I've Never Tried a Smartphone With This Feature...

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Unboxing the Ulefone Armor 9.
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Doug Dorrer
Doug Dorrer Giorno fa
If you dont want the UleFone Armor 9, please send it to me. I work in the trades using camera and thermal images. It is a GSM only phone though (ATT or TMobie)
Daquan Neale
Daquan Neale 3 giorni fa
Hopefully you'll get your hands on the doogee S88 pro (10000mah battery)
Mr. RSG 4 giorni fa
"Bomb proof"😂😂
Harsh N
Harsh N 7 giorni fa
They actually got lcd as it's more durable than Oled.
toby_belize 7 giorni fa
What’s up with these none skipping ads
Harsh N
Harsh N 7 giorni fa
Thicker phone is easier to hold. Our hands are not made for holding thin slabs
arsinio boka
arsinio boka 8 giorni fa
Please make a review of the oukitel wp7
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 8 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2 🙏🙏
Tbizzy Jankinz
Tbizzy Jankinz 8 giorni fa
Ok this phone is my dream come true. Thats the phone for me. Hunting, fishing, construction, electrical, ufo hunting, paranormal, etc all kinds of stuff
Nick Athan
Nick Athan 9 giorni fa
Flir is pronounced FLEER
tony Casey
tony Casey 9 giorni fa
is there a kitten sound in the background
Jordan Bozukov
Jordan Bozukov 11 giorni fa
This brand is the biggest trash in the market right now... The phone is 3 months old and the screen non-stop is flicking and stop working
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 11 giorni fa
Please will you notice me 😭😭😭😭😔😒
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 11 giorni fa
I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU
Tu Yue
Tu Yue 11 giorni fa
Where to buy in Canada?
D Dheeraj
D Dheeraj 14 giorni fa
What's that annoying cat soung?that's really distracting
Catherine Goldman
Catherine Goldman 15 giorni fa
Thermal camera? Ghost hunting let's go!
Oi! the Tresen
Oi! the Tresen 15 giorni fa
as an electrician I would check if any connection had high resistance and would get hot or check pcbs which components get hot.
abin mathew
abin mathew 16 giorni fa
Next search? Lemme guess . . . . . Jerry rig Ulephone
michel boutros
michel boutros 16 giorni fa
Sectur Lawson
Sectur Lawson 17 giorni fa
What is the name of the phone
Mark Ludbrook
Mark Ludbrook 17 giorni fa
This phone would be great for me can you supply a link of where to buy this package
John Cena
John Cena 18 giorni fa
winoseti 19 giorni fa
cat won. i had a ulefone 3 years ago that just really fell apart. but hopefully things have changed.
Right-Wing Atheist
Right-Wing Atheist 19 giorni fa
How good is this phone or is this guy just a shill I would like to know because the last thing I want is a buggy piece of garbage
DownHillgamer 20 giorni fa
This would be a badass company supplied work phone
Pratik Patel
Pratik Patel 20 giorni fa
Sir what u do of mobile after unboxing?
CaliberTime 20 giorni fa
building engineers!
ana ana
ana ana 20 giorni fa
1:25 So funny
Mike 20 giorni fa
Can you change the temp to fahrenheit?
Jerry Mcwilliams
Jerry Mcwilliams 20 giorni fa
Anyone else hear A cat?
MO Forrreal
MO Forrreal 21 giorno fa
you can't have this phone and have social life too, one of them must go
Baem Watch
Baem Watch 21 giorno fa
I was wondering where is the kitten's sound coming from, and its from this video 😂
Nova Aerith
Nova Aerith 21 giorno fa
All sniper user we found it
Tharsan J
Tharsan J 22 giorni fa
lit ep.
Asian Lover
Asian Lover 22 giorni fa
Bruh wtf is that screaming goat/dying cat/baby that’s being shaken sound In the background.... like
BlackFrostbite playz
BlackFrostbite playz 23 giorni fa
Someone should use this in a haunted house
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola 23 giorni fa
Out of the rugged phones - is this the one to get?
