This Smartphone Just Changed The Game

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Unbox Therapy

8 mesi fa

Unboxing the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. The Legion Phone Duel goes up against the RedMagic 5S, Black Shark 3 Pro and the Asus ROG Phone 3.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 mesi fa
What's your dream smartphone so far in 2020?
BROJAMZ Gaming 4 giorni fa
This phone
Marjun Castro
Marjun Castro Mese fa
Me ROG PHONE DAMN i wish i could get that one.
Eka Kurnia
Eka Kurnia 2 mesi fa
Bolehkah saya meminta salah satu ponselnya, karna ponsel yang pakai sekarang udah jauh dari kata layak 🙃
toccca potato
toccca potato 2 mesi fa
Samsung s20 ^^
SUPER SIDDHU 3 mesi fa
Sub me broo
bobby adams
bobby adams Giorno fa
How do I get into product testing like this
Alejandro Villarreal
Alejandro Villarreal 4 giorni fa
I have the money but how do I buy one? I live in the U.S btw
jim harley
jim harley 4 giorni fa
How well does it work as a phone
RodneyJ2 7 giorni fa
Unbox Therapy where do you keep all of these gadgets you must have a warehouse the size of Jupiter🤣🤣🤣
GraphicX YT
GraphicX YT 8 giorni fa
Ben Houghton
Ben Houghton 9 giorni fa
what 3 pin plu adapter do i need for legion gaming phone with it not even coming with one? thanks
Justin lo
Justin lo 12 giorni fa
This would work great on ps5 remote play
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet 12 giorni fa
Pov: you are here after the legion 2 was out Again
HAMEED ANSARI 15 giorni fa
it is a company of lenovo
Stoned Venger
Stoned Venger 16 giorni fa
No buyer link?
Vincent Cheong
Vincent Cheong 16 giorni fa
Is a very gd phone. I am using this for my CODM play and is very smooth
Vincent Cheong
Vincent Cheong 16 giorni fa
Personally i prefer this to Asus ROG 3
Jilani Alom
Jilani Alom 18 giorni fa
I might buy this just checking other gaming phones 😂
WalangPart2 19 giorni fa
The only reason people buy 🍎 products is to flex their crap out😂
Juan Jose
Juan Jose 20 giorni fa
Is this phone available in the us? I cant find it
Matt McKasty
Matt McKasty 21 giorno fa
These vidos have really gone downhill as far as delivring info goes. He literally forgot to say the phone isn't sold in the US or Canada lol
Nav Jordaan
Nav Jordaan 22 giorni fa
I want this.
Johnnyrc Nigeria
Johnnyrc Nigeria 26 giorni fa
So in your opinion this vs the rog 3 what's your take
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet 23 giorni fa
I pefer Rog 3 but this is lit 🔥
Big Tommy
Big Tommy 29 giorni fa
Anybody else having problems with this phone making and answering phone calls. Mine periodically says mobile network not available and lose all signal but will text and go online fine.
Big Tommy
Big Tommy 29 giorni fa
Anybody else having problems with this phone making and answering phone calls. Mine periodically says mobile network not available and lose all signal but will text and go online fine.
Big Tommy
Big Tommy 29 giorni fa
Anybody else having problems with this phone making and answering phone calls. Mine periodically says mobile network not available and lose all signal but will text and go online fine.
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet 23 giorni fa
My old phone also have a big problem, he always disconnect randomly and reconnect back.
WalangPart2 Mese fa
I've been gaming cod mobile with this phone, and now I'm qt 12269 points battle royale. Thank you lenovo
Милен Пенев
Милен Пенев Mese fa
The game name???????????
David Lutz
David Lutz Mese fa
Starts at 33%...freemasonry
Victor Mese fa
Very interesting phone. However, your random shouting is off putting...
Jönathan 69
Jönathan 69 Mese fa
Lenovo is coming back actually lenovo is a premium phone I've own we back 2014
pinz dpznea
pinz dpznea Mese fa
Whenever i watch this dude,reminds me of connor mcgregor
Big Guy Vending
Big Guy Vending Mese fa
Do you have to have both batteries charging at the same time?
