Sony PS5 Unboxing - The Beast is HERE

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28 giorni fa

Unboxing Sony's latest flagship console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5).
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Babs 3 ore fa
I saw on eBay that it’s upselling for $1,500🥴
Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez 4 ore fa
I might just get the ps5
Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez 4 ore fa
I haven’t made my mind should I get the ps5 or Nintendo switch i neeedd helppp
Joseph Mundy
Joseph Mundy 5 ore fa
I have an Xbox1. I have Two brand new ps5’s that I was going to sell. I may have to keep on. All my friends I play with have Xbox and I would have to buy all my games we play AGAIN! I’m torn honestly. Just seems like ps5 is the way to go. I know game chats can sound choppy sometimes. That’s my biggest concern any input??
michail okeefe
michail okeefe 5 ore fa
It’s ugly
The Gordon Experiment
The Gordon Experiment 8 ore fa
PS6 is your mom telling you that you don’t need a new game system so you have to imagine.
Itz Yunz
Itz Yunz 9 ore fa
Does it come with a charger or do you have to buy a charger separately?
OP GamingYT
OP GamingYT 12 ore fa
:Muja pata ha ap na har kisi k help ki ha Muja ek phone da do abhi online classes ha or ham aford nhi Kar sakta
LucianogameTube 15 ore fa
nice ps5 you video
Smiley Tv
Smiley Tv 20 ore fa
PS3 is my first ever PC😭😭😭
Lusario Lage
Lusario Lage 22 ore fa
While others are getting a ps5 I’m just starting to get a ps4 😦
Hasin Ara Begum
Hasin Ara Begum 23 ore fa
Me watching this video knowing that it will take me at least 5 years to get a console
Bobby Lewis jr
Bobby Lewis jr 23 ore fa
Sideways looks like a photo album🤨
Who is hoping to get a ps5 on Christmas?😭
imjungshook Giorno fa
the ps5 is here but for pre-orders only..... plus, at first when i want to pre-order, its sold out already😭
Chris Hira
Chris Hira Giorno fa
4 years for the next generation? They last like 8-9 years lol
Green The Militant
Green The Militant Giorno fa
PS5 is beast! Check out my unboxing!!
htowncrown Giorno fa
I’m pretty sure everyone is getting xbox series x. Sorry bruh
Oragbade Shola
Oragbade Shola Giorno fa
Stone 8
Stone 8 Giorno fa
Might get one
Brooks Craig
Brooks Craig Giorno fa
Maybe it's just me, but he seems a lot more hyped about this than the Xbox Series X
Rafe Gangi
Rafe Gangi Giorno fa
After 10 days...anyone else giving up on trying to get a PS5 this year?? :(
shaistha ameena
shaistha ameena Giorno fa
He is showing off
XenonLegend Giorno fa
Anyone else watching this video hyped af and waiting to be able to finally order a PS5?
XenonLegend 15 ore fa
@Abdullah Yousaf nice man, have fun with it!
Abdullah Yousaf
Abdullah Yousaf 15 ore fa
mine arrives sunday
Brendan Moloney
Brendan Moloney 16 ore fa
@Suspekt Revyx Same.I’d recommend waiting a year for more games and also for launch issues to be fixed e.g stock and scalpers
Suspekt Revyx
Suspekt Revyx 23 ore fa
I’m just waiting for the hype to die down a bit so I don’t get bulldozed in the markets trying to get one
Rhode Noel
Rhode Noel Giorno fa
an i get a ps 5
DigikidForever Giorno fa
Did you seriously say the drive is capable of BLUETOOTH????? ROFLMAO. 9:10
David_ Mysterium
David_ Mysterium Giorno fa
I’m an Xbox player but I’m looking forward to trying this out I’m gonna need to adjust to the controller
Sara Brock
Sara Brock Giorno fa
The ps5 is going to be the new beat console
Captain Crunch Experiments
Captain Crunch Experiments Giorno fa
My PS5 Didn't survive the first week! Check my channel for what happend lol.
