OnePlus 8 Pro Unboxing - Should You Go Pro?

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Unbox Therapy

6 mesi fa

OnePlus 8 Pro Latercase -
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
OnePlus 8 Pro Latercase -
সুরজিৎ 2 mesi fa
Can we get one plus 8 pro Lite from Oneplus ?? 🧐 (Same design) So that everyone can take a beautifully designed phone from Oneplus😊 It would be great if something like this happen by OnePlus😄 [ 4g connectivity, It's best If it is around 25000 Rs. with 3.5 mm jack 😉.] Who agrees with my opinion 😁😄😅🤗✌️👌👏🤪🙃
Gokul 2 mesi fa
Sir can u gift me any one of ur phones Love from🇮🇳
Akshay Jhavar
Akshay Jhavar 4 mesi fa
Hi is it a good idea to upgrade from one plus 7 to one plus 8?
The Lastone
The Lastone 4 mesi fa
What's the best phone to buy for gaming with no lag and display?
vijayakumar mortha
vijayakumar mortha 5 mesi fa
@ unbox therapy .Sir from india. What is touch sampling rate of 1 plus 8 not 8 pro ?
AhmedMaherr 3 giorni fa
Music in the background, anyone?
Mark Sheppard
Mark Sheppard 5 giorni fa
Why are you saying 28 gigs of RAM when it says it is only 12 gigs of RAM
Mohsin Sait
Mohsin Sait 5 giorni fa
I'm torn, the S20 Plus or the OnePlus 8 Pro? The S20 Plus is $100 cheaper where I am. Also, it's the Exynos version. Please let me know which is more worth it.
Mohsin Sait
Mohsin Sait 5 giorni fa
I'm torn, the S20 Plus or the OnePlus 8 Pro? The S20 Plus is $100 cheaper where I am. Also, it's the Exynos version. Please let me know which is more worth it.
Mumtaz DsTV
Mumtaz DsTV 6 giorni fa
First u say say 28 gb ram is ur mistake
Sourav Pahari
Sourav Pahari 6 giorni fa
Can anybody suggest which colour to choose for OnePlus 8 Pro: 1. Aquamarine Blue 2. Glacial Green..?
FORDINFO 6 giorni fa
Skip. OnePlus 9 pro. No stupid notch. Still love my one plus 7 pro.
gursharanjeet singh
gursharanjeet singh 6 giorni fa
@unboxtherapy how about using BELL or ROGERS or TELUS in OnePlus 8pro? Please reply
Sanjay CH
Sanjay CH 7 giorni fa
unbox the ipad pro 2020
Prescy 2010
Prescy 2010 8 giorni fa
As soon as I saw the curved edges, this phone was eliminated from my thoughts. Completely pointless design which creates glare around the edges and causes accidental touches. Utterly stupid.
Ayush Pindoriya
Ayush Pindoriya 10 giorni fa
Juan Acosta
Juan Acosta 11 giorni fa
8 Pro12gb 256 can get it from website, not TMobile they got just the 8.
adnan qidwai
adnan qidwai 12 giorni fa
Watching on my 8 pro, thanks for this lew❤️
Shaik Mastan
Shaik Mastan 12 giorni fa
RAM 😂😂😂
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 15 giorni fa
12 gigs of Ram is still impressive though.
Gaurav Rai
Gaurav Rai 16 giorni fa
Why no major youtubers are talking about OnePlus 8 Pro display issues. The display has serious issues like Black Crush, Green Tint and Black Bar. I can still ignore the green tint and black bar but black crush ruins the whole experience of watching Netflix. I got the phone replaced and still I'm seeing the issue. Every friend of mine who bought the phone faced those issues and has to return the phone. I'm literally loosing my trust on OnePlus. If it would have been Samsung or Apple, they would have released an official statement.
Gabi. Ilies
Gabi. Ilies 16 giorni fa
12:13 song?pls😁
Ron Barr
Ron Barr 20 giorni fa
Think we'll get the 8 Pro McLaren edition?
Debatreyo Chakraborty
Debatreyo Chakraborty 22 giorni fa
Can anybody tell me if optimized charging will vary my phone's charging speeds according to the time of the day or my mode(work/home)? Will I get faster charging at all times if I turn it off?
Sharingan Wolf
Sharingan Wolf 23 giorni fa
0:16 28gigs of Ram ????
vipin das
vipin das 28 giorni fa
Ye baby!
