Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung's latest shot at a flagship folding smartphone.
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Valentine Valentine
Valentine Valentine Ora fa
It’s 2006 all over again
Pietro Doninelli
Pietro Doninelli 3 ore fa
13:25 lol fired up, it sounds like you want to fight someone
mey pentagonbae
mey pentagonbae 13 ore fa
The multitasking was wow amazing
Mac Moyneur
Mac Moyneur 14 ore fa
Whens the later case coming for the fold 2? 😂🙏
Joann Sanders
Joann Sanders 20 ore fa
It would have been really nice if they would have added the s pen to the z fold instead
Abdul Asker
Abdul Asker 22 ore fa
I need help shall I buy this or the iPhone 12 max pro , which one is better , i still don't know which one to get
Erika Cervantes
Erika Cervantes Giorno fa
hyeong jae lee
hyeong jae lee Giorno fa
What is the watch he is wearing?
hailey martinez
hailey martinez Giorno fa
Well yeah, that's what we expected
Tachiro Akisu
Tachiro Akisu Giorno fa
I like how Lew said he sent his back when the fiasco broke out, but now that the new version is out, he's got his old one immediately on hand 🤣🤣🤣
DrE38 Giorno fa
14:30 did the ITpost app crash? 👁️👄👁️
Mike Valentine
Mike Valentine Giorno fa
What smartwatch is he wearing?
I’m about to ditch apple and get this
Acknowledge D
Acknowledge D 2 giorni fa
Does anybody else hear the Nintendo switch ui sound effects throughout the video
Acknowledge D
Acknowledge D 2 giorni fa
Why are there switch sound effects throughout the video
Acknowledge D
Acknowledge D 2 giorni fa
Why the switch Home Screen sound at the start
Saito Takanashi
Saito Takanashi 2 giorni fa
Imagine watching porn in this wth.
Adam Goebel
Adam Goebel 2 giorni fa
That multi tasking thing is genius for something like trip planning. Imagine being able to see your rental car reservation and calender, or hotel reservation and flight booking on the same screen! Or making side by side comparisons on so many things....? I just don't like the crease and bulkyness when it's folded. But too soon to be picky... I think it can replace a tablet
Anthony G
Anthony G 2 giorni fa
Apple needs to do this. Seriously
The Modern Day Gamer
The Modern Day Gamer 3 giorni fa
But why is this something I want? What makes this type of screen better than just a really solid single screen. The issues would be durability and wear over time.
Vanessa Asylum
Vanessa Asylum 3 giorni fa
Nintendo had left the chat
Seunghyun Nam
Seunghyun Nam 3 giorni fa
Loooove the fold
Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh 3 giorni fa
I will have to sell my kidney to buy one 😯😀
Álvaro Santos
Álvaro Santos 3 giorni fa
Too much talking, and not so much useful information.
Aet 3 giorni fa
Rs07shop Foreveralone
Rs07shop Foreveralone 3 giorni fa
Not wurth the money trust me
Tinglun Su
Tinglun Su 3 giorni fa
Um am I the only one who can't tell when he's being sarcastic astic and when he isn't
Kiwichico 4 giorni fa
If this gets slimmer then it will be the next phone
KLR Rigg
KLR Rigg 4 giorni fa
Another $2k “hack able “ brick that comes with a piece of plastic for scratch protection 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻
theone7891 4 giorni fa
Interesting how folding phones aren’t exactly a new thing and yet people are going mental on it.
SublimeHawk6 2 giorni fa
I don't think they've ever been this good
Dejan Ajlec
Dejan Ajlec 4 giorni fa
Yes..but can it play smoke on the water...
Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba 4 giorni fa
Apple - We have a folding iPad.
Ganbat Bavuudorj
Ganbat Bavuudorj 4 giorni fa
This is looks like so much bulk
Hassan Ghazi
Hassan Ghazi 4 giorni fa
Will you make a another Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2?
Yan Jerry Analeto
Yan Jerry Analeto 4 giorni fa
k taylor
k taylor 4 giorni fa
if apple release same fuction like this , price will be like $ 3,300
CrazyLife 4 giorni fa
It's a sweat-hand's people's nightmare.
Kenny Do
Kenny Do 4 giorni fa
Imagine playing Genshin Impact on this!😃
Chris Toxqui
Chris Toxqui 3 giorni fa
That would be nice
Vinny Vici
Vinny Vici 4 giorni fa
I can’t take my eyes off that crease in the middle of the video and photos
Weslenne 5 giorni fa
I'll buy one someday if they get the Swiss involved in the design of that hinge😁
Al Haida
Al Haida 5 giorni fa
IPhone would sell this with no storage or external storage options, no speaker, audio jack, charging port. Battery that lasts an hour. Cost: $2200
k taylor
k taylor 4 giorni fa
Intelligent Investor
Intelligent Investor 5 giorni fa
Sony Xperia 1 ii has the highest Pixel per Inch(PPI) smartphone in 2020. This makes it the most eye convenient phone in 2020 due to the sharpening image produced. Also, put in mind that this phone display producing 1 billion colors!!! which not provide in any flagship in 2020 until this day. Also, it produces a 90hz equivalent refresh rate in the highest resolution mode in the phone without the need to reduce the resolution as competitors did!!!...