Jeandre F
Jeandre F 23 giorni fa
If only it had an attachment telescope for hunting at night...
Nagrenol 23 giorni fa
Using the thermal in public 'THIS BITCH GOT THE RONA!!!!!'
ItsRossy TV
ItsRossy TV 23 giorni fa
When you said your dream about being a park ranger..HONESTLY I could see that
FabCode 23 giorni fa
hmm well we need night vision and this and a vr headset support in live
Shah Legno
Shah Legno 23 giorni fa
But, can it run Nokia 3310?
James Bell
James Bell 23 giorni fa
I'm just waiting for the IR camera to go with all these other features. Then we will have found my new phone !!!
James Bell
James Bell 23 giorni fa
I'd use this at work all day !!!
imomosadonne 24 giorni fa
tight spaces indeed.
Michael Ilao
Michael Ilao 24 giorni fa
I dont have a phone since march 2020 and can't afford to buy one because im still a student (can't find part time jobs because of pandemic). I hope he read this and help me because my online class will start in October and don't know what to do. Even a 100$ phone will really help me, i just need it so that i can participate in my online class... Sorry for begging please help me 😭😭😭
Big Blizz
Big Blizz 24 giorni fa
I’d see how hot the shit I’m taking rn is
TooKay4Ever 2k Streams
TooKay4Ever 2k Streams 25 giorni fa
Honestly anyone as a first responder this would be a good phone. Shock resistance, water resistant, heat resistant for some time. Most likely will be seen on most firefighters and police men
Taniel Dayne
Taniel Dayne 25 giorni fa
Imagine this phone slipped from your hand to your face
Rolando Gimotea
Rolando Gimotea 25 giorni fa
What if you use the thermal camera at night?
Sachin Sami
Sachin Sami 25 giorni fa
Where can we purchase this
Crazy Lego
Crazy Lego 25 giorni fa
Kind of like the Deus Ex aesthetics
Bungo TV
Bungo TV 25 giorni fa
Ghost hunting phone
Dany IndoxTurk
Dany IndoxTurk 26 giorni fa
Just woooooooww 😁
Gregory Ross
Gregory Ross 26 giorni fa
I like it
Reality Check Zone By Fahad Y
Reality Check Zone By Fahad Y 26 giorni fa
Seriously? You should check some history on CAT S60 from several years ago
Gerardo Velazquez
Gerardo Velazquez 26 giorni fa
that looks like it could stop bullets..... i want a case like that for my note 10+ and i want the phone as well
아네 27 giorni fa
Will it come up with normal iPhone 12 case not cyver editon?
Deathnaut 27 giorni fa
Wtf is up with this background music? That random goat scream/baby whining noise is so annoying, couldn't finish watching the video because of it.
Dipto Dipto
Dipto Dipto 27 giorni fa
Nathan Gould
Nathan Gould 27 giorni fa
Would be good for spotting connections that are high resistance and getting hot.
Amar Gurung
Amar Gurung 27 giorni fa
This phone is worth buying.. hell every ulephone is worth; you won't regret
Shebin Shameer
Shebin Shameer 27 giorni fa
Ray and Sean
Ray and Sean 27 giorni fa
ahahaha, i kept checking outside the door as well, thought my kitten had a suitor. funny having the same reaction from the others here. 2nd time i heard the meow, i paused the vid tryin to check if it was in the vid, but i though i heard a meow while it was paused. then tried to wait for it again, then went back, boom, IT WAS IN THE VID! ahaha
Reflective Auto Detailing
Reflective Auto Detailing 27 giorni fa
Is that a damn cat in the background?
Veder Georgiev
Veder Georgiev 28 giorni fa
If i buy this phone. 1st endo cam go strait INSIDE my wife. And termo cam perfect sex and forest at night.
Seppe Geudens
Seppe Geudens 28 giorni fa
Does it have wireles charging??
Vikhyat Sharma
Vikhyat Sharma 28 giorni fa
A fellow viewer advice: Ignore the background noise.
Cher Bal
Cher Bal 29 giorni fa
the sound effects really annoyed me.