Captain Crunch Experiments
Captain Crunch Experiments Giorno fa
@ShadowReaper I didn’t really like the gameplay 😁
ShadowReaper Giorno fa
With your name i can assume why
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Giorno fa
Dude said four years or so till next new gen. Lol try like 8 years buddy
Ramisa J
Ramisa J Giorno fa
Commenting here to come back to this years later
DELGA Giorno fa
People:"ps4 better" "xbox better" "pc better" "phone better" Me: pathetic I played each one and destroyed every game possible 😈
DELGA Giorno fa
Gamers dont look at what kind of rig you play the important thing is you better dominate the game
YouTube YT
YouTube YT Giorno fa
Me still chilling with me Wii
CC Animatez
CC Animatez Giorno fa
Im gonna buy the ps5 over the xbox series x just because the ps5 has the MARVELS spiderman miles morales game.
a c
a c Giorno fa
guy said wait 4 years for the next gen😂🤣
Twitch n1ne16ix
Twitch n1ne16ix Giorno fa
Wow im not going to be able to get the ps5 or the xbox Im stuck on the ps4 but im greatfull for what i have
Twitch n1ne16ix
Twitch n1ne16ix Giorno fa
Im Very lucky to have what i have 🙂
Kianne Jave Oliver
Kianne Jave Oliver Giorno fa
13:30 damn my heart is went.....
Anvii Giorno fa
MythicRed23 Giorno fa
Man, I NEED the ps5, I need to sell EVERYTHING I OWN
cat boy
cat boy Giorno fa
no gta 6 sad
Prashanth J.K.
Prashanth J.K. Giorno fa
! PLEASE READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT ! I don't know why anyone else isn't saying this: Your videos are getting really damn boring. Since like half a year or even longer you are more interested in sponsorships and money than actually making videos which give information about products. I subscribed to your channel 2 years ago coz ur videos had a different vibe to them but now all I see is 20 minute long videos of u blabbering sht about tech u have almost no tech knowledge about and about that Latercase. The Willy du and Jack puns are gone. The green chair is gone. Your videos're just pure views views views and clickbait now. Mkbhd and Dave2d's videos have far better info than yours that too in shorter videos. I'm sure that it's not just me who feels like this. So if you too feel the same please like this comment so that it goes near the top and Lew reads it. Thankyou for reading.
AJ Freeney
AJ Freeney Giorno fa
Fuck it looks so good but I'm broke 😭😭
KINGSNIPER216 Giorno fa
Great videos I couldn’t get a PlayStation or Xbox do you do giveaways lol
Miles Palma Gross
Miles Palma Gross Giorno fa
My dude is getting old. I don’t think I’ve watched Lew for like five years.
ajaay dhesai
ajaay dhesai 2 giorni fa
I want the ps5 it so oppppppp
Dev 2 giorni fa
Addison Messer
Addison Messer 2 giorni fa
I want to get the ps5 so badly! I’ve saved up enough, now I just need to wait for them to get back in stock. The demand on this console is definitely the highest I’ve ever witnessed and w speeds like that, it definitely delivers on its promises. This is gonna be my first time using a different brand than Nintendo tho, so please, give me some game suggestions;)
Merica 2 giorni fa
That stand is annoying
Daily dose of Random
Daily dose of Random 2 giorni fa
Me laughing when he pulls the controller out and pushes the box wondering if he pushes it of the table lol
ShadowReaper 2 giorni fa
Mine just came today so happy
Arav Sandhala
Arav Sandhala 2 giorni fa
tryna convience my mom to let me buy a 4k tv but she keeps on saying no. She has control over my bank account since im a minor so thats why I have to ask
The Ghost
The Ghost 2 giorni fa
My ps4 looks so nice and I love it so no Thanks 🥰🥰
Mads Larsen
Mads Larsen 2 giorni fa
would. you. please. stop. moving. it. like. that. on. the. table !_!
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda 2 giorni fa
start at 7:20 you welcome ;-)
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 giorni fa
Aaa Hakan bu sensin 🤣🤣🤣
I am Red
I am Red 2 giorni fa
When you bought a PS4 in the day the PS5 just released:
kolim jone
kolim jone 2 giorni fa
Looks so good, I'm sorry Xbox fans but this beautiful machine by design killing Xbox no doubt
MAXIMUS CABRAL 2 giorni fa
ps5 slim will be smaller that’s obvious but ps5 pro will it be bigger or smaller
Shona Bahadur
Shona Bahadur 2 giorni fa
Lol one thing's for sure the ps 5 is not racial its white and black lmfao.
Ayush Saripalli
Ayush Saripalli 2 giorni fa
Is it just me or did his voice change
Paddy Walsh
Paddy Walsh 2 giorni fa
Sixreenine Legit
Sixreenine Legit 2 giorni fa
The ps5 has just been released so the ps4 prices will most likely now I can get a PS3 💸💸💸
Sixreenine Legit
Sixreenine Legit 2 giorni fa
Should I get this or one of the three PS4 consoles bc I have never owned a PlayStation
Shadow Demon
Shadow Demon 3 giorni fa
it looks like a mix between white and the gray ps1
Melody Skies
Melody Skies 3 giorni fa
You know the best part about PC players? We don’t have to buy a new PC for the next generation of games unless the game is only for that specific console. We also don’t need to buy online passes. We also don’t need to uninstall games and apps to download our new ones. We can also run 4 games at once. We also have more control over our settings. Consoles are for people who either can’t afford a pc or is too lazy to buy or build one. I don’t know about you but I can play on 8K resolution at 60-90 FPS on max settings.
