This Smartphone Just Changed The Game

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Unbox Therapy

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Unboxing the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. The Legion Phone Duel goes up against the RedMagic 5S, Black Shark 3 Pro and the Asus ROG Phone 3.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Mese fa
What's your dream smartphone so far in 2020?
Mr EAGLE 5 giorni fa
Make a video on ASUS ROG PHONE 3 AND REDMAGIC 5S Which is best in both of them
nemure 11 giorni fa
none, not a single interesting one yet
Glitch boy
Glitch boy 23 giorni fa
Blackshark gaming phone but the legion is also dope
all in one yt
all in one yt 26 giorni fa
Note 20 ultra
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira Mese fa
Asus zenphone 7 Pro
iFunky 1DXr
iFunky 1DXr Ora fa
What games were in the video?
Geraldo Gaming 97
Geraldo Gaming 97 3 ore fa
Im a streamer I need these phone omg! ❤❤❤🥵
Geraldo Gaming 97
Geraldo Gaming 97 3 ore fa
Pls put the website 🙏 😭
Geraldo Gaming 97
Geraldo Gaming 97 3 ore fa
Were is the website to bye it omggggg!!!!
Christian Schuhknecht
Christian Schuhknecht 10 ore fa
11:11 you forgot to toggle the switch
LOVE DIOLA 10 ore fa
hopefully i can have it wyl im living..😥😥😥😥
Kazuma Sato
Kazuma Sato 13 ore fa
Imagine buying this kind of phone just for playing plants vs zombies 1 in it
Jose Esquer
Jose Esquer 15 ore fa
Where can I get it???? I really want it! But I can't find it in the US. Can someone please help me.
YemenVibes 18 ore fa
Sound effects on unboxing , what the heck
YemenVibes 18 ore fa
OMG 😲, I'm in love 😍 My birthday is coming soon, so 😅
Son Le Anh
Son Le Anh 20 ore fa
0:53 What's wrong with it?
e k A c e
e k A c e 21 ora fa
This guy must be changing phones every day
kingofkingz235 22 ore fa
Love the color of it black & red 😍 that phone looks amazing but I read that the phone won't be available on the U.S.A correct me if I'm wrong
Robert B
Robert B Giorno fa
Rog phone 2 still better.
oula yao charles venance
oula yao charles venance Giorno fa
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
ann angelich
ann angelich Giorno fa
1:25 So funny
keny nanton
keny nanton Giorno fa
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
iram aziz
iram aziz Giorno fa
1:25 So funny
Adam Prewitt
Adam Prewitt Giorno fa
1:25 So funny
night ninja
night ninja Giorno fa
Where do I buy this
Sanatan The Eternal
Sanatan The Eternal Giorno fa
*Ur cameraman us indian hindu guy???.*
D o 2x G Y
D o 2x G Y Giorno fa
Nobody needs phones for gaming which makes every game get filled with even more semendrinking kiddos but hey iT hAs RgB LiGhTs wow i love having watermarks on my pictures. HAHAHAHAHaH what a piece of crap
Dzejas Andrew
Dzejas Andrew Giorno fa
Confused between asus rog 3, Lenovo phone , red magic 5s, one plus 8t
Allio Biondi
Allio Biondi Giorno fa
I am still happy with my rog 2
jason618 2 giorni fa
Sony need to start pushing 4k ultra screens on everything. Tires of the 1080 and 1440 screens.
Akum Bhai
Akum Bhai 2 giorni fa
From where I can buy this smartphone
Brick Bully Kennels
Brick Bully Kennels 2 giorni fa
Background music is awful awful awful bro bad choice
Francis Barcillano
Francis Barcillano 3 giorni fa
how to buy this lenovo legion phone?
Anth0 3 giorni fa
I've gathered that this phone is quite ROBUST.
Albert Paulie
Albert Paulie 3 giorni fa
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Star Platinum, ZA WARUDO!
Star Platinum, ZA WARUDO! 3 giorni fa
Now every smartphone channels need to test Genshin Impact.
Simone TheTretelayer
Simone TheTretelayer 3 giorni fa
One of the most disturbing voice i ever heard!
Da Rush
Da Rush 4 giorni fa
Da Rush
Da Rush 4 giorni fa
16GB ram? WTF. there is nothing on android shovelware market that needs that kind of power... This should have shipped with WINDOWS 10, at least then you could install STEAM on it.
