Unboxing Pure Technological Luxury...

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Unbox Therapy

4 mesi fa

Unboxing pure technological luxury...
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This video features the Ultrasone Edition 15 premium headphones.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 mesi fa
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Hap Mew
Hap Mew 4 mesi fa
Misael Saenz
Misael Saenz 4 mesi fa
You should make your knifes automatic open then I willl buy one okayyyyy
El Maikito
El Maikito 4 mesi fa
Your unboxing knife excites me , I'm going to buy a couple
El Maikito
El Maikito 4 mesi fa
I already have. But is it weird that nothing excites me anymore
Hey, the audio on your voice sounds really boomy. Please consider.
John Dexxx
John Dexxx 13 giorni fa
The Batcave
Charley Vox
Charley Vox 18 giorni fa
I’ve spent outrageous amounts of money on stereos since the 70’s. It takes 10 years and today’s technology is outdated.
H H 25 giorni fa
Marylee Mulnix
Marylee Mulnix 25 giorni fa
The volatile cheek aditionally care because mom principally care around a precious guide. divergent, left result
Smarak Palai
Smarak Palai 26 giorni fa
You give Lew anything, he will smell it first.
Shantharama Rai
Shantharama Rai 29 giorni fa
Damn that intro 🤩🤩🤩🤩
brazy Mese fa
Leather weird to me why you wrapping shit in dead animal skin
Juan M
Juan M Mese fa
should have been tested with a hi-fi amplifier, at least have connected a usb dac to the computer (Dislake)
Tryn Limpa-Amara
Tryn Limpa-Amara Mese fa
The moment he pull the leather box out of that plastic, I swear to god I can smell it from here.....
Harald Horvath
Harald Horvath Mese fa
You are testing the sound quality of these kind of headphones via ITpost streamed music^^?
Sai Oku
Sai Oku Mese fa
Had to switch my headphones to wired mode just to watch this video.
Howard Gray
Howard Gray Mese fa
increased price does not make it good.
Monty Rukoro
Monty Rukoro Mese fa
What I was really interested to know is whether those $3,600 headphones supports bluetooth connectivity?
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie 2 mesi fa
So you're telling me that this thing costs over 3 grand and doesn't have bluetooth?? What is this???
Fortnite Fortnite
Fortnite Fortnite 2 mesi fa
Love that he verifies leather by the smell
Jasper Stone
Jasper Stone 2 mesi fa
2:17 first time coke users
kidartex 2 mesi fa
Can someone please tell me what the affect on the headphones floating and twitchy camera movement is called?
Xentoro 2 mesi fa
Lets spam DankPods to review these puppies
Josch Josch
Josch Josch 2 mesi fa
German Products have that nice quality touch👌💪 greetings from Germany guys
ax 2 mesi fa
impossible to be better than airpods max
Anant Arneja
Anant Arneja 2 mesi fa
@2:15 bottom left side is it just me or evryone?
Demonstrator 21
Demonstrator 21 2 mesi fa
"You can still smell the wood." LOL yeah, imagine saying that after sniffing your cheating girlfriend's crotch.
KZ drift
KZ drift 2 mesi fa
People who are really in sound stage in shit "Lol he is using just a mac book"
Phát Lâm
Phát Lâm 2 mesi fa
This vs sth like the abyss phi or the abyss 1299, the utopia, lcd4, or maybe the orphies
Petr Kisselev
Petr Kisselev 2 mesi fa
At the price these are sold, they should have balanced XLR input.
DonDark 2 mesi fa
production cost. 599$ .. price 3600$
Taco Guy
Taco Guy 2 mesi fa
5:34: listen to music or movies or somthin else Gaming aka Gamers: ehem.... 😂🤣
Dillon Snowder
Dillon Snowder 2 mesi fa
“Smelling is very important” -Lew
markus ifland
markus ifland 2 mesi fa
Just saying... listening to the soundquality of youtube videos is like trying to fuel up your porsche with gas and seeing how fast it goes
Shubham Snehil
Shubham Snehil 2 mesi fa
I can feel the smell🙂
Swagata Roy
Swagata Roy 2 mesi fa
"you know it's serious when German comes before the English"- Lew 2021
Don20 2 mesi fa
U can't plug those straight into the laptop and ply music from ITpost. Come on man Do it right. I expect more from you then that
MackinUK 2 mesi fa
Listening to compressed audio from ITpost using some $3600 headphones is like putting Ketchup on your Lobster.
