Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Model Unboxing

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Unbox Therapy

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Microsoft sent over some models of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for unboxing. These are not able to be turned on but are exact physical matches for the eventual retail units.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Mese fa
Jolene Duncan
Jolene Duncan 12 ore fa
Tech jab gee tfnc why ugyjhnuhn
Jayesh Sharma
Jayesh Sharma 2 giorni fa
@SoyGalaxyHD 129qsS no it's launched
Gaa Fai Lok
Gaa Fai Lok 9 giorni fa
I heard the Xbox x series can use Microsoft office to do work, is that true! Can it also play steam games. Been using pc to do work and games but with Xbox I can do the same thing as I would with pc and enable me to play games exclusives for Xbox and it’s worth the money m.
SweetDeadSVK 21 giorno fa
That iPhone sound when you just buy something
SoyGalaxyHD 129qsS
SoyGalaxyHD 129qsS 27 giorni fa
You lie the xbox doesnt launch does consoles
Olsun 5 ore fa
Im a buy S to replace my one s. And hook it up to my gaming monitor.
Mr Memelord
Mr Memelord 7 ore fa
They got the Xbox but where’s that ps5 ?
sam N
sam N 12 ore fa
I would go for the series s but I buy alot of disk games as my internet is crappy, living in a rural area. so I'm going to have to buy the X unfortunately, but by the time you buy the series s and have to buy extra storage or a disk drive it will cost you more then the X anyway
Odysseus Baltazar
Odysseus Baltazar 17 ore fa
Unbox Therapy: Hey, let’s use a PS4 to give you size perspectives of the new Xbox counsels. Xbox Users: How dare you!
Cael Shannon
Cael Shannon Giorno fa
Going for X. More HP n other benefits with it.
BlackPhantom236 Giorno fa
Should i get the Xbox Series S or the X since the only thing I'm going to play is minecraft, fortnite, and some call of duty games
Evan Reichert - Mobile
Evan Reichert - Mobile Giorno fa
It’s a rectangular square based prism
NinjaKiwi xd
NinjaKiwi xd Giorno fa
Where is the disk slot for s
Sora X-King
Sora X-King Giorno fa
Series X is more desirable. I don't give a fuck about 4K at all and have no desire for a 4K TV but I do like owning my games. Digital only is a double edged sword. Sure you don't have to go out and buy games at a store but if your console gets banned from Microsoft for whatever reason, you're fucked and wasted $200+ dollars on games you can't even play anymore. And I know that one wise jackass will be all "Durr~ Just don't break the rules then~ Hurr hurr~" People have been banned on accident before. It can happen. I'm not a risk taker. Going for physical disk edition. Not digital.
Commander John
Commander John Giorno fa
In my opinion the series s is unnecessary if you got the Xbox one x like me, I hope the good games will come a long time for the one x too!
Robert Deer
Robert Deer Giorno fa
Idk which one to get because I want to use discs but I don’t want to spend and extra $200
KILLSAGAIN Edition Giorno fa
Did you pay £2500 from pc world for that huge lump of plastic😂🤣😀😃😂
Marzia Haroon
Marzia Haroon Giorno fa
An portable monitor and the series s console and a power supply you are a good to go anywhere
Deadpool 10
Deadpool 10 Giorno fa
Yeah, but for the white one where does the desk go? That's what I'm concerned about, where does it go?
Henry Showtime2206
Henry Showtime2206 Giorno fa
Relative : it is portable speaker Me :😂
Fall. Giorno fa
Imma get the series s because I travel alot
Just Lyssa
Just Lyssa Giorno fa
Any Xbox with roblox works for me! 😁😂
Ani Triandini
Ani Triandini 2 giorni fa
Xbox Series S looks like Wii sized
Ani Triandini
Ani Triandini Giorno fa
@Louiepikmin3 yeah it's size looks like nearly PS2 slim, Wii, or Wii U.
Louiepikmin3 Giorno fa
I think it's smaller
Ms. Marvel Fan
Ms. Marvel Fan 2 giorni fa
Microsoft Game sucks in quality
Julian Des Marais
Julian Des Marais 2 giorni fa
giorno theme
Bugrovskiy 2 giorni fa
так че лучше брать стабилизатор или радио?
Super Cool Kittens 2
Super Cool Kittens 2 2 giorni fa
Me: brings out my DS in school My teacher: did you get enough to share with the whole class? Me: bring out series s and 25 controllers
Andrew Magana
Andrew Magana 2 giorni fa
When you doing the ps5 console and ps5 digital video sub to your channel 💯🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Louiepikmin3 Giorno fa
Sony hasn't sent out any playstation 5 consoles to youtubers quite yet. However, if they don't get any, they'll probably do a video on the day it launches.
anton 3 giorni fa
u can’t insert discs in the xbox series s?
Louiepikmin3 Giorno fa
Sadly not. If you want a cheap system with a disk drive, you could either get an xbox one (Xbox's console from last generation) or wait until the xbox series x gets a price drop.
