This Gadget Will Make You Untouchable...

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6 mesi fa

Some unusual, cool gadgets for your eyeballs on a Tuesday.
Hygiene Hand -
Pizzi Speaker -
Fuse Reel -
Galio Charger -
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
Which of these gadgets would you choose?
Johnny Payares
Johnny Payares Mese fa
The first one
Martin Heine
Martin Heine Mese fa
what mouse do you use?
Godchi1d Von Steuben
Godchi1d Von Steuben 3 mesi fa
...but yeah, all of em' if I could...
Godchi1d Von Steuben
Godchi1d Von Steuben 3 mesi fa
The "Hygiene Hand" Akums razor...
ryan george
ryan george 3 mesi fa
Sanitary tool
Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt Giorno fa
People waiting for marriage just nutted
Zebulun Zephyrus
Zebulun Zephyrus 20 giorni fa
I just wear double layer latex gloves
Duan Torruellas
Duan Torruellas 21 giorno fa
Auuurggh it's a right shiny hook
B.M.H 25 giorni fa
Mr. Gamercat
Mr. Gamercat Mese fa
TheRealAK05 Mese fa
On a TUESDAY 😂 Love the elevator music 🎶 in the background bro
Johnny Payares
Johnny Payares Mese fa
Now we need a space age flying car. That can fit and fold it self and transform into a regular size suitcase. Easy and light you could carry it whatever you go and especially at work. !!!Here's George Jetson!!!
Demon_Terror Mese fa
1:50 had the same thing lol
Trisk Khan
Trisk Khan Mese fa
Anyone know what type of song in the background ?
Abe's Tube
Abe's Tube Mese fa
It's bending the USB A part. Not good for wires.
Matthew Mese fa
Or wear gloves ?
Wheelie Blind
Wheelie Blind 2 mesi fa
I use a broken wooden broom handle to push buttons for the elevator lol.
Isaiah Hammons
Isaiah Hammons 2 mesi fa
The mini charger is badass
FhargaZ 2 mesi fa
6:57 bad knife or cutting skills...😂
David P
David P 2 mesi fa
Use a touch pen and your sleeves instead of looking like a grandma trying to figure out facebook for the first time when opening a door-
TheExperienced 2 mesi fa
How do you get a knife like that
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 mesi fa
brass may have some antimicrobial properties, but if you pick up any biofilms or moisture on it it'll still carry and transmit microbes.
Oversteer _
Oversteer _ 2 mesi fa
It wont be long wont it? When something this small can produce sound quality and sound stage that can match like a jbl xtreme or an aiwa exos 9
Lifeline from Apex Legends
Lifeline from Apex Legends 2 mesi fa
Why’d he wrap his cable like that? 😟
OJAS Dwivedi
OJAS Dwivedi 2 mesi fa
9:20 Google wanna interrupt Google: No sir it is not the ultimate charger
ABLAZE GAMER 2 mesi fa
things that will make you untouchable Indians : are you sure about that
Kineth Chi
Kineth Chi 2 mesi fa
Oohh its the day of my birth niceee..
RED X 2 mesi fa
What if the door knob is a circle twist? 👀
Salvation73 2 mesi fa
For the first one, you could just carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse, pocket, key chain, belt loop, backpack... which you should anyway.
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
Its my first time to saw this kind of beast hehehe
Balthazar Naylor
Balthazar Naylor 3 mesi fa
why is funeral march playing in the background lol
YourGotoGuy 3 mesi fa
Bruh. You can 3D print it for a buck.....
Godchi1d Von Steuben
Godchi1d Von Steuben 3 mesi fa
The "Hygiene Hand" Akums razor....
Sergio Stankevich
Sergio Stankevich 3 mesi fa
or you can wash your hands?
Ben Haven
Ben Haven 3 mesi fa
door opener hahaha thats a new level of stupid
James Bond
James Bond 3 mesi fa
Umm. The virus begins as a protein and has a membrane around it. And antimicrobial doesn't mean nothing attaches to it, things are just dissipated more quickly (hours instead of days). Sars 2 was able to live on copper for 4 hours. This gadget is a placebo and preying on people's ignorance and fears, and YOU just endorsed it dummy. Smh.
