New 48-inch Massive OLED Desk Setup

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LG 48CX -
LG Virtual Studio x IFA 2020:
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AsusRoG 2 ore fa
dasmn 48 sounds too big for a monitor. wish they had a 40" version...
zeus1117 6 ore fa
Could Kirk learn to handle the camera better please? This video was really terrible production wise
NexisFilms 10 ore fa
0:21 I low key was expecting he'd drop the monitor while doing this ...
gamerstime 127
gamerstime 127 22 ore fa
how much for that table?
Mow Better
Mow Better Giorno fa
if the X is 10, then the C is 100
Viliam Beňa
Viliam Beňa Giorno fa
1 buy oled screen 2 worry about burn in 3 worry to use those nice colours Good for someone who can dispose this TV when it does burn and buy new one or someone who buys warranty
Timmy2Fingerz 2 giorni fa
Why no 48" in Canada? A good setup would have it wall mounted above a desk that is just big enough to fit a full-size keyboard and mouse pad. The small desk would just be pulled away from the wall when actually gaming and sitting tight to wall while enjoying it as a TV.
Cons2911 2 giorni fa
I’m here so i could picture how big it would be when i get a 48..but as secondary monitor / gaming / extra tv
Cons2911 2 giorni fa
Trading using oled.. one better use some money from trading to get that geeksquad warranty
kevinace89 4 giorni fa
Im buying 65inch but still trying to pre order ps5...😐
Joe Sal
Joe Sal 4 giorni fa
I use a 49" Samsung Q70 QLED as a monitor and I love it.
Bro Tendo
Bro Tendo 4 giorni fa
wouldnt you use a ps4 pro instead of the orginal? you know because of the resolution differences?
Bro Tendo
Bro Tendo 4 giorni fa
ur camera guys so awkward
Let Me Play
Let Me Play 5 giorni fa
The issue is that any tech launched will not reach India until there is already a new tech is about to hit the market, this Oled cx 48 is not even listed on Indian LG website
ryan williams
ryan williams 8 giorni fa
love that setup
Shelvin Simmons
Shelvin Simmons 9 giorni fa
The 55" version is $100 more but 48" may be the sweet spot if using as a desk monitor
Yung Methadone
Yung Methadone 10 giorni fa
xiNFaMoUz---x 10 giorni fa
No 4k 120fps 4.4.4
Paris Kts
Paris Kts 10 giorni fa
Greetings from Greece!!! :D
金不二 12 giorni fa
Imagine how hard it's gonna be to clean that mouse...
Ronald Martinez
Ronald Martinez 13 giorni fa
New OLED 4K 120hz with nvidia g-sync set-up....yes ends up plugging in a 1st gen ps4 console... no
I A 13 giorni fa
Just buy a tv?
JMDSC1507 14 giorni fa
It pissed me off he took off the plastic using only one hand. INSANE!!
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 15 giorni fa
( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)
PB 16 giorni fa
burn in ?
Kyle Denholm
Kyle Denholm 16 giorni fa
If CX is C10 should it not just be 110?
XENITH 16 giorni fa
Your camera man is struggling.
kishona69 18 giorni fa
I'm still trying to make sense out of this video.
ack. Jin
ack. Jin 18 giorni fa
77인치 TV 하나 만들면 남는 패널로 48인치 2개인가? 만들 수 있다든데... 그래서 수량이 많이 나오지 않는다는거
Next Gen Games
Next Gen Games 19 giorni fa
Perfect for Multitasking video editing, 4k gaming & 4K porn, yup, can't use it for anything else😏😁😁🤣🤣
Alex Yardley
Alex Yardley 20 giorni fa
What desk is this?
SORRY 20 giorni fa
Good for gaming??
it's in the game dude
it's in the game dude 20 giorni fa
Okay , so this guy is pretty good at trash talkin but not worth streching a minute video to 20 minutes. Jmo
NatziBrandSoda 20 giorni fa
I like how I was thinking how nice the Oled panel looks and then I realized I was watching on A LCD.
SoftWorx 20 giorni fa
I'm using just a regular 48-inch 1080p display and with the DPI in windows set to the regular 100 percent instead of its default 150, its really quite amazing. I loaded up RDR 2 right after I switched it and man, it was amazing! the thing that's nice is like he said, the detail is just insane with OLED at this scale. I do a lot of content creation in Unreal and it been really nice having the extra screen real estate to see the details that much better.
Marc Cioffi
Marc Cioffi 21 giorno fa
Got my 48 CX yesterday.. put it on a L shaped desk cornerd... literally the best picture i’ve ever seen on a TV before and it’s fully future proof
Yung Methadone
Yung Methadone 10 giorni fa
Do you know if the keychron k1 v4 keyboard he has in the video pairs with the cx?
Lukáš Havel
Lukáš Havel 21 giorno fa
Still too big. It could also use a matte screen.
