Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Which do you pick - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max?
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iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?
Bus Of Mauritius
Bus Of Mauritius 14 giorni fa
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals 29 giorni fa
Bojhon Flavier
Bojhon Flavier Mese fa
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra omg 😲
Patrick O'Neill
Patrick O'Neill Mese fa
Roccos Videos
Roccos Videos Mese fa
@Μαριος Δεμπης noooo Apple much better Samsung looks like my crap
Pc Online
Pc Online 34 minuti fa
Good video. It's a pity that I can't buy these smartphones , because of the high cost and salary of 200 dollars per month (
Arun Kalya Pranesh Rao
Arun Kalya Pranesh Rao 2 ore fa
Very awesome comparison 👍
Samuel Bastidas
Samuel Bastidas 3 ore fa
this video helped me a lot to decide, I will keep my redmi note 7 cause Im pour.
Adventure Angling PNW
Adventure Angling PNW 4 ore fa
Just got an s21 ultra yesterday. So far liking it. Broke my note 10 by slamming my car door on it by accident :(
BRYAN 4 ore fa
For Apple to still use Face ID as if the entire world can even show their faces, is the most dumbass shit ever 🙄
donkey gamer donkey
donkey gamer donkey 4 ore fa
Pls gift me
BLUDxYT 6 ore fa
I'm using iPhone 12 Pro max but will switch to Samsung when its not exynos its AMDxExynos
BLUDxYT 6 ore fa
I prefer iPhone because samsung is still sticking to exynos its still a heater I will switch from my iPhone 12 Pro max to Samsung when the exynos will be Exynos*AMD
hello 6 ore fa
I used to have samsung for ever. But i got a Iphone 11 last year. I prefer apple devices.
Technology is Awesome
Technology is Awesome 7 ore fa
If I am to pick one of these devices, I will pick the Samsung galaxy S21 ultra because I am a fan of Samsung 😁😁. The camera zoom of the phone is the best in a smartphone. 👍🏾👌🏾
Rain Man
Rain Man 8 ore fa
Always with SAM
Frank Derksen
Frank Derksen 10 ore fa
Buy apple instead.. i was a samsung fan always But since facebook is pre installed and costumers cannot remove this shite data collecting app from your private phone... made me decide ill go to team iphone instead.
Thanex 10 ore fa
As soon as I saw the bokeh on the right one, I knew it was the S21 Ultra
Tomas Lajara
Tomas Lajara 14 ore fa
Ehh, I prefer my iPhone. I don’t need all this extra stuff, I’m just a regular medical school student. I love the simplicity, and integration between all the Apple products, I love the privacy and security also. The battery is great, the camera is great, the platform is great for me.
SasukeY2JItachi 15 ore fa
I was wrong I thought the Samsung was actually the iPhone and vice versa I just ordered the ultra earlier today can't wait till it arrives
The Best Gaming
The Best Gaming 16 ore fa
I knew it the Apple was the left
Fila nongsiej
Fila nongsiej 17 ore fa
Both are awesome in their own2 ways Luv them both .... Luv ur videos 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ayabonga Duma
Ayabonga Duma 18 ore fa
*Never doubt the work of glinsnetwork at 1ñsta... he’s the best*
igobythisname 20 ore fa
Thumbs up for the video! Thumbs down for the TERRIBLE guess! Every iPhone 12 Pro Max user knows we got SCREWED with our $1,500 phones and this CRAPPY minimal focal distance!!!😠😡🤬
KingBeanCOMEDY 21 ora fa
The video stabilization and the low light video gave it away for me
UlzzangLuver Giorno fa
Now I’m glad I got the Samsung ultra ❤️
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres Giorno fa
Samsung for the win 🏆
Ricardo Robles
Ricardo Robles Giorno fa
Kevin Giorno fa
Wow, they have switched places.
Brian Moonga
Brian Moonga Giorno fa
i want the please sir!
