Feast Your Eyes on The New Microsoft iPad Fighter

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Unbox Therapy

5 mesi fa

Would you take an Apple iPad or the new Microsoft Surface Go 2?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 mesi fa
Surface Go 2 or iPad?
Casey Downing
Casey Downing 10 giorni fa
Does the keyboard light up when it gets dark? Great video 👍
Hasan Lakhani Technology
Hasan Lakhani Technology 26 giorni fa
Kamoliddin Abdusalomov
Kamoliddin Abdusalomov Mese fa
iPad because iPad OS better than windows
Tahsin The Gamer
Tahsin The Gamer 2 mesi fa
Samsung galaxy tab s6
Mihit Bhumkar
Mihit Bhumkar 2 mesi fa
Sponsi 4 ore fa
If they gave the keyboard in the price of the tablet, it would be awesome. For now... this fucking sucks. iPad wins.
Dev Veer Vacher
Dev Veer Vacher 6 ore fa
None Ya
None Ya 10 ore fa
It would be great if it was anywhere near the price ranges that you mentioned, it's significantly more...
fordfiveohh 3 giorni fa
That camera is BOSSY
tencare 3 giorni fa
The Surface Go 2 is a piece of shit. Not worth buying at any price.
amir emadiam
amir emadiam 4 giorni fa
your voice is very bad
Roblox_craft guy
Roblox_craft guy 4 giorni fa
Well at that point I’ll get the actual laptop it’ll fair better when you play games
ringgo syah
ringgo syah 5 giorni fa
Windows? Nah, I don't want blue screen
The Panda6400
The Panda6400 7 giorni fa
They both have their Equality's and inequality's like the Surface Go 2 is a laptop and a tablet or the iPad's camera is better than the Surface Go 2. I use the Surface Go 2 and it is an outstanding tablet/pc
Mahir Bin Masum
Mahir Bin Masum 8 giorni fa
Casey Downing
Casey Downing 10 giorni fa
Does the keyboard light up when it gets dark?
Arun Maiti
Arun Maiti 10 giorni fa
You can smoothly stream 4k on first Gen Pentium model, also to an external 4k monitor.
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer 14 giorni fa
I have the same ipad that u have now hehe
Finn Darius
Finn Darius 14 giorni fa
Until they actually put effort into making their tablet mode usable, I doubt this will have any chance of stealing people away from iPads. Windows is still not a tablet-friendly OS and anyone can see this just by enabling tablet mode where it's still easier to navigate with a mouse than with your finger in most cases and the "home screen" is just the start menu but full screen. The surface line-up still needs a proper tablet mode with "tablet mode"-optimized apps before even trying to compete with iPads. I'd still prefer the Surface tablet over the iPad, but I can't speak for people who understandably just want a simpler tablet experience.
SauGaat ChetTri
SauGaat ChetTri 17 giorni fa
Watching 4k video on Surface with mine 360p Quality..
Benjamin Nave
Benjamin Nave 18 giorni fa
As far as speaker's go you should pair it with A google mini!
bainsy 23 giorni fa
no one uses tablets they use phone now
N K 24 giorni fa
I can’t afford any of them.
Chilly Wizard
Chilly Wizard 24 giorni fa
This is £529 in the UK, Samsung S5e tablet is better specs for £100 less
RedLadyBug U
RedLadyBug U 28 giorni fa
I currently have a ASUs K53i which I want to replace as I’ve had it for YEARS. Would love a laptop book 3 but it’s sooo pricey so now looking at the surface go 2 or pro range
30. Md Areeb
30. Md Areeb 29 giorni fa
Why do you hate Apple 🍎
Leo Schatz
Leo Schatz Mese fa
Hate to tell you this but 4k also works seamlessly in the browser version of ITpost on the Surface Go 1 as well with no lag / issues what so ever.
Kirigaya Kazuto
Kirigaya Kazuto Mese fa
can i play mobile games here? like Call of duty mobile?
KNX IZ Mese fa
him: big brain as the youngsters would say youngsters: Ok Boomer!!!!!!!
Saif_2005 Mese fa
Does the keyboard cover magnetically attach to the the screen while closed?
