Dear Apple

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Unbox Therapy

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Yes, I wrote an email to Apple. Yes, in this video I show you that email.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 mesi fa
I realize this is a long upload. Please watch the video in its entirety, if possible. I appreciate your comments of support over the years and into the future. Thank you for making Unbox Therapy a thing.
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 2 mesi fa
Very honest and very detailed review and videos.. I love your story sir
BigD Pineapple
BigD Pineapple 2 mesi fa
I thought this video was going to be different than what it was. Apple just doesn't want others to well speak bad about their products or show the terrible things their products have (like being able to bend one of their phones) so of course they are scared of sending you one. Yes other communities get the phones earlier than you but at the same time they might fear the damage your video of them could cost them. They are a company after all and tough criticism is not well loved
Nelufix ak
Nelufix ak 3 mesi fa
Harsha Guhan N
Harsha Guhan N 3 mesi fa
@E&F E&F yes bro if they need him they will definitely come to him
Harsha Guhan N
Harsha Guhan N 3 mesi fa
How much rent for your office building ???
vandan parmar
vandan parmar Giorno fa
Im here after iphone 12 release...😉😉
Yannis Chong
Yannis Chong Giorno fa
Ok so... The iPhone 12 is released and Lew still hasn't got the privilege.
waquzy Giorno fa
And he never will, some relationships can't be repaired...
Bat Lightyear
Bat Lightyear 3 giorni fa
7:06 That how i know your YT Channel my cousin show me the video when you bend the new Iphone we where like : this guy is crazy!
Apple 6 giorni fa
Imam Muttaqien
Imam Muttaqien 9 giorni fa
Omg, so pathetic
Rohit Chakravarthi
Rohit Chakravarthi 16 giorni fa
Apple is the evil girl who Lew is in love with and can not get over her. And all the talking is just a 'Therapy' session every time.
Brandon Hanks
Brandon Hanks 22 giorni fa
Home Srn
Home Srn 26 giorni fa
Why am I watching a grown man singing “Five Little Monkeys” for 20 seconds straight in the middle of the night.
Slap Ninja
Slap Ninja Mese fa
Wait did he just call apple a bunch of monkeys?
Intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg I am still seeing this now 😂😂😂😂
Timothy Shibu
Timothy Shibu Mese fa
On this episode of Lew Nursery ryhmes.....
Zynex Mese fa
Amazing description
1000 Times
1000 Times Mese fa
really nice video thank you
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Mese fa
Me: sees thumbnail Me: he gonna bend it 😰😱
mate oog
mate oog Mese fa
i hate apple just sayin’
Weeb Kiki
Weeb Kiki Mese fa
the truth is no one has the right to push a brand to have a collaboration with them regardless on how famous they are, people or maybe influencer should understand that, not because you are famous doesn't mean every company should reach out to you. if apple need your point view or you literally then they already reach you before. The truth is apple doesn't need your reviews at all, they good on their own and thats about that.
Qantas 3039
Qantas 3039 Mese fa
Songs off pitch lol.
Michael Granaldi
Michael Granaldi Mese fa
any update on their response?
Andoretsu Mendez
Andoretsu Mendez Mese fa
Apple don’t have any rights to hate you for bending the iPhone 6. They knew that the iPhone 6 was the weaker iPhone they made. There is not a valid excuse to make a phone that bends like the iPhone 6 did. This is how Apple think in 2014: “we are going to make the first big iphone and I know that many people is going to buy it just because it will be the first large iphone, since I know that many people will buy the iPhone 6 lets make it very cheap and sell it expensive wuajajajaja”.
Realistic Dude
Realistic Dude Mese fa
Hey I love the poem😃
adam yaaniu
adam yaaniu Mese fa
Did this work
Sahil Mese fa
17M wow that's a lot of subs😍
Tej Patel
Tej Patel Mese fa
So basically 2.8m views for sending an email to Apple. Just kidding though, this was actually a good video.
Sandeep Patil
Sandeep Patil Mese fa
No body literally nobody Leiu starts singing nursery rhymes 😂
surur Mese fa
yeaaaah the camera sucks.
kero howgee
kero howgee Mese fa
in simple terms: if you give me early access to review apple products i will give better reviews instead of shitting on/bending it. sounds like he is in it for the views/money lol
krishi bhavan Kanichar
krishi bhavan Kanichar Mese fa
can u please give an i phone for me
DudefuseTIB Mese fa
super awesome vid about ur history. its just a great journey youve had and really all very cool.