Friyay Rene
Friyay Rene 5 giorni fa
How about playing game?? 😂
doodict imagineanything
doodict imagineanything 5 giorni fa
14:30 youtube crash?
Mr.T Brant
Mr.T Brant 5 giorni fa
Let's see the engineers design a durable case...
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 5 giorni fa
Waste of money.
Jersey Boy 23
Jersey Boy 23 5 giorni fa
Where and when did yalls ship? Mine just "shipped" today but tracking number is not ups or FedEx, when to a "website" it says jcex and shipping from China! Anyone else?
Petar K
Petar K 5 giorni fa
Or just get a tablet
Cash Barrow
Cash Barrow 6 giorni fa
The screen looks too wrinkly, nice idea thoug
GrEEnBlade L
GrEEnBlade L 6 giorni fa
The Huawei is better just less affordable and harder to get because you know it comes from Asia and people mistake it for chinese
Edward Ells
Edward Ells 6 giorni fa
This phone would be so fun to just slam it shut to hang up on a call when you’re angry
theone7891 5 giorni fa
So like flip phones from the 90s then? So essentially phones have now gone full circle (and horizontal) and we are just starting round again?
Youngrider 6 giorni fa
neah not even a little bit impressed. i would never want one of those. its interesting but no....
Izni Azlishah
Izni Azlishah 6 giorni fa
Am I the only one who has a problem with the middle part of the screen? I can see the fold line which is annoying. I won't pay that much of money to look at that thing everyday
Sayed Baqer Al-Alawi
Sayed Baqer Al-Alawi 6 giorni fa
apple has left the elictoronic market
E 6 giorni fa
Not a fan 😒
Sapphire16 6 giorni fa
He has 3 different kinds with him and at that time my s7 edge is black screening and I can't afford to get it fixed😂😭😭 cruel life!
Eugene Rider
Eugene Rider 6 giorni fa
What’s the watch he’s wearing?
Scrimbo 6 giorni fa
iPhone doesn’t try at all not even with the box
Patrick A. Gaied
Patrick A. Gaied 6 giorni fa
3000 CAD bro 🙄
slither king
slither king 6 giorni fa
Apple watching be like: WRITE THIS DOWN! NOW!
raddean321 6 giorni fa
*makes one twice as expensive and completely ripped off Samsung's design and remove features
Thoughts And Dreams
Thoughts And Dreams 6 giorni fa
expensive nintendo 3ds
pkfan961 7 giorni fa
A satisfying click - lol!
DIS M 7 giorni fa
People made videos about this when the iphone 7 came out
Sign Diego
Sign Diego 7 giorni fa
I'm actually gonna use this for school work.
Alex Okoh
Alex Okoh 7 giorni fa
Note 20 ultra or z fold 2 which is best
Sheena Yakopatz
Sheena Yakopatz 7 giorni fa
I drank the Kool-Aid once and bought an iPhone. YUCK! I have been a hardcore Motorola Droid fan, since the first Droid smart phone. I can do anything and everything, all at the same time on that phone. I stalemated, at the Droid turbo 2 and haven't bought anything since. I just loved its functionality. But now I have storage issues. I do not have a computer my Droid is just that. QUESTION: having never owned a Samsung before, does it function similarly to Droid technology? Droid users response would be most helpful, as you have been using that tech. Will the operating system be similar? I really loathed the iPhone, I could only do one thing at a time. (Quite some years ago I don't remember which model). Any input, you can offer, would be most appreciated!!!
To Exipnokinitaki
To Exipnokinitaki 7 giorni fa
Battery life?
manofsan 7 giorni fa
Why call it a Z Fold, when it folds in half like a V? I was just thinking that if it did fold like a Z, with 2 separate bends that divide the screen into 3, then the top third (or bottom third) of the screen could then also serve as the exterior display while the device is folded shut. Then you don't have this extra screen that only gets used part of the time. But would a Z fold be too complicated for consumers to like?