Chunky Llama
Chunky Llama 3 mesi fa
I have a speaker that’s about the same size and it makes the same sound when I open it.
Ghafir Othman
Ghafir Othman 3 mesi fa
What if this thing has the virus and you touch it
haazeMAX 3 mesi fa
9:00 lolol
Rickey Wright
Rickey Wright 3 mesi fa
Seeing that charger being bent like that hurts my soul.
Ana Perez
Ana Perez 3 mesi fa
I'm curious: What happens to all these gadgets, gizmos and doohickeys you guys test after you've done the video? For that matter, what happens to all the mobiles you test after you've shot the video?
eeskaatt 3 mesi fa
man I would like to be in the level of financial stability like this guy where I can just throw the phone on the table 5:36 or placing the power brick like 7:30
Miles Swanson
Miles Swanson 3 mesi fa
Or you could wear gloves
Andrew Hornsby
Andrew Hornsby 3 mesi fa
Leave the price in the video
Bongorfians 3 mesi fa
Have you tried the bitty boomer?
Dominik Schmidt
Dominik Schmidt 3 mesi fa
Hygiene Hand is obviously a nice idea but 25USD for one of them is a complete ripp off. This thing is nothing new and already exists for years, in Germany a pack of 5 of them cost 10€ available in pretty much every supermarket... so yeah dont pay them the 1000% Corona-tax for idiots.
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz 3 mesi fa
Good way to break the inside wires of your charging cable so I'll pass on that one.
wolfman571 3 mesi fa
The hygiene brass thing is a decent idea, but as far as being timely, viruses aren't microbes. Some metals do kill bacteria, but that doesn't effect viruses.
Joerd Hysa
Joerd Hysa 3 mesi fa
Fucking hell. Our ancestors would wake up every morning equip their leather armour and spear and go hunt... in 2020 people are afraid of touching door knobs.
El Fish
El Fish 3 mesi fa
All fun and games until you touch the tip
Midnightwolf313 3 mesi fa
Ah but how hot does that charging brick get?
Dominic Ramirez
Dominic Ramirez 3 mesi fa
How would you open a round door nob
John Doeh
John Doeh 3 mesi fa
and they also used a great lanyard made in the U.S.A (Key-Bak)
RALPH Grefaldeo
RALPH Grefaldeo 4 mesi fa
You sound sad, you okay?
Emile Bezuidenhout
Emile Bezuidenhout 4 mesi fa
This is stupid
Ona Lee Jones-NY
Ona Lee Jones-NY 4 mesi fa
I'll take the power brick.
efragione 4 mesi fa
drifter4training 4 mesi fa
any chances of reviewing the hyperjuice ultimate charger 110w ?
Title: *Exist* Me an Intellectual: Its actually quiet the contrary...
Tsvetelin Todorov
Tsvetelin Todorov 4 mesi fa
Google randomly joining in the background at 9:10 and casually being cut off from the convo :D
Samruddha Kulkarni
Samruddha Kulkarni 4 mesi fa
I will open doors without touching them 🤯🤯 Doorknobs: *exist*
Syvolink 4 mesi fa
Anyone else mad he didn’t unplug the other end and put it in the hole for it? With the cord wrapping thing?
The Boss
The Boss 4 mesi fa
ppl makin money on this damn virus lol its crazy
Kıray 4 mesi fa
La bu türklerin bulduğu şey değil mi? Uras Benlioğly da incelemişti
Morph Mixology Reptiles
Morph Mixology Reptiles 4 mesi fa
The creators behind the Galio charger on Kickstarter have gone dark on their backers and while the end of the month nears, no updates on shipping have been issued. Another garbage campaign spread by an influencer
Advait Satyarthy
Advait Satyarthy 5 mesi fa
Hayden Carter
Hayden Carter 5 mesi fa
The cdc just said that the virus doesn’t spread on surfaces, so that hygiene hand is officially out of business as of now
Golla Venkatakrishna
Golla Venkatakrishna 5 mesi fa
Still better than wheels👏
Shrek 5 mesi fa
Unbox therapy: it will make you untouchable Old man in my closet: ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT
Matrix 5 mesi fa
Great setup
RedNeck_Zeus 5 mesi fa
Ridge Wallet just released a hook device like also for this pandemic
well wisher 1999
well wisher 1999 5 mesi fa
Is there any problem when we charge normal phone with 65W charger
J D 5 mesi fa
Jackson Morgan
Jackson Morgan 5 mesi fa
love the first one
Jonny 5 mesi fa
Hygiene hand can get dirty
Kevlar Canuck
Kevlar Canuck 5 mesi fa
I may be mistaken about how you tested the little speaker, for sure something like that would be limited in output oomph. But it seems like you tested it near full volume the whole time...? Is is possible it has a nice bass tone at low volume? A few good little speakers have surprising EQ'ed sound which boosts the bass, and then levels the EQ back out as output gets turned up to prevent distortion. Or does this thing sound the same at any level?
