DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

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Unbox Therapy

6 mesi fa

Watch Part 1: You Should Buy The New iPhone SE -
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
Watch Part 1: You Should Buy The New iPhone SE -
Day 1
Day 1 10 giorni fa
I came here to clear my confusion but grows 😂
Raj Kumar Arora
Raj Kumar Arora 13 giorni fa
Hats off to you for your dedication and energy for this eye opening video. I really liked your Frank opinion 🙏
Xxautumn_xe 13 giorni fa
Iphone SE: I’ve been broke too many times I- don’t know what to believe 👁💧👄💧👁
Animation-around-Lego 3 mesi fa
You actually got a point unboxing therapy
Mydas Murray
Mydas Murray 3 mesi fa
Unbox therapy: everyone is Making videos saying iphone se2 is dope, how can I get people to watch my shit. I know 💡 ..
Zoom_swavy 8 ore fa
Why do people hate home buttons?😂
WantYaJuice? 8 ore fa
I bought the XR a year and a half ago and yeah the SE had a better chip but the battery life and everything is tbh is way better 😏
Dog Head
Dog Head 11 ore fa
what he forgets is not everyone wants large phones , so blindind what you want
A Google User
A Google User 12 ore fa
Dont mistake me as a fanboy here, But, apple was selling the iphone 8 from 2017 for $450 just before the SE, Isnt the SE a better deal at 400 with iphone 11 specs? They couldve still kept the iphone 8 on shelves with 3 year old hardware. But what did they do that? They gave you a huge upgrade for lesser than the asking price of a 3 year old phone. Not everyone wants a bezeless display. Not everyone is a fan of face id. Not everyone has enough money to buy an iphone 11. The iphone se costed exactly 57% of the price of the iphone 11 when it came out. Just go through the spec list and youll realise that youre getting the exact same phone, just with the old design, at a 40% less asking price. Isnt that enough for you? If you wanted that bezel less design, then you are literally converting the iphone SE into an iphone 11. The new design is expensive, thats the whole point that they went with the old design. Imagine how much they saved buy not reprogramming the entire factory and re designing an entirely new phone, they would have to do that for the new design, Then you complain that the phone is too expensive. Give me the name of one phone at 400 that will give you software updates for the next 5 years. Tell me about one phone, with the chip as powerful as the A13 at 400. If you wanted a bezelless design, they had the iphone 11 for you, if you couldnt spend that much then they gave a you a device with almost the same specs at 40% less, just with an older design. Isnt that enough? Its easy to complain. They delivered good value with the SE. Period.
Ameya Natu
Ameya Natu 18 ore fa
Very well said from 10:40 This phone is great, but they could have come up with a different aspect ratio and a choice of other lens at the back.
Jack Sisk
Jack Sisk Giorno fa
ngl i couldnt watch the whole thing
Nithin Raj
Nithin Raj Giorno fa
You are amazing.
Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd
Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd Giorno fa
This is shittest phone & after 5 & X, I downgraded to SE & gradually want to fade off apple & move to android The battery of this phone is pré-historic, forget all feature, display etc - it’s not usable at all - crap You have to charge 4 times in a day, that’s only if you are heavy talker - business talker not just chit chat I mean I had to buy 3 gadgets - wireless car charger, wireless desktop charger & power bank cover. So the light or pocket friendly form factor is a toss. Android phone on the other hand lasts days together , they do gr8 photos, videos, media & so on . For this price you get bomber android. This is my last iPhone
Titus Giorno fa
Ok thanks I might buy it anyways
Abraar Mohammed
Abraar Mohammed Giorno fa
This video might be the reason why iPhone 12 mini exists
Matthewbot44 Giorno fa
I love my IPHONE SE (1)But the new one looks good
JAKE T Giorno fa
The constant yelling gave me a stroke.
