OnePlus x Fortnite 90FPS Smartphone Gaming

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5 mesi fa

Thanks to OnePlus for sending the Verizon device and sharing details on the Fortnite partnership in advance. OnePlus x Fortnite -
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 mesi fa
cHeKK mY sKilLz
Thomas Mayer
Thomas Mayer Giorno fa
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
Woooooohhhhh!!!! Wooooow
Fbi Agent
Fbi Agent 3 mesi fa
And why fortntie
Fbi Agent
Fbi Agent 3 mesi fa
*O* *K*
Dudezz king
Dudezz king 4 mesi fa
Killing bots 🤖. Awesome skill Lew!! 🤣
coolbear w
coolbear w 3 giorni fa
Lol talks about how it helps aim but has autoshoot on😂
TheSickness 21 giorno fa
My POCO F2 PRO Run at 30fps 🙄 Seriously no 45fps and 60fps 😒
Butchoy Feliciano
Butchoy Feliciano 26 giorni fa
what? it comes with a headset?
Fouzaan Noble
Fouzaan Noble Mese fa
Looks crap! Or is it fartnite
Dave turbo
Dave turbo Mese fa
I've got this phone and it's a beast..
Tahsin Saon
Tahsin Saon Mese fa
Which colour is it?
More Neolish
More Neolish Mese fa
you laugh at his gaming skills he laughs at your bank account
Daniyeru Mese fa
can 90fps be unlocked in cod through oneplus?
I just came here to see him play the game. I never watch a video of him playing a game on something
Pango Mese fa
I played on my iPad Pro before fortnite got banned on Apple devices and got 120 😳
MDSsystems Mese fa
TrashNight FortGarbage .....either way it's shit
Its_Chirag 2 mesi fa
Just to correct you Fortnite And Pubg have 90Fps on one plus 8
how many subscribers can a coconut get
how many subscribers can a coconut get 2 mesi fa
Did anyone know that he killed a purple skull trooper At 4:34
Tim Wilcox
Tim Wilcox 2 mesi fa
Too bad Fortnite is not on the Play store anymore.
big lip nibba who wants 500 subs with memes
big lip nibba who wants 500 subs with memes 2 mesi fa
No wonder why I lost the galaxy cup at 55 points I was playing on a Google pixel and everyone was playing with a fucking mini computer
Prowler 187X
Prowler 187X 2 mesi fa
you can play 120fps in critical ops with ipad pro. still think mobile gaming is not serious?
3000 subs with no videos
3000 subs with no videos 2 mesi fa
Is this the pro or the normal one plus 8
Ol1mp1 YT
Ol1mp1 YT 2 mesi fa
imagine using default settings
Luca Mancel
Luca Mancel 2 mesi fa
can you play with 90fps on a oneplus 7t pro
Max yeahyeah
Max yeahyeah 2 mesi fa
Theres no promise
Zylloz 2 mesi fa
Wait he said were watching this in 30fps and the game still looks smooth/video itself yet when I play games on 30fps it feels and looks laggy asf?
rahul arora
rahul arora 2 mesi fa
i get 30 fps 👈ultimately 15-20 fps 🥴🥴 Android
User 466
User 466 2 mesi fa
are we not going to talk about his username
UKn0w 5aM
UKn0w 5aM 2 mesi fa
2K👎 Boring & cheap & Chinese communists phone!!! (spyware backddor chip included)
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
I love watching this expensive beast that I cant afford, lovely fortnite and very high end specs Sir lew
idk 3 mesi fa
You might give me the bhangra boogie emote code tho?
Randell S. Dalisay
Randell S. Dalisay 3 mesi fa
Man, he shouldv made his expectations a littlr bit higher and put the graphics on epic and put motion blurr on lmaoo
Random things
Random things 3 mesi fa
Dude in the water
kose 3 mesi fa
Did not win Still sad
Jake Green
Jake Green 3 mesi fa
I just got the 7tpro for dirt cheap now this came out. The popup camera is sweet as unlimited everything.. screen looks way better in the 7tpro without having that massive bezel it is also 90hz.
strawberry sub
strawberry sub 3 mesi fa
I don't know why I feel like OnePlus 6 fortnite is much better graphic
khalil 3 mesi fa
I miss the old studio
Sa Nafiz
Sa Nafiz 3 mesi fa
forget the pubg and freefire stuff....fortnite is rhe best graphics 😂
kowshik vooda
kowshik vooda 3 mesi fa
Chekk my skills😂
Ksavo 3 mesi fa
Yes but its on low graphic
hasan abdollahnezhad
hasan abdollahnezhad 3 mesi fa
Can we used it on oneplus 7t pro too?