Charles Packer
Charles Packer 5 mesi fa
Im looking at the hygiene hand like: “or u just wear gloves...”
One Purple Flower
One Purple Flower 5 mesi fa
Charles Packer Wearing gloves doesn’t stop you from touching your face with them on.
Koota Alzamili
Koota Alzamili 5 mesi fa
No thing better than power supply that came with device
Har Har Naam
Har Har Naam 5 mesi fa
Lew always starts with the word 'so'! Has anyone noticed that???
Arpan Kumar Moharana
Arpan Kumar Moharana 5 mesi fa
9:13 I thought my assistant pop up out of no where but that's Uncle Lew's assistant
D. Bain
D. Bain 5 mesi fa
How would I order Statgear products in Canada? I tried ordering the knife before and was informed they don't ship to Canada.
Julius Kingsley
Julius Kingsley 5 mesi fa
*Hypochondriac Hand!* Only $21!
U r an fagit
U r an fagit 5 mesi fa
The first one is legit just a brass shape Lol i like it
Juan Manzanares
Juan Manzanares 5 mesi fa
Minute 3:40 unboxing knife looks like it didn’t work lol they cut the scene where he had to cut to when it’s cut already
Mo Dan
Mo Dan 5 mesi fa
The Happy Pixel
The Happy Pixel 5 mesi fa
After seeing the title *Casteism in India intensifies*
VanPhoenix 5 mesi fa
40 USD for that shitty speaker ? You can , if you can of course, get a Xiaomi mini speaker for 10-12 EUR
The Fat Man
The Fat Man 5 mesi fa
the brass handy hand
Akas Ahmed
Akas Ahmed 5 mesi fa
That fuse charger thing is can get the same chinese thing for less than $2, that is 1/6th of its price....
Attraction Spot
Attraction Spot 5 mesi fa
I ordered one of these hygiene hands.
Pike on a trike
Pike on a trike 5 mesi fa
Does the speaker pair to the giant doritto chip
Dez 21
Dez 21 5 mesi fa
Can you go back where you use to sit when you made the videos🙄🙄🙄
Michal_King 5 mesi fa
my face already makes me untouchable
Attraction Spot
Attraction Spot 5 mesi fa
You could use those small speakers for your Android TV to give you thay sorround sound.
time soldier
time soldier 5 mesi fa
Am I only one who thinks videos became passive aggressive?
Patricio Romero
Patricio Romero 5 mesi fa
a power meter would have been great between the charger and the plug
Delfino Garza
Delfino Garza 5 mesi fa
Wtf, none of the gadgets had built in burning lasers...
Vigilante Mj
Vigilante Mj 5 mesi fa
Lol thats cool, but eventually ur gona touch that shit somehow, either on ur skin or clothes than there the virus spreads lol thats funny
zataha 3
zataha 3 5 mesi fa
That first one is nuts some ppl are crazy
Sky The Bastard
Sky The Bastard 5 mesi fa
Don't watch to touch things with your hands ? Here's a little brass thing that may work... but just use your hands ... and wash em with soap.....
Dave Garcia Joseph
Dave Garcia Joseph 5 mesi fa
6:14 Nothing Lew don’t even try. 😂
Greg Nulik
Greg Nulik 5 mesi fa
There's a 2nd ''safety key'' available now, if you're wondering.
Channel Vinit
Channel Vinit 5 mesi fa
Imagine someone typing on a computer with that
Loud Bois Volume 9000
Loud Bois Volume 9000 5 mesi fa
Who else is watching this in 1342?
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