Power_Wind17 2 giorni fa
Lew always loves to bash apple to get views lol.
robloxsbro31 2 giorni fa
this is mislead video, oh yeah, you call that tiny? It's literally size of your hand
Sathiya Narayana
Sathiya Narayana 2 giorni fa
Nobody But that iPhone in lews hand why r u betraying me
Harjap Shergill
Harjap Shergill 3 giorni fa
apple watching this
AGMOxUSMAN Gaming 3 giorni fa
This is scarier than horror movie
LukeTheRandom 3 giorni fa
I can’t be the only one who thought he was telling me off in this video 🤣 i don’t even have the SE
2R9C 3 giorni fa
Too late
IRONJAY Retacco 4 giorni fa
Phoenix 4 giorni fa
We’re not gonna absolutely blow past the fact that he just aggressively peeled the plastic off are we
Will Storz
Will Storz 4 giorni fa
how much more can you complain
Ashley Ludwig
Ashley Ludwig 4 giorni fa
Him: *don’t buy the iPhone se* Me: *already purchased one before this video and was just looking for something to give me more confidence in my choice but accidentally stumbled upon this gem 🙌*
logan bettis
logan bettis 5 giorni fa
U can tell this was made by a man who gets whatever phone he wants
logan bettis
logan bettis 5 giorni fa
Y is he such a baby about a cheap phone that works amazing
Nathaniel Corpuz
Nathaniel Corpuz 5 giorni fa
Part 1 of 2: For apple users that's wants an upgrade Part 2 of 2: For android users that's hate apple and discriminating apple
Toe Muncher
Toe Muncher 5 giorni fa
Rashed Mohamed
Rashed Mohamed 5 giorni fa
I just bought it yesterday
KRISKATA 5 giorni fa
for everyone who are asking yourselves do you need a phone like this one ! The answer is : ABSOLUTELY YES ! I am using this phone for over 5 months already and its a masterpiece
Trung Vu
Trung Vu 5 giorni fa
He sounds hella mad like it's something new. It's Apple. 6 months released. One of the best selling phones in the world. LOL
umer tanoli
umer tanoli 5 giorni fa
Boy.. You make me feel like it's my fault that Iphone SE is like that.. This video is funny, sad and emotional at the same time..
jimmy lovell
jimmy lovell 6 giorni fa
Just for your information...there are over 25,000,000 people in the United States who are blind or visually impaired who do not need a big screen. the Apple voice over which is an accessability option is a great tool for the blind or visually impaired to enable us to interact with the "real worl". Apple heard our voices and let us into the game. So what I am saying to you is ...shut up, you do not know what you are talking about! Little man with a big mouth!
Abram Michel
Abram Michel 6 giorni fa
Apple can make a phone thts like 200 dollars without a chin and forehead. But they dont bc they wouldnt make as much money off the newer phones. And thts rlly wut it's all abt at the end of the day loll
Varun Soni
Varun Soni 6 giorni fa
If it had a bigger screen, who would buy the XR? I mean they aren’t running a charity they gotta make bank
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby 6 giorni fa
He’s acting like Gordon Ramsay when they bring him a plate of bad food
Will Hackney
Will Hackney 6 giorni fa
This is literally just pure babbling.
YgKryptic 6 giorni fa
They made the SE because for the people who didn’t upgrade and still have there iPhone 8 made it like that so people who still use a iPhone 8 could upgrade to SE
KrazyKitty Kat
KrazyKitty Kat 6 giorni fa
First of all, I ain't getting a phone that looks the same as my iPhone 7.
JournaIiste 6 giorni fa
I'm convinced this whole video is satire.
Tank Tang ke
Tank Tang ke 6 giorni fa
Bad news? Sure
Jun Seng
Jun Seng 6 giorni fa
Apple is no longer innoovative.
Hexagonal Donut
Hexagonal Donut 6 giorni fa
Me watching this on the note 20 ultra .....pfffff iPhone...."innovation"=no charger and earphones. Smh.
TYB Freshman
TYB Freshman 6 giorni fa
I was so close to buy this but ima buy the iPhone XR or 11 I don’t want 12 bc how ugly it is :) iPhone 12: 📦🍏 it’s literally a box 😂
Mr. Positive
Mr. Positive 6 giorni fa
Don't buy the black buy the white it's better !!
Veer Patel
Veer Patel 7 giorni fa
If this had a PLUS model. I might buy it! 4.7 inches is just too small. A 5.5 inches model would be really nice.
Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson 7 giorni fa
That little screen sucks .. I would not have it ! It should be at least 5.8 to 6.1 . Too damn little ...ok for a little kid .LOL
Nick Blair
Nick Blair 7 giorni fa
I don’t mind this guy, but he clearly doesn’t understand manufacturing and costs. When you recycle the streamline of a previous product that sold millions of units, you also save so much money which makes it possible to put flagship tier upgraded internals at 399. Sent from an android
Nick Blair
Nick Blair 7 giorni fa
Also people forget the apple Se in 2016 of the 5s body with 6s specs. This is nothing new from apple!
TotalWarGamer245 7 giorni fa
thats an se 2 generation is sad that the original se isn't regonized
Abhishek Arora
Abhishek Arora 7 giorni fa
Dude go to zolotech he can still convince you to buy it
Rajib Ghosh Roy
Rajib Ghosh Roy 7 giorni fa
One of the best review ever made...♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rico Solomon
Rico Solomon 7 giorni fa
I absolutely love Lou's reviews. Influences my electronics purchases, regularly. Consistent, humourous and honest. His entertaining presentation and editing style are a bonus. Unboxing Therapy needs a studio audience, when covid19 vaccinations arrive.
Kevin Connell
Kevin Connell 7 giorni fa
The new iPhone 12 mini is what the se should of been. Remove touch id and those bezels and make it like the Xs
Sharman Vasavhenthan
Sharman Vasavhenthan 7 giorni fa
Why does lew always bash on apple all the time like wtf not hating him but like he’s probably paid for bashing on apple apple gang the king
TMSxRayhanOP 7 giorni fa
Me watching this on the iPhone se 2020😂😂😂😂
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader 7 giorni fa
Krishna Chugani
Krishna Chugani 7 giorni fa
It’s a great phone overall, but the only complaints I have is the battery life and health. But still amazing regardless.
David Harman
David Harman 8 giorni fa
My android had a FaceTime iMessage as well
David Harman
David Harman 8 giorni fa
Umm It has a quick charge to it tho
Darshan Daniel
Darshan Daniel 8 giorni fa
Something happened to this guy is he acting wired
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan 8 giorni fa
Pixel 4a is better then this shit
Andy Lithvin
Andy Lithvin 8 giorni fa
Sorry, I’ve already bought one
Bass Boosted
Bass Boosted 8 giorni fa
I now dont want tot buy a iPhone SE anymore and stay with Android
vincent vivek
vincent vivek 8 giorni fa
Mine is on the way receiving tomorrow....
Hemanth Kondapalli
Hemanth Kondapalli 8 giorni fa
Meanwhile apple senior lawyer watching this video: focus guys, anything that hurts our product, let's see him in court Junior lawyer: sir, I think what he says is genuine and truth 😂😂😂 Senior lawyer to junior : true boy, true. But FOCUSSSS 🙄
prithvi saklani
prithvi saklani 8 giorni fa
We don't wake up in the morning for 399😂😂😂😂
Megan Knight
Megan Knight 9 giorni fa
Stop, just please stop. Have you considered people have held back from upgrading beacause they think the the new phones are too big or the screens are too big? No, you did not, because your greedy you tuber trying to get views, and that’s just wrong, your confusing people, cause you made a video called “buy a iPhone se” besides, who cares about the form factor, loads of people like this, like seriously you can’t always pull out the newest phone which will impress people, sometimes you gotta have a budget iPhone, those are ITpostrs are correct, this is a good phone, and you, stick with your iPhone 11 you big complainer, atchually wait a minute? Didn’t you complain about that too? Oh yeah, you did. Seriously what will make you happy?
Alexis Cat
Alexis Cat 9 giorni fa
ur just being a hater
Qopiq q
Qopiq q 9 giorni fa
I can't pinpoint exactly why this channel is so bad but its like this guys speaks alot but doesn't tell anything
its benjy MU
its benjy MU 9 giorni fa
*Buy the IPhone SEn't moment*
Martin Kuhlen
Martin Kuhlen 9 giorni fa
Great work. One of your best videos so far.