Dnyaneshwar Patil
Dnyaneshwar Patil 29 giorni fa
You said 28 GB of RAM ......It's Just 12 GB@unbox therapy
Adith Achu
Adith Achu Mese fa
Man i always loves to watch his unboxing style
Puff Nugget
Puff Nugget Mese fa
Why get a phone with a punch hole if you want to cover it up? Just buy the one plus 7 pro. 😂✌️
Shri Venkatesh
Shri Venkatesh Mese fa
I thought I was in coma stage for a decade when he said 28 gb of ram
Bella Aliguyon
Bella Aliguyon Mese fa
Why do I see and hear Tiny Tim in him 🥺
JeYHaRiZzArD Mese fa
Just cashed out for one, no sweat!!! Man it feel good serving God!!! 🥳🔥👑
kraber Mese fa
Oneplus is underrated phone
TXG _CLIPS Mese fa
I thought he was the one talking
Kshitij Dahal
Kshitij Dahal Mese fa
Falcon 9 has less RAM than OnePlus 8 Pro (28 GB)
Akshay Kumar Chary
Akshay Kumar Chary Mese fa
Bro its not 28 gigs, its 12 gigs of RAM
Saad Shaikh
Saad Shaikh Mese fa
Rayray Mese fa
this is the most futuristic phone so far.
deepak yadav
deepak yadav Mese fa
U just said 28 gb of RAM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ghonzhauri Gonzaga
Ghonzhauri Gonzaga Mese fa
Moore confi?
CoolClips42 Mese fa
love one plus
Marcus Au Young
Marcus Au Young Mese fa
28 gigabytes of ram wow are you sure it's more than that price 😂😂😂
Narendran Vmsk
Narendran Vmsk Mese fa
28 gb of ram? mates been living outside the rock unlike us....
Sora Synn Gaming
Sora Synn Gaming Mese fa
Lol I think you mean 12gb Ram. 😂
Vishal Srinivas
Vishal Srinivas Mese fa
28 Gigs of Ram WTF!!!!!-_-
Joseph Selwyn
Joseph Selwyn Mese fa
Lew.. In the beginning of the video you said that the device has 28GB of RAM? 🤔
Herman Waibel
Herman Waibel Mese fa
the only thing that's preventing me from pulling the trigger is Google Camera. If this had GCam, it would be a damn near perfect phone. I just busted the screen on my 3XL and with the 'Pixel 5' all but seeming to be a disappointment, it's almost just worth the $300 to fix my screen and sit this cycle out 😔
Shahar Halperin
Shahar Halperin Mese fa
so I bought, with ur help, do u have a coupon for the case, shipping to ISRAEL? thanks! (a huge fan!)
sai rahul kartheek
sai rahul kartheek Mese fa
one plus 8 pro is good pubg or not
Kianjol Mese fa
Is battery fast dying it you use highes resolution on 3100+?
The Blade Runner
The Blade Runner Mese fa
Too expensive. I'm looking for a mid budget phone. I've always been a Note guy but I'm not paying a thousand dollars for a phone anymore.
Adrian Adyatma
Adrian Adyatma 2 mesi fa
I would've gone for this if it's not because of the horrendous new ONEPLUS logo. Why they had to change it? It looks so much worse now, the old one is elegant and can be compared head to head with samsung
Righteous Minds
Righteous Minds 2 mesi fa
After watching this video I'm seriously debating on purchasing this device, awesome unboxing and review.
Brandon Cubero
Brandon Cubero 2 mesi fa
college humor
Dr.Kumar Aditya
Dr.Kumar Aditya 2 mesi fa
I am planning to buy Galaxy watch 3 and Galaxy buds live,but I am not sure about Reverse wireless charging compatibility of those devices with my OnePlus 8 Pro. If anyone tried it then please let me know.
সুরজিৎ 2 mesi fa
Can we get one plus 8 pro Lite from Oneplus ?? 🧐 (Same design) So that everyone can take a beautifully designed phone from Oneplus😊 It would be great if something like this happen by OnePlus😄 [ 4g connectivity, It's best If it is around 25000 Rs. with 3.5 mm jack 😉.] Who agrees with my opinion 😁😄😅🤗✌️👌👏🤪🙃
Vivek Nambiar
Vivek Nambiar 2 mesi fa
hey dude.. Its 12 GB Ram not 28 GB am I ri8..
Mike Baldemor
Mike Baldemor 2 mesi fa
Sir Just wanna ask what fone do u use everyday?
carly mei
carly mei 2 mesi fa
pearl jam black
Sim Sokheng
Sim Sokheng 2 mesi fa
Idk why people want good front cam. I hated it bc it’s just showing me how ugly i am...
Vlad-Alexandru Burcezan
Vlad-Alexandru Burcezan 2 mesi fa
the phone is aaaaaa bigggggg pice of crapppp !!!! no network issue, thanks for the reviews, but please make them fit to the reality !!! those pricy phones have aaaa looot of software issues ! junk in general !
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 2 mesi fa
It better than apple
nguyen vu
nguyen vu 2 mesi fa
Ashalata Sampagavi
Ashalata Sampagavi 2 mesi fa
Does oneplus 8 pro supports indian 5G sim?
