Unboxing All The Masks...

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6 mesi fa

Surely I'm not the only one curious about all these masks.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
Are you currently wearing/considering wearing a mask? What's the situation in your country right now?
Barak Cohen
Barak Cohen Mese fa
I'm using this mask those days : 3M Particulate Respirator 8233 N100 , I'm from Israel and the situation is pretty bad and get worse from week to an other , bless for God save !
501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA Mese fa
I’m wearing a gas mask with a Scott pro2000 p3 filter to protect against corona
aserta 2 mesi fa
Using a retrofited diving mask with a PAPR style blower, filtered through a HEPA filter + enclosed inside a backpack. Decontam is submerging the mask in IPA (they already tested these for feasibility and they scored pretty high outside the obvious problem of Decontam).
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
My country is having a hardtime on solving this problem, my country economic status is getting poorer and getting to low, were hoping sooner or later we're going to overcome this challenges, were truly affected over all sir..
Glacier Music
Glacier Music 3 mesi fa
its bad here in UK
Bat Lightyear
Bat Lightyear 3 giorni fa
And how do you do if you wear Glasses ??
ReMzy420 10 giorni fa
dude lookin like Walter white from Breaking bad. lol
Hum Thappa
Hum Thappa 13 giorni fa
You can sanitize 2 second one with spray sanitizer
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 18 giorni fa
(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
Ahmad Herman
Ahmad Herman 20 giorni fa
Is the different filter can be attached to same mask??.
Ahmad Herman
Ahmad Herman 20 giorni fa
Where can i buy the full and the half of n95 mask??ps/ please answer.
LilSaucePan _223
LilSaucePan _223 21 giorno fa
Arjun Chickering
Arjun Chickering Mese fa
n100s are he best
501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA Mese fa
The 3m full face respirator isn’t bad, but I have much more comfortable gas masks in my collection
501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA Mese fa
Bro, you put the filter cartridges on the 3m half face respirator improperly. You line up the small lug on the mask with the small hole on the filter cartridge and turn clockwise to lock it in place. Your cartridges should be swept back on the mask as intended by the manufacturer. Btw those cartridges on the half face respirator won’t protect from corona. You will need a particulate filter for that such as the p100 filter you have on your full face respirator.
501-301stSECRET AGENT_SWA Mese fa
Actually I have a collection of CBRN gas masks which are better than these respirators.
aaronhaight22 2 mesi fa
Great in-depth explanation Lew, didn’t know all the facts
Our One
Our One 2 mesi fa
Wow amazing video very informative. See our affordable face mask
OfficialL3afMøønYT 2 mesi fa
Cosplayers when they saw two gasmasks: interesting
Luis Martell
Luis Martell 2 mesi fa
He forgot the hazmat suit
Kenneth G
Kenneth G 2 mesi fa
You educated me more than my government.
Rahul M. Prathap
Rahul M. Prathap 2 mesi fa
Nice video 👌 good description
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
That is very fashionistic sir lew
Govind Goyal
Govind Goyal 3 mesi fa
you forgot the n100 mask
Mohamed Alaa
Mohamed Alaa 3 mesi fa
انت يتفتح كل حاجه يراجل😂😂
Cindy Lawrence
Cindy Lawrence 3 mesi fa
The producers here apparently never heard of MSA and Scotts But other than that....this is an exec factual report. There is a wide range of producers, but of course if the FIT to the face isn't right...the efficiency of the filter is next to meaningless......more el borate multi element masks Do protect against other severe irritants which distress airway membrane making you more susceptible to infectious agents...so.
J Acosta
J Acosta 3 mesi fa
i use these when painting my cars, they work great. bit industrial. you want to get really creative get some military grade bi warfare masks and fresh air systems.
Ori Karin
Ori Karin 3 mesi fa
I am can't belive I am listening to american how to be safe from the covid-19...
Phoenix Deardorff
Phoenix Deardorff 3 mesi fa
Nah you gotta get a military grade rebreather
Yasser Rawoot
Yasser Rawoot 3 mesi fa
Lew sounds like Kermit the frog when he wears the masks
Don Romero
Don Romero 3 mesi fa
Was looking around your vids for earphones and came across this video. As a healthcare worker I have to tell you I appreciate how well this video was presented. Very well researched and explained and in the right context. Given how you present products you would not usually have experince with it just proves how credible you and your team are with the true tech stuff.
Elektron Hacks
Elektron Hacks 3 mesi fa
like gta 5 mask 0_0
RayLow92 4 mesi fa
I use the 2 mask for welding this review is horrendous. Absolutely zero research went into this video.
Varun Simons
Varun Simons 4 mesi fa
Varun Simons
Varun Simons 4 mesi fa
Tryhardツ 4 mesi fa
No wonder I can’t find a mask because lew bought them all
Fahim Sayeed
Fahim Sayeed 4 mesi fa
How many times can you use N99 masks? is it washable or reusable?