Miles Stevenson
Miles Stevenson Mese fa
I love you Lou but you forgot the micro SD card slot
GermanSimRacing Mese fa
Fun Fact: if you spill your water on your Keyboard from yoUr Surface, you still have a Tablet!
Mihir Rao
Mihir Rao Mese fa
couch situation hahahah
Hagar The Horrible
Hagar The Horrible Mese fa
Who really cares about speakers on phones and tablets? Most of us use headphones/earphones.
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Mese fa
I just bought one of these and my honest opinion is that, Its ok not great just ok, and I think by now everyone should know that if you want a great device they cost excess of a thousand never a few hundred.
shadowfallenable Mese fa
There is no Ipad fighter bro. Not yet... but price-wise this is a winner!!
Michal Surmacz
Michal Surmacz Mese fa
Best review I've seen of this surface pro👍
Adam the gamer gamer
Adam the gamer gamer Mese fa
; - ;
Winnie Rose Reyes
Winnie Rose Reyes Mese fa
This is out of topic but... why is Lew later uploading your video casts in his channel? Isn’t that a violation?
Gerald Notah
Gerald Notah Mese fa
I've been working through this covid and worked with and guy that had it and its been a month and I'm fine . Watch all this is going to disappear after November.
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan Mese fa
With windows you need the keyboard. The device is $600+ and keyboard is $100+. Unless you do a lot of work with a pen on the move, why not get a thin and light laptop that's a lot more powerful. I dont understand the popularity of surface tablets.
Batfox Babe
Batfox Babe Mese fa
Lame. I could not get past this guy's lame, uncharismatic approach in the first 30 seconds.
Salman Habib
Salman Habib Mese fa
Will Microsoft expression 4 work on here. Anyone hit me up 🤙
Emil Ashton
Emil Ashton Mese fa
I lit cant be arsed dont advertise the £399 model in the thumbnail if ur gonna view a differnt model in the actual video...
Luca 1700
Luca 1700 Mese fa
Do you need to buy the keyboard?
Ginuwine Jackson
Ginuwine Jackson Mese fa
I wonder if I could run warzone on that
Ben Golledge
Ben Golledge Mese fa
The base model is not bad at all I got one for a family friend with Smode on and it's been great for them as there using the new Edge and Office and that's it 7 hours of battery she's found
FPC Mese fa
The webcam and mics are a huge win on this thing.
Ling Yuan Leow
Ling Yuan Leow Mese fa
but this good performance one is much higher than 399
Annies Gift Studio
Annies Gift Studio Mese fa
I have a 12. IPad Pro but I can use this for my embroidery machine. Love the stand. 💗
Arushi Chauhan
Arushi Chauhan Mese fa
I like how he says he Microsoft decreased the volume because they have released earbuds 😂 he’s like : that’s the reason!!
Martin Lutz
Martin Lutz Mese fa
14:03 Me watching this on a crappy old laptop...
، ،
، ، Mese fa
Martin Lutz what laptop do you have
Daniel Stafford
Daniel Stafford Mese fa
Its pushing 600 bucks. You can get a decent all metal laptop like a Lenovo slim 7 these days. It doesn't make any sense.
Samuel Mogan
Samuel Mogan Mese fa
hope you can donate pc/laptop for my son online class - philippines
bummers Mese fa
Just played an episode of unbox therapy with a Celeron N4100, intel graphics. No prob.
Ian Goldestein
Ian Goldestein Mese fa
I don't like of surface that doesn't have the possibility to connect a USB type A
Forsaken Chief
Forsaken Chief Mese fa
Just as an FYI, go can charge from C if you have a powerful enough charger.
Me Too
Me Too 2 mesi fa
Microsoft should make a deal with androi inorder to have a powefull tablet, ther is no tablet without apps.
Louie stoneman
Louie stoneman 2 mesi fa
But it’s not Apple and that’s the only issue
Prof.Mokster57 2 mesi fa
surface go 2 for students who dont have both laptop and tablet but wish to own both laptop and tablet ipad air / pro for students who alr have a laptop Samsung tablets are also worth considering since they many of them come with included s pen and unless you dont mind an android tablet or you want ur tablet to play emulator games that the ipad couldnt offer
Jason Hsu
Jason Hsu 2 mesi fa
I feel like that webcam image quality was better than your studio cam.
