The Sony Xperia 1 II Turns Me On...

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5 mesi fa

The Sony Xperia 1 ii takes a different approach to the smartphone game. Which would you choose.. Xperia 1 ii, Galaxy S20 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 mesi fa
Which would you choose.. Xperia 1 ii, Galaxy S20 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro?
Vimal Nadarajan
Vimal Nadarajan 7 giorni fa
rog 3
Ash 15 giorni fa
This is the ONLY smartphone I would consider for that amount of money. None of the other manufacturers have a clue when it comes to cameras. Even if you're not a camera enthusiast, you will enjoy the features if you use the camera.
xhino xhino
xhino xhino 2 mesi fa
Sony 😍
Sean Purnawan
Sean Purnawan 2 mesi fa
Sony : the best phone camera
Jewel Bee J. Pecha
Jewel Bee J. Pecha 2 mesi fa
It doesn't matter what phone you have as long as you have a mobile phone.
Eugenio Paullada
Eugenio Paullada Giorno fa
What is the difference in between this phone and the xperia 5 ii?
W Sehwail
W Sehwail Giorno fa
Sony designed for classy professional people not for all, that's why not every body like or know about Sony phone's.
Equales Rex
Equales Rex 2 giorni fa
Did this become your daily?
Crazy misticalbeast
Crazy misticalbeast 2 giorni fa
Lg V60 and Sony Xperia 1 II for the win
Carlos Gouveia
Carlos Gouveia 2 giorni fa
One of my best phones ever was Xperia Z2
Sami Porrasoja
Sami Porrasoja 2 giorni fa
i have a sony a7 ii
Natan Skorput
Natan Skorput 3 giorni fa
Xperia 1 II? Are they gonna follow the One Plus naming scheme now?
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 4 giorni fa
it has a LDAC that allows high resolution Audio over Bluetooth connections.
Kazuki Katsuhito
Kazuki Katsuhito 4 giorni fa
Anyone knows the carrier T-Mobile , Verizon who?
C C 4 giorni fa
Rather get this than the iPhone 12 pro
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 5 giorni fa
He seems to be the next technical guruji. 🤣🤣🤣
K. Isaac
K. Isaac 5 giorni fa
Sony please don't go for notch less or bezel less display . Your Design is stunning good . Don't change the design . 😍😍😍
iphone 11 pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Habib Ur Rahman
Habib Ur Rahman 6 giorni fa
xperia play 2011
Mingxuan Zhang
Mingxuan Zhang 6 giorni fa
I swear to God I’ll buy this phone IF I have the money.
Ian Petrie
Ian Petrie 7 giorni fa
I wanted the N20 Ultra, but we can't get the snapdragon, there's no headphone jack and I absolutely detest Bixby. This will be my next smartphone for the reasons above, plus the amazing camera and the cinema quality screen; I have a Philips Cinema TV at home that still looks incredible despite its age.
lol 7 giorni fa
Watching on my XZ2 😁
G G 8 giorni fa
The power button finger print unlock is vastly superior to any other tech.
Rob Twit
Rob Twit 8 giorni fa
Can any one tell me this mobile will work in india?
lefte stali
lefte stali 9 giorni fa
hello i own a huawei p30 pro and i will change it,i would go with p40 pro max but the lack of google support is a problem for me,and i am between sony 1 ii and iphone 12 pro max,can someone tell me whitch phone have the best photo and video quality and also longest battery life?
TERROR FF 10 giorni fa
Is gaming good in it? I am a gamer so please reply me
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander 10 giorni fa
I had used z3 Sony, one of best smartphone which is under rated. Once u use Sony u won't use Samsung and apple
Intelligent Investor
Intelligent Investor 10 giorni fa
Sony Xperia 1 ii has the highest Pixel per Inch(PPI) smartphone in 2020. This makes it the most eye convenient phone in 2020 due to the sharpening image produced. Also, put in mind that this phone display producing 1 billion colors!!! which not provide in any flagship in 2020 until this day. Also, it produces a 90hz equivalent refresh rate in the highest resolution mode in the phone without the need to reduce the resolution as competitors did!!!...