Omir Lee
Omir Lee Giorno fa
Why you in Bruce Wayne’s basement ?
Camille Romero
Camille Romero Giorno fa
this video helped me a lot.
Kushal Bhattarai
Kushal Bhattarai Giorno fa
samsung S21 Ultra kills, always loved it ❤🤘
Ajay Sahani
Ajay Sahani Giorno fa
So that's me "winner actually"
Tanga Ako
Tanga Ako Giorno fa
Samsung wins .
Richard Perez
Richard Perez Giorno fa
That was easy to know because samsung's photos always have darker images and iphones show more colors
Joseph Segura
Joseph Segura Giorno fa
I think the iphone has a better camera for photos but overall im a samsung fan so i will stay loyal and it has better ram so
Akshat Adesara
Akshat Adesara Giorno fa
What if the best flagship phones competitor Apple and Samsung would work together for one flagship phone🤯🤯🤯.. I would buy that the next minute after its release.🤪
Jonathan Yee Wei Cheang
Jonathan Yee Wei Cheang Giorno fa
Very surprised. I also picked iPhone to be on the right BTW. I was an Apple user till iPhone 6S and I felt the right side images reminded me a lot about the images I took then. It is amazing to see how far Samsung has come and I suspect the smoothness of the video and fast auto focus has a lot to do with the ridiculous amount of RAM the S21U has.
dickson hoang
dickson hoang Giorno fa
Look like I am watching Michale Jordan playing with Kobe Bryan !!! I love both , but if Iphone makes in USA i buy Iphone beside that I take Samsung !!!
12 pro max for me I don’t care for the 120hz display i like the sensor shift and also the dolby vision. I hope i could won. Im from Philippines subscriber of yours idle
The Grotto Adventures
The Grotto Adventures Giorno fa
lol, I got it right, I have the Samsung s21 Ultra and have used the macro and that's why I knew for sure. I scored it in my "EYE" I like the Samsung 10-1. Both are real good though, my wife has the iPhone 12 pro max and I have the Samsung s21 Ultra.
Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan Giorno fa
Honestly, for the zoom thing, I traded my iPhone for s21 ultra, but realized this is just a gimmick, anything beyond 10x is absolute crap. And this heats up a lot. I did a mistake.
Shane Venhorst
Shane Venhorst Giorno fa
HDR video is typically created by doubling the frame rate and alternating high and low ISO and blending those frames together for a high dynamic range video. The iPhone flickering appeared to be a software glitch where those exposures were not being blend together correctly.
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson Giorno fa
I have a Samsung and it just randomly factory reset. Lost all my passwords, notes, and messages. For some reason it wasn't backing up to the cloud. Never thought I'd say it but I'm switching to Apple
Raf galvão
Raf galvão Giorno fa
It's given so much importance to this , that looks like someone is about to choose a new pair of eyes
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 2 giorni fa
60Hz lower res on iphone no way I go for it, iphone is rip off (iphone x user)
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 2 giorni fa
for first time in my life I saw a iphone wins vs android in low light xD
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 2 giorni fa
Galaxy S21 Ultra I will get it for 1100USD for 24 month of pay good or bad deal ? 128gb ofc, I save my fotos on my hhd 12Tb.
Dragonovus 2 giorni fa
the low light is very emberassing for these type of phones. Especially in 2021
Saadi Shaikh
Saadi Shaikh 2 giorni fa
This is exactly what people are looking for in a review/comparison. Thank you for being straight to the point and ensuring that you were unbiased in your review. I suggest including more environments - an urban landscape (daytime and nighttime) for example, and front camera comparison.
Nikhil Chandra
Nikhil Chandra 2 giorni fa
I mostly picked the S21 ultra, can't believe Samsung cameras have got so much better. Gonna start vlogging through an S21 ultra for sure.
