Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

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Unbox Therapy

3 mesi fa

Meet Spot by Boston Dynamics.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 mesi fa
grab a snack and enjoy
E E 11 giorni fa
420th comment ezezezez
E E 11 giorni fa
E E 11 giorni fa
E E 11 giorni fa
Conservative Intel
Conservative Intel 12 giorni fa
3:55 “THE MOMENT AT WHICH! THE LIMP! BODY! IS REMOVED! FROM ITS CASKETTTT!! THE POWER SWITCH IS ACTIVATED! AND ELECTRICTY FLOWS! *gives dumb shifty eyed look* FROM ITS BATTERY!” Wow what a spoiled rich dumb ass. Why do stupid people have more money than me?
BBC BBC 4 ore fa
it‘s so creepy!
Jofx 14 ore fa
They should give some protections in case that thing falls into water/pool
zenomorph gaming YT
zenomorph gaming YT Giorno fa
why was this filmed like an interveiw?
simply facts
simply facts Giorno fa
Wilcox lake
Edward mac
Edward mac Giorno fa
Needs a head
NAES Giorno fa
This stupid video has created a new low in robot presentations! Dave in Phoenix Arizona USA
Marco Re
Marco Re Giorno fa
when the time comes to kill the children, this thing will know how to move very well in a playground.
Mark Romano
Mark Romano Giorno fa
how is this a dog tho lol
V L Giorno fa
The sound effects of this video make it feels like a black mirror episode.
V L Giorno fa
75k is about the cost for model s, so you want a model s or a robot dog? or maybe both?
V L Giorno fa
I was expecting that thing to come out on its own.
JAMES NJAU Giorno fa
and they will start a movement of robot life matter
Antoine Peterson
Antoine Peterson Giorno fa
10 20 years from now we will look back on that day and think this is how it all started
Church Fox
Church Fox Giorno fa
Pfft! Have people not seen the $3000 Aibo Dog
kheyra Keke
kheyra Keke 2 giorni fa
Joemarie Sotto
Joemarie Sotto 2 giorni fa
nnbhvhbh 1985
nnbhvhbh 1985 2 giorni fa
Can be freaking weaponized and sent for war dangerous shit 😒
Techykr 2 giorni fa
Good video nice work keep it up. Till you successd❤️✅ . . . . Mera Target Or Aapki Ek Chota Sa Support 10k ✅❤️
Cosmic Cactus
Cosmic Cactus 2 giorni fa
I was first introduced to these man made creatures through the show Black Mirror very terrifying futuristic dogs in that show. Pretty cool to see they were very real and "possible to obtain" if I ever seen one in real life though idk if I would be able to keep it together. Great vids unboxing therapy always love that there is so much diversity on this channel.
sebas lep
sebas lep 3 giorni fa
good tool for fire fighters, police swat ,army and bomb deactivators crew..........
YouBook 3 giorni fa
But we are missing the love touch 💖👈
lightning9 4 giorni fa
TerminatorX- Rise of the.machines..
ColdPhoenix94 4 giorni fa
Thanks god its clumsy AF
T Bennett
T Bennett 4 giorni fa
that kid will use that robot for evil
riley bracco
riley bracco 4 giorni fa
I like how amazed you are and then offline tv is just screaming and talking about making it piss beer
David Guerrero
David Guerrero 4 giorni fa
Is the controller just a prototype Switch Pro?
chudain [[FF]]
chudain [[FF]] 4 giorni fa
the dog in a the back ground dont bark like a real dog he say ''bork''
Gareth G
Gareth G 4 giorni fa
In complete seriousness, can it go grocery shopping for you? Given issues like Covid, $75,000 for a robot that would go outside to perform necessary tasks like that for the rest of your life doesn't actually sound super unreasonable. If it can do all the grocery shopping, all the yardwork, and do things like move heavy furniture, then honestly, owning one does make at least some sense.
Dank Brownies
Dank Brownies 4 giorni fa
The dog is totally not into it lol
siah johnson
siah johnson 4 giorni fa
Bro why so spooked its not going to kill you
Teacher_Ali 4 giorni fa
The real thing now needed is "Proper AI" at least animal level so that SPOT can SPOT what it needs to do instead of typical game type control from game type console. It needs to have its own learning for missions and then execute them all the while taking care of its health (physical features), food (batteries etc.) and then housing (to store / house) himself.