SynthD 11 giorni fa
Idc about cameras, videos, selfies, etc. I'm an audiophile. That makes this the phone for me.
C Diaz
C Diaz 11 giorni fa
Is there a successor coming to this phone anytime soon?
Be HaPpY
Be HaPpY 12 giorni fa
Sony XZ premium ( 807 ppi )
Ayman Shenouda
Ayman Shenouda 12 giorni fa
PSP PlayStation Portable
OverP 13 giorni fa
Very unique
Z Ali
Z Ali 13 giorni fa
I would prefer ordering sony And i did ordered my sony xperia mark ii just couple of hour back before watching ur amazing video on sony😬😁m too damn excited
David Santhosh
David Santhosh 14 giorni fa
sony is actually really good but is really underrated
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer 14 giorni fa
Literally for every big company out there they all use a Sony Sensor in their Cameras
homosapien !
homosapien ! 15 giorni fa
I just wanted to see you without cap...
Ks 15 giorni fa
The sound quality on the video is kinda poop though.. that’s a bit bummery. Otherwise very interesting device.
OBK 15 giorni fa
Seriously sony could be apple they need a new ceo with a vision
LamborghiniReven1000 15 giorni fa
I wish I could buy a white one in North America
Brayden Brayden
Brayden Brayden 15 giorni fa
my iphone is not thin enough to justify not having a headphone jack
Seamus Dobbs
Seamus Dobbs 16 giorni fa
Shit image stabilisation and no focus peaking!!
Mohit M
Mohit M 16 giorni fa
4k displays are great for vr box
Lloyd Francis
Lloyd Francis 17 giorni fa
Fantastic review I'm sold its Cheaper now I need something different than Samsung
Anson Sat
Anson Sat 18 giorni fa
I want to shoot the whole show on this phone! ..... that might be difficult 😂
ranjith nath
ranjith nath 19 giorni fa
Max Seagate
Max Seagate 20 giorni fa
I am very curious if it comes with a screenprotector installed? does anyone know?
Brian Lingden
Brian Lingden 21 giorno fa
They should seriously get a better marketing strategy. They've got a great product.
Simon Lawin
Simon Lawin 21 giorno fa
Sony xperia 1ii is the best mobile phone but the price is expensive and good quality, maybe Sony mobile phones put in the market just for fun for themselves and don't care whatever customer want to buy or not! Sony is achieve for their dream only.
Casper711024 21 giorno fa
Where is this phone manufactured???
Filip Kitta
Filip Kitta 23 giorni fa
where is that dayli?no one has seen it
Filip Kitta
Filip Kitta 23 giorni fa
how about left handed users?
Samuel Reyes
Samuel Reyes 23 giorni fa
Llĺlp L L L L l
Tinokura Simiona
Tinokura Simiona 23 giorni fa
Note 20 ultra is better
Pegasos 23 giorni fa
*Only Genius People Use Sony Smartphones 😎*
GotMyHeart Stolen
GotMyHeart Stolen 24 giorni fa
the video footage mic quality kinda sucks tho
aeiou uoiea
aeiou uoiea 24 giorni fa
Sony Z5 Premium is the Highest ppi, long time already realised it ~806 ppi density comparing to this. Simply Sony The Best.
Baron Ganie
Baron Ganie 24 giorni fa
Back in the early days, there was a lot of Sony Ericsson phones on this channel. Also, the Playstation phone is Xperia Play.
bimal thapa
bimal thapa 24 giorni fa
Love sony but cant find anything any assembel part in nepal.. 🇳🇵
Vanishing Kaizer
Vanishing Kaizer 24 giorni fa
Its nice to hear that Unbox Theraphy is also a fan of Sony and Xperia. I'm a Sony user from TV, headphone and snartphone but this Xperia 1ii is too expensive that I cant afford. Maybe after a year or 2, if the price drop I will still buy it.
