The Fastest Tiny Drive in The World

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JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 2 mesi fa
This is absolutely incredible.... I love it
آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت
آکادمی کسب درآمد از اینترنت 3 mesi fa
Do you guys think that I can watxh my 8k video directly from this little baby??
arh3652 4 mesi fa
Hi Lew, I keep forgetting to tell you that I got one of the inbox therapy knives and it is great. I got the black version it is considerably smaller than the other knife I have. Which is what I was looking for. The blade on that knife is no joke. It is my daily driver as you say replacing the bigger knife that I use to carry. I love the fact it actually has the unbox therapy logo on the blade I wasn't sure it would. Anyway I just wanted you to know.
abdul moeed
abdul moeed 5 mesi fa
Drive land nice...
Devarshi Dalal
Devarshi Dalal 5 mesi fa
USB 3.1 and 3.2 says hello.
MAGSI NAVEED 5 mesi fa
I never give unlike tO yOur any videO Expect iPhone videOs cOz iPhOne deserve Unlike
The Beta Elevator
The Beta Elevator 5 mesi fa
Your forgetting about booting off it. Pc in your pocket with benefits of internal drive speeds 😁
Memory City
Memory City 6 mesi fa
So cool! Looks awesome and very durable!
ayaan haryani
ayaan haryani 6 mesi fa
Unbox therapy: The fastest tiny drive in the world PS5: I am about to end the world’s whole career
Ujjwal Jain
Ujjwal Jain 6 mesi fa
bro you gotta fix that sound ears are bleeding coz of ur high pitched voice🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
NigelGB 6 mesi fa
LACIE make nice looking solid drives but how reliable is it? I have 3 LACIE drives sitting on my shelf that failed within a couple of years.
Michael Wojciechowski
Michael Wojciechowski 6 mesi fa
I guess you’re green screening for social distancing purposes. Good on you.
Stevanus Bramantha
Stevanus Bramantha 6 mesi fa
Came here.. saw the SSD.. bought the knife..
Majk M
Majk M 6 mesi fa
its 2020 style haha ;)
A.Ffirmative 6 mesi fa
god damn, ur lens wide asf
Germano Michelon Santos
Germano Michelon Santos 6 mesi fa
For some reason, in this video, you're speaking in a very pleasant way. Maybe you miss this format, or maybe you are just very excited about the product, but in any case, loved it!
Kenja Emzee
Kenja Emzee 6 mesi fa
omg multi-resistant!!
Brandon Whitley
Brandon Whitley 6 mesi fa
Can a phone with type c plug in to it?
Levana Kazi
Levana Kazi 6 mesi fa
Hi I have a question. I'm a college student and recently been into backing up my mac using time machine. Since I have never used an external ssd, how do I keep it up to date with my latest documents in my mac? Do I have to remember to physically backup weekly to my laptop? How do I keep my drive up to date with my mac and my s 10? I appreciate who has an answer.
yuyu patz
yuyu patz 6 mesi fa
Slap it of the table. Dont slap it of d table 😂🤣🤣
Tom Novielli
Tom Novielli 6 mesi fa
Where can I buy that knife in canada?
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez 6 mesi fa
You ever going go respond to the hate on the pablo Escobar pphone review...How much money did you get from the cartel... its disgusting that you a channel that makes millions a year would take money from an organization that has ruined an entire country with drugs and murder for some views great review bro
Zack Kumalae
Zack Kumalae 6 mesi fa
thassa bad bihh right there jabroni
joelee kuang
joelee kuang 6 mesi fa
Lew ma man you can get an ssd enclosure and get a full-size m.2 ssd into it and you will have speed up to I think 3500mb /s .*Asus rog Orion ssd enclosure
Flares Pone
Flares Pone 6 mesi fa
Bruh this would work with USB 3.1 USB C
Radioactive Sponge
Radioactive Sponge 6 mesi fa
Am i the only one who found this video funny.