YBN_Almighty_Ty money
YBN_Almighty_Ty money Mese fa
Song was not necessary
BRIANne JANETte Mese fa
Huge fan
Vanessa Kleeger
Vanessa Kleeger Mese fa
Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying Satisfying
Flawless Fatality
Flawless Fatality Mese fa
Who’s mans is this😂😂😂
Tyler Carder
Tyler Carder 2 mesi fa
Apple sucks. Can't understand how people love them so much. I've had one iphone. never again.
Tyler Carder
Tyler Carder Mese fa
@Sshsh HHshsh I haven't said anything to an iPhone user. I made a comment about Apple. They're not for me.
Sshsh HHshsh
Sshsh HHshsh Mese fa
@ Tyler Carder why can’t fandroids leave iPhone users to enjoy their iPhones
Jake McCown
Jake McCown 2 mesi fa
Cmon apple
Account name
Account name 2 mesi fa
They don't want real review about there terrible stuff
Sshsh HHshsh
Sshsh HHshsh Mese fa
@Account name ,Fandroid
Leon Aïmene
Leon Aïmene 2 mesi fa
Only depressed people who like iPhones
Sshsh HHshsh
Sshsh HHshsh Mese fa
@ Lion Purple not really
Mohan Ram
Mohan Ram 2 mesi fa
love unboxtherapy❤️
My Nontraditional Life
My Nontraditional Life 2 mesi fa
It was interesting to hear about the history of this channel's relationship with Apple as someone who has only started watching your videos the last few months and found your channel recently. I felt like I learned a lot about the journey your channel has gone through on top of hearing a discussion on Apple's relationship with tech reviewers.
JM Art
JM Art 2 mesi fa
Pan Kap
Pan Kap 2 mesi fa
So even if you were the most biased person about Apple given your size you should be treated equally to your peers.Nice movement throwing the ball to their court..I see nothing desperate behind it..To me you provoke them to behave as supperiors/untouchable as they believe they are..Dedicated iphone user.
Antonknees Cobra
Antonknees Cobra 2 mesi fa
I respec coz he watch pewdeeepiee
Suzy S.
Suzy S. 2 mesi fa
Lew, still no communication materialized with you and Apple? Just saw your latest upload about that cable, seems you were pretty much upset.
Max Pawsey
Max Pawsey 2 mesi fa
Why did I click on this video? I don't even like apple devices.
Lamya Najmi
Lamya Najmi 2 mesi fa
the iphone 6 plus bend test was one of the first videos i watched of his
5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge 2 mesi fa
I will save your 18 mins 15:00
Sshsh HHshsh
Sshsh HHshsh Mese fa
Neel Waghmare
Neel Waghmare 2 mesi fa
Any other company: Truth Apple: Hatred
Thunder Special
Thunder Special 2 mesi fa
5:55 you can see a pewdiepie video
Mr Yuck
Mr Yuck 2 mesi fa
This_Username_Was_Available01 2 mesi fa
I use Apple products because of the quailty and design of products. But the main reason I use Apple products is because of the unique iOS interface.
xryanv 2 mesi fa
Apple makes locked down overpriced products that are not good and I don't understand why anyone supports anything they do. Everything you can do on an apple device you can do better on other devices and at a better price point.
Sebastián Corral
Sebastián Corral 2 mesi fa
You have to understand Apple’s position. When you’re pretty but dumb, you don’t want people asking you smart questions on camera.
KingEricTheBest 2 mesi fa
75% of the time he talks I don’t even listen can anyone relate or is my brain just not as advanced
Tony Tavo
Tony Tavo 2 mesi fa
Lewis: Dear Apple...... Marques Brownlee: So i've had this for two weeks now......
White Hunter Smoker
White Hunter Smoker 2 mesi fa
Lew: Send me the review units or I'll delete my channel Apple: Just do it...nothing will happen
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 2 mesi fa
Very honest and very detailed review and videos.. I love your story sir
Renren Calmona
Renren Calmona 2 mesi fa
I love Apple but it does not maximize the value of money I am paying for compare to Android...
Nathal Schattenkerk
Nathal Schattenkerk 2 mesi fa
Where are the “does it suck” videos?
Rahul M. Prathap
Rahul M. Prathap 2 mesi fa
This is one of that Unbox Therapy video in which can do other tasks without watching it.
The FIXCRUSH 2 mesi fa
gelo gaming
gelo gaming 2 mesi fa
Apple is now in a law suit because of bendgate.😆
Carlos Yoseph
Carlos Yoseph 2 mesi fa
You're the first youtuber reviewer tech I follow 😎👍
Aneeket Lande Patil
Aneeket Lande Patil 2 mesi fa
Lew: Iphone 6 Plus bend test. Jerryrigevrything: Here comes my entire Universe.
h. a
h. a 2 mesi fa
Toxic ex girlfriend making a comeback after you bend her phone in viral video... Good for her
Ashwin Giri
Ashwin Giri 2 mesi fa
have to admit, started watching Lew after the bend fiasco. Lit, still remember those days man, pure nostalgia.