Julian Landicho
Julian Landicho 4 giorni fa
Can you have windows on it
Manav Makwana
Manav Makwana 4 giorni fa
Plz support Micromax
Aljon Balbastro
Aljon Balbastro 4 giorni fa
welcome to the BROKE GANG GANG where we watch the things that we like but cant afford to buy
Shimes Mendoza
Shimes Mendoza 4 giorni fa
I hope i owned red magic phone someday. But it really hurts that cant be happened 😆😆😞
Arrd Viloria
Arrd Viloria 4 giorni fa
I prefer this design over holes and notches.
Bai Honey Ahmad
Bai Honey Ahmad 4 giorni fa
Yes that unidentified gaming touches grips is stupid too
Jackson Potter
Jackson Potter 3 giorni fa
I had a stroke trying to read that sentence
Bai Honey Ahmad
Bai Honey Ahmad 4 giorni fa
The popping is stupid aswell
Bai Honey Ahmad
Bai Honey Ahmad 4 giorni fa
The popping is stupid aswell
Bai Honey Ahmad
Bai Honey Ahmad 4 giorni fa
Two batteries is stupid. You would have to think of charging two . What if you dont know that the other battery is draining cause you just keep charging on one side. Gosh
This phone is literally 99999x better than my pc
Jean pierre Mogollon Luque
Jean pierre Mogollon Luque 5 giorni fa
Legion: the 666 phone
Andi9N 6 giorni fa
16GB of RAM but only 30fps video capturing. What´s wrong with you Lenovo?
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores 6 giorni fa
Only reason to get this is to match my Legion Laptop...
Gabriel Joseph Alcantara
Gabriel Joseph Alcantara 6 giorni fa
and here i am watching something i cant afford
Majid Sayyed
Majid Sayyed 7 giorni fa
My laptop has 8gb ram😐
vincent chase
vincent chase 7 giorni fa
Imagine buying that and end up only using it for Among Us. 😂
Riglow Kun
Riglow Kun 19 ore fa
Genshin Impact, among us is meh imo
cil esponga
cil esponga 5 giorni fa
where's kira?
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 5 giorni fa
Why not?
vincent chase
vincent chase 7 giorni fa
I can afford it someday tomorrow!
Myrian cristina de souza mattos da costa
Myrian cristina de souza mattos da costa 7 giorni fa
1:02 what is it?
Shishy7 7 giorni fa
lenovo should do the legion tablet just like this with flip camera
Luke Luciano
Luke Luciano 7 giorni fa
can i have this phone after your finish this video..seriously
laureltree arts
laureltree arts 7 giorni fa
A natureza é maravilhosa
Jamiro Sy
Jamiro Sy 7 giorni fa
14:48 ok I didn’t like that move.
larissa lorena
larissa lorena 8 giorni fa
0:53 Love this moment
Denil Silva
Denil Silva 8 giorni fa
Any tips Lewis pls
Denil Silva
Denil Silva 8 giorni fa
Soo Meng Tiong
Soo Meng Tiong 8 giorni fa
Why u shouting bruh
Zero Sansinin
Zero Sansinin 8 giorni fa
I have the bot ROG3 Nad Lenovo Legion Pro same ram that 16gbram but I like ROG3 the most I give to my mother my legion and she only you sing it if she have meeting 😍
chris R
chris R 8 giorni fa
im not sure i see any difference between this an the S10 or a new iphone. I really can't justify buying a phone specifically for gaming. It definitely has its market but its not for me.
CH kayaa
CH kayaa 9 giorni fa
my friend! do you have grudge against lenovo? You made the publicity of the phone very bad. You gotta make you feel the spirit of the warriors while telling this phone!!!
ideltina Emídio
ideltina Emídio 9 giorni fa
What are the names of the games that you are playing here?
shubh barot
shubh barot 9 giorni fa
Smart phone still don't have good games You better build pc or buy playstation
Prasad Potdar
Prasad Potdar 9 giorni fa
7000 battery
Kenn Patrick N. Cañoniyo
Kenn Patrick N. Cañoniyo 9 giorni fa
i hope i have one of the phone :(
Mo A
Mo A 10 giorni fa
I just watch because I like to be informed in the smartphone world, see what are the options are out there, you know.
asadul zaman
asadul zaman 10 giorni fa
How come Samsung M51 not on your review list yet??