Kamraan Nizam
Kamraan Nizam 2 mesi fa
I can confirm the base model go 2 runs native 4k smoothly
Pratham Sagar
Pratham Sagar 2 mesi fa
That's revolutionary
Ibrahimovic Bra
Ibrahimovic Bra 2 mesi fa
why no video for the tab s7 plus ?
Afia Begum Chowdhury
Afia Begum Chowdhury 2 mesi fa
Very scummy video. Thumbnail says 400, where's the actual price of the device he is using is 730. Compares different things from the worst of other products(for example, comparing the keyboard with the previous gen iPad keyboard instead of the new one). There's almost no negative statements, which the product actually has many flaws, like failing to even use a browser properly. I bought this product for my mom seeing this review and now I have sold it and instead bought an iPad pro, that's a much better value than this Surface product Lew is advocating. This is the last time I am going to trust any online reviewer. I guess it was my mistake doing so.
Tauqeer Ahmad
Tauqeer Ahmad 2 mesi fa
Microsoft logo is more beautiful than Apple on iPads
Raza Naqvi
Raza Naqvi 2 mesi fa
Surface Pro 4 can also run 4k video streaming with no problem
Erik Felch
Erik Felch 2 mesi fa
I think it's going to be great for elementary through HS back to school hybrid/distance learning.
Callum Clark
Callum Clark 2 mesi fa
Apple just needs to bring out an ipad running macOS Big Sur and you've got the ultimate package.
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison 2 mesi fa
thumbs down.
nocturnal dream
nocturnal dream 2 mesi fa
9:01 Dang, the webcam is really good!
car 2 mesi fa
It looks to me you are living a huge warehouse. Or is that a really cool interior decor?
Fight For Freedom
Fight For Freedom 2 mesi fa
Until intel lower their prices, these things are either going to be much slower than an iPad or more expensive for the same performance. Apple now has an edge with their own processors. You also need to look at availability and cost of apps. It may be full windows but try video editing compared to a similarly priced iPad.
Jason S
Jason S 2 mesi fa
I have the first go and a surface pro and i honestly use the go more. It's size is perfect for most tasks in the almost 2 years i have had it zero problems switched to full windows day i got it can run almost anything on it. I have even used photoshop on it
Eric Andre
Eric Andre 2 mesi fa
Wow that’s a really good webcam. Maybe I’ve only used trash ones but that was nice.
Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson 2 mesi fa
This guy is full of crap.
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 2 mesi fa
Do a unboxing on the Tab s7+
sunil vedula
sunil vedula 2 mesi fa
can u pls check how amibroker works on this please
z sp
z sp 2 mesi fa
have you reviewed the samsung galaxy book flex?
Abhay Ranjith
Abhay Ranjith 2 mesi fa
Is this out?
Abhay Ranjith
Abhay Ranjith 2 mesi fa
Microsoft: I know, we need competition for the iPad! Apple: Haha $700 wheels go brrr
Jeff Robins
Jeff Robins 2 mesi fa
Now with the Lenovo Duet Chromebook, sure would be fun to see you review that now
Talha Malik
Talha Malik 2 mesi fa
Why write 399 on thumbnail if the version with all the accessories he is using is more than a thousand dollars?
RidaHitam 2 mesi fa
hi,is this useful for me to study foundation in business and bachelor account?
Вася Пупкин
Вася Пупкин 2 mesi fa
I see a lot of people don't realize why a $399 pentium/4gb model exists, but they forget that people tend to have not a single device for everything. If you have a gaming laptop as I do or a powerful desktop pc, which don't have anything interesting other than power but do their job great at video production, gaming, working in CAD software, you may find the base surface go model useful as it's compact, cheap, allows you to interact with the pen, and simply have a lightweight windows machine at school, library, cafe (yeah, unfortunately not in 2020 :( ). It's actually a great piece of hardware for students. It works great with google apps, office, it's great for taking notes (for me it's an infinite notebook, I stopped using paper at all). It fits any desk because of its size and leaves a lot of additional space for textbooks or any stuff than you can want. It's a great machine for 400 bucks if you use it as a SECONDARY DEVICE, it's important to repeat. It's great not to upgrade to, but to supplement a decent EXISTING pc.