MAVRX 4 giorni fa
Its not a phone, yeah but it still costs 75000$
Haste Elixir
Haste Elixir 4 giorni fa
This was added to pixel gun 3D
Donald H. Tyers
Donald H. Tyers 4 giorni fa
Feugera 4 giorni fa
Gods a creation of humanity to explain what they at their time still couldnt
DR horsehead
DR horsehead 4 giorni fa
My new toilet paper fetcher
ItZ_Delta! 5 giorni fa
oh man i know where this is going, it's going to end up like 1983 isn't it?
Andy 777
Andy 777 5 giorni fa
God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.🕊️🕊️
Purple Cat Nation
Purple Cat Nation 2 giorni fa
Stop promoting jesus in the comments
Simply Lemonade
Simply Lemonade 5 giorni fa
You should let it control itself more
Krivith Reddy
Krivith Reddy 5 giorni fa
What’s with the ominous music man😳
onenoc Two
onenoc Two 5 giorni fa
Sir, you will be laughed at in a matter of days not years
dd Bls
dd Bls 5 giorni fa
It’s frightning to imagine this kind of robots used massively in Police and army
steven lath
steven lath 6 giorni fa
Is it just me or would you go over to spot and congratulate and pet it like a dog lol
Aidan Carr
Aidan Carr 6 giorni fa
19:10 Nope, I don't want to even think about it
RONALDO DOUGLAS2A1 6 giorni fa
This is definitely a movie but I cant feel you right now because you have and I cant even get an imitation for it
Davion Morgan
Davion Morgan 6 giorni fa
Give this a like if you love the intro
KrispyKris 6 giorni fa
This quickly turned into a Shane Dawson Conspiracy video...
Bob Lawblaw
Bob Lawblaw 6 giorni fa
SEND IT TO SOME OF THE MOONS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM!!! also someone should work on putting smaller drones on spot and having spot deploy the drones on its own, to map out its area. Then the drones return to their holder on spot's rails.
Prominence Rob
Prominence Rob 6 giorni fa
Lmao next day the dogs go missing
Vishnu Kumar Mangal
Vishnu Kumar Mangal 6 giorni fa
Legends are here in October
U made the video sound like a horror movie 😂😂😂
Lewis Cox
Lewis Cox 6 giorni fa
Spot is not a smart phone... Yes I thought we came to that conclusion
Mehatestaxes 6 giorni fa
9:28 real dog screaming "NOW WHO THIS MF" !
Varvinets Oleg
Varvinets Oleg 6 giorni fa
Whitt Solak
Whitt Solak 6 giorni fa
What I think Boston Dynamics should do is make it so the robot is constantly learning from it's experiences with movement, and each time it falls or makes it over a difficult piece of terrain, it documents the experience and learns how to deal with it. Then it sends that data to some sort of central hub, where it is adapted into the standard programming for Spot, and then sent out to all the other Spots, so they also learn how to overcome the same kind of obstacle. That way the code is constantly being improved from dozens of different sources.
DIED FF77 7 giorni fa
Alguém do brasil ?
Edward III
Edward III 7 giorni fa
5:30 is that a healthy application of guy-liner I see?
Edward III
Edward III 7 giorni fa
I feel like it should unbox itself in spectacular fashion
DaNinja Wolf
DaNinja Wolf 7 giorni fa
Nothing complete without kids
Fery Wahyudi
Fery Wahyudi 7 giorni fa
I want...
hotmojoe. 7 giorni fa
Elon’s already got one for the SpaceX Starship test site
Plugz 7 giorni fa
One day robotic dogs will be able to walk with you and do everything a real dog would do
N R 7 giorni fa
congrats, you damaged a dog that costs like Porsche :D
Ethan Duko
Ethan Duko 7 giorni fa
Take him to the vet to fix up those scratches
Ethan Duko
Ethan Duko 7 giorni fa
I to be honest this is kinda just a little over dramatic Like we got chuck E cheese that’s pretty cool yeah
Ethan Duko
Ethan Duko 7 giorni fa
But all jokes a side this is EPIC
Vice Virtue
Vice Virtue 7 giorni fa
13:01 to anyone reads this in the future, blame this kid.
