These Futuristic Shoes Let You "Feel" Sound

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Unbox Therapy

2 mesi fa

These are the DropLabs EP-01. Shoes that let you "feel" the bass in your music, games and videos.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 mesi fa
Check out Lew Later too -
LifeIsShørt Mese fa
Lew why isn’t Will featured in anymore videos?
Salil Shukla
Salil Shukla 2 mesi fa
The Guilty Guitarist
The Guilty Guitarist 2 mesi fa
Dance with them 🤣
Dalton Burgess
Dalton Burgess 2 mesi fa
I'm calling you legs for days lew now lol
Jestoni Fermin
Jestoni Fermin 2 mesi fa
Bro, what is your watch? It's beautiful.
Lol Sos
Lol Sos 8 giorni fa
He shouldve tried benimarus fire
Granville Friel
Granville Friel 18 giorni fa
What if they get wet
Netty Voyager
Netty Voyager 19 giorni fa
drop the wire down your trousers leg :)
Carl Brown
Carl Brown 19 giorni fa
Was this a calves day?
Deltauro Deltauro
Deltauro Deltauro 20 giorni fa
Which music is used?
asdfgh123 23 giorni fa
Tenet soundtrack
12345678925406 24 giorni fa
Trying hard to feel or see what he is feeling 😂😂😂
Captain Slims
Captain Slims 24 giorni fa
Make the playlist at the side
Captain Slims
Captain Slims 24 giorni fa
Making a compressed star in a shoe check elon for the specs
Captain Slims
Captain Slims 24 giorni fa
Close to an atomic bomb reduce the casualties no magnetic rails
Captain Slims
Captain Slims 24 giorni fa
Trying to make it levitat3
Stephanie George
Stephanie George 25 giorni fa
every 13 yr old right now:
Mr. BASS 27 giorni fa
The music he plays at 9:51 is Quartz - french 79 but the person who edited this video played some different (god knows) song.
Eiríkr InRauda
Eiríkr InRauda 27 giorni fa
Bout to be like toph from atla
BigMarv50 Mese fa
These shoes + wooster + nuraphones + oculus = New world.
Brijinder Singh
Brijinder Singh Mese fa
u know u should open up these one of a kind products for the first time before the camera where even u dont know what it is
Evans Obotantim Kwabena Mante
Evans Obotantim Kwabena Mante Mese fa
0:21 looking into that window feels like you are somewhere around apple park
Bruno Vazquez
Bruno Vazquez Mese fa
Looks like a cheap build tbh.
GM Hacks
GM Hacks Mese fa
U should try ghostemane songs with this
Zac Cook
Zac Cook Mese fa
What’s the name of the song at 13:17?
Antonio R.
Antonio R. Mese fa
I'm still waiting on a total VR suite.
Savage Streams Strydom
Savage Streams Strydom Mese fa
Could you share the two sound tracks?
toofine9 Mese fa
maybe if u turn that stupid backround music off we could hear it
mohammad assadi
mohammad assadi Mese fa
Come to Syria, trust me you'll feel explosions more realistic.
Imy red
Imy red Mese fa
Those legs. Man, do you even lift!
john cannon
john cannon Mese fa
Perfect gamer shoes, imagine breaking into a camper house with all kinds of mines and claymore with these kicks on 🔥🔥🔥
Kanishk Singh
Kanishk Singh Mese fa
the real content start after 4 minutes
Elias Andersen
Elias Andersen Mese fa
No way
Elian Fernandes
Elian Fernandes Mese fa
12:38 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
JXSTAR 45 Mese fa
Probs torcher for people with ticklish feat 😂
FaZe Sidg
FaZe Sidg Mese fa
Fortnite KINDA be roasted do😂
Thomas Walton
Thomas Walton Mese fa
I thought the little dog was gonna lift its leg and pee on them ha
When he paused at 12:26 I thought now we would see a dance show. 😂😂😂
Hariraj K
Hariraj K Mese fa
Me: But can I earthbend though?
Nasir Shabbir
Nasir Shabbir Mese fa
Toph be like 👁👄👁
Hugo Goddard
Hugo Goddard Mese fa
does anyone know the music used in this video?