Mauro B
Mauro B 7 giorni fa
i have iphone for 7 years but or also had samsung galaxy, they are not biased to me they are all beautiful, but iphone i am disappointed with this iphone 12 they are all the same from iphone X. my problem is that i am deaf, i have cochlear implant that I take it off at night, in the morning my apple wacht wakes me up with the vibration, I want to go and see the samsung watch if it is waterproof and wakes it up to a good vibration, because I like this phone, you know if the samsung watch to a good vibration like Apple watch ????? why do I have to buy both of them? even if it costs 2000 dollars more watch I give myself a gift for christmas. thanks for the video. SORRY MY ENGLISH IO E' ONLY 7 YEARS I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA AND I'M COMPLETELY DEAF WITHOUT MY COCHLEAR IMPLANT. Thanks, Mauro
GamerTwig 7 giorni fa
I saw in 2013 they showed that they can make a bendy screen with their prototype so I kept waiting for something really cool to come out, but I feel like all they have done is dip their toes in the water with this! But then again, I suppose in business they will want to just give us tasters so they can keep bringing new stuff out, as opposed to bringing out the final stage now
Joaquin Rueda
Joaquin Rueda 7 giorni fa
Is the cable in the box what transfers data from a previous device?
sneaker check
sneaker check 7 giorni fa
When you receive a phone call do you have to fold it
Gary Clark
Gary Clark 6 giorni fa
The first fold actually made you put it on speaker r f old it. The new model you can take the call with are without folding and with the speaker option off.
Gary Clark
Gary Clark 6 giorni fa
No it will let you put it on speaker
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin 7 giorni fa
Galaxy z fold is trash and the guy unboxing it
Raymond Vaughan
Raymond Vaughan 7 giorni fa
Nice but you can buy a great phone smart TV blue ray player and more Samsung must be making a great profit on it about two years all companies be making them the price drop like a led balloon 🎈couldn't imagine taking this out in the street all that money in your hand scary
RIGGED gaming
RIGGED gaming 8 giorni fa
Can you do a partial fold then have a keyboard on one side?
Jase Ryder
Jase Ryder 8 giorni fa
I want one so bad, hurry up Telus!
Abida Aseem
Abida Aseem 8 giorni fa
I have this phone but not good phone
Tim22 OR Ss
Tim22 OR Ss 8 giorni fa
Who also here thinks that Samsung brought the idea of folding phones from the iPhone 6 !?
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 8 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2
mick fryer
mick fryer 8 giorni fa
Good phone but apple will bring something out that will beat it
Kamran Behzad
Kamran Behzad 8 giorni fa
Oh my god! I'm in love. And anyone who said money can't buy love is wrong.
Panthers1521 8 giorni fa
This is the next big thing.
ALINA SYED 8 giorni fa
I was thinking there is a issue of holding we can't able to hold in perfect way whe have to hold very carefully
slither king
slither king 6 giorni fa
Yeah that’s the problem with newer phones, you don’t want to drop them. I always keep my phone very safe mine is Samsung s10e and I love it
Aaryan vlogs
Aaryan vlogs 8 giorni fa
Me: *finally buys s20 after selling property* Samsung: *presenting galaxy z fold 2* Me: *goes bankrupt*
Aaryan vlogs
Aaryan vlogs 8 giorni fa
Me: *finally decides which Samsung to buy* Samsung: *releases new phone* Me: *oh kill me*
ReddFoxx1562 8 giorni fa
After watching this video I am very disappointed in the production. I only went to college for this stuff but I am disappointed that such hack work is being posted. Nothing to do with the specific content or anything, but when someone tries to draw a picture with a dead fish then it's kind of obvious to most.
ChrisCar2oons 8 giorni fa
If you want me to believe that iPhone is superior to android, give me one reason why. I’ll wait...
Yvette Treat
Yvette Treat 8 giorni fa
Best phone ever i want it
David Valentine
David Valentine 8 giorni fa
Who can honestly afford to buy all these new smartphones as soon as they are released I dare ask except the few like the presenter here...
sad boy
sad boy 9 giorni fa
Ceo: you got the presentation? Employee: "pulls out a bronze brick"
DistainedHumor 9 giorni fa
Hmm... it kinda reminds me of my Nintendo 2DS
Tony loyi
Tony loyi 9 giorni fa
Plese try to complete your video in 10:00 mins dont trash takls
Tello Rose
Tello Rose 9 giorni fa
imagine playing among us on that
chris R
chris R 9 giorni fa
That fold line has to go away before I think about this phone. Thats very distracting.
jay_615 9 giorni fa
lets see how many time can you fold that phone without breaking like the first fold
Erick Guevara
Erick Guevara 10 giorni fa
Just buy a tablet
Twenty six
Twenty six 10 giorni fa
Hell yeah I will take it that's why I was wanting cuse i got the samsung galaxy s9+ however works perfect it has a lot of features that anyone could have it i love Samsung 💘
Kate Me
Kate Me 10 giorni fa
How to put a shockproof case com on ?
JUANA QUAN 10 giorni fa
Ronny Draper
Ronny Draper 10 giorni fa
Him saying he just switched to the ultra and now he wants the z fold is exactly why I'm watching this because I want the z fold and decided to look up an unboxing after getting my S20 Ultra 2 months ago 💀
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