This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself...

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Roomba s9+
Braava Jet m6
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Mese fa
AC10 _BRUH Mese fa
Unbox Therapy in disguise
Marlow Mese fa
Taking over man
Conrad Watson
Conrad Watson Mese fa
PLK Mese fa
Pop songs everybody drop
Hudfarvet er Dansk
Hudfarvet er Dansk Mese fa
So... basically now you can spend one hour on programming the vaccum cleaner instead of one hour on cleaning yourself
M Lowe
M Lowe 7 giorni fa
Sounds like a damn lawnmower
Boody Banger
Boody Banger 12 giorni fa
Too slow and noisy shut up then
Boody Banger
Boody Banger 12 giorni fa
Thus dude got spoiled so shut up
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 13 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2
Millad Bokhouri
Millad Bokhouri 15 giorni fa
you didn’t say anything about how well it can pick up pet hair
#1hero 22 giorni fa
Now this is a vacuum cleaner. Sorry
Keith 24 giorni fa
Is there a robot that removes your videos from showing up on my home page?
Rayan 26 giorni fa
$1500 for both of them...
Oscar Zamarripa
Oscar Zamarripa 27 giorni fa
Or i can just use my mop and use a really powerful vaccuum and do it myself. this is for lazy people
danmar007 27 giorni fa
... and picks it up again, and ....
E Reinaldy
E Reinaldy 28 giorni fa
better you hired a maid than a SLOW WORKS robot.. you need take a lot of time just to clean your table,,hahahaha if you hired maid, you already have a clean house at the same time
ben dejesus
ben dejesus 28 giorni fa
Can you control the amount of spray the mop robot disperses? That’ll be dope
Michael Ilao
Michael Ilao 29 giorni fa
I dont have a phone since march 2020 and can't afford to buy one because im still a student (can't find part time jobs because of pandemic). I hope he read this and help me because my online class will start in October and don't know what to do. Even a 100$ phone will really help me, i just need it so that i can participate in my online class... Sorry for begging please help me 😭😭😭
Chris vard
Chris vard 29 giorni fa
A robot that basically takes a s**t
Petra J.
Petra J. 29 giorni fa
Will Smith had a slightly different experience with I Robot.
Miron Zachorski
Miron Zachorski Mese fa
XD really i have this robot for year this is old
Evan Alper
Evan Alper Mese fa
I should not be getting this excited over a FLIPPING ROOMBA.
Dennis rohan
Dennis rohan Mese fa
0:55 savage!!
Justin D.
Justin D. Mese fa
This robot works great 👍 if you want a better priced version they have a shark robot with the automatic dirt disposal for about half the cost of this one
Ruggero Mese fa
So they added some waste (the bag) to avoid picking up the robot and emptying it? :|
V1Gibby Mese fa
So every time you dispose of the bag the plastic on the bag goes into the landfill as well? Uhhhh
Florin Marius
Florin Marius Mese fa
Me: Roomba , bring me a beer ! Roomba s9k: Bring it yourself you lazy piece of s*it My Wallet: OOF
jarso Mese fa
So many cuts when the robot is cleaning. I think it wasn't doing good job.
jarso Mese fa
And you have to empty the same amount of dust from the station :D I think Roborock is superior in any price point, especially S5 Max.
Nico Coelho da Silva
Nico Coelho da Silva Mese fa
Its the bus simulator theme song
Bill Li
Bill Li Mese fa
I didn't expect it to be this loud
qp db
qp db Mese fa
Please i want the name of the song in the background ⛔⛔
Adam Carr
Adam Carr Mese fa
Neato Robotics vacuums have been able to do this kinda stuff for like 7 years. Roomba are making everyone think that this whole room scanning tech is revolutionary when neato did it years ago
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold Mese fa
Very impressive, but what you should have done was included one of your rugs in the test, to see how it handles a carpet pile. Nevertheless, this is a great upgrade to the typical robot cleaner.
nazeem transocean
nazeem transocean Mese fa
Dude! Did he just forget to attach second brush to it. Haha
Daniel Boes
Daniel Boes Mese fa
Dos it also have a mop mode?
Shane Mese fa
Or just get a Xiaomi mi vacuum. It does mapping/areas/boundaries...And also MOPS your floor on THE SAME run as it vacuums. And BTW, it's $300...Instead of Roomba's $1400. But you do have to empty is by yourself.