Weeb Hub
Weeb Hub 2 giorni fa
My mind: Buy S21 it much better My wallet : Don't think about it
Phase 2 ore fa
@Frank Derksen apparently android 12 will have the same feature.
Benjamin 8 ore fa
@Frank Derksen i dont mind honestly
Frank Derksen
Frank Derksen 10 ore fa
Nah it comes with pre installed apps that collects your data... iphone blocked facebook tracking data.. even facebook tried to sue apple for team apple it is✌
mir mir
mir mir 12 ore fa
@Jake Holden gah damn why you sound so mad 😭
Jake Holden
Jake Holden 12 ore fa
just buy it, iphone costs way too much so buy that cheap ass android lmao
CrazyCorrs 2 giorni fa
I've watched 2 videos now and 1 video said the Iphone wins in with Video and this one says the Iphone wins with Photos..., AHHH
Vishal Sour
Vishal Sour 2 giorni fa
New iphone
Vishal Sour
Vishal Sour 2 giorni fa
Beautiful fhon
Suman Das
Suman Das 2 giorni fa
Juan Santos
Juan Santos 2 giorni fa
I’m getting the s21 ultra next week ✌🏽 I onw A iPhone 11 pro max. I love it for music live recording but in love Samsung
CrissiVamps 2 giorni fa
I am rocking my iPhone 12 and I LOOOVE it. Puls I had Samsung for many years and I just don’t like Android. iOS is my go to operating system
Haig 2 giorni fa
If apps were better integrated with android phones especially social media ones, android would be the superior phone in every single aspect.
Sebastian bundrick
Sebastian bundrick 2 giorni fa
It seems to me the iPhone and Samsung switched spots lmao, last year the iPhone blew the Samsung video out the water, and this year it’s the complete opposite, Samsung blew the iPhone out of the water video wise, but iPhone does better picture wise, while last year Samsung did better picture wise while iPhone did worse.
J_ 524
J_ 524 2 giorni fa
I don’t care about the camera. Please talk about the different ecosystems such as Apple Pay vs Samsung pay, how many years of software updates each gets, and which phone has more secure apps from the app/play store.
Galaxy Gamer Youtube
Galaxy Gamer Youtube 2 giorni fa
Ahhhh LEWWW , take it easy fam , Samsung is trying
Megatón 2 giorni fa
Flickery video on a $1000 + phone....? Apple, you have some work to do
Ravindran Gopal
Ravindran Gopal 2 giorni fa
Count me in Lew
yohan_ oliver
yohan_ oliver 2 giorni fa
I'm an android user but if I have enough money, I will choose iOS
Alpha1111100 2 giorni fa
It was tight but I will go with the left. iphone
Ollie .scoots
Ollie .scoots 2 giorni fa
Fair play well done Samsung
Kingpin番ZI 2 giorni fa
For vdo recording s21 because has more stability than iphone but to take pictures 12 pro max is better because of the detail it shows more detail of the snow than s21 ❤️ MY OPINION 🙏🏻
Vian déclass
Vian déclass 3 giorni fa
Samsung team🔥🔥
Vanguard Exile
Vanguard Exile 3 giorni fa
After watching im still gonna get pro max lmao
FABIANKUN XFOF 3 giorni fa
can you check the Samsung Galaxy a21s it is the new one
grumpy 3 giorni fa
I just wish they made a s21e, a more compact phone like the s10e size or even a little bit smaller 😀
Fyrdauz D Ace
Fyrdauz D Ace 3 giorni fa
For some reason, if you send photos you took from an Apple to a Samsung, the quality is still good. Unlike Samsung when you send to Apple, it’s like the colour and details are loss.
Ray Sanchez
Ray Sanchez 3 giorni fa
Dude is so awesome Batman lent him his armory to shoot this video.