RANDOM Gaming 3 mesi fa
Can I 1v1 you
Insecure Cheesecake
Insecure Cheesecake 3 mesi fa
Mindaugas Lukosevicius
Mindaugas Lukosevicius 3 mesi fa
IS TO sharp...
Samzuu 3 mesi fa
Does he only know how to us an assault rifle
L Jimenez
L Jimenez 3 mesi fa
I misss the original OnePlus X
Saran K R S
Saran K R S 3 mesi fa
Please make a video on JioGlass.
Abhijan Choudhury
Abhijan Choudhury 3 mesi fa
Lew, I am surprised you haven't discovered the iqoo 3 5g phone with SD 865 recently launched in India yet!
David_ Silva
David_ Silva 3 mesi fa
And then they say that the new consoles won't even be able to deliver 120FPS ... excited for Ps5
Muhd Syakir
Muhd Syakir 3 mesi fa
Watching 90fps gameplay on a 30fps Video
Jun Kurera
Jun Kurera 3 mesi fa
the black notch tho, ew
Neeraj Vennela
Neeraj Vennela 3 mesi fa
No fornite Only pubg in my op8
Damien Mendoza
Damien Mendoza 3 mesi fa
Tryna run some duos like frfr
Brandon C
Brandon C 3 mesi fa
Can the regular one Handel 90 FPS
King of Gamers
King of Gamers 3 mesi fa
I have 120 FPS unlocked on my iPad Pro 11 2020
King of Gamers
King of Gamers 3 mesi fa
I’m using a iPad Pro 11 2020 with 120hz
squiddy ios
squiddy ios 3 mesi fa
90fps smh. its so inconsistent, but thanks for sharing this video with a fps counter.
Not Dank flame
Not Dank flame 3 mesi fa
It’s sad that mobile has more FPS than the switch ps4 and xbox
Leroy Glass
Leroy Glass 3 mesi fa
Who else remembers Tom?
Aspectmax 3 mesi fa
Jyoti Roy
Jyoti Roy 3 mesi fa
Oh I have ONEPLUS X(4G) 😂😂😂😂😂
Vin Nayar
Vin Nayar 3 mesi fa
Looking at the interface it looks similar to my oneplus 5t
Aloshi 3 mesi fa
Im sitting here with 50 fps in my 7k computer be like 👁👄👁
Upmanyu Chandel
Upmanyu Chandel 3 mesi fa
Which is a better phone from an overall perspective in your opinion; iPhone XR or OnePlus 8?
Saiko Martinez
Saiko Martinez 2 mesi fa
Xr is for many great things. Gaming is one of them. 40-60fps on the xr. Unlike oneplus whitch only focus on gaming to be more cool and graphics very high. If you only do gaming on a phone than one plus. But if you into gaming and taking pictures and etc. XR is better for u
Emmanuel Robles
Emmanuel Robles 3 mesi fa
Nice display and disgn the one plus
AHS Tech
AHS Tech 3 mesi fa
review aquos zero 2 240 hrz display
Blue Bank
Blue Bank 3 mesi fa
Wow a phone gets more fps then my PC
David P
David P 3 mesi fa
Call me back when they can run last of us man
David P
David P 3 mesi fa looks like shit this is such a cash grab. Thats literally the same graphics as a lot of existing android games
bahahotgamer 3 mesi fa
first thing you are using auto fire second thing the visible sound effect mean show the enemy place or location is in all device run fortnite third thing mobile have aim assist
Mini. G
Mini. G 3 mesi fa
Brawl stars runs on 120 fps on one plus 8
M.Tiben S/O Manoharan
M.Tiben S/O Manoharan 3 mesi fa
Hi, your explaination on smartphones are very fun, detailed and usefull. Thank you very much. Keep it on. Wish i could get one of your giveaways.
TechDiy Art
TechDiy Art 3 mesi fa
Levi Pama
Levi Pama 3 mesi fa
Can next year smartphone with the new exynos could reach 120fps? Cause of AMD GPU right?