kirito kirigaya
kirito kirigaya 10 giorni fa
Hi can I have that bruuhh 😁😁
Pat Frederick
Pat Frederick 10 giorni fa
do we truest them yet..Showing results for lenovo sent virus to computers Search instead for lonovo sent virus to computers Computer maker Lenovo has been forced to remove hidden adware that it was shipping on its laptops and PCs after users expressed anger. The adware - dubbed Superfish - was potentially compromising their security, said experts.Feb 19, 2015
Benton Veltri
Benton Veltri 11 giorni fa
for any of you that were looking for where to buy it, it isn't available in the US. See below comment. "Pricing and Availability The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel (called Lenovo Legion Phone Pro in China) is expected to be available starting July in China and in select markets in Asia Pacific, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Latin America to come later. Availability and timing may vary per geographical market.8 Pricing will vary per market. Please reach out to your local PR contact for more information on the price points for the 16GB and 12GB memory options.8"
Arghyadeep Ghosh Two
Arghyadeep Ghosh Two 11 giorni fa
That's some right direction to go in...
Mobile Gamers Unite
Mobile Gamers Unite 11 giorni fa
Honestly for the same moneys the ROG phone has more longevity because you can tweak the battery to charge slower and to a lower %% and that makes the device last longer overall...idk about you but if I drop 1k on a phone I'd like it to last more then a year or 2. Imo tho just imo as they are both priced the same.
Marcos Lopez Mr. Chill
Marcos Lopez Mr. Chill 11 giorni fa
Nice video. Appreciate the camera style. But, there was a thought. Whats the name of the music used in this video. It's awesome. Better yet. Launch an unboxing therapy Spotify playlist or YT Music. Low key there could be an inbox therapy music collaboration with music creators, I'd follow it. Stay Frosty. Peace.
Kris Dwight
Kris Dwight 12 giorni fa
Thays awesome! I got a Legion y740 laptop about 6 mo ths ago, it way exceeded my expectation. High quality build and the rtx 2070 preformed better than I expected for a laptop
Sakora Zanga
Sakora Zanga 12 giorni fa
Why do I have to be poor at these times :'< I WANT THIS PHONE.
Notanexpert 09
Notanexpert 09 12 giorni fa
So rog phone 3 or this phone. What's ur final answer? Lol
Tyler Lidster
Tyler Lidster 12 giorni fa
Lol 2 chargers 😂
SPIDER VENOM64 13 giorni fa
I prefer the ROG 3 or the red magic 5g
Pratik Patel
Pratik Patel 13 giorni fa
Sir what u do of mobile after unboxing?
Saad Shaikh
Saad Shaikh 13 giorni fa
Nep Tune
Nep Tune 13 giorni fa
Nep Tune
Nep Tune 13 giorni fa
Jack Pottle
Jack Pottle 13 giorni fa
Aint no body watch this!
Lance Heartnet
Lance Heartnet 13 giorni fa
Phone companies: We need to lose more ports, we don't have much space. Lenovo: 2 usb port, more powa!
J.c Random
J.c Random 13 giorni fa
Sitting here watching off my one plus 5t lol.
Liam Collinson
Liam Collinson 14 giorni fa
What do people buy gaming phones for
Logan Gollogly
Logan Gollogly 14 giorni fa
0:53 What's wrong with it?
Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma 14 giorni fa
Complete garbage.
Binny Brieger
Binny Brieger 15 giorni fa
What's better redmagic 5g or this phone?
Valquiry 07
Valquiry 07 15 giorni fa
Fast charging is different in spec for this model..for 16gb ram is the fastest.
GG Nelly
GG Nelly 15 giorni fa
Is it me or has Lou just never gotten older?
Anthony Cummings
Anthony Cummings 15 giorni fa
Phone named after legion real nice. Just call it satin lol
Source / Adversary
Source / Adversary 16 giorni fa
@Unbox Therapy, When did you start strictly wearing All Black? I am not goth, but I have been wearing Only black for 19 years.
bo6ka7a 16 giorni fa
what is your smart watch?
Nainar Raivori
Nainar Raivori 16 giorni fa
Can't they split tesla in 2 batteries?
Nainar Raivori
Nainar Raivori 16 giorni fa
Split it in 6!
Antawn Kingdom
Antawn Kingdom 16 giorni fa
i love that phone
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