Vice Virtue
Vice Virtue 7 giorni fa
Maria Ibisheva
Maria Ibisheva 7 giorni fa
It looks like it is not real, like it is photoshoped. Lol
Jonathan Berrios
Jonathan Berrios 7 giorni fa
"In 10 years the next version of spot will be unrecognizable" "The X amount of years the next version of humanity will be unrecognizable" 😂
Szu-Yuan Pu
Szu-Yuan Pu 7 giorni fa
Talk too much.
TerijakiGaming 7 giorni fa
Imagine what the military has?
timmydude1 :
timmydude1 : 7 giorni fa
This thing with a mini gun on its back
Udipotah XD
Udipotah XD 7 giorni fa
so you still need to control it via a remote? does it have an autopilot feature?
Mind Of Elijah
Mind Of Elijah 7 giorni fa
It's cool but bruh stop with the exaggerated expressions
Microwave go Mmm
Microwave go Mmm 6 giorni fa
If I wanted over reactions I'd watch a logan paul video
Mtb Ridingog
Mtb Ridingog 7 giorni fa
This isn't good we are experimenting with things that we shouldn't be .. the worst thing man can do to himself is destroy himself by creating something that god didn't make...
Ngai Jonathan
Ngai Jonathan 8 giorni fa
18:40 "a variety of components can be added..." (refrain from saying machine gun intensifies)
Gianni Formica
Gianni Formica 8 giorni fa
Why do I feel sorry for a that thing when it falls over? Would be cool if it could stand up on its hind legs.
Rice Glue
Rice Glue 8 giorni fa
China be like i can do it half the price
audin zamra
audin zamra 8 giorni fa
13:05 say what?!
Abhay Bisht
Abhay Bisht 8 giorni fa
sujan 8 giorni fa
we all ready have seen thin before. one years ago.
the slammin
the slammin 8 giorni fa
16:39 "humanity will pay for this" thats what those eyes tells me
Andreas Mueller
Andreas Mueller 8 giorni fa
creepy af
Yo crXsh
Yo crXsh 8 giorni fa
Awesome I wish I had something like that
Snus Fika
Snus Fika 8 giorni fa
$75.000 RC car. So dissapointed.
XBASS KINGTING 8 giorni fa
Thats evil , terminator is real , he’s not here yet
steel beel
steel beel 8 giorni fa
Spot. Get me a beer!
Abdulhamid 77
Abdulhamid 77 9 giorni fa
Make it run at strangers in a creepy way 😂🥂
PHOENIX 9 giorni fa
ok now what the hell are they gonna do with it
Sedd Extras
Sedd Extras 9 giorni fa
Why is this like a “I’m So Sorry” Video😂😂
WavyHertZ FPV
WavyHertZ FPV 9 giorni fa
This is so sooo cool damn 👀
dogiit1 9 giorni fa
By the way ITpost has ruined your video with I believe I'm on like eight commercials now
dogiit1 9 giorni fa
The only place for those robots if they become autonomous should be in agriculture first take the burden away from mankind
dogiit1 9 giorni fa
I was really similar to you in excitement and looking forward to the future of them but now that they sold Boston Dynamics to Japan I'm just so disappointed
Salty Bill
Salty Bill 9 giorni fa
Stop trying to be profound, you look like an idiot.
The Audio Guy.
The Audio Guy. 9 giorni fa
Well what does it actually do? Just walk
Jérôme D.
Jérôme D. 9 giorni fa
Rich kids gonna have a fun christmas!
Forest Wang
Forest Wang 9 giorni fa
Yeah, this is the start of the sky net or should I say, the doom of the humanity.....
Forest Wang
Forest Wang 9 giorni fa
Kind of expected of it jumping out by itself.....
Burke Ryder
Burke Ryder 9 giorni fa
6:56, "How does that make you feel, Jack?" "Scary. I'm scared." the robot: OOOoooooOOOOOoooWWWWwwwWWEEEEeEEEeEEeeeeEE
Buck Anderson
Buck Anderson 10 giorni fa
You could attach a small drone to spot for scouting out an area.
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