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili 2 mesi fa
Earl james Barilea
Earl james Barilea 2 mesi fa
Its look like trash
Justin ojara
Justin ojara 2 mesi fa
this when life gets intresting, when you can easily buy $3600 headphone easily, that money buys me a very nice used Japanese car
Tyler Atchley
Tyler Atchley 2 mesi fa
What is the intro song
4epa1012 2 mesi fa
Testing 3600$ headphones on a mackbook 😀
LoFaux 2 mesi fa
How'd you get into Waynetechs garage?
Dieselgang 2 mesi fa
This needs to be shown to dank pods
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan 2 mesi fa
Might not be bad if they'd sent a playlist of music files that'd show the audio fidelity. Just as an example. And, if they added an app that simply suggests music for the headphones too won't be bad. It'd keep their brand alive in the market until they come up with another crazy limited. An app that shows a waveform of the music being listened to.
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan 2 mesi fa
Impressive build. If just for that. It's worth it.
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan 2 mesi fa
Great design though. Would appreciate the form more if it was circular though. That oval shape just looks strange.
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan 2 mesi fa
They could have just packed in carton and made it cost less. Even for a limited edition device. They're headphones. No one's going to keep them in that box. Unless they're not using it and, why won't they be? Just a stand would have done. Makes someone winder what he's paying for. The leather box, alpaca wool or what else?
Adnan Sheikh
Adnan Sheikh 2 mesi fa
Now this is where apple headfone come into play..comparing apple with these high end headphones will make more sense instead of with thos 300 400 bugs headfone..as they say apple is way ahead of the game giving product for both high end and low end market into one product !!
Taimur Ali
Taimur Ali 2 mesi fa
Lmao air pods max won't even come close to these come on now
MR BEASTED 2 mesi fa
I'll have to pull out a loan for these lol
Schwaben Dashcam
Schwaben Dashcam 2 mesi fa
probier mal 8D-Mugge xD
Saeefista 2 mesi fa
I like the way he smells everything 😑
prince chritty
prince chritty 2 mesi fa
The awesome
noth606 2 mesi fa
lol, you test this gear on a turd audio source with turd recordings?! No one should send you audio stuff.
ecart50 2 mesi fa
For that price this better let me hear other peoples thoughts
Zac Weber
Zac Weber 2 mesi fa
As someone who goes to headphone and audio conventions... Ultrasone is all flair and only sounds good on old music. Can’t handle new genres very well.
Ted McDonald
Ted McDonald 2 mesi fa
$3600 and he plays spotify using macbook DAC. This guy should just stick to unboxing and ditch the review. "these sound good with the pop music" fml
Emre Palaoglu
Emre Palaoglu 2 mesi fa
ITpost vids have compressed audio listen to the headphones using Spotify or another streaming service
Mike salgado
Mike salgado 2 mesi fa
I love Micro Center
Utpal Rao
Utpal Rao 2 mesi fa
Intro was like stranger things.😅
K C 2 mesi fa
I feel poor in so many levels.
Progress Freight LLC
Progress Freight LLC 3 mesi fa
headphone looks like it was pulled straight out of mercedez door
balepo opeyemi
balepo opeyemi 3 mesi fa
my dude casually listening to body
Offical Legardokoth Phoniex
Offical Legardokoth Phoniex 3 mesi fa
Tiktok music...... 8:50
Mark Lieberman
Mark Lieberman 3 mesi fa
“It might be genuine” pains me as a leather enthusiast
i like it
nicolasgoossens 3 mesi fa
Quality tested and proudly signed off!