Nader Favakehi
Nader Favakehi 2 mesi fa
Watching this on a OnePlus 8 pro
ReallyMeanThatBud 2 mesi fa
28gb of ram 🤣
Francisco Tapia
Francisco Tapia 2 mesi fa
What does he do with all the phones after he reviews them?
Gwrightproductions1 2 mesi fa
Best phone under $1000. But, I like trade in value. Note 10 plus it is.
Tech Bug
Tech Bug 2 mesi fa
They on u bout the 28gb ram
Is there any news of releasing 8t or 8t pro???
Ryan McDaniel
Ryan McDaniel 2 mesi fa
the camera on this phone is insane
dudewtf 2 mesi fa
Mine is only 8gb ram and 128 gb storage😢😢😢
Joel Riggs
Joel Riggs 2 mesi fa
Table do the newer OnePlus devices still use off screen gestures
BryanSSJB 2 mesi fa
28 gb ram?
AJ G 2 mesi fa
28 Gigabytes of RAM ???? was this live?? Who edited this and didn't correct that shit?!?? Koo...
Md Monirul Hossain
Md Monirul Hossain 2 mesi fa
0:15 signs of aging 😋
Eldie Mar Guadalupe
Eldie Mar Guadalupe 2 mesi fa
From Philippines, love the review, the top 1 phone on my list now.
Rayan's Life
Rayan's Life 2 mesi fa
Unboxer : 28 GB ram Oneplus : am I joke to you ?
Anas Jamil
Anas Jamil 2 mesi fa
Jessie 2 mesi fa
Has anyone tried to pair a Garmin watch with this phone? I've had issues with Polar and Huawei in the past.
Garv DarkSlayer
Garv DarkSlayer 2 mesi fa
I am a samsung user from past 10years and apple user from past 6 years ! I am sticking to apple for its OS and hardware, but on the other hand , any suggestions should I go for Samsung (s20 ultra or Note 20 ultra) or One plus this time?
MNS 2 mesi fa
28Gb of ram Oh bhai muja maro
Daemon247 2 mesi fa
0:15 28gb of ram…
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
899 power budget play
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
2020 it's very exciting specs of phone oneplus sir and tough kind of beast experience sir... Its completely beast mode powerhouse type of phones
Jainil Gandhi
Jainil Gandhi 3 mesi fa
Have heard a lot of people reporting display issues with the 8 Pro. Is it still worth buying? What are your thoughts?
imserious2187 3 mesi fa
I really want that phone
Nehal S
Nehal S 3 mesi fa
enough with this 28 gigs ram shit, i just wanna know which music is playing in the background of this video.
Aayushman Powle
Aayushman Powle 3 mesi fa
28 gig ram😂😂😂😂
Szymon Zalewski
Szymon Zalewski 3 mesi fa
What knife is this
Ejaz 3 mesi fa
If OnePlus is selling the phone with flagship prices then why they are not adding earphones in this price?
Edgaras Isacenko
Edgaras Isacenko 3 mesi fa
No airbuds?
sajidkhanmahmood 3 mesi fa
Dont think ill ever buy oneplus again . no longer competitive pricing i will stick with xiaomi
Gan Solo
Gan Solo 3 mesi fa
0:15 Love the confidence!
Annie 23
Annie 23 3 mesi fa
Ahhhhhh it's soooooo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️
FNCS Liam 3 mesi fa
can some one tell me the IMEI number and the PCBA number ??
5k Subs without any videos
5k Subs without any videos 3 mesi fa
Can I get a imei and pcba code for fortnite emote please
Westside_63 3 mesi fa
Can I see the IMEI and SN number for your phone ?
Maik28CR 3 mesi fa
Imei and Pcba??
Yolo 3 mesi fa
Ayo bro can I have the IMEI and PCBA
BrandonSimmonds 3 mesi fa
Bro why would a phone need 28gb of ram PCs don’t even need that
Pak Busu
Pak Busu 3 mesi fa
Apr 14 2020 this video . July 8th 2020 i just bought 1plus 8 PRO 12GB RAM 256GB ROM from a local singapore smartphone seller . awesome set . 1) night/dark mode 2) reverse charging to charge another phone wirelessly from this 1 plus 8 PRO 3) wireless charging 4) double tap to lock/unlock screen 5) TWELVE GB RAM 😲 by 256GB ROM 6) 2 hotspots settings a) 2.50Ghz b) 5.0 Ghz
Lakshmi Narayan
Lakshmi Narayan 3 mesi fa
Which is better oneplus8 or 8pro
ayesha riyaz
ayesha riyaz 3 mesi fa
28 gigs of ram.......... Waiting for it....
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