Abhay Rana
Abhay Rana 3 mesi fa
6:08 the phone just went above its capability to a 105 fps
Micr0iX 3 mesi fa
@Abhay Rana it's capped at 90 it can't display more
Abhay Rana
Abhay Rana 3 mesi fa
@Micr0iX check on the corner slow
Micr0iX 3 mesi fa
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 3 mesi fa
Remember lgv30 ? Won't ever have advertising like that again , too Hollywood culture Selfishness, trash culture Selfishness, apple garbage Selfishness
Brett 3 mesi fa
This guy is a genius. Get paid to shill products from the manufacture. Then get paid by ITpost to have your paid commercials Watched. Amazing
VishChew 3 mesi fa
been 120 on ipad for awhile
Ahmad Q
Ahmad Q 3 mesi fa
Damn his eyes in the thumbnail (╯﹏╰)
Hriday BEDI
Hriday BEDI 3 mesi fa
Lew do be hip firing tho
Aayush Dey
Aayush Dey 3 mesi fa
It's really amazing. 😘😘
plz plz plz plz plz give me that phone plz i am your biggest fan plz this is my dream to play fortnite plz give me that phone i am from pakistan
Super A7M4D
Super A7M4D 3 mesi fa
No one can beat John Wick! even @90fps
Zaid tggg
Zaid tggg 3 mesi fa
Can you give me this phone because i run fortnite 20fps
Habees VH , Haripad
Habees VH , Haripad 3 mesi fa
Ha it is too but I know how is that phone it's 90 fps on epic games anooced i was there but when u go to youtube a nd search how to get 100 fps on fortnite u will get and try that method i am a epic games supporter but we have 0 sub ok because we are spporters
Adolfo Segovia1
Adolfo Segovia1 3 mesi fa
What phone are you using now?
Sabersurge 3 mesi fa
Would you recommend the Oneplus?
ET-_ghost 2007
ET-_ghost 2007 3 mesi fa
On ps4 pro it can run 120fps bc look at it 3 floors the graphic card tooled 60% just from the ps4 pro inside plastic but fortnite won't let us to change y u can't think of that easy thing
ItsYabÖyJohan 3 mesi fa
guys i literally thought that his fortnite gamertag in this vid was BreastFeed2 lol
Никита Воробьёв
Никита Воробьёв 3 mesi fa
Actually, on iPad Pro 2018 Fortnite runs at 120 fps
S 3 mesi fa
Ipad is a tablet! And ues tablet based chip as well
Rohit Roniya
Rohit Roniya 4 mesi fa
Here i am playing pubg mobile at 25fps
aryaman kataria
aryaman kataria 4 mesi fa
120 fps on ipad 2020??
mgkhant htet
mgkhant htet 4 mesi fa
I do not like that phone
JRC SimRacing
JRC SimRacing 4 mesi fa
I’m not terribly impressed since the graphics preset was on low.
Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal 4 mesi fa
I Feel Like A God When I Get 30 FPS On My PC
TJ 4 mesi fa
Don't buy Chinese products.
nitish thakur
nitish thakur 4 mesi fa
Please give me a phone i phone 6 is enough for me . My phone pixal 3a is broken since 2 days before lockdown and i am using my mother's phone . I am from north India small village and here us no source of repair Google at all. I am a phone lover but in my budget. I shqll be thankful to you for this kindness and if i have to do something for you in future i am happy to do anything for you .😊
H 4 mesi fa
The thing is the first game is only ai
luis cruz
luis cruz 4 mesi fa
Nice video, you lost against bots
Mishaiel M
Mishaiel M 4 mesi fa
I’m confused. You are talking as if it’s the first time but haven’t you heard about iPad Pro which can run Fortnite at 120fps and at medium settings compared to 90fps at low settings on the one plus.
Guillebazuka 4 mesi fa
Is this guy really comparing the performance of Fortnite Mobile with the latest CoD full version, saying it doesn't run at 90 fps?? What
Prince Dankwa
Prince Dankwa 4 mesi fa
me:this better than a 2018 laptop
Mahdi Emami Eskardi7
Mahdi Emami Eskardi7 4 mesi fa
Wow cool phone , I'm mobile gamer and i decided to buy asus rog phone 2 but I don't have enough money to buy that , can u help me to buy that? Please😳😔❤
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez 4 mesi fa
This phone is amazing I'm one of the best fortnite mobile players and a good phone roly affects performance I'll consider getting this phone the phone doesn't lag and has long battery life amazing phone
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