Alvar Santini
Alvar Santini 21 giorno fa
120hz display but never activates it with a laptop just 60hz instead of powering with a computer at least with HDMI 2.0 and 1080 Ti even can run the display at 4k 120hz with chromasupsampling
SDuong 21 giorno fa
How you gonna connect a regular ps4 to the cx? Ya gotta use the ps4 pro. I made the mistake of using my regular ps4 which has a 1080p output on my c9 oled tv. Then I upgraded to the ps4 pro and it was a night and day difference.
gaurav patowary
gaurav patowary 22 giorni fa
4:38 that's what she said
Aaron Craig Jr.
Aaron Craig Jr. 22 giorni fa
THANK YOU for this video! I'm expecting my LG CX today and this helped me to know what to expect from setup to desk management! Props!
Gilly C Gaming
Gilly C Gaming 23 giorni fa
How did I get this TV before you, 2 months approximately. Wall mount is how it works.
Ziv Benigoyev
Ziv Benigoyev 23 giorni fa
anything above 32 is horrible for gaming cuz you have to move your head around im using 32 tv for pc gaming for the last 4 years. it is awsome
Daniel Velkovski
Daniel Velkovski 22 giorni fa
No way. Im using a 55” with a big desk and all i miss out on is the compass on warzone and ranking icons on cs:go. No biggie. It improved my peripheral vision. Id say 48” ideal.
Damalixxer 23 giorni fa
I have a 65 LG OLED from 2018. They are great TVs, wit that being said, I’ve had to use it a certain way. DO NOY DISPLAY STATIC IMAGES! Or you will get BURN IN! I’ve had no burn in because I don’t display any static images. I have this TV as a secondary and not primary TV. I’m really surprised why all these you tubers haven’t mentioned burn in as an issues, it’s a huge thing and they are doing the ITpost community a disservice.
Samarth Dixit
Samarth Dixit 23 giorni fa
Me who just bought Sony 4k android TV!
Mrs A. Mitchell
Mrs A. Mitchell 24 giorni fa
Wow, nice! I like all types of tv's. You got a thumbs up for this video!!!
Spear9 X
Spear9 X 24 giorni fa
So your telling me I can put a tv on a desk what!
Sanjana Meshram
Sanjana Meshram 24 giorni fa
Psz can you give me a xbox plz i know you are so kind you will give
Silberpfeile 24 giorni fa
At you least Lew should have opened some video/audio editing app or a CAD application to show how efficient this display is for PROs, not for gamers or for watching ITpost. I'm thinking about purchasing actual TV instead of big monitor (with their insane prices) for my wife as she's an architect and have to use both Mac and PC platforms. Those huge CAD blueprints are better to deal with on a the same size TV.
Sneak Peak
Sneak Peak 24 giorni fa
Hi how big is that desk... Im getting the OLED 48 CX but looking for a desk this size
Daniel Lohvinenko
Daniel Lohvinenko 25 giorni fa
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 25 giorni fa
Everyone opening packages then disinfecting them with all kinds of liquids and he's just takes out the keyboard and puts it to his nose inhales all the Rona
Ibrahim AHD
Ibrahim AHD 25 giorni fa
Hai Lew, could u ask LG why on earth they did not sell the 48inch CX in Malaysia? Even Sony did not come out an 48inch next gen console tv. 55inch are too big for a teenager room.
Kaelen Preasha
Kaelen Preasha 26 giorni fa
Can someone send me the link to the mouse and keyboard ?
Hamed Emine
Hamed Emine 26 giorni fa
@ 12:55 you scared the living fuck off that camera man, and me
Joao Pereyra
Joao Pereyra 27 giorni fa
That's too much light too close to your eyes. That would fuck your eyes in a couple of years if you use it as a monitor.
Daniel Velkovski
Daniel Velkovski 22 giorni fa
I game on a 55” “monitor” for past 4 years and my eyesight even though bad prior barely changed.
Tornado X
Tornado X 28 giorni fa
tech is sexy but the CAMERA guy is even sexier. ^_^
Ariel Nicolas Lattour
Ariel Nicolas Lattour 29 giorni fa
14:21 “Beautiful place but not even in my dreams would I go there 😍😔😭🤣”
Bernardo Reyes
Bernardo Reyes 26 giorni fa
Anthony Fennell
Anthony Fennell 29 giorni fa
I have an L desk with my computer on one side and a 48 inch tv with an xbox hooked up on the other side, so I'd say this is pretty realistic.
Taylor H
Taylor H 29 giorni fa
is that dining table avaliable anywhere? or something similar?
Ninja Turtle
Ninja Turtle 29 giorni fa
When you say X stands for 10, then you have to take C as a 100 aswell
jackie Cebu
jackie Cebu Mese fa
Dude, why scream like a 5 year old? Your content is great but the theatrics of a over emoting 40 year old man child... WTF!
Diego Dos Santos Capitan Dieguez
Diego Dos Santos Capitan Dieguez Mese fa
i can't wait until this tv comes into brazil
Cynog Rhys
Cynog Rhys Mese fa
CX = 110 and 110cm in inches is 43.3 hmmmmm shouldnt it be the LG CXXII ?