Farbod Behjat
Farbod Behjat Mese fa
Hey Lew Thanks for you videos but recently all of them have been more than 15mins long. Some of us don't have that much time but we wanna watch your video to the end. Could you make shorter videos like old days? Thanks
Bton H
Bton H Mese fa
HOLLLD UP... u know how songs pan from left ear to right? Imagine if they made them go *LEFT FOOT TO RIGHT FOOT*
Kris Bright
Kris Bright Mese fa
Well the shoes are stereo so if the song does is for the ears it will do it for the feet too.
Jayden v Ward
Jayden v Ward Mese fa
21:05 he was so exited! then was like 🥺 he didn’t want me?
hurusan41 Mese fa
took me a moment to catch that fortnite app reference
Liam Featherstone
Liam Featherstone Mese fa
Let me just put my phone on my head a second see if I can feel the shoes boom haha Only going to be able to see what there actually like if you get some
ndue metu
ndue metu Mese fa
looks like the harden vol 2
Hussain Asad
Hussain Asad Mese fa
Harsh Mese fa
They really look similar to ultra boost 2020.
Jatin kumar pradhan
Jatin kumar pradhan Mese fa
Build Fact
Build Fact Mese fa
Jarvis wants to know your location.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Mese fa
The shoes kind of look like the Dame 6s mix wit Adidas
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique Mese fa
Imagine playing a game like tarkov with these, If It could sense people walking around. Or If It was a noise amplifier like the comtac's irl
Cautioncrazy Mese fa
$300 isn't bad. People pay $220 on average for Jordans. These have a rumble pack and look surprisingly good, you wouldn't even notice they weren't regular shoes, until the rumbling of course.
Kris Bright
Kris Bright Mese fa
Yeah, I was looking at that too. Not actually a bad price for shoes.
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes Mese fa
YSVG Studies
YSVG Studies Mese fa
Toph would be soo happy to pout those on ❤️😁
New Light
New Light Mese fa
Shoes + vr+ subpak ,, tempted forsure
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations Mese fa
I think what we're all wanting are the shoes with the bass, subwoofer style, and fish tanks on top, small ones, goldfish style and platforms with bellbottom jeans style...thumpin those fish into jumping out, Japanese fighting fish style
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations Mese fa
Right on...subwoofer platform speakers on the bottom, then tread, then on topside, a fish tank big enough for just a few Japanese fighter goldfishes...that way your feet absorb most of the sound...and you can put ducks tape over the top, or, better yet, make a tunbywear top to close off the fish bowl so the water doesn't splash out...bluetooth
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations Mese fa
Hell yeah dog, and laser beams with little disco balls for the fish tanks
krishna trivedi
krishna trivedi Mese fa
Why does this remind me of toph from avatar
Vladimir Moev
Vladimir Moev Mese fa
The best kept secret - the name of the first track!
Mr. BASS 27 giorni fa
The music he plays at 9:51 is Quartz - french 79 but the person who edited this video played some different (god knows) song.
Mehdi Ait El Ghari
Mehdi Ait El Ghari Mese fa
It is the Time for "4D" 👌
W01F ____
W01F ____ Mese fa
got a nice shot of lew's ass there mhm nice
Despacheeto here
Despacheeto here Mese fa
Welcome to another episode of "i can't afford that"
Kris Bright
Kris Bright Mese fa
$299 isn't that bad though. Cheaper than most mid-range smartphones.
Daniel Österman
Daniel Österman Mese fa
They should put a microphone into these so you could feel the cars closing etc. while listening music. Would improve safety! :)
Hariz Mese fa
Me watching this. "Hmm yess feet vibration... i dunnk what it feels like or anything but yes vibrarion"
Daryl Selix
Daryl Selix Mese fa
"So do I just throw them on?? " no..leave the shoes off and go for a walk. Thats what they were designed for.🤣🤣🤣🤣 just busting your balls man,lol
Daryl Selix
Daryl Selix Mese fa
My fav movie of all time, A Clockwork Orange. Didn't expect that to come up,lol. If these are under $30 I'm getting some! Lol
Kris Bright
Kris Bright Mese fa
$299 for a pair.