Andrea Sidoti
Andrea Sidoti Mese fa
whats the big hype??, this model is from early 2019... I don't get it, plus they made a self emptying one even before this one, the i7plus from 2018
Raymond Yuen
Raymond Yuen Mese fa
Hey man, why you didn't show us the actual dirt collected in the bag? I wonder how effective this self empty function was.
DogsConkers Mese fa
bags are 120 bucks each
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield Mese fa
I stuck googly-eyes on my roomba so it can watch me as it cleans. It’s a power/sex thing...
David Grondin
David Grondin Mese fa
it looks like a toilet.
omar mohamed
omar mohamed Mese fa
Name of the music in the beginning
Lee Sakowski
Lee Sakowski Mese fa
I love my s9+, but I did find one small issue with it. When it docks, the corner brush tends to get "folded up". If you don't flatten it out, it will be misshaped for the next time it runs. It will still work, but not as well as if it is flat. Only takes a few seconds to flatten the corner brush back out and I don't think it is a "must do right away" thing, just when you think about it so it is ready for the next run.
Gurdit Singh
Gurdit Singh Mese fa
My parents: We got you the new s9+ Me: Thinks its a iphone though finds out it's a vacuum
Keribi Mese fa
Are they serious $1099.00? NFW!
InaneOrangeGaming Mese fa
That shit is loud
Monikant sinha
Monikant sinha Mese fa
Age of robots starting soon
삼천포 Mese fa
So who empties the upper container
Félix Champoux-Deschatelets
Félix Champoux-Deschatelets Mese fa
It's a lot more noisy than I would've thought
D L Mese fa
This is why people get fat and lazy, Pick up the fucking vacuum and do it yourself! 1000$ for a machine that half asses the cleaning, i think NOT!!
Injoker Spammer
Injoker Spammer Mese fa
GogoGadget Mese fa
roborock is smarter...
Jānis Rišis
Jānis Rišis Mese fa
Romba is stupid. Drives like idiot.
Bearty Mese fa
i hate these cleaning robots they take forever to clean and they always break down
Dan Melia
Dan Melia Mese fa
All i need now are some rooms...
Almond Mese fa
Cool... so does mine :)
Deadpan Melon
Deadpan Melon Mese fa
Not to be mean, but if this is the first you're hearing of a self-emptying robot vacuum from iRobot, you're about two years too late. They released the i7+ in 2018 which also had the auto-emptying charging dock
Rockablity_Hound 1
Rockablity_Hound 1 Mese fa
Jeez, the rombas mustn't selling well if every ITpostr is getting one to unbox. Ecovacs Deebots are far superior and half the price.
itz_barry UwU
itz_barry UwU Mese fa
Why it looks like a toilet?
Char Charrr
Char Charrr Mese fa
So this was uploaded 6 days ago and I got a notification for it today... 😒
Aco747lyte Mese fa
Do I want that Roomba s9+ ? Not at that price I don't! Hmm, maybe once its price reduces, which I doubt. But that was a good presentation with your usual humour and I enjoyed watching. Thanks Lew and have a super weekend.
Allan Jao
Allan Jao Mese fa
Very nice , hope to have someday.
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode Mese fa
Alternative title: How to be a lazy and make someone do your floor
Uki Malefu
Uki Malefu Mese fa
pick up your own headphones!
MokumMoto Mese fa
This has been out (and in my living room) for like over a year.
Jonathan Mayotte
Jonathan Mayotte Mese fa
Soo loud sounds like a lawnmower
JDH MTB Mese fa
i have the roborock s6 maxv it also has a camera maybe thinking to review that?
Pawana Chettri
Pawana Chettri Mese fa
Reminds me my x Rumba, and she was so good at cleaning ☻
DubsBrown Mese fa
I’m still not sold on the bags. They are a proprietary expense to an already expensive platform.
Patrick Mese fa
that thing taking pics while you smashing
Alvin Moore
Alvin Moore Mese fa
I own this product, purchased it for myself during Christmas of last year, and it was literally worth every penny. The vacuum power on the S9 is so impressive, and the vacuum tower is amazing as well.
I dont know s9 can vacuum 😅
Richard Servello
Richard Servello Mese fa
Sounds like a lawn mower!!!
Richard Servello
Richard Servello Mese fa
Holy shit! $1129???? Cheaper to hire someone to vacuum.
Marek M.