Doom Metal Lover
Doom Metal Lover 3 giorni fa
I'm going to buy both. Keep the series x at home and bring the series s on the go.
Static Boot
Static Boot 3 giorni fa
Me not sure what to get X or S? After the video yea I’m getting the Xbox series s
Tiago Santiago
Tiago Santiago 3 giorni fa
É um frigobar
Tiago Santiago
Tiago Santiago 3 giorni fa
E uma mine geladeira
Jahirul sk
Jahirul sk 3 giorni fa
Today was a Maths class ???
Jacob Seckinger
Jacob Seckinger 3 giorni fa
Does the series s have a disc tray
crumpet 3 giorni fa
p s 5 p l e a s e
moi 3 giorni fa
series s is garbage for me. no 4k , no disc drive , lower specs. i have over 50 xbox one games and not ready to get rid of them. also dont like digital games which u cant resell and have to pay the the same price for them. the money difference is well worth getting series x instead when i think of all money lost on digital games that i cant resell.
thatKidjayy 3 giorni fa
Series s look like an advanced wii when u stand it up😂😂😂
AJDingerFan 3 giorni fa
The series S has me intrigued. I really want a PC but can’t afford it rn. However the S being so cheap, may pull me in for a couple years before I jump to pc
Louiepikmin3 Giorno fa
I have a pc, but it's legit trash. I'm getting a series s around launch to last me until I can build a better pc.
Luke Reiser
Luke Reiser 3 giorni fa
the small one looks the same as a normal xbox one?
juanelle york
juanelle york 3 giorni fa
frosty the snowman
fuck you
fuck you 3 giorni fa
the series x looks like a slim speaker ngl
Splxsh 4 giorni fa
Wait the series s doent have a disk tray uhhh
Unlucky Man666
Unlucky Man666 4 giorni fa
How is this an unboxing. Biggest Clickbait ever.
Corey Chandler
Corey Chandler 4 giorni fa
Will it be available at launch at the local GameStop?
jason aghnatios
jason aghnatios 4 giorni fa
but there's people that cant afford xbox live
Tomás Arturo Almeyda Ramos
Tomás Arturo Almeyda Ramos 4 giorni fa
No te entendí ni vrg no se inglés
Raymond Hachmishvili
Raymond Hachmishvili 4 giorni fa
The series s looks "console" while the series x is computer size which is a downside for me
not compatible with normal hard drives?
Milk 4 giorni fa
Can people not argue about which console is better like console wars ended years ago and just let people use the console they want and if ur arguing about which console is better SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH
Petes place unboxing
Petes place unboxing 4 giorni fa
This is seriously a long time coming... thank god it’s on its way! ! 😝
RoboReb 4 giorni fa
Looks like a trashcan 😂😂
fantom gaming
fantom gaming 5 giorni fa
I need this I need this 😭😍
travi 5 giorni fa
So u can take off that stand what an ugly design so unimaginative
KingThugga Tv
KingThugga Tv 5 giorni fa
Sony gone win because of better performance xbox just redesigned the same box and up the loading times that is why they are allowing old games to be played to get buyers lol
I'm brony and Weeb
I'm brony and Weeb 5 giorni fa
I think I choose Xbox series S I don't need more games only youtube and crunchyroll, fifa but it's true look like wash machine
ll Kaizo ll
ll Kaizo ll 5 giorni fa
But can I connect my Astro a40s to the Xbox series x🧐
nathhekzz 5 giorni fa
Why do I feel like the series x weighs like 1 tonne
Isaiah Cruz
Isaiah Cruz 5 giorni fa
Bruh the xbox look like my wifi box 😂😂
Hsha Ooo I
Hsha Ooo I 6 giorni fa
Can you send me one of them
Random Fun
Random Fun 6 giorni fa
How did he get these the series x and s are not on the market
Purple Kush
Purple Kush 6 giorni fa
Not even a hater but this is probably the ugliest console in 2020. I love Xbox but this is just disgusting. (Xbox series x)
David Damasceno
David Damasceno 6 giorni fa
I'd honestly pick the Series S just because it's cute ^^
Cat Man
Cat Man 6 giorni fa
The launch line up of games is weak. No new exclusives. Console launches are supposed to be about new experiences and exciting new exclusives games to play. People who already have xbox and game pass will end up feeling like there is nothing new as they will be playing the same games as they already do just a bit sharper and smoother. Not having Halo at launch is a huge blow. That would have been at least one big new exclusive.
adambelfast1 6 giorni fa
Wait wasnt the Series S supposed to be an actual cube. Did they scrap that design?