Alfred Fonacier III
Alfred Fonacier III 4 mesi fa
Unless you are going to expose yourself to any procedure that would generate aerosol particles from a positive patient then wearing an N95 is useless. I appreciate Lew educating people on what the point of an N95 is but if you are a man with any and I mean ANY facial hair, don’t bother wearing an N95 as it is completely useless since the point of a reapirator is for it to fit snug on your face to prevent tiny contaminated particles from being inhaled.
tyler turner
tyler turner 5 mesi fa
I heard the air coming In the exhale
Marcus Osborne
Marcus Osborne 5 mesi fa
Oh good idea 🤘
Killer King
Killer King 5 mesi fa
Wish got that for the quarantine
Cahit kazanki
Cahit kazanki 5 mesi fa
I had high hopes to see atleast a plague doctor reference
Torren Smith 19
Torren Smith 19 5 mesi fa
Stop waisting masks
MLGB0Yz 5 mesi fa
Jesus is the best mask
Montu Jadav
Montu Jadav 5 mesi fa
Corona virus saty safe
YouTube Account
YouTube Account 5 mesi fa
Wait...he has a brother?
ALX 5 mesi fa
Smelly junkie.
DTC 5 mesi fa
Gabriel 5 mesi fa
He looks like the guy from Breaking Bad
王少麾 5 mesi fa
The full face mask is really common in Hong Kong. All journalists are wearing these to protect themselves from the tear gases tossed by crazy police for no reason. When I see the mask, I feel pain.
GuitaristJayy 5 mesi fa
I hope these went to the health services after this
Jacoboliver 5 mesi fa
Never in my life did I think I would watch a face mask unboxing
Ahmed Mortada
Ahmed Mortada 5 mesi fa
God just open it stop talking
Alondra Frausto
Alondra Frausto 5 mesi fa
Ahmed Mortada IKR 🤣😂 he be talking a lot how about less talking and more opening
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 5 mesi fa
Nobody needs a Fucking mask. Stop lying. The coronalierus has a 98% survival rate. You don't need a mask, you're not going to die. You have a higher chance of being run over by a train
Drawtoons 5 mesi fa
apart from best gadgets ...i think people on earth require masks as mandatory
zahrans 5 mesi fa
For processing _cocainum_ will a N95 mask suffice? Asking for a friend....
Daimon Vaughn
Daimon Vaughn 5 mesi fa
Wear gloves when you take off the filter.
A Wrech
A Wrech 5 mesi fa
review the hole in mask, mask as it can make u breath easier
Leon C
Leon C 5 mesi fa
Where is your Asian buddy?
FBI’s Backup
FBI’s Backup 5 mesi fa
What a waste like hospitals need them
Mundane AudioHead
Mundane AudioHead 5 mesi fa
Lew went out his way to do a video like this. Toss a coin to the Witcher.
Ben Love
Ben Love 5 mesi fa
For a second there I thought that was EAP on the N-95 mask haha!
Ivan Molotkov
Ivan Molotkov 5 mesi fa
impressive work on not using the "COVID-19" or "Coronavirus"...
Zack 5 mesi fa
Interesting video Lew but you got a lot of stuff right and wrong. I do asbestos abatement for a living so I know tons about respirators. The full facepiece isn't even the highest level of protection. Look up PAPRs if you are curious as to the highest portable respirator
Dustin Tijerina
Dustin Tijerina 5 mesi fa
Disinfecting the reusable masks is actually quite simple. Using disposable gloves you remove filters and trash them. Then, lots of bleach, like a bucket of it and hot water. Or a chemical bath but I never found out what our CBRN guys used for that. And then after they've been sanitized you dry them with a clean cloth.(might need to check with a CBRN Specialist (a person in the military who's primary job is working with chemicals and masks) for that though). Then you just put on new filters when its dry and and you're going on your next trip to somewhere. Though if we're really going this far to avoid contamination it'd be a good idea to wear clothes you aren't afraid of trashing after wearing outside or clothes that can be easily cleaned after coming back from going outside. (So no wool or lose fibers).
TheNate371 5 mesi fa
Niosh is only the certification for US. Europe and a lot of other countries use ABEK standards. I have been using gas masks and respirators for years as I am a mechanic and deal with plenty of harmful materials and fumes like asbestos, fiberglass, gasoline, etc. Masks can be washed with water and 60 percent alcohol. There are also some mask such as the Soviet GP7 masks and PMK masks, which have the exhale valve that can be point down towards your own body.
Kedar Mahalle
Kedar Mahalle 5 mesi fa
let's be honest nobody knew he was going to upload videos
Dr Joe Joe 8872
Dr Joe Joe 8872 5 mesi fa
Incredibly helpful!!! Thanks!!!!
o OZ
o OZ 5 mesi fa
If you've made rubber gloves as well disposable ones then you can take it off off-take the filters off dispose the filters and the rubber gloves and clean the mask will an anti bacteria cleaner simple
Jai Bcheny
Jai Bcheny 5 mesi fa
I have the p100 face mask lmao
pappy1432 5 mesi fa
made in china
Jamil El Choueiry
Jamil El Choueiry 5 mesi fa
guess my trailer was among the things u 've scene i guess :P and a good example my profile pic its like ur description but with smoke from vape :P nice content, peace from Beirut Lebanon, be safe :D
thomas guera
thomas guera 5 mesi fa
wish u were more informed rather than spouting shit
HGX z 5 mesi fa
No one cared who I was till I put on the mask
Chris Pilot
Chris Pilot 5 mesi fa
I'm buying the 3rd one and heading over to Walmart on a toilet paper run. DM me if you need anything.