Christina 3 giorni fa
Very challenging but i too liked the samsung 21 nice video lots of visial i need visual thank you
King Mike
King Mike 3 giorni fa
Samsung had a glowup lol
Inessa Smalenea
Inessa Smalenea 3 giorni fa
Let's be honest, everyone buy iPhones just for the fact that they are way too expensive and they seem rich with them✋🏻
Mr. T-rex
Mr. T-rex 2 giorni fa
Samsung flagships are more expensive than the iPhones they’re competing against what do you mean???
Sebastian bundrick
Sebastian bundrick 2 giorni fa
Definitely can say the same thing for Samsung fanboys lol
Sebastian bundrick
Sebastian bundrick 2 giorni fa
@Shepherd Kamumvuri finally
Shepherd Kamumvuri
Shepherd Kamumvuri 2 giorni fa
Samsung is more expensive than Apple
Zakaria Dalil
Zakaria Dalil 3 giorni fa
Just got my Ultra. Happy so far!
Shahrizal Hamid
Shahrizal Hamid 3 giorni fa
Thats why i bought S21 Ultra!
Aplonicy Community
Aplonicy Community 3 giorni fa
How is this even comparable Samsung definitely won this
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler 3 giorni fa
Crazy crazy I shoulda got the s21 😔
Bhaskar Joshi
Bhaskar Joshi 3 giorni fa
All this video is about camera 😒
ShockedPikachu 3 giorni fa
They say that Iphone is just a camera with a phone on it. Take that as you will but Now that samsung has cought up in the camera department that would leave iphone with Nothing. Not even worth calling a camera 🤣 Truly sad.
andrew pere
andrew pere 3 giorni fa
I love the music in the background
Gregory Stevens
Gregory Stevens 3 giorni fa
Can someone measure both phone screens and tell me the actual width in mm for both? (not the body width but the screen display width)
YoSully 3 giorni fa
LETSS GOO i got it correct ahhaa
Louise Louie Soriano
Louise Louie Soriano 3 giorni fa
I hope i have one of them ❤❤
Danny Shakil
Danny Shakil 3 giorni fa
S21 ultra camera or iPhone 12 Pro max?
Taha Badr
Taha Badr 3 giorni fa
Samsung ❤️❤️
Abhishek Subedi
Abhishek Subedi 3 giorni fa
Ams PaKHrin
Ams PaKHrin 3 giorni fa
iPhone 12 Pro Max
BigBaby Chan
BigBaby Chan 4 giorni fa
Apple is more realistic.
Miramarensis 4 giorni fa
One question for the S21U users, can you guys invoke the Google Assistant by just saying 'Hey Google' even when the phone is a few feet away? Also does a user have to disable Bixby or whatever Assistant Samsung provides in order to access Google Assistant each an every time I produce a query? Finally, does the 'Read It' function works acceptably well when browsing Chrome sites and while using the Google app that provides Discover, Snapshot, Search, Collections, etc.? Those are things I can use and enjoy with my venerable OnePlus 6 but it's getting a bit old and Samsung seems to provide the right replacement. Thanks in advance!
Debanga Sarkar
Debanga Sarkar 4 giorni fa
iPhone is better
cgoodluck2000 4 giorni fa
Now switch the two phones and do it again. Or put them one on top of the other. A little shade will alter alot.
Dwayne Lewis
Dwayne Lewis 4 giorni fa
Yeah for samsung
Kristen Thomas
Kristen Thomas 4 giorni fa
I'm going back to my iPhone. 🤦🏽‍♀️ this lagging ,screen is blinking and freezing. I'm so disappointed in the Samsung Ultra 😞
AS Fashion
AS Fashion 4 giorni fa
Louis Dr.
Louis Dr. 4 giorni fa
Great video!
Benjamin Mutua
Benjamin Mutua 4 giorni fa
..Me watching this from my LG V30+..LG lovers gimme a like...
Suhaim Khalid
Suhaim Khalid 4 giorni fa
you should at least write which side is which phone
Henesii 4 giorni fa
I prefer the darkness the samsung takes, just me, everything looks washed on the iphone
Shady