Marek M. Mese fa
Prajwal km
Prajwal km Mese fa
That's bus simulator music
SmellsLikeGrapes Mese fa
Let's see the water one! That's cool
kalyan. k
kalyan. k Mese fa
May I know which watch u r wearing sir?
Jackson McKinney
Jackson McKinney Mese fa
DJ Roomba at it again
OneMoua Mese fa
Oh it's nothing. Only $1099 plus tax. I'll get my lazy ass off the couch and start cleaning i guess.
nyan- nyan
nyan- nyan Mese fa
ill poop on that when im drunk
Filip Sádovský
Filip Sádovský Mese fa
You should check out Xiaomi version of vacoom cleaner. It uses lidar (similar as in self driving cars i presume) and it can navigate like a champ. In compare with Roomba its like heaven and hell. Xiaomi actually knows and is deliberate about its movements. Roomba just runs around hoping to pickup everything :D
Yat-sun tang
Yat-sun tang Mese fa
23brewert Mese fa
older versions do that too lol
MelloDemooz -
MelloDemooz - Mese fa
no this is too much I mean you gotta move at some point!
Dang Mese fa
sounds so loud not sure if it is in person
Ivan Petean
Ivan Petean Mese fa
RoboRock way better, you should do a review on them
Abhijith Vinayakumar
Abhijith Vinayakumar Mese fa
Is that the same thing at jesse's home in breaking bad series🤔🤔
Jack Kaiser
Jack Kaiser Mese fa
We recently bought the i7 and to all the people that say it´s expensive: See it that way: We would normally clean the apartment once or twice a week for 15 minutes to half an hour. Lets say 15 minutes. That makes half an hour per week. If we take the minimum wage in our country (9,35 €) that makes 4,68€. Multiply that by 52 weeks: 240€ The roomba has a 2 year warranty and has been proven to work for longer than that even. If we say that it works for 2 years ONLY than we are even since we bought the roomba for 480.-€. If we say that we take half an hour even then we already broke even after one year. Of course you could hire a maid but for people like me that´s not an option because I don´t like it to have a person walking around in my apartment while I am either outside or even at home. OF COURSE the Roomba doesn´t clean as good as a moderatly skilled person with a decent vacuum for at least 50 Bucks would BUT it keeps the apartment clean enough that you don´t need to be ashamed to bring people home or something because the roomba will always clean. The only thing we need to do is take out the bin and empty it. Which is like 30 secs at MOST. Of course not everybody values time like that but it is just as a calculation for people so the "big" price is less of a turn-off. ALSO: There are a LOT of cheaper Robo-Vacuums that cost only 200-400€ if you don´t need the smart-stuff you can get older iRobot roombas for 100 € used.
Gabriel Sampieri
Gabriel Sampieri Mese fa
Do you plan on using this at the studio? It would be cool if you did a follow-up video in a month or so!
WassellThatAbout Mese fa
Does it replace you doing it yourself, no. Maybe in 2 more years or so.
Shoaib Sheikh
Shoaib Sheikh Mese fa
next time jst don't waste the food for the demonstration. we live in 2020 and we knows almost all alternatives.🙏
The_Filthy_Mcnastiest Mese fa
I’m not picking up my headphones. 5 years from now a lil robot arm will pop out and pick em for me
Mineplayerminer SK
Mineplayerminer SK Mese fa
I have found a minor problem with the emptying station and thats the filtration. My particle counter went on horrible values after emptying the Roomba using the station. iRobot, please fix this issue with HEPA filter.
Austin Rivers
Austin Rivers Mese fa
Does it take the garbage from the canister too garbage can as well.
Edward Reynolds
Edward Reynolds Mese fa
$1100 for those who can't click links.
Dollar Guy
Dollar Guy Mese fa
I emptied myself while watching this video of a robot emptying itself. Emptying inception in many ways.
Edward Foo
Edward Foo Mese fa
Another vacuum to suck out the vacuum robot dust. So you will need also another vacuum to suck out the vacuum that suck out the vacuum robot dust. I can do this all day~
عصام Mese fa
If inly they could work together
Soulist Mese fa
4:16 and after that the song of ‘The Mandalorian’ starts in my mind
Bradley H
Bradley H Mese fa
Soooooooo essentially Roomba made a Neato Vacuum... boring
Ian Zainea
Ian Zainea Mese fa
That thing was so loud.
Ðj John
Ðj John Mese fa
Somebody stole my toilet seat
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