AirPods Max = Pure Apple Luxury

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Unbox Therapy

2 mesi fa

Apple just launched its most expensive set of headphones the new AirPods Max.
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Amir Saeedi Rad
Amir Saeedi Rad 3 giorni fa
This is the best background in years hands down... BAT CAVE money.
Jeff 5 giorni fa
I am listening to this through my AirPods Max. I am better than most of you. 😆 That was a joke.
scary terry
scary terry 6 giorni fa
just so everyone knows there is a HUGE design flaw. The metal on the outside gets very cold which creates condensation not alot but alittle but because these things are not water or sweat resistant at all mine where broken in a month at least. just keep in mind keep these things in a warm environment or u will PAY.
Francisco Vega
Francisco Vega 7 giorni fa
The Jobless
The Jobless 8 giorni fa
Are u in Batman's warehouse..😂😂
Yujusta Hater
Yujusta Hater 9 giorni fa
BOYCOTT this ridiculous overpriced brand!! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
EMfasis Productions
EMfasis Productions 11 giorni fa
for that price i wanna be able to hear the g in my lasagna while it cooks in the oven
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 12 giorni fa
I’m listening to this on my MX3s that are 134$ on eBay right now. The only problem was how it really fu***** with me that it was in a PlayStation gaming headset box. Lol
Juan Meza
Juan Meza 13 giorni fa
Bruh buy yourself a pair of Sony xm4’s and a pair of AirPod pros and you would STILL pay less than the AirPods max
DAMATUIA Nuba 14 giorni fa
The only thing max is the price
Godsmasterpiece1993 16 giorni fa
I sorta still want them! Hahaha. I have $200 bucks in Apple credit.
Leon Rosenberg
Leon Rosenberg 18 giorni fa
Just got some with WSB engraved on it
Sha'DaTV 18 giorni fa
That price point is a bit much. Lol I need to see apple logos on the sides of the ear phones lol something lol
dude 21 giorno fa
Apples trying to be special by using the ugliest case anyone's ever seen
Denka 21 giorno fa
The sony headphones are so uncomfortable after 2 hours. The ear cushion goes flat and clamps hard. Id pay 600$ for comfort.
sir slick rock
sir slick rock 22 giorni fa
40 bucks additional (for a cable they should have given you) is a bridge too far!
-C- MEDIA 22 giorni fa
i got mine in sky blue color đang there sound amazing battery is all đay long on to go
Andrew Love
Andrew Love 25 giorni fa
Those Sony’s are meh. Try some sennheiser’s better soundstage in my opinion. The app that comes with the song headphones is great. Apple though? When it comes to audio, they don’t know their ass from their elbow. The colorways alone tell you where the focus is. Stay in your lane Apple. It’s not luxury if they don’t sound better? They don’t. Also wired headphones always sound better.
Sparks 701
Sparks 701 25 giorni fa
I made a ton of money on GameStop. I’m buying them.
Quentin Williams
Quentin Williams 26 giorni fa
I like how he sat an talked about them for 10 min instead of actually unboxing them... unsub
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
Fuck apple products. 3 years later they wont work and ill have to pay $400 for repairs when parts are only cost $50
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
i gotta iphonex i didnt pay 550 for
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
i gotta used car i didnt pay 550 for
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
i gotta scooter i didnt pay 550 for
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
i gotta gaming pc i didnt pay 550 for
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
i gotta tv i didnt pay 550 for
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
I gotta computer i didnt pay 550 for
Archives HL
Archives HL 28 giorni fa
same price as an iphone
Odis Peterley D.
Odis Peterley D. 28 giorni fa
dude the jack and wire are sold seperately
Atis Basak
Atis Basak Mese fa
Airports Max are really premium, audiophile grade headphones made by Apple. They are the best headphones in their price range. I'm definitely gonna buy them when they are available.