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith 6 mesi fa
5:56 Your email bro
daniturn3 6 mesi fa
we needed real speeds not ones produced by a bit of software its like the wifi speed checkers always inflate the speeds to real world speed i expect this is the same
Saket Kumar
Saket Kumar 6 mesi fa
Too much shit to go through before the real content starts 😔
Tigershark Gaming
Tigershark Gaming 6 mesi fa
You might need to get a wetstone if that pocket knife goes blunt
Tigershark Gaming
Tigershark Gaming 6 mesi fa
I use NTFSS and exFAT
Gay Canizar
Gay Canizar 6 mesi fa
What app is that disk speed test
Gay Canizar
Gay Canizar 6 mesi fa
You should try unboxing Xiaomi's Black Shark 3
RandomReverseRoom 6 mesi fa
1 TB is quite low amount of storage.
József Mihovecz
József Mihovecz 6 mesi fa
Your can do this for quite some time, just buy an nvme enclosure
Kevin atKDOTNY
Kevin atKDOTNY 6 mesi fa
background is distracting. Go back bro
Kamakshi Annagiri
Kamakshi Annagiri 6 mesi fa
Harman Brar
Harman Brar 6 mesi fa
7:24 I literally laughed. In 2020 style😂😂
Faithin Verity
Faithin Verity 6 mesi fa
Lots of us are spending this time organizing our files. What I look for in storage is reliability. Pls do a video about reliable drives.
Trurl 6 mesi fa
Only reason an average guy needs a SSD this large is computer games. Or PS5/Series X games, but those will require different SSDs than this one.
Abdullah Naeem
Abdullah Naeem 6 mesi fa
6:25 Video starts...
Ulil Kh
Ulil Kh 6 mesi fa
The background, It feels like back in time thing 🤭
SolidGreenDay 6 mesi fa
Its $400. a Force MP600 1Tb is $200 and can outperform that on a 3rd gen ryzen setup. So I hope the new ryzen laptops that come out support pcie gen 4 ssds so we can get much faster speeds on laptops
innoe _mbabvu
innoe _mbabvu 6 mesi fa
Thought you would just transfer a large file like a movie or sum' to the drive so that we can see the speeds🙄
ZAYN EDITES 6 mesi fa
In a regular environment 😂😂
Guillermo Andres
Guillermo Andres 6 mesi fa
I like these vids better
Ben LePage
Ben LePage 6 mesi fa
So if you keep your bank cards in your phone's flip case it's probably not a good idea to have a magnet near them
John Archary
John Archary 6 mesi fa
Wait for Samsung to drop a drive
RedTrillix 6 mesi fa
Check out the SanDisk Extreme 500GB SSD, thats what i have and its tinier than any of lacie's lineup.
David Fitcher
David Fitcher 6 mesi fa
2GB/s , Santa maria
Spartacus Goodson
Spartacus Goodson 6 mesi fa
green screen 8/10
Taleb Yahya
Taleb Yahya 6 mesi fa
bro check Bullet SSD on kickstarter, it is the size of a flash memory
Yussaf Malik
Yussaf Malik 6 mesi fa
you can buy nvme enclosure and nvme drive cheaper and you get amazing speeds.
Cameron Baker
Cameron Baker 6 mesi fa
Or you could get a m.2 enclosure to USB or thunderbolt
Lakshya Dudani
Lakshya Dudani 6 mesi fa
There is online space where u get unlimited video storage. Think . . . . . . It's ITpost For private video put the settings to see the video to "Only me"
Jaš Lazar
Jaš Lazar 6 mesi fa
You are not so funny anymore.
savith bhargav
savith bhargav 6 mesi fa
First I love your videos. I understand comparing the internal ssd to external NVMe ssd, but the second comparison did not make sendlse to me because they feel like entirely different products where one is a SATA SSD(samsung t5) and the other drive is the NVMe which is way more faster than normal SSDs.
lll ttt
lll ttt 6 mesi fa
Can you zoom the camera a little more
ricky v
ricky v 6 mesi fa
LOL, 2020 hand off status. Funny dude. I like what you said about giving this drive to someone to edit off of. This would make working with someone during these times a little bit easier.
Thomas OBrien
Thomas OBrien 6 mesi fa
8 minutes until he plugs in the drive, wtf? Is this click bait to sell knives and mac books?
nowew owkelw
nowew owkelw 6 mesi fa
flawed comparison between the samsung drive. that thunderbolt cable changes the result.
Troy Stover
Troy Stover 6 mesi fa
how about thunderbolt raid?
