Apple "MagSafe" Wallet - How Safe?

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iPhone 12 Latercase -
This video features a variety of iPhone 12 cases and Apple MagSafe wallets for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Mac and iphone 12 Mini.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 giorni fa
iPhone 12 Latercase -
Onslaughter 306
Onslaughter 306 Giorno fa
The later case is an extremely rip off of a case you already reviewed.
Peter Hanlon
Peter Hanlon 2 giorni fa
Do the wallets have RFID protection? Also think since no big for notes means it’s not a wallet substitute
President _of_tiktok_official
President _of_tiktok_official 5 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy yoooooo
SK4M Gaming
SK4M Gaming 6 giorni fa
I'm a Spigen exclusive consumer
Forhad Sobur
Forhad Sobur 6 giorni fa
Say what you want it’s a great marketing strategy and why apple are where they are
Jeremy Cush
Jeremy Cush Ora fa
Does it protect your bank cards , a friend of mine had his bank pass wiped and killed by his iphone 12
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman Ora fa
3:47 😭
Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter 2 ore fa
Where do I get a case like yours that covers the whole phone except the cameras?
Work Account
Work Account 4 ore fa
3:46 Louisiana (US) has an app for a digital ID. It's pretty sweet.
Thomas M
Thomas M 7 ore fa
The wallet is simply a rip-off from Apple for making extra money without any advantage for the customer. It's that simple.
Balamurugan Sekar
Balamurugan Sekar 16 ore fa
Waste is introduced because they have to introduce something new...😂😂😂
KwasnikPictures 22 ore fa
Holy smokes! That STUDIO! :D
Kokwei choo
Kokwei choo 23 ore fa
useless ... overpriced... i think is not meant for pocket use. why can’t they put some notches on the case to prevent sliding off. ?
Benjamin Pon
Benjamin Pon Giorno fa
Why didn't they just make a case with a pocket on the back for the cards instead of this attachment??
James Declan
James Declan Giorno fa
Totally not practical.
Allison Garcia
Allison Garcia Giorno fa
I didn’t even care about MagSafe I was just questioning is that the bat cave
Ahmed Youssef
Ahmed Youssef Giorno fa
“It is genuine leather, *sniff sniff sniff... sniff sniff* it is genuine leather”
Josef Stalin • 90 years ago
Josef Stalin • 90 years ago Giorno fa
Just get a case with a built-in card storage to save yourself from this entire hassle, and having to pay in full for both the case and the magsafe wallet.
Onslaughter 306
Onslaughter 306 Giorno fa
2:45 it would work better with your case if you stole the product design properly by including all of their design. Lol. Cheap knock off.
Onslaughter 306
Onslaughter 306 Giorno fa
4:36 lew trying to smell if it’s genuine leather over his own smell of bullshit.
Ericshizz 1992
Ericshizz 1992 Giorno fa
10:44 and no one literally going to talk about the pink case
Aiman Firdaus
Aiman Firdaus Giorno fa
Magsafe is just gimmicky stuff from Apple.
Sundar Dante
Sundar Dante Giorno fa
Apple "MagSafe" Wallet is it safe or not people buy this stuff because of the brand
Prashanth J.K.
Prashanth J.K. Giorno fa
! PLEASE READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT ! I don't know why anyone else isn't saying this: Your videos are getting really damn boring. Since like half a year or even longer you are more interested in sponsorships and money than actually making videos which give information about products. I subscribed to your channel 2 years ago coz ur videos had a different vibe to them but now all I see is 20 minute long videos of u blabbering sht about tech u have almost no tech knowledge about and about that Latercase. The Willy du and Jack puns are gone. The green chair is gone. Your videos're just pure views views views and clickbait now. Mkbhd and Dave2d's videos have far better info than yours that too in shorter videos. I'm sure that it's not just me who feels like this. So if you too feel the same please like this comment so that it goes near the top and Lew reads it. Thankyou for reading.
Prashanth J.K.
Prashanth J.K. 13 ore fa
@Kishore Gandhi 😂🙂😏
Kishore Gandhi
Kishore Gandhi 13 ore fa
@Prashanth J.K. thank you god for replying 😂
Prashanth J.K.
Prashanth J.K. 13 ore fa
@Kishore Gandhi 1000
Kishore Gandhi
Kishore Gandhi 14 ore fa
@Prashanth J.K. just say bro
Prashanth J.K.
Prashanth J.K. 15 ore fa
@Kishore Gandhi why?
john russo
john russo Giorno fa
Genuine leather is just a grade of leather it doesnt mean the leather is genuine. Genuine leather is the lowest quality of leather which means thats a high price tag for the worst grade of leather😂
Bruce Kuhn
Bruce Kuhn 2 giorni fa
First off, that so called "wallet" is to loose and to expensive. 60 buck for that thing? Don't think so! Great Video Lew!