Ibrahim Hasan
Ibrahim Hasan 2 mesi fa
simple and straight forward as always. I am a tech person and I appreciate your style. Please explain that chair and table in the background if you may
Errorist 2 mesi fa
Lew: using abbreviations in an email to Apple such as: It's, you've, hasn't, I'm, I'd. Me taught at school: NO ABBREVIATIONS IN FORMAL LETTERS!
Vidyadhar Navale
Vidyadhar Navale 2 mesi fa
You should thank Apple's poor craftsmanship for your success. 😆
Celumusa Radebe
Celumusa Radebe 3 mesi fa
The thumbnail took me back to the iphone bendgate and that was definitely a nightmare for apple 😅 and I think that’s where your relationship with apple got ruined
Mathew Saldana
Mathew Saldana 3 mesi fa
So what I got from this video is that he’s complaining that he didn’t get early access to the new iPhone SE because he’s popular??! Wtf?!
Callum 3 mesi fa
Awww he included us 🤭
Shlomo Ivry
Shlomo Ivry 3 mesi fa
Me: paused the video and read the email 2 seconds later: lew reads it...
Med Foulad
Med Foulad 3 mesi fa
fazeheadshot _
fazeheadshot _ 3 mesi fa
JaySean Ochia
JaySean Ochia 3 mesi fa
Hello sir lew I love an iphone so much
Venna Little
Venna Little 3 mesi fa
I’ve been thinking. Bro Same!
Alex Mukundwa
Alex Mukundwa 3 mesi fa
You are a genius Lew
Thomas96 3 mesi fa
And I’m still using an IPhone 6 Plus to this day
joshua elliott
joshua elliott 3 mesi fa
My god man, just send the email, don't put a video up embarrassing yourself about it.
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton 3 mesi fa
Love my iPhone7 lol 2020
Extreme Earth
Extreme Earth 3 mesi fa
It looks like the reason Apple choose this old design for Iphone SE was to create the distinction and difference from 5.4inch Iphone 12 coming up. Lets hope Iphone 12 5.4 inch has tiny bezel sizes similar to Iphone 11 pro (Not big bezels like iphone 11)
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim 3 mesi fa
Apple sucks, they cheat and loot people
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim 2 mesi fa
@ML buy an apple you will know soon. My family lives on apple so I know. Getting samsung mobile is one time buy then live like a king
ML 3 mesi fa
Shawon Zaman
Shawon Zaman 3 mesi fa
" My grandma doesn't want to buy a phone because it bends " 😂😂
NPC #34254334 Response:
NPC #34254334 Response: 3 mesi fa
Dr. Durga Hari Kiran B
Dr. Durga Hari Kiran B 3 mesi fa
Bend it like Lew 🤣🤣
Kimo Kono
Kimo Kono 3 mesi fa
First minute of five little monkey are very funny
Kimo Kono
Kimo Kono 3 mesi fa
aubrybeats 3 mesi fa
Lew is just an awesome human being
Obvious Lee
Obvious Lee 3 mesi fa
Is it me or is there a typo in the second line where is says “seeding it should say sending at 14:59.
46 Prajwal Kadam
46 Prajwal Kadam 3 mesi fa
Did he get any reply???
Mads Staun
Mads Staun 4 mesi fa
Did Apple ever respond?
Houssem Djouada
Houssem Djouada 4 mesi fa
Marquez beat you up, so you want to unbox apple products firstly cuz you know apple it's premium company and anyone love watching apple products even they can't afford it, and that's why hates apple
Drawtoons 4 mesi fa
This video really inspires me to grow my channel too Check out my ITpost channel: Drawtoons
The Imposter
The Imposter 4 mesi fa
The Imposter
The Imposter 4 mesi fa
Please give me a shout out
The Imposter
The Imposter 4 mesi fa
Only if u check mine
Cainsy 4 mesi fa
Brilliant, you've turned this into an art form, a performance art form as it were!
Tidelsson 4 mesi fa
This is a tough one Lew. I wouldn't be surprised they won't reply. They can't stop you from buying their products, though... For now...
FAIRPRINCE1 4 mesi fa
we love JerryRig
Apple 4 mesi fa
Manish Pandey
Manish Pandey 4 mesi fa
Change the background
Adil Mame
Adil Mame 4 mesi fa
Dont worry bro we watch other reviews concerning a phone, before we watch u anyways.
Kaysha 4 mesi fa
Temp Temp
Temp Temp 27 giorni fa
Tiens tiens tiens. Tu es plus malade toi ?
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