Mark Davenport Jr
Mark Davenport Jr Mese fa
Very awesome! I'm gonna be doing the same thing with my setup but with the LG Nano 85 Series. :)
Synonymous Mese fa
if you're talking about roman numeral's it's actually 110
Glenn Thoughts
Glenn Thoughts Mese fa
A monitor without a display port??
Kryptonic Mese fa
I have a 3080 and this TV coming in a few days can’t wait.
Kryptonic 16 giorni fa
John Potter no, I lucked out about 2 hours into launch when the cards went back in stock briefly on Nvidia’s site.
John Potter
John Potter 16 giorni fa
Did u buy the 3080 scalped ?
mccabedylan 21 giorno fa
4k 120 oled gsync, will be nice. Have the 55 inch version and waiting for my 3080.
dhruv meena
dhruv meena Mese fa
rtx3090 and lew 8k boi
Bobo with the Dodo
Bobo with the Dodo Mese fa
My man out here reviewing tech in marathon running shoes
Generously buttered ALCO
Generously buttered ALCO Mese fa
I would love this monitor in 36" format. Even 48" is a bit too large, max 42".
NHR Nix Mese fa
This seems to be my dream setup
Andrew D
Andrew D Mese fa
Love my C9....HATE HATE HATE the gimmicky magic remote!
Thomas Gannon
Thomas Gannon Mese fa
40 in or smaller and i would buy one in a heart beat 32in standard or 34in ultrawide would make me too happy for words. lol
Γ Λ Mese fa
12:33 Σαντορινη💘🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
GUEST Mese fa
ARE YOU JOKING!!!!?? why do you recommend to use TV like computer monitor which after 6 months going to have burn in defects? very disappointed!
Daniel Velkovski
Daniel Velkovski 22 giorni fa
I’ve read many comments about gamers using this heavy for gaming with no issues. Seems the tech improved. Just don’t keep it on max brightness.
Gerald Armstrong
Gerald Armstrong Mese fa
Its Lew the rip off artist. Maglink has Lew's picture on it. Plus, he made a video about this company. I ordered this product on 8/02/20 and the company will not answer their phone or reply to emails about refunding my money. Lew is right up there will the Pablo Escobar phone.
Bruno Vazquez
Bruno Vazquez Mese fa
Imagine paying more for less screen lol
Daniel Velkovski
Daniel Velkovski 21 giorno fa
Bruno Vazquez i meant the 48” has a higher pixel density but the whole lineup can do 4k 120fps. “LG promises a pixel density of 8 million pixels, which the company says offers density comparable to an 96-inch 8K set, thanks to the 48CX's more compact design.” That has to be a really sharp/clarity screen.
Bruno Vazquez
Bruno Vazquez 21 giorno fa
Daniel Velkovski no, you get higher refresh rates which is mostly beneficial if you play FPS games.
Daniel Velkovski
Daniel Velkovski 22 giorni fa
But don’t you get more pixel density?
Jj W
Jj W Mese fa
Does this TV still stay at 4k when it is doing 120 hz refresh?
Jj W
Jj W Mese fa
I have been using my TV as my monitor ever since my old monitor died. It's fantastic.
Shivraj Naorem
Shivraj Naorem Mese fa
The 48 inch looks so small in his humble hall/room/???
S B Mese fa
Wired gang still strong
K'sEO Mese fa
I absolutely love OLED and LG makes the best large screen OLED. But there’s a reason no one uses OLED for computers!
Samuel Kai
Samuel Kai Mese fa
I got the 77 inch for this tv and I cant wait to get the ps5
PewDieFan no1
PewDieFan no1 Mese fa
Hey dude turn on DTS Virtual X for really slick sound. 🤩😍
PewDieFan no1
PewDieFan no1 Mese fa
11:03 I'm having the same TV and the magic remote
Zaid Shaikh
Zaid Shaikh Mese fa
Me imagining that on my desk My wallet: pssss... psssss... Hii there what's going on?😉
Siberius Wolf
Siberius Wolf Mese fa
The most popular smart phones are sometimes almost in this range (or more if it's a dual screen).
HH756 Mese fa
Home studios, the desks in a home studio are THICC cause they have a keyboard and stuff. That's where it would make sense
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar Mese fa
Just use an lg v20 ir blaster perfect! no batteries needed 😎
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Mese fa
that mouse is gross
LegenDARIE Mese fa
Im laughing in 56" 4k
Wolfe Mese fa
My TV's only 32"
R1S0 Mese fa
desk? chair?
BioQuickie Mese fa
4k as a work monitor works well to about 40", then the dpi drops off too much to be better than an old school 27" 1440p monitor.
Muhammad J
Muhammad J Mese fa
holy oled, holy oled 😂😂😂
Semion Mese fa
I love the design of that table.
Steve Summers
Steve Summers Mese fa
You know its high $$$ when you dont tell your audience the price. Lew we want details and price check.
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Mese fa
Is that mouse I'm seeing from Dave lee
Rajul Gohil
Rajul Gohil Mese fa
uses 1080p on a 4k display idiot
Tejas Patil
Tejas Patil Mese fa
Do some comparison between and intel
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