Rob Rob
Rob Rob 24 giorni fa
Is it 5G though? The xperia 5 2 is 5g
W. James Hamel
W. James Hamel 25 giorni fa
LOL. Spoken like a true paid schill.
glen rivett
glen rivett 25 giorni fa
In my every day use ,I can't see any difference between 60hrz or 90 hrz or 120 hrz all feels the same ,I feel it's just a marketing thing ,so I really don't care that it is not present on the new Xperia 1 MkII.
Rexharry Brownman
Rexharry Brownman 25 giorni fa
I have an big issue in this brand cellphone! I got Xperia but this is early damage issues
Pearlie Darrin
Pearlie Darrin 26 giorni fa
Sony is the best
Beyblade ztx
Beyblade ztx 26 giorni fa
Is it has heat problems?
Bernz Alcana
Bernz Alcana 26 giorni fa
I almost can't see this video on my phone screen using sony xperia XA because of my phone screen problem, but its sound's still working very well with a clear audio. I can say that Sony phones really has a reliable quality because it's not just a durable phone but it's super extra ordinary phone when it comes to durablity. Imagined, my phone was bought in 2017 but it is still working well. The only problem is the screen, but it's not a company fault but mine. Hahaha. From our roof top it fell on the floor. Amazingly, it's still working well and until now it is what I am using. 😊⚒️😊⚒️😊⚒️ Sony for me is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harben Jainal
Harben Jainal 26 giorni fa
Sony = minimalism 🥺🥰
Zarko Pudar
Zarko Pudar 26 giorni fa
no low light revive didn't like that
yeppi mom
yeppi mom 28 giorni fa
Safe and sound
Richie Garnet
Richie Garnet 28 giorni fa
seems that Sony builds phones based on user experience, which I LIKE A LOT
Barak Cohen
Barak Cohen 28 giorni fa
Xperia 1 ii is really high performance smartphone but I think they should try catch wide and high level popularity to be strong and mark in the smartphones market
priv frontier
priv frontier 28 giorni fa
19:01 that's why I subscribed this channel. You go with television format and then shoot with wider view (so brand-new phone viewers can simply pinch-to-zoom without cropped essential objects) instead of "that" unstandardised aspect ratio that proven weird yet not immersive to watch in tablets, laptops, or TVs (plus no dedicated pinch-to-zoom feature).
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 28 giorni fa
I've been using Sony for more than 9 years now. I had the Sony Ericson, then Sony Xperia Z1 and now I'm on Sony Xperia XZ Premium. I've not even know, tried or even needed any other phones in my life cause the Sony experience is so clean, smooth, simple and immersive that it just blends with your life in the easiest possible way. I've never had a worry abt rains since I got my Xperia Z1(2014), I have been shooting underwater photos and videos since then. 960fps was introduced here first and I think it is one of the coolest feature out there. I would have loved to pre-order this like I pre-ordered my Xperia Z1 and XZ Premium but unfortunately Sony had stopped selling mobile phones in India. I have to try and get this from outside cause this is gonna be my next dream phone ❤️
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 28 giorni fa
I can really feel his over excitement reaching out to me through this video cause I feel the same freaking way. Watching this video on 4K resolution with my Sony Xperia XZ Premium.
Young Bri$$y - Copyright Free Music
Young Bri$$y - Copyright Free Music 29 giorni fa
Can you please review the Sony Xperia 5ii.. like if you'd also like to see that review too!
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 29 giorni fa
Love from India
gobuktaragang 29 giorni fa
Try burst shoot on moving object. U going to explode
Ciane Dave Araman
Ciane Dave Araman 29 giorni fa
I love sony
Sonam Tenzin
Sonam Tenzin 29 giorni fa
M getting the vibe tht Sony is going to take over from 2021
Ashuj Mese fa
Only company that has the potential to beat all smartphones
Ashuj Mese fa
I miss the LED lighting at the bottom. It used to be the coolest.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 28 giorni fa
This one has a LED notification light on the top besides the front facing camera. He forgot to mention it.