R K 2 mesi fa
SG2 with Pentinum Gold processor (8 ram, 128 ssd) is an outstanding. I get 11 hours of continuous ITpost viewing (50% brightness; Battery saver, Bluetooth,and Wifi all on). Screen is bright and when lowered to zero (save battery) you can still watch videos and/or read documents. With 10 ITpost videos running, no lag or stuttering occurred when opening webpages. MS Office apps, notetaking, web browsing work effortlessly. Can run statistical software (R-Studio) with no problems. Tablet mode is fast, smooth, and fluid. Only downside are speakers and price. But who buys tech at full retail price? $389 for SG2 and $44 for type cover.
Velvett Blue
Velvett Blue 2 mesi fa
Laptop, tablet, laplet?
TD - 12KC 625592 Turner Fenton SS
TD - 12KC 625592 Turner Fenton SS 2 mesi fa
why cant they make stickers
LB 2 mesi fa
I am gonna use it (if I get one) to take to my friends and play through GeForce now!
Ariez St*r
Ariez St*r 2 mesi fa
4k? That's all u needed to say man
Hakuryuu Ren
Hakuryuu Ren 3 mesi fa
I wish they would make it android than windows would be good for mobile games
Olivia Bocande
Olivia Bocande 3 mesi fa
4:18 am
David Torres
David Torres 3 mesi fa
It sounds good to me 95%.
kowshik vooda
kowshik vooda 3 mesi fa
Can u please make a budget laptop video
:3 Totally Is Sora Umi
:3 Totally Is Sora Umi 3 mesi fa
Me: *watchimg while using Surface pro X* :0 Oh new surface Actualy it doesn't famous in my country (sorry 4 bad grammar
Alfredo Álvarez
Alfredo Álvarez 3 mesi fa
The reason why you get this is to get a cheap computer that will allow you to plug in adapters to set up 2 or more monitors to work with CITRIX or similar virtual desktops. Tell me if iPad can do that, huh??
Lorfyy 3 mesi fa
3 words: Lenovo Chromebook Duet ✅
Lorfyy 2 mesi fa
LBSi UK cool but I was just sharing my opinion
LBSi UK 2 mesi fa
I want Windows
Mohammed Sami
Mohammed Sami 3 mesi fa
Am I the only one that is watching it yet ,?
CLUCKNKILLER75 3 mesi fa
Can you use a S pen with it?
Mark Binder
Mark Binder 3 mesi fa
Personally, I prefer the bezel size that Microsoft puts on their 2-in-1s. This give you a place to put your thumbs when you are holding the device without triggering some sort of feedback from the screen like on my iPad. I just bought the Surface Pro 7 and it is so much better for what I need a device for, actual work! iPad is a very nice machine, but for doing actual work, I turn to my Surface Pro 7 every time.
No one
No one 3 mesi fa
ill just buy the pewdiepie chair
Abdulaziz Alotaibi
Abdulaziz Alotaibi 3 mesi fa
What is keyboard “key travel” and why do they care about it so much?
Jerry Vincent Daing
Jerry Vincent Daing 3 mesi fa
please review huawei matepad pro
Justin Olson
Justin Olson 3 mesi fa
Watching on my wife's new Lenovo Duet, wondering why in the hell I would spend over 4x as much for the Surface Go. At $300 with keyboard included, watching 1080p video is a great experience on a lightweight OS. For us, a tablet doesn't have to be an absolute workhorse and we certainly don't need full Windows on it. 4k is cool, but my eyes can't tell the difference on a 10" screen.
R K 3 mesi fa
I love my SG2 (8 ram, 128 ssd), but I only spent $389. No longer need my laptop to do statistical analyses away from home or the office. However, I completely agree that it's not worth it at full retail price...
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