Matt Zerbe
Matt Zerbe 2 giorni fa
My question is how does the wallet work with a non Apple case. I have a spigen liquid air and was thinking of getting the wallet but it doesn’t have as good of a magnetic attraction I will look elsewhere
Honest Brotha
Honest Brotha 2 giorni fa
No we don't need ID on the phone
Honest Brotha
Honest Brotha 2 giorni fa
Boy Apple be getting these gullible people lol 😆 mag safe lol 😆 that shit aint worth it 😂 but hey
Hendra F
Hendra F 2 giorni fa
True!!! dont buy it
ritual301 2 giorni fa
You finally in the new studio. Nice!
haka isi
haka isi 2 giorni fa
Simple question: Does this wallet stick up on android phones?
lltheFacell 2 giorni fa
Loving the Batcave. I seem to be getting a little tinniness in the audio, though.
Jayson de Paz
Jayson de Paz 2 giorni fa
Hello sir. 2 weeks ago I lost my phone. My phone LCD is already broken. And due to covid 19 I lost my job. I hope you notice my comment. And I wish you can spare me a phone. Always take care and God bless to your family, career and ITpost page. From Philippines.
jeremy rivera
jeremy rivera 2 giorni fa
Do you prefer the max pro or regular pro
Nellie Nellie
Nellie Nellie 2 giorni fa
Is it a RFID wallet 🤔
Emanuel Sagasti
Emanuel Sagasti 2 giorni fa
Where do I buy pants like that? I really like those
bfraz 2 giorni fa
Anyone else waiting to see J. P. ride by on a Segway, saying "I. Am. A. Genius."
Did he just sniffed the case 😂😂
DSN 1 2 giorni fa
Thumbs-up for wearing the poppy 👍
Awesome Life
Awesome Life 2 giorni fa
When I saw the amount of suffering animals are subjected to in order to be turned into “leather,” I realized there is never enough justification to use anything made from a tortured animal.
HARSH HARIA 2 giorni fa
MagSafe wallets will be a flop product i guess
Julio Calderon
Julio Calderon 2 giorni fa
Loving the music in this vid
Peter Haddad
Peter Haddad 2 giorni fa
yellow? sir that is orange
Adventure Rich
Adventure Rich 2 giorni fa
Is no one else worried about the magnets affecting the cards themselves? 🤷🏽‍♂️
swastik Baral
swastik Baral 3 giorni fa
Poor me😞😞
Bharat 3 giorni fa
Bharat 3 giorni fa
What is the use of this wallet? Just a style statement
James Webb
James Webb 3 giorni fa
It’s 2020, why don’t we have our ID’s on our phones?
Christos philippos
Christos philippos 3 giorni fa
It’s the bat cave from the dark knight without the bat mobile and the tires
gquintero1104 3 giorni fa
Only a idiot would buy a mag safe wallet this will fall from your phone
Bryan Lim
Bryan Lim 3 giorni fa
"Genuine Leather" Vegan : 👁👁
64 x
64 x 3 giorni fa
why the f++k would I need to stick my wallet to the phone 🤔
Francisco Barboza
Francisco Barboza 3 giorni fa
Hopefully apple brings 2x stronger magnets now that people have been bashing it since launch
FEDERICO 3 giorni fa
The carbon cover Is the best of all stupidapplecover!
FEDERICO 3 giorni fa
I don't understand how people get fascinated by this badly designed shit just because they have an apple printed on them! stupid people .....
Lyttle Woodstock
Lyttle Woodstock 3 giorni fa
Some states allow digital ID now. Just like vehicle insurance.
Ken Gormley
Ken Gormley 3 giorni fa
An absolute gimmick ........why would you need this if you use the Apple electronic wallet ??? pointless waste of time (and i'm a big apple fan)
Joon Ha Park
Joon Ha Park 3 giorni fa
For clarity, "genuine leather" is a grade of leather, its not "the leather is genuine" lol
Abhinav Bhargav
Abhinav Bhargav 2 giorni fa
@Poonanji True, that teamed with the high price even for that low grade of leather just enforces that belief. I myself thought so until I really got into quality shoes
Poonanji 2 giorni fa
@Abhinav Bhargav it's just that so few people are exposed to anything better than genuine, they assume it's the best
Abhinav Bhargav
Abhinav Bhargav 2 giorni fa
A lot of people don't know that, it's assumed by many that genuine leather is high quality leather
racfc kölle
racfc kölle 3 giorni fa
please unbury Steve Jobs, we need him... what silly thing
Tony MTA
Tony MTA 3 giorni fa
How is the wallet with the silicone case ?
Kshitiz Maurya
Kshitiz Maurya 3 giorni fa
that is a sick studio
Josh Bonilla
Josh Bonilla 3 giorni fa
LaterCase has been dropping a big bag 😂
Joshua Santiago
Joshua Santiago 3 giorni fa
Lew! Why not have a wallet cutout option for your case? ... or for any case. Especially with thicker cases, the wallet would not stick out as much and would be more secured in place. What do you think?