Young Simba
Young Simba Mese fa
The look like the headphones starsky used in starsky and hutch without the antennas
bootius maximus
bootius maximus Mese fa
literally beats
hts cts
hts cts Mese fa
how see if do not new phone samsung 5g need
eleni !
eleni ! Mese fa
I did not watch the entire video thinking he was going to unbox them
Rod Lester Felipe
Rod Lester Felipe Mese fa
Apple air bra
practically.hayley Mese fa
the case looks weird, feel like they could’ve used a better design and quite expensive for headphones...😳
Foqus Lab
Foqus Lab Mese fa
all the negative comments made me want them more
Jag Sims
Jag Sims Mese fa
Apple defused beats to then turn around and used the same tactic of Scarce luxury where alot of people won't have it so it's going to become popular some point in time. So by doing so they are gambling that the followers of this world aka apple consumers just join the bandwagon and boom endless loop.
They look ugly. Once again I’m disappointed.
Garue Waterduck
Garue Waterduck Mese fa
Well maybe they will release Airpods max lite next year
jackie Chan
jackie Chan Mese fa
Sony headphones? Ohhhh you meant the better versions
Isaac Siry
Isaac Siry Mese fa
Dude, apple already owns beats
Landyn Custa
Landyn Custa Mese fa
Hey how about mixing in a review? I could’ve read it an apple insert at the Apple store that would compare to this video
Cam_PlayZ_GTA Mese fa
I hate apple. Everything is so expensive cuz of the brand
xobkizum Mese fa
That purse case thingy is not the look.
Justin_Time88 Justintime
Justin_Time88 Justintime Mese fa
Looks very easy for someone to come behind you and stealing them. I'm good, ill stick to the pods
Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton Mese fa that the flipping BATMAN ROOM?
Iori Hoang
Iori Hoang Mese fa
If you got money to spare then it's worth a buy. Not for the normal consumers. If I was rich I'd cop that.
Robin Burkhalter
Robin Burkhalter Mese fa
The married roll yearly thank because tray isely raise sans a billowy celsius. innate, rapid richard
GR PI Mese fa
Where are the iPhones sucker?
Alex Crawford
Alex Crawford Mese fa
microsoft headphones are better
Egonu Mese fa
I hate his face reaction 🤣🤣
Nihmakyliz Vlog
Nihmakyliz Vlog Mese fa
Can you Unbox OnePlus bud z?
TheRebuilt1 Mese fa
Yeah but Sony customer service sucks compared to Apple. I have had a plethora of Sony and Apple products and customer service after the sale is just is important as products functionality.
Scott Suiter
Scott Suiter Mese fa
Watching this video with my new space gray Airpods Max! No Regerts!
vedansh behl
vedansh behl Mese fa
Apple rocks
Muhammad Umar saleh
Muhammad Umar saleh Mese fa
I like the looks 😍
Colby Lee
Colby Lee Mese fa
Can we appreciate the fact that a guy who runs an electronic unboxing channel is worth a whopping 24million dollars!?😳 Crazy. Ahh what a time to be alive.
Shivanand. Tiwari
Shivanand. Tiwari Mese fa
i like this
Sindhuja Sindhu
Sindhuja Sindhu Mese fa
balaji balu
balaji balu Mese fa
Ok but price is to high
Aarav Patel
Aarav Patel Mese fa
For 550$ I better understand what gibberish rappers are singing.
Eli Boites
Eli Boites Mese fa
i feel like these are studio headphones maybe? apple aims towards the “creative” audience.. thats what i think.. im dying to try em out/hopefully play drums with them to see how they hold up
Robbie Hook
Robbie Hook Mese fa
My JVC £30 earbuds sound better than the Apple AirPods. Go figure 🤣🤣🤣
Robbie Hook
Robbie Hook Mese fa
These are awful. Your paying a premium just for the brand. THE MASSES ARE ASSES 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bang Shya
Bang Shya Mese fa
Yes, Luxury but not audiophile
vishalini suresh
vishalini suresh Mese fa
But now this headset is found to have condensation isssue isnt it!
animae nation
animae nation Mese fa
them bitches look like the school headphones 🎧 they give you for the sol💯🤣
patrick w
patrick w Mese fa
Just test the Px7 not this apple rubbish haha.
Radu Silviu
Radu Silviu Mese fa
But what about a review on Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Carbon Edition?
Radu Silviu
Radu Silviu Mese fa
@patrick w I know because I also have them :D
patrick w
patrick w Mese fa
+1 they are great
D Mese fa
What an awful product. I mean, 1 years guarantee!? £500 for headphones should be 5 years warranty. After the iPhone 6 I started to like apple products but now I might swap to some other alternative like Huawei/Samsung, which is a hell lot cheaper for basically the same thing.