Taran King
Taran King 6 mesi fa
Its over £300 :0
Jade Valer
Jade Valer 6 mesi fa
My OCD says “please remove that black thing on the table at the right side of the frame”.
Kirsty 6 mesi fa
Damn it, can't unsee it now.
Sven Willems
Sven Willems 6 mesi fa
You should try the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch. Really fast, very small and fall resistant up to 1m
GameFrame 6 mesi fa
4:06 when I finally sent the picture
CYGAL 6 mesi fa
I was gonna comment, but...
Bhargab Das
Bhargab Das 6 mesi fa
When jack isn't available.. Laptop screen rests on table
Julien Aziza
Julien Aziza 6 mesi fa
I’m glad he stopped walking around a table vlogging while it looked so pro and polished before. Back to normal now. Just a new backdrop. Still better before tho
Blue Alert Gaming
Blue Alert Gaming 6 mesi fa
Lew : 2800 Mbps Linus : 10 Gbps
Blue Alert Gaming
Blue Alert Gaming 6 mesi fa
somebody call linus
karam.r ramy
karam.r ramy 6 mesi fa
Are you going to unbos the iqoo 3??
THE HILL 6 mesi fa
Mohammed Al Qahtani
Mohammed Al Qahtani 6 mesi fa
I find ravpower drive to be smaller than this Just sayning..
MikuBass 6 mesi fa
Lew pulled a Linus there real quick
Mohammed Shanoof
Mohammed Shanoof 6 mesi fa
That click bait cover photo tho😂😂
Basel AbuAladas
Basel AbuAladas 6 mesi fa
the hat says "Blyat"
連鎖反應 6 mesi fa
Aee Bee Cee
Aee Bee Cee 6 mesi fa
I’m loving it.
Ron Cole
Ron Cole 6 mesi fa
wheres Willy - the show would by twice as good - heard of skype - zoom - Ron
PAUL KOIGI 6 mesi fa
I miss Willy Du...
Jamesbundy1 6 mesi fa
99% of the people don't know the difference between megabit and megabyte.
Ethan 6 mesi fa
1byte=8bits😂 ,now someone know
Outraged Gaming
Outraged Gaming 6 mesi fa
I was waiting for part were he actually transferred data but nope
Avneesh Singh Tomar
Avneesh Singh Tomar 6 mesi fa
9:05 I facepalmed myself 😂😂
Nur Padjrin
Nur Padjrin 6 mesi fa
5:45 why don't use u're thinkpad?
TAREQ Islam 6 mesi fa
BUT BUT BUT.. MAC doesnt have 180 degree flat hinge...sed lyf
INFINITY 6 mesi fa
I have the worlds fastest "ScrewDriver"
Nanel PUBG Mobile Gaming
Nanel PUBG Mobile Gaming 6 mesi fa
Can u please review nubia red magic 5G
Naz Sera
Naz Sera 6 mesi fa
Hello from family. Love you Broski
Naz Sera
Naz Sera 6 mesi fa
Watch this
Naz Sera
Naz Sera 6 mesi fa
Hey Cousin
Helicard 6 mesi fa
RIP Samsung drive
DeviLefty 6 mesi fa
you should try k30 pro
Amit Maddheshiya
Amit Maddheshiya 6 mesi fa
lets unsubscribe youtube channel posting chines product video...
Nimish Mittal
Nimish Mittal 6 mesi fa
Lew you make very good videos but i hated your new setup and the view of video
Peppe Ddu
Peppe Ddu 6 mesi fa
Can't you do the same with just a 1TB SD Card?
ADARSH Puthane
ADARSH Puthane 6 mesi fa
Lou the audio is terrible The video quality is 480p What's wrong with you man ?
Tharsan J
Tharsan J 6 mesi fa
Lit ep.
Pooja Bhatia
Pooja Bhatia 6 mesi fa
Can you plese review the under armour earbuds any of them
LordTechPro 6 mesi fa
2019 Unbox Therapy: Full of screen recordings 2020 Unbox Therapy: What's a screen recording?
NonLegit Nation
NonLegit Nation 6 mesi fa
"look how tiny it is", Um Lew it's the same size as an external HDD
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