StreetMoney Kel
StreetMoney Kel 6 giorni fa
Either 1 is fine for me
Dilma Santos
Dilma Santos 6 giorni fa
And cardboard
Diegolino911 6 giorni fa
Hidden Agenda
Hidden Agenda 6 giorni fa
I cant even get one to checkout to order!! HOW!#
NRL Nash
NRL Nash 6 giorni fa
Mina fridge gaga
PGG_Simulation 6 giorni fa
Question will all xbox series x games work on the series s in the future
From The Bay
From The Bay 6 giorni fa
I would buy the Series X but I'm broke.
From The Bay
From The Bay 6 giorni fa
I prefer physical games over digital games any day but saving up and waiting for a bundle would be the best decision.
BlackCroft666LP 6 giorni fa
S is 299. Or you save money and wait a bit for bundles.
Dusk 7 giorni fa
4K gaming is cool, but I want frames bruh
Lucian Pop
Lucian Pop 7 giorni fa
Linus Tech Tips has a functional one what is this ...
Junior Vapes
Junior Vapes 7 giorni fa
Ps 5 looks like a WiFi router
Dragonn 7 giorni fa
Awesome now im gonna planning to get the new xbox and the xbox game pass
Unpredictable_One_ UFC
Unpredictable_One_ UFC 7 giorni fa
This is the saddest looking xbox ever made🤣 I might have to switch over to the dark side 🤣
EM Studio
EM Studio 7 giorni fa
its a fake
it'sPhoenix 7 giorni fa
I'm getting the Xbox Series X
Kentuki Chiken
Kentuki Chiken 7 giorni fa
i thought microsoft made a big/thicc speaker (xbox ss)
Plxid 7 giorni fa
Who here after that bullshit ps4 update?😭😭😭😭😭
Really Sutcliffe
Really Sutcliffe 7 giorni fa
X is better
C4 7 giorni fa
Series X and the Ps5 is ugly af ???😴😴
Pranav Vijayanand
Pranav Vijayanand 7 giorni fa
I’m picking up the series s lesss gooo
JunSeok Lee
JunSeok Lee 7 giorni fa
Does the series x support 120fps
Will Medrano
Will Medrano 7 giorni fa
In this unbox therapy series episode you unboxed a series of boxes containing xbox series
Eli Geist
Eli Geist 7 giorni fa
Can the one s play with seres s and s
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 7 giorni fa
I like the new xbox it look like a computer
SWeMX 7 giorni fa
Wtf?! Are those the consoles? The black one looks like a fucking trashbox, and the white one looks like cheap speaker! And im not even joking..
Cody Stokes
Cody Stokes 8 giorni fa
I like the series x better
Toxic_Recon 8 giorni fa
Looking to buy the Xbox Series S
Super Tesla
Super Tesla 8 giorni fa
Who would pay for 3 years of a console I would just buy forever keep
ItsRavage 8 giorni fa
Buy a pc u peasants
Random Name
Random Name 8 giorni fa
Is the series “s” better than the Xbox one x
Davide Ferrari
Davide Ferrari 8 giorni fa
@Random Name it literally a next gen console. So yes it's better like ps3 -> ps4. think about the series x like a ps4 pro, and the series s like a ps4
Random Name
Random Name 8 giorni fa
@Davide Ferrari ok thanks 😂
Davide Ferrari
Davide Ferrari 8 giorni fa
yes, obviously :-|
wton23 8 giorni fa
Series S makes sense to me. I don't care about 4k gaming, give me 1080p and I'm happy.
what ever
what ever 8 giorni fa
Iwill get the series s but when iget more money i will get the series x because my finoncial stuation sucks for the moment
buying series s so i can be invited in houses :)) :((
2FaceBigDreads 8 giorni fa
Xbox owner here. Sense nobody else is saying anything i will. Xbox, for YEARS been ducking the problem of not being able to purchase BC/old xbox360/xbox games on the Xb1, pc, mobile, via internet. The only way to do so is own a 360 & buy it there. NOBODY SEEM TO CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE even playstation fans dont really know about this problem or dont care. Hopfully a big name gamer or reviewer can shed some light on this. Cause it looks like microsoft is l hiding this problem and bringing it right to next gen.
David Forrester
David Forrester 8 giorni fa
half the storage space of the x isnt a small difference buying an extra ssd puts you right at the price point the series x is and your still weaker.
OVER KILL 8 giorni fa
Ever since the PS2 console design has been gradually declining. Till we arrived at this point in time, where customers are content to buy a literal, rectangular box. Makes you wonder what the generation after this will look like.
Ivan Sanchez
Ivan Sanchez 8 giorni fa
both are beautiful designs. :3
Omar Alomar
Omar Alomar 8 giorni fa
This design lacks a lot of creativity in it.. Its so ugly like a big speaker from 1999 . I'll miss the xbox one design.
OozyOps 8 giorni fa
Let’s be real...the fridge probably will cost over 600 dollars
Son GoKai
Son GoKai 8 giorni fa
Wdym the price has already been reveal
Cristian Rebollosa Loa
Cristian Rebollosa Loa 8 giorni fa
False ...
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