Faqrul Hakim Hidzir
Faqrul Hakim Hidzir Mese fa
You're getting old. What happened?
Mega Slasher
Mega Slasher Mese fa
Me here still using wired earbugs..... :O
Ethan Maas
Ethan Maas Mese fa
Bro the headphones are legit more expensive than the iPhone SE gen 2 What the heck
Nutrition Goddess
Nutrition Goddess Mese fa
can we workout in these? I work out in my beats :D
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 2 mesi fa
I’m all in for luxury items. Just not headphones
Lode Snaet
Lode Snaet 2 mesi fa
Could you do also a review video about the MB 01 from Montblanc. I'm considering to buy it.
brea bun
brea bun 2 mesi fa
my dad got me these so this is the first video im watching using them i got the pink there super cool
Joy Kim
Joy Kim Mese fa
I got the pink with engraving haha lol
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 mesi fa
Let's wait until they make us pay monthly for stereo audio. They'll call it SpaceAudio.
The Scrambler
The Scrambler 2 mesi fa
I don’t know, every pair of AirPods I’ve owned started cutting out after six months or so, always the left pod.
LGLR Whatever Memes
LGLR Whatever Memes 2 mesi fa
AirPods Max en Latinoamérica: $1000🤣🤣😓
Sunil Mulgund
Sunil Mulgund 2 mesi fa a biggest apple fan boy
Lisa C.
Lisa C. 2 mesi fa
How do they sound?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 mesi fa
I WoNt hEsiTaTe BiTcH
I WoNt hEsiTaTe BiTcH 2 mesi fa
I swear I saw these in the computer lab 4 years ago..
Rocher Johnston
Rocher Johnston 2 mesi fa
maybe apple should have made/named "head pods" (wired version) AirPhones (wireless headphones)
rockminelaw 123
rockminelaw 123 2 mesi fa
i mean 1000 dollar monitor stand was more expensive
Gokulavanan S
Gokulavanan S 2 mesi fa
Sony, Bose here y 🍎?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 mesi fa
"informative video"
justtrust11 2 mesi fa
I can get these with my stimulus package 📦
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 mesi fa
V4Now 2 mesi fa
I have nuraphones, they're cheaper. Flex!💪🏾😎
Emrys 2 mesi fa
AirPods Max = Hot Garbage, not worth the outrageous price tag.
Kitsune 2 mesi fa
They look like those headphones you would find at a library computer lmao
I am Batman
I am Batman 2 mesi fa
£549 in uk most expensive pair head phones I’ve ever seen rip off price
JerryLursx 2 mesi fa
Anyone curious on the Apple Car???
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 mesi fa
AirPods Max= normal headphones
Hannah Reitcheck
Hannah Reitcheck 2 mesi fa
I wouldn’t pay that much for them because I simply don’t want to drop over $500 for headphones, BUT I do have a $390 Apple credit for some things I traded a couple weeks ago. 🤔
Amadeus Lucian
Amadeus Lucian Mese fa
Your a girl and just letting you know their very heavy
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 mesi fa
Can't wait 🔥🔥
Edin Babu
Edin Babu 2 mesi fa
They forget to place a logo 😂
hjinlareal 2 mesi fa
Beats studio3 are much nicer looking and more premium and costs $200 less! This a no brainer! Lol
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 mesi fa
Jaymze13 2 mesi fa
If Apple took cat poop, colored it silver, put it in a nice (and seriously, I do mean nice 'cause they are) box, included a pair of overpriced caster wheels, then put a tag of $400 on it....
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 mesi fa
Me after seeing this video How to paint bitten apple on top of different logos
Piotr Feder
Piotr Feder 2 mesi fa
Silly Review for Silly headphones.
javion mathis
javion mathis 2 mesi fa
Don’t Apple have a partnership with my boi dre? Like wtf they look so ugly, can’t even sit there and tell me that case looks good. NAH IT TRASH, Bro I wouldn’t spend 500 cents on that shit. I love my man unboxing therapy and I love the vid but Apple really tryna finesse niggas out here
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 2 mesi fa
Can you review the Blue headphones? Either the Mix-FI or the Ella. Thank you.
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