Philip Stanescu
Philip Stanescu 3 mesi fa
Excellent German engineering Innovation
Andre 3 mesi fa
You can tell it's technological it can fly
96annihilator 3 mesi fa
shitty sound. not kinnding. for good sound look for top-tier electrostatic or planar headphones. dynamic headhpones are generally worse. there are two decent models: focal utopia and audio-techinca adh5000, but they are way behind top-tier planar and electrostatic models. and even among dynamic headphones these one are comparable crappy. i have heard them. in terms of sound, compared to planar headphones, i would give $400 at maximum for these. among planars or electrostatic headphones, i would recommend trying hifiman susvara, hifiman he1000se, abyss 1266, abyss diana phi, snorry nm-1, stax sr-009s, hifiman shangri-la jr (not via the shangrinla jr amplifier since its crappy and cant even provide enough power for shangri la jr headphones that is weird). of course, you gotta have a specific amplifier (would recommend stax t-8000 or blue hawaii special edition for electrostatic ones and wells headtrip mk2 for planar ones), dac or a vinyl and good power and interconnect cables. (not talking about hifiman shangri la, stax omega sr-1, sennheiser he-1, sennheiser he-60 or sennheiser he-90 due to ultra high price)
ADAM V K 3 mesi fa
Smelling is important 😄
John Edgar
John Edgar 3 mesi fa
love watching people test high end audio equipment.....but then use a compressed music source >_
Kavekini Tuivaga
Kavekini Tuivaga 3 mesi fa
I actually have my ultrasone on right now watching this, not the ones he's reviewing though
Sani Wada
Sani Wada 3 mesi fa
Just because something has low impedance doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a DAC and AMP Lew or good quality audio source...
Yoiel Karomi
Yoiel Karomi 3 mesi fa
The special connector looks like a light saber
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more 3 mesi fa
4:42 Video starts here.
Shivanand. Tiwari
Shivanand. Tiwari 3 mesi fa
this is nice information thanks ☺️☺️
Sindhuja Sindhu
Sindhuja Sindhu 3 mesi fa
balaji balu
balaji balu 3 mesi fa
3600$ what is this bro it's tooo high but the features of this may need more price
in Flow
in Flow 3 mesi fa
Watching random 5minutes of headphones reviews can show you that it's best to use an AMP but they clearly didn't get that part.
Pocketpinguin 3 mesi fa
please use an amp with those!
Thomson sunil
Thomson sunil 3 mesi fa
Did he played music from ITpost 😑😑😑😑
Kurohyuki 3 mesi fa
The 90s called. They want their headphones back.
AkaliA Ø
AkaliA Ø 3 mesi fa
German made stuffs are amazing but... hope that headband part doesn't wear out which is the problem for the most. This might be best suited for the artists that works on music industry.
Djamel Biladi
Djamel Biladi 3 mesi fa
He wreely likes to smell them
Aryan Ankur
Aryan Ankur 3 mesi fa
CHXR 3 mesi fa
My man still uses spotify to test headphones?! Spotify aint even CD quality man ffs :')
Errol Blake
Errol Blake 3 mesi fa
what smells like beer and sausages!!!!
Mike Sookun
Mike Sookun 3 mesi fa
Lew doing the smell test reminds me of someone lol
Luftbubblan 3 mesi fa
First shot was almost good :D Went from amazing to funny as soon as the lines where shown(Multiple times). Feels a bit lazy when you setup a nice angle/shot like that yet doesn't do that tiny bit of masking in post to make it good. I assume the intention was not to make it perfect in the first place but its so little work that had to be done that it bothers me haha.
Rohan 3 mesi fa
I'm just waiting for him to dress like a batman and unbox his batmobile😌
Blake P
Blake P 3 mesi fa
Over 17 million subscribers reviewing products limited to under 1,000. Your taste has outgrown 99 percent of your "customers" budget. Must be nice.
O M 3 mesi fa
Pranam Shetty
Pranam Shetty 3 mesi fa
Not even bluetooth
Xavier X
Xavier X 3 mesi fa
drive them with proper equipment not that crappy laptop's basic sound capabilities!
Cherry Beats
Cherry Beats 3 mesi fa
Is it supposed to be expensive
You And I
You And I 3 mesi fa
mkbhd did the intro
Strawberry Pimp
Strawberry Pimp 3 mesi fa
Im listening it with my OneOdio A70 it is amazingly good and it's cheap got some amazing bass and try it out
Tactical Camel
Tactical Camel 3 mesi fa
It's the first time i see luke ...
Acehitman369 3 mesi fa
Wow $3000 headphone that crazy😳
illsahill 4 mesi fa
if its already perfect what to do what do u want/?
My City Of Beauty
My City Of Beauty 4 mesi fa
Love that intro 🖤
Vincent Šín
Vincent Šín 4 mesi fa
1:56 smooth
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