Tavo 323
Tavo 323 Mese fa
11:23 New Balance ain't playing around anymore... 😂😂😂
Abood Albujoq
Abood Albujoq Mese fa
i can already feel sound im suirus
E.F. R.
E.F. R. Mese fa
Do people actually graduate from design/technology schools to do this? Really? Such a waste of time and money, not to mention the actual waste this generates (energy, cardboard, polystyrene, plastic bags, etc.).
Oakky wooder
Oakky wooder Mese fa
Meanwhile I’m over here putting my fear to the car speakers to feel the bass 😢😢😢
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji Mese fa
Does this ship outside us and canada?
Varun Mhasane
Varun Mhasane Mese fa
I need a weed simulator enabled mode with it
Eddie melendez
Eddie melendez Mese fa
Impressing 👞
Čika Peđa
Čika Peđa Mese fa
Watching foot fetish porn
Oliver Med
Oliver Med Mese fa
10:55 i'll get on the table"...."wow, look at that" me: hmmm,...a shoe....nice"
Adam Bernal
Adam Bernal Mese fa
You should listen to the sun with these shoes
NoVa Clan
NoVa Clan Mese fa
Make a gaming channel...
mohamed ben jrad
mohamed ben jrad Mese fa
name of the first track please ?
JUR O Mese fa
You gonna do the new boba fett adidas shoes? No know ;) Still this shies need the qi charging plate;)
FLAME Mese fa
7:40 dantdms hardcore Minecraft background is the same song which reminded me to watch the latests
Slade Destiny
Slade Destiny Mese fa
It’s like toph from avatar
Tanzeel Khokhar
Tanzeel Khokhar Mese fa
i was so much focused on the shoes nd then i saw your legs 😂 so skinny nd thin 😂
KudzieM Nyoni
KudzieM Nyoni Mese fa
What the hell
Mikey Oakes
Mikey Oakes Mese fa
Might feel good but they look pony!!
irl Riley Freeman
irl Riley Freeman Mese fa
He has every phone in the world or can buy any phone in the world, and he uses a android..... why?
Vishal Kaushal
Vishal Kaushal Mese fa
Imagine the shoe with the vibrating vest and then vr and then 1000xm3.... What that'll be like...
BoostZeus Mese fa
Could you do the shoes and woojer vest together?!
Normal ib
Normal ib Mese fa
carlosfer2201 Mese fa
12:05 poor doggo wanted pets. Lew ignored him. You bastard!
Darren Ian Jeremias
Darren Ian Jeremias Mese fa
15:35 I thought he farted. 😂😂😂
Mayurjyoti Gogoi
Mayurjyoti Gogoi Mese fa
he kept the dog hanging, feelsbadman
wolverineiscool Mese fa
this video is so bland, get some decor for bg, the white wall looks plain and dull....get some wall panels or something and a better editor...geez, the video production is bad in this
Md Alavudeen
Md Alavudeen Mese fa
You still using OnePlus 8 pro but previous video you switch note 20 ultra😵
2202 Ian
2202 Ian Mese fa
i can be toph with these
Հայաստան 08,05,2018
Հայաստան 08,05,2018 Mese fa
Did I hear Minecraft music in the background?
YGTV Mese fa
how is no one talking about the song starting 11:30. damn track id man !? anyone ?!
Gabriel Esteves
Gabriel Esteves Mese fa
11:30 whats playing? pls help me find that tune
Gabriel Esteves
Gabriel Esteves Mese fa
@Unbox Therapy someone pls read the comment :D thanks
fir n' friends
fir n' friends Mese fa
Songs used?
Alicia Wrensford
Alicia Wrensford Mese fa
Those shoes are mostly for people who are hard of hearing or deaf
Papoompoom Pom
Papoompoom Pom Mese fa
Just imagine wearing those while your so high on weed. Maaaaan!
KipvinsieGaming Mese fa
What is the name of the music at 11:00 I need to know!!!!
Mr. BASS 27 giorni fa
The music he plays at 9:51 is Quartz - french 79 but the person who edited this video played some different (god knows) song.
Udaiaditya Baruah
Udaiaditya Baruah Mese fa
Which it comes to bass, I always got two songs in my holster. Sickick - G.O.M.D. Lil Nas X - Old Town Roads You agree with me?
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