Who are lenovo Motorola fans here
luckkyybeeez Mese fa
Hey, what watch ard you wearing in this video?
Vlad Makaveli
Vlad Makaveli Mese fa
Imagine dropping this and hitting the side trigger buttons 😱
Hazazi Azizan
Hazazi Azizan Mese fa
Official phone of Mercedes
Abhishek Ranjan
Abhishek Ranjan Mese fa
This is the SuperPhone. I love this phone too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrei joseph Bucud
Andrei joseph Bucud Mese fa
3UCCA Mese fa
Robust ✨
Daily TIE HILL Mese fa
Dope video. I got into Razr mobile watching Unboxed Therapy. I was about to buy the LG Wing, but will consider this ne gamer inspired mobile line
Ryan Reape
Ryan Reape Mese fa
That phone looks robust
Nayr Agsaulio
Nayr Agsaulio Mese fa
I hope i can have that phone but i cant afford it i would like to change my life by starting in streaming games i hope someday i could have it
Carl Basky
Carl Basky Mese fa
Xiaomi 10 charges from 0-100% in 25 mins. 120W fast charge
Justine Erick Cabilao
Justine Erick Cabilao Mese fa
Is this 5G Phone
H2O- FPV Mese fa
u so right i dont really care about camera yes is good to have it but the other things this phone has are super great thank u for this review
Carl Petty
Carl Petty Mese fa
I want that phone and how much do it cost
1mag1n3 TV
1mag1n3 TV Mese fa
I completely forgot legion made a gaming phone
John Pastena
John Pastena Mese fa
Is it Verizon compatible
ricandadd1 Mese fa
Love how I find out about this after I got a new phone 4 days ago😐
Silent Boy
Silent Boy Mese fa
Frank Zhu
Frank Zhu Mese fa
The fallacious geology invariably decorate because drain neurochemically delay times a important drill. absorbing, polite range
Dmk Mese fa
Apple: Doesn't include charging brick Lenovo: includes case and 2 chargers
Dmk Mese fa
@Mcdonald's Big Mac lol right
Mcdonald's Big Mac
Mcdonald's Big Mac Mese fa
Apple is so Annoying with their pettyness
Lelebeth Delacruz
Lelebeth Delacruz Mese fa
I hope i can have that phone
Utkarsh Pednekar
Utkarsh Pednekar Mese fa
that is really a different kind of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JanJan Mese fa
i wish i had a good phone, my phone runs 8 fps
Tytans Fitness
Tytans Fitness Mese fa
what is the watch he is wearing?
Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury
Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury Mese fa
Should’ve called Motorola Legion Dual
B. Pyromane
B. Pyromane Mese fa
I might actually get the legion cell phone
Mc Kannon
Mc Kannon Mese fa
BUT does it track everything you do and send it to big tech?! Thats the real question.
Ashley Walker
Ashley Walker Mese fa
Thats so cool can u do a black berry phone please
Geração Z
Geração Z Mese fa
To apaixonado nesse equipamento ♥️
Blue Balles
Blue Balles Mese fa
People this is for real mobile players not. I want to use a controller on my mobile device and call that mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is touch screen work baby. Oh I love mobile.
J. L
J. L Mese fa
I just bought a new phone like this for 30$ 😂 sooo cheap
nemesis prime
nemesis prime Mese fa
more RAM than my fucking laptop🤣
someidot Mese fa
Watching on the lenovo legion 5p, legion for life 💪
I mean I can afford it but I don't like the back camera. If I hold it the way I hold other phones and I want to take a photo,my fingers will be covering the camera. And also I don't like pop-up camera phones coz of we drop it while it is popped up,it will take severe damage. So not buying this phone. But the red magic 3 is awesome.
Alfredo Quijada
Alfredo Quijada Mese fa
what instrumental is this?
Kerry lyons
Kerry lyons Mese fa
😀that's cool but looks like your setting up the flux compositor 🤣
Bruce Bruno
Bruce Bruno Mese fa
24:52 nose hair! LOL!