Gavin Bartlett
Gavin Bartlett 29 giorni fa
i want that phone i love it, so much more interesting than my lg g7. i repair electronic devices and the thermal cam would work wonders for finding shorts. i was hoping this vid was a year or so old so it would be affordable for me, never mind. lew you wanna swap for a g7 lol
UK LSR 29 giorni fa
Love from india
Bibek Raj Hanggam
Bibek Raj Hanggam 29 giorni fa
Chinese phone.hà
January Morris
January Morris 29 giorni fa
There's no question, all new smart phones should come with a thermal camera, that could be very fun to mess around with
Xiao Deng
Xiao Deng 29 giorni fa
so proud of this phone is a CHINA brand. And high quality made in China.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 29 giorni fa
Swear that's a cat in the music
al3ndlib 29 giorni fa
8:13 When I saw that camera I had PTSD for a second, it reminded me when I did my Cystoscopy, which felt like the closest thing to a man rape.
Ch4mZ3n 29 giorni fa
I’m a fire inspector so this phone is very suitable for me.
Ch4mZ3n 29 giorni fa
I’m a fire inspector so this phone is very suitable for me.
Password: password
Password: password 29 giorni fa
I want one.
MrHusang23 Mese fa
That crying/meowing in the background music is very annoying.
Mr Tak
Mr Tak Mese fa
I dont believe it’s rugged untill its tested by @jerryrigeverything
YeeterFamGang Mese fa
Lew thought of what we were all thinking when he said "anywhere"
Dimebag Darren Lowe
Dimebag Darren Lowe Mese fa
Finish killing the damn cat and get it over with
Narayan Lewandowski
Narayan Lewandowski Mese fa
isn't ulefone one of those scammy companies?
Tony L
Tony L Mese fa
MEOW!... MEOW!... MEOW!... MEOW!... MEOW!... MEOW!...MEOW!... MEOW!... MEOW!...
Armidha Aji
Armidha Aji Mese fa
You can avoid Covid with this phone!
Xander Rose
Xander Rose Mese fa
Nokia has a worthy opponent
Leonie Clarkerson
Leonie Clarkerson Mese fa
Cool video
Leonie Clarkerson
Leonie Clarkerson Mese fa
Coll vidoe
Gus Danielson
Gus Danielson Mese fa
Flir is very popular with ghost hunters
Marcus Sills
Marcus Sills Mese fa
A paranormal investigator (refers to History Channels 'Skinwalker Ranch' show)
deadbluesky Mese fa
Well i own a repair phone, tablet, computer and printed circuit shop and i also own a thermal camera wich cost more than this phone, it is useful because when we search a problematic part wich can became at a higher temperature than usual, i will mention that is not always the part with higher temperature the problem but some other broken or defect parts around who cause the part to heat up but still interesting for hard worker i mean construction, electrician, plumber, all mechanic... etc A though phone with a real IP68 not only the basic IP68 wich is 50-50 on the production line so you don't know if your Samsung or IPhone will really be IP68 anyway after a year or so the glue sticker seal deteriorate over time because of the temperature i saw that multiple times...
Francis Francis
Francis Francis Mese fa
I finally can see inside my butt.
Imrane Mushtaq
Imrane Mushtaq Mese fa
I bought the ulefone 6 less than a year ago. It was really good when I first had it. I needed it as I'm an electrician and my phones always broke on me. But 9 months in the phone started to freeze on me and the only way to get it back on and working was to turn it off and on again. As I'm in the uk there is no place here where I can send it as it's still under warranty and the customer service staff in China asked me to send it there to be evaluated which would cost a lot. So therefore this has put me off buying another ulefone in the future
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen Mese fa
Love the design! Hey Apple, are you watching!??!
RBeze 58
RBeze 58 Mese fa
I heard you can do this with the Pixel 4's IR camera as well
fatso79750 Mese fa
Ghost hunters are gonna love this phone
Tony T. aka DoubleT23
Tony T. aka DoubleT23 Mese fa
Ghost hunting!!!!
Isaac Vardonni
Isaac Vardonni Mese fa
Imagine that thing falling on your face...
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