Omer Hashmi
Omer Hashmi 3 giorni fa
LOU bro Just say this is stupid
Omer Hashmi
Omer Hashmi 3 giorni fa
Rashik's Guitar
Rashik's Guitar 3 giorni fa
2021 apple: Introducing iPocket. Fingerprint sensored pocket 100% compatible with you iPhone and magsafe wallet. Maybe you'll be able to fit that in any of your pants and bags as well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Judah The Gamechanger
Judah The Gamechanger 2 giorni fa
2022 : *iPaNtS*
רועי שריקר
רועי שריקר 3 giorni fa
Why the room so long
Hatim Piplodwala
Hatim Piplodwala 3 giorni fa
How the iPhone 12 was made. Apple employees: we've run out of ideas. What should we do? Tim cook: just put a fucking magnet in it and sell unnecessary stuff with it. Our customers are stupid enough. They'll buy it. Apple employees: Okay
Vinleho 3 giorni fa
My names joe Bob
My names joe Bob 3 giorni fa
Lew is Batman and will is Alfred
RJ Valle
RJ Valle 3 giorni fa
Ahahahah this is classic apple so dumb. Over priced wallet that falls off. How can we make apple better? I can literally hear Jessy from breaking bad say magnets lol.
Apple : we also selling iDick to protect the male organ from all the magnetic fields on iPhone, iWallet, and everything.
Zalo 4 giorni fa
I am an apple nerd deep into the ecosystem watch, ipad, mac, iphone, you name it, but this wallet is just stupid tbh. Putting that on my phone would just give me anxiety. 4 giorni fa
audio is soooo shit!! comon lou!
Darryl Buck
Darryl Buck 4 giorni fa
Why didn’t you try charging it?
Daftrok 4 giorni fa
Should have been a case with a built in card holder as one piece. This wallet is overpriced hot garbage.
vanderslagmulders 4 giorni fa
Talk all you want, I'm just watching the ceiling, holysmokes!
Kanwar Singh
Kanwar Singh 4 giorni fa
Yo does your iphone 12pro overheat at all?, mine gets super hot on minimal use.
Joanna Cuenca
Joanna Cuenca 4 giorni fa
I personally don't use card, because I'm using digital wallet as well, so I think putting wallet on a case is not really usable.
Dhaval Trivedi
Dhaval Trivedi 4 giorni fa
Dude ! You were having a finger on wallet while removing it from your pocket. Rigged ! Unfollowing you
PlatinumRespect 4 giorni fa
These are some of the ugliest cases I’ve seen in my life.
Martinez199X 4 giorni fa
Apple full of shit stopped buying all there bullshit 3 years ago don't regret it
zayd syed
zayd syed 4 giorni fa
lets just put it in simple terms. Its not safe
Temur Rakhimov
Temur Rakhimov 4 giorni fa
It looks cute
tafara shumba
tafara shumba 4 giorni fa
Apple's Mag safe wallet is a joke
Suprim Koirala
Suprim Koirala 4 giorni fa
Apple slowly turning into luxury company from the tech company.
Suprim Koirala
Suprim Koirala 4 giorni fa
Why the frick you need to attach your wallet to the phone? Just put it in your pocket.
Stuart Coulson
Stuart Coulson 4 giorni fa
Has anyone investigated if the magnet can damage the cards inside? Especially as the magnets are becoming stronger.
amazing overwatch
amazing overwatch 4 giorni fa
I was wondering what happened to the bat cave after batman disappeared in TDKR
Brian M
Brian M 4 giorni fa
$60 for a "wallet" that can only hold 3 cards?!
XXX GHOST 4 giorni fa
why we acting like this is new ... i mean didnt we have this befo like 5 - 10 years ago ... its kinda weird that apple just decided to make a wallet outside your phone ... i dont see the hype
Artzybank 18
Artzybank 18 4 giorni fa
Hey batman can i pls get an iphone from you? I need it for online school
Infinity Sound
Infinity Sound 4 giorni fa
Introducing itable to keep your iPhone and ibathroom to keep your ipee... And introducing itoilet with camera sensor with magsafe to keep you sticked will the itoilet....😂
maran pakeerathan
maran pakeerathan 4 giorni fa
I'm Batman 🦇
MartinGlazierMG 4 giorni fa
Lighter leather latercase :D
MartinGlazierMG 4 giorni fa
Is it just me - or this product seems incredibly useless and overall just stupid idea?
MartinGlazierMG 4 giorni fa
Why would you want that? Does not make any sense to me.
Harpoon BK
Harpoon BK 4 giorni fa
Useless product
Aaron Pereira
Aaron Pereira 4 giorni fa
I think he's just sitting in front of a green screen.
Kakashi BOI
Kakashi BOI 4 giorni fa
okay why is he in the batcave
Felipe Jr Santiago
Felipe Jr Santiago 4 giorni fa
that is nice if you lose your phone you lose your wallet too... great concept
Alec Butt
Alec Butt 4 giorni fa
and.... now im mad i bought one. lol oh well
whatChef? 4 giorni fa
Like the new set. But the roof is to bright, bit distracting. But maybe that's just me, I do wear sunglass indoors 😁
ZeDeN est.2020
ZeDeN est.2020 4 giorni fa
setup more look alike batman undergroung basement!!
Why do I like the iPhone 12 Mini?
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