Daniel Lewicki
Daniel Lewicki 2 giorni fa
@Melody Skies FIY I am a PC gamer.
Melody Skies
Melody Skies 2 giorni fa
@Daniel Lewicki your handicapped?
Daniel Lewicki
Daniel Lewicki 2 giorni fa
It doesn't matter as long as gaming industry flourish. Because at the end gaming experience is what matters the most. Console players, PC players, we are all on the same wheelchair.
Chuck Manson
Chuck Manson 3 giorni fa
tunakawk smelly
tunakawk smelly 3 giorni fa
Who ever designed that look must have been drunk.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 3 giorni fa
ill see u guys in like 6 years when the PS6 drops
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly 3 giorni fa
"The beast is here" ooooooo K
Custom Vintage Sounds Leicester
Custom Vintage Sounds Leicester 3 giorni fa
Looks so good, I'm sorry Xbox fans but this beautiful machine by design killing Xbox no doubt
seny53 3 giorni fa
Aaa Hakan bu sensin 🤣🤣🤣
Chris 3 giorni fa
I’m gonna miss the ps4 so much good memories. Editing in a couple years to see how much has changed.
CerealTV 3 giorni fa
I’m commenting this now and I’ll be back when the PS6 comes out and I’ll edit this comment...
Darren Sarmiento
Darren Sarmiento 3 giorni fa
I commented so that I can come back to this after the new console comes out :)
Mr. White
Mr. White 3 giorni fa
aotearoa 4eva
aotearoa 4eva 3 giorni fa
Gone are the days were x box gamers could lay claim to possessing the superior controller...
aotearoa 4eva
aotearoa 4eva 3 giorni fa
Just think, in 30 years this "new" tech will be shiiiiiiiiit lol.
Gaii dii
Gaii dii 3 giorni fa
I hate it when someone is trying to correct you but all you think about is that "it's a joke" like stfu.
ipapiga 3 giorni fa
Seems to me like the cheepest design yet
ipapiga 3 giorni fa
Im w8ing for ps 8
Dan Bilz
Dan Bilz 3 giorni fa
Ps5 is out and here I am still playing Skyrim on ps3 😂
Owen_Blub 3 giorni fa
hate this channel
Deb Lim
Deb Lim 3 giorni fa
Steve jobs will be jealous of the design
Oscar ortiz
Oscar ortiz 3 giorni fa
Bro this didnt come with a mic. ?????
Solomon Wolf
Solomon Wolf 3 giorni fa
all jokes aside i used to work at the ps dev building i saw ps6 development etc but im not suposed to say that so don,t rat me out
ThanatosXRS 3 giorni fa
neet design despite being xbox huge
BlueGhost5279 3 giorni fa
Anybody else get sweaty when he was holding it one handed?
Officer Slapnutts
Officer Slapnutts 3 giorni fa
I love my pc more
theConnorGamer 3 giorni fa
I'm sorry but I can not get over how terrible the console looks. I totally understand that is just my opinion but everytime I see it I just do not see the appeal at all.
Im behind you
Im behind you 3 giorni fa
commenting so i can come back when ps6 comes out
Im behind you
Im behind you 3 giorni fa
Commenting so i can come back 7 years later
the0nly Neva3h
the0nly Neva3h 3 giorni fa
Scott Sword
Scott Sword 3 giorni fa
PS5 is the Civic Type R of consoles.
samir tarin
samir tarin 3 giorni fa
Ps5 price plz
The infinity gamer
The infinity gamer 3 giorni fa
Not buyin the first shipment and takin the l I’m buyin the second ship maker and not taking the l on Black Friday
DALE FAMILY TUBE 3 giorni fa
Can’t wait to get
NexonStrix YT
NexonStrix YT 3 giorni fa
*Love From India*
FB GAMING 3 giorni fa
the first game i am going to play on it: genshin impact 😂😂
Shino Numaa
Shino Numaa 4 giorni fa
The only reason I'm getting this is cause of miles morales and predator
GR 4 giorni fa
Hahahahahahaha*Laughs In poverty*
Mr. goated Man
Mr. goated Man 4 giorni fa
Yo it the same wight as always
TheWolf821 Games
TheWolf821 Games 4 giorni fa
Bruh I’m getting the PS5 on my birthday (January 4) I’m soooo exited
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