Cole Harpell
Cole Harpell Mese fa
I noticed your clothing and lighting make you kind of fade into the background in a bad way. You could bring the background appear lighter (like more literal lights) or you could have lighter colored clothes. Just my critique
Cole Harpell
Cole Harpell Mese fa
I noticed your clothing and lighting make you kind of fade into the background in a bad way. You could bring the background appear lighter (like more literal lights) or you could have lighter colored clothes. Just my critique
Cole Harpell
Cole Harpell Mese fa
I noticed your clothing and lighting make you kind of fade into the background in a bad way. You could bring the background appear lighter (like more literal lights) or you could have lighter colored clothes. Just my critique
Cole Harpell
Cole Harpell Mese fa
I noticed your clothing and lighting make you kind of fade into the background in a bad way. You could bring the background appear lighter (like more literal lights) or you could have lighter colored clothes. Just my critique
N.U.T Mese fa
Im not a fan of PlayStation but god damn do sony make great headphones, great TVs and great phones
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Mese fa
Is this as good as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera wise.
Bartosz Zdrojewski
Bartosz Zdrojewski Mese fa
not sure if that dark background works well with your black clothes mate
Youssef Joo
Youssef Joo Mese fa
I have these wired headphones for more than 3 years i got them when i bought my Xperia Z3 and it's damaged as hell and i glued it with checkerboard paste for like 100 times cause i can't find one and Sony still includes it on their newest smartphones can't you send me one 😅
MPC _ Multi Purpose Channel _
MPC _ Multi Purpose Channel _ Mese fa
If I have money for 11 pro max I'd have bought it I simply loved it... of course it's a good deal for that price and that cool stuff #3.5 head jack alive in a flagship
Ka Lahi
Ka Lahi Mese fa
My XZ2 still behind, but my lovely
James Chiang & Leilei Hsieh Co.
James Chiang & Leilei Hsieh Co. Mese fa
Sony hardware absolute top tier
SweetBoi82 Mese fa
"I mean, I don't even take selfies" *Meanwhile, 99.99% of his smartphone unboxes* BEARD HAIR SELFIE TEST :D
Benjamin D. Lopez
Benjamin D. Lopez Mese fa
Xperia 1 has been disappointing. Sony has had phones with higher ppi before. Software feels less Sony, more Google. Coming from a time where my experience felt like my PSP... Want more PlayStation features over camera... Would enjoy and expect a better interface for managing my Sony Camera remotely for an immersive photography experience. Game changing idea: a competitive DAW to rival Apple's Garageband. I'd eat that shit up and immediately dump money to the company.
K 4 K
K 4 K Mese fa
Sony makes me thinks that Iphones are just trash, except some security features.
Harry Ginlalsiam Thangluai
Harry Ginlalsiam Thangluai Mese fa
I'd get this in a heartbeat if I could afford it. 😂😎😂
Sulaiman Lalani
Sulaiman Lalani Mese fa
i would love to have this phone but why its so expensive here in Pakistan & those distributors are not available here as well
Alen Suresh
Alen Suresh Mese fa
Each and every phone comes with sony imx sensors and sony phones comes with Zeiss 🔥
Perry Grewal
Perry Grewal Mese fa
can we get this in canada 🇨🇦? if yes, which carriers have it?
rafejio mohammad
rafejio mohammad Mese fa
Love sony for ever... Sony Ericsson Walkman Sony Ericsson cybershot Xperia alpha And a lot of sony technology's Always sony
muntaseer mashek
muntaseer mashek Mese fa
I would rather by a iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy S20 Ultra then Xperia 1 at $1199 (It don't have good UI, Bad display base on look compare to S20, Look 3 Generation behind, Smaller battery and slower fast charging)
Жоро Христозов
Жоро Христозов Mese fa
Sony is the best from the best.
dhimas dwi prasetyo
dhimas dwi prasetyo Mese fa
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