Sterling Russell
Sterling Russell 9 giorni fa
He just sounded like a whiner...that's all lol
The nothing Queen
The nothing Queen 9 giorni fa
This video is all about this person bashing over iPhone-because they sell the same product but with better features and an affordable me is idc about it I just care about something that I could afford something that’s good to use-I literally think this person is using an android and I just hate Apple so much that they need to bash them forever
Nobody Owens
Nobody Owens 9 giorni fa
Lew, welcome to the dark side.....
Not a opp
Not a opp 10 giorni fa
Its funny because on the “you should buy the iphone se” video the phone is the color white. But on the “you should not buy the iphone se” video the color is black sooo...
Suryansh Sharma
Suryansh Sharma 9 giorni fa
So... go buy white one 💯
Arham Qazi
Arham Qazi 9 giorni fa
its the dark side
Klaris Llaha
Klaris Llaha 10 giorni fa
no cap
Andre Nunes
Andre Nunes 10 giorni fa
Watching on the SE 2
Skiadro 10 giorni fa
*Le me after getting 3 samsung galaxy s20 FE ads during this video 👁️👄👁️
Tejas Gupta
Tejas Gupta 10 giorni fa
Did you want a Type-C? Well okay, we'll remove the charger itself from the box. -Apple
ELITE HEAT 10 giorni fa
Apple be like gannd fatte toh fatte Nawabi na ghatte🔥
David Brown
David Brown 10 giorni fa
DISCLAIMER : don't watch this if you are a iphone se 2020 owner 🤣🤣
NITROX OP 10 giorni fa
👁👃🏻👁 👅
Tj 10 giorni fa
Man, you saved my $399
Fortnite News Daily
Fortnite News Daily 10 giorni fa
I saw both of these videos in my recommended.... I can say I was confused
Fortnite News Daily
Fortnite News Daily 10 giorni fa
Well I’m confused now.
MusEdits 5
MusEdits 5 10 giorni fa
I honestly think the I phone SE is nice. I'm happy they're made small and not making it a foot larger every year. It works so nice and is cheap! It's perfect to buy!
Dhruv 9 giorni fa
@MusEdits 5 👍
MusEdits 5
MusEdits 5 9 giorni fa
Mine was 6, My brother has the 11. It feels the same but smaller and just a little less stuff like mainly storage and gigs. It’s definitely worth it for the price
Dhruv 9 giorni fa
what was your old one a 6? 7? maybe 8?
Ayush Yadav
Ayush Yadav 10 giorni fa
definetly 3.4M people wouldn't buy this phone after this.😡 and 25k people who bought iphone SE😂😂
Justin Mimi
Justin Mimi 11 giorni fa
Wow I got my MacBook from *appledwag on IG* very low rate and working perfectly all thanks
Brawn Flores
Brawn Flores 11 giorni fa
I really appreciate *appledwag on instagram* I got my phone from him very cheap
jasim NE
jasim NE 11 giorni fa
Coming from part 1 my entire life feels like a joke.
Fledder Maus
Fledder Maus 11 giorni fa
Apple should go with that one color thing. They have the best looking black phones out there.
Binga 11 giorni fa
Description of unbox therapy video ~ Part 1 : when your gf has eaten full stomach. Part 2: when your gf is hungry.
The nothing Queen
The nothing Queen 9 giorni fa
ivan zaplatar
ivan zaplatar 11 giorni fa
Don't waste ur time watching
Billa Anand
Billa Anand 11 giorni fa
Because they need to launch 12mini
Gab Burce
Gab Burce 11 giorni fa
hey just give it to me android agent
K Broski
K Broski 12 giorni fa
Honestly I’m watching on an iphone 5s which doesn’t even have a working camera so I wouldn’t complain if I got one of these
Shweta Saluke
Shweta Saluke 5 giorni fa
You can get a wayyy better phone for same price so why do you want to settle?
Owais Parvez
Owais Parvez 12 giorni fa
One of the most innovative and creative video in the tech review space... THANK YOU
Walter White
Walter White 13 giorni fa
Why are you crying in your videos 😂
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 13 giorni fa
Thanks to *appledwag on IG* I got my apple phone from him
Ahmad Waris
Ahmad Waris 13 giorni fa
i hat him he is stupid
Alexander Todorov
Alexander Todorov 13 giorni fa
One Word iDiot!
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