The Real Legend
The Real Legend Mese fa
Mark Vison
Mark Vison Mese fa
The Logo reminds me of the Code Geass curse mark (anime) ✌
Mr Klimax
Mr Klimax Mese fa
Wakes the dog up to tell it to go back to sleep
honeymilk1974 Mese fa
I'm good with my Note 10 plus lol.
LeFuck you
LeFuck you Mese fa
That thing is so ugly I don’t care what it does
Lieutenant 2 mesi fa
It's a neat phone but where's the wireless charger?? Having a wireless charger gets the most usage out of the phone by keeping the phone from running hot while using it and charging it at the same time. Using the phone at a high rate without interruptions should be a top priority.
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez 2 mesi fa
Wow now I can play angry birds at 60 fps
Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out
Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out 2 mesi fa
Cable, robust, other cable still robust, power block robust, phone robust, experience ROBUST
Amr El Sherbini
Amr El Sherbini 2 mesi fa
They thought of everything a gamer would face and yes I said a Gamer.
Dash Lups
Dash Lups 2 mesi fa
Tbh I don’t even care about the phone... but the 90 WATT WALL ADAPTER!!! 😮 OH MY!!!
Maria Ella Marquez
Maria Ella Marquez 2 mesi fa
Can someone give me $100 and a kitty cat right now? For some reason 😅
lola bola
lola bola 2 mesi fa
That looks like an xfaxtor phone
Archangel 2 mesi fa
How to buy?
Hussien nd
Hussien nd 2 mesi fa
I love watching things that i cant afford🤣
j azz
j azz 2 mesi fa
Amoled on a gaming phone is a big no no
olanrewaju adekunle
olanrewaju adekunle 2 mesi fa
I really loved the part where he really had to place the phone close to the mic...the sound of the plastics covering coming off the phone was satisfying
Wizard Ape Studio
Wizard Ape Studio 2 mesi fa
This is awesome!!
Bruce Waters
Bruce Waters 2 mesi fa
You got some crazy camera work at times.
gudukassa geberyy
gudukassa geberyy 2 mesi fa
Can i get one. Please please it makes me Frist pereson
Jhady Chavez
Jhady Chavez 2 mesi fa
so which do you think is better? Red magic Nubia, Lenovo Legion, or ROG 3???
Z Ō 2 mesi fa
I use to buy phones from lenovo and it never really last so I don't know about this
Definitely Uh Rerun
Definitely Uh Rerun 2 mesi fa
Color your beard lard ass Looks like ginger and salt fighting your chin and the color is confusing the fk out my I5
Netty Voyager
Netty Voyager 2 mesi fa
you lose real estate on an amoled
Netty Voyager
Netty Voyager 2 mesi fa
you can use NFC to code into your building or house
Netty Voyager
Netty Voyager 2 mesi fa
what about NFC you can put your credit card into a mobile now :P
Netty Voyager
Netty Voyager 2 mesi fa
cool bit of camera work you really made the experience dynamic and the focus was clever on the zoom :) cudos to the camera man :)
Faatih Rabbaaniy
Faatih Rabbaaniy 2 mesi fa
Doesn't that's things made phone no longer seems simplify?
FoxTelemetry 2 mesi fa
This is probably overkill atm...
shakracon 2 mesi fa
Lenovo is garbage.... Lenovo tech WILL fail you sooner or later.
Dominic Duran
Dominic Duran 2 mesi fa
No ring, I still have a chance!! 🧡💚🧡💚🧡💚
Gaming-Zombie13 2 mesi fa
Beautiful phone
CMC RC 2 mesi fa
The chins are there so that your palms don't block the screen and amazing speakers
Gerson Coutinho Da Silva
Gerson Coutinho Da Silva 2 mesi fa
I rather get this than get a Samsung or an iPhone that costs £1000 lol
Budhi Iskandar
Budhi Iskandar 2 mesi fa
I can't afford this! 😫😩
bebo 1
bebo 1 2 mesi fa
Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 Unboxing...
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