Ro M
Ro M 6 mesi fa
I use the 3m 6300 mask, one big advantage is that since I wear glasses, the 3m doesn't fog them up because the seal is so tight, for filters, I use the magenta p100 ones. as for handling it after I'm done, after touching it, and removing any other protective gear, I would just wash my hands. sure, the full face mask would be great but they really aren't compatible with glasses. so, the half face masks (6300 style) are easier to breathe, no fogging glasses and much better fit than the disposable masks. it also has the added benefit of being to change out filters depending on what you need it for.
Kurstin Hanback
Kurstin Hanback 6 mesi fa
thank you for making this
Nick W
Nick W 6 mesi fa
3m 7500 (1-3) Im yousing this model but just to procetc against chemicals and dust, not to wer on the streats.
Sami Abdul
Sami Abdul 6 mesi fa
All I can think of when I see that last mask is war zone
Charles 6 mesi fa
You did not cover the risk of wearing a mask. In some people some masks could be a heart attack risk.
Poo Life
Poo Life 6 mesi fa
Jester 6 mesi fa
13:44 post malone
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew 6 mesi fa
Please do your research before making this type of video you were talking about only having to touch the band of the mask to take it off even that can be infested to just maybe not as much also surgeons would use the others since they are reusable unlike the other ones, due to the shortage they aren’t able to just throw them away they are reused so many times and the 2 and 3 ones would be much more preferred, some info you did have right such as the beard but yet while doing that you were taking about the seal being great with the first one and saying how you feel like it’s air tight. So please do more research next time, and also you didn’t have to have those mask with you, you should of donated those but now they can’t be since they aren’t new and you wore them. Our nurses and doctors would of loved to have what y u had just wasted
Leggir 6 mesi fa
I'm using a Honeywell North silicon half mask with P100L filters. The filters are covered in plastic and can easily be cleaned with a lysol wipe. It's comfortable, so I put it on at the first stop, and remove it once I'm done at the last stop. I don't touch it in-between.
Glenn Turner
Glenn Turner 6 mesi fa
Just a scarf wrapped around your head with no filter whatsoever is actually worse than nothing at all. You need to have some sort of filter.
Wes H.
Wes H. 6 mesi fa
I wear that same 3M half face respirator for chemical protection at my job. With P100 filters it's a lifesaver for me.
Luna12Z 6 mesi fa
I hate the 1st one I use those at work and it is so uncomfortable. The elastics hurt and the material is itchy on the face
TheMr3742 6 mesi fa
Man crushed Monday you ❤️
Goutam Kumar Som
Goutam Kumar Som 6 mesi fa
I use n-95 with a valve
Anselm 02
Anselm 02 6 mesi fa
I am happy to be a graff writer😅
Stew TheMoo
Stew TheMoo 6 mesi fa
You should review a scribit
Kaven Mendes
Kaven Mendes 6 mesi fa
My man just reviewed particle masks. They’re not made for viruses. Used to use every one of these in a paint shop. They protect against dust, paint particles, and hazardous chemicals. All have exhalation ports.
Nour-Elddien 6 mesi fa
13:35 "Let's cook some Meth"
aamir sultan
aamir sultan 6 mesi fa
9:09 Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!
Sergio Vega
Sergio Vega 5 mesi fa
This! Ha! Found it!
Kshitiz Singhal
Kshitiz Singhal 6 mesi fa
Title must be busting the myths behinds types of mask.
amir yusif
amir yusif 6 mesi fa
We are dying here because of your president, because we don't have a simple mask just a simple mask for protect ourselves, because of your a****** president in the US, and you are showing off your different types of masks , what kind of human you are
amir yusif
amir yusif 6 mesi fa
You think is that fun!?!? dude come on people are dying out there and you're just showing that you have different types of masks in the us !?!?!? Is That a joke to you you rich people will die 2 even with those fancy masks 😭😠😭😭😭😭
Chris P.
Chris P. 6 mesi fa
Growing up you remind me of Justin Timberlake
D 6 mesi fa
really, really great video. Nice that someone has explained all this stuff. Good work
Kevin Magbaton
Kevin Magbaton 6 mesi fa
I would like to emphasize what you said. Proper fit=Maximum protection. Thanks for this, I've been wondering about these respirators too.
markQ08 6 mesi fa
well done for doing research on how viruses are 'transported'
Aldridge517 6 mesi fa
Lew: *Unboxing Masks* Bane: "This is the instrument of your liberation"
Mr Abdul
Mr Abdul 6 mesi fa
Ah the legendary Bane, *locks down an entire city* *cancels sporting events* *wore a mask* root of the cause a BAT.
GodliePlayzz 6 mesi fa
Why would you buy a $999 apple mask? Just a waste of money. Buy N95 Mask and stay safe. Its the best working mask which protects 95 percent virus.
purple purp
purple purp 6 mesi fa
This is actually informative, iphone SE can wait haha
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