the 69
Adlul Abir
Adlul Abir 13 giorni fa
2:29 I like the word anime type or feeling...😉☺️
CJAOSHENY JC 13 giorni fa
thought someone drew on a car radiator looking at the preview
SplitGeoduck313 13 giorni fa
Send that laptop to me I wana play on it
Raheem Brown
Raheem Brown 13 giorni fa
How could I get one of those game laptop
carl feraro
carl feraro 14 giorni fa
Hey Lew, may I please have your RMT01 🥺 I’ve been needing a new Laptop and I’m a huge Acronym fan. Yours truly, Carl from Toronto
Florian Illing
Florian Illing 14 giorni fa
This laptop screams "I need ATTENTION ^^" sitting in the middle of Starbucks and writing emails nothing spooky ^^
Devil Devil gamer
Devil Devil gamer 14 giorni fa
It's not at all the gaming bro it's only for some works and more of some other works
zeus y
zeus y 14 giorni fa
is this for sale? Been looking for one everywhere and I haven’t seen one for sale.
zeus y
zeus y 12 giorni fa
@Onward 24ever I know this, but nothing on eBay or stockx (they’re getting into electronics so I figured). I do have a couple grand to spare yes
Onward 24ever
Onward 24ever 12 giorni fa
They're sold out. Anything with Acronym in the name doesn't stay retail price for very long. Better off buying a normal laptop unless you got a couple thousand to wipe your ass with
mandhar joshi
mandhar joshi 14 giorni fa
i think rog should develop it's own os for it's laptop. windows os is now a bit old . frankly speaking i dont think the designs and gestures of windows os is as god as a laptop of a company like rog .
Iftekar Hossain
Iftekar Hossain 14 giorni fa
Am I the only one who got Control vibes from this laptop?
Nathan Addison
Nathan Addison 14 giorni fa
Who else feels he made too big of a deal out of the branded bubble wrap?? No?? Just me??
BORAKREDHORN 14 giorni fa
Can he stop pretending that he’s talking to staff?
CJ 14 giorni fa
you cant tell me that did not look like a bag of popcorn 3:10
Mirax 14 giorni fa
Color keyboard makes it look like childish toy. :)))
Sebastien Rochette
Sebastien Rochette 14 giorni fa
The first keyboard to cause you hepilepsia in the world's for the cost of your and your legs!
AzMahgs 14 giorni fa
When I saw Microsoft Windows the magic feeling disappeared
Cecil Filipino
Cecil Filipino 15 giorni fa
The Acer Aspire 7 looks very similar and looks more sleek and simplistic, it is the better version of the acer aspire series and works well with games and other professional work, and it costs less
Cecil Filipino
Cecil Filipino 15 giorni fa
14:16 I still can't explain either
Chubcakes 15 giorni fa
I've purchased two Zephyrus in the past 4 years. Should of learned the first time. They are 100% trash. At first they are snappy and sexy. Super thin. But after doing moderate gaming on them, they overheat and begin to warp the keyboard. Literally my last one got so hot it bubbled up the keyboard. If you don't plan on gaming or doing serious video editing, it's a neato novelty laptop. 100% not worth the money. Like buying a Tesla to drive 5 minutes to Walmart once a month.
Benjamin Tagoe
Benjamin Tagoe 15 giorni fa
Looks like Lenovo Thinkpad T440
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 15 giorni fa
Asus included a colorfu toddler friendly keyboard.
Holy Gamer1
Holy Gamer1 15 giorni fa
Me : I wanna buy My wallet : EsCUse Me?
Keith Newton
Keith Newton 15 giorni fa
Lew is taking that bubble wrap home tonight.
Senjakala Paranormal Team
Senjakala Paranormal Team 16 giorni fa
Too much fancy designs..
we dont care about that futuristic bubble wrap piece of shit just get the laptop itself...
ivan damianov
ivan damianov 16 giorni fa
Futuristic bubble rap???? That's something new for me XD
Saša Minić
Saša Minić 16 giorni fa
Industrial electronic equipment is packed in that tubular bubble wrapping.
Pedro Bermudes
Pedro Bermudes 16 giorni fa
it looks like the actual characters of watch dogs 2 designed that laptop. edit: -i'm kinda ashamed to compare this laptop with that game of messy rascals childs-
Chikara 16 giorni fa
me hacker me cool
X Fade
X Fade 16 giorni fa
That packaging is not new or anything. Import phones have them alot.
Karrier Bag
Karrier Bag 16 giorni fa
Haha makes my Acer switch alpha 12 liquid loop that I am watching this on seem like a dinosaur 🤣
PHIREI 16 giorni fa
You would access the Laptop in Deus Ex. Not Resident Evil. Because of Acronym. You know...
Captain_Cupcake 16 giorni fa
I would totally get this as a neat product, but those keycaps do it wrong imo. I would probably put black ones with white characters on there instead, but that's my preference.
Captain_Cupcake 16 giorni fa
Another laptop like this is Lenovo's Legion y540. It looks kind of "gamer-y" but is still subtle enough to take to a professional setting. Yes, it's a heavy boi at just over 5lbs, but it's a beast. Mine has an i7-9750H and a 1660ti. You can have up to 32 gigs of ram and I think something like 2tb of storage.
Tristan Isaac
Tristan Isaac 16 giorni fa
Man, even the micro site is trippy. Here I was looking to find a fitting country to see the price, suddenly the website goes black xD
christian white
christian white 17 giorni fa
This laptop makes me feel ordinary
Rob Hansen
Rob Hansen 17 giorni fa
2:41 close your eyes
SpeedaZ_ 17 giorni fa
I kinda really want it
Harris Braton
Harris Braton 17 giorni fa
Thats a Laptop with a AirMax Outsole😂
sukh man
sukh man 17 giorni fa
i need this please give it to mee please im very poor please !
alex mercer
alex mercer 17 giorni fa
ACRNM already made its appearance in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer so off course this laptop has cyberpunk vibe into it
marek newman
marek newman 17 giorni fa
3 grand for that laptop, what are they fucking high 😂
cam ramirez
cam ramirez 17 giorni fa
It’s suppose to be a hackers themed laptop.
Adrianna Prejna
Adrianna Prejna 18 giorni fa
Too gimmicky
Tony T. aka DoubleT23
Tony T. aka DoubleT23 18 giorni fa
Illuminati confirmed! This is the laptop if I were to access the dark web, I would access it using this laptop!
SAI Studio Production
SAI Studio Production 18 giorni fa
*The overall design will never make me buy that device TBH.* 🙄
Space Faux
Space Faux 18 giorni fa
The roleplaying nature of this laptop is kinda over the top. But I guess it's just not my cup of tea.
iBugzPlays YT
iBugzPlays YT 18 giorni fa
No cap the song reminds of “Earth to Echo”
Bruce Slusser
Bruce Slusser 18 giorni fa
Straight up Blade runner..."Computer - Enhance"
Who'stino ch.
Who'stino ch. 18 giorni fa
I wish I can work rn just to buy $250 phone cause I'm freakin broke
Andrae Brown
Andrae Brown 18 giorni fa
That keyboard thought. I want it...
nemure 18 giorni fa
most ugly laptop I've ever seen. Is ok until you open it, what a mess of keyboard, awful 🤣
Andrew Tamburino
Andrew Tamburino 18 giorni fa
That's a no for me dawg
Ultrapokefan64 Morris
Ultrapokefan64 Morris 19 giorni fa
Anaanis -
Anaanis - 19 giorni fa
Lol, fancy laptop with a Bloomberg keyboard
Not The One
Not The One 19 giorni fa
Gaming laptops should come with an ethernet port, you should not have to buy an adapter
Jelmer Dam
Jelmer Dam 19 giorni fa
5 min into the unboxing and we're still not past the box.
Sagnik Sarkar
Sagnik Sarkar 19 giorni fa
Just goes to show how rich people will buy literally trash if you label it as special
nitin sharma
nitin sharma 19 giorni fa
Keypad is ugly...
Agent Kay
Agent Kay 19 giorni fa
That 3 grand prize tag caught me off guard ngl
Young And Abroad
Young And Abroad 19 giorni fa
haha 2.5k for an rtx 2060 lol
Shubham Dhingra
Shubham Dhingra 19 giorni fa
The keyboard gave me a vibe of Bloomberg terminal 😂
The Nonsense Bros
The Nonsense Bros 19 giorni fa
I can't afford 😭
Corbin Reed
Corbin Reed 19 giorni fa
Thats literally just about the same box my Asus vivobook came in.
Andrey Goncharov
Andrey Goncharov 19 giorni fa
pretty lame design for Acronym
basil shyam
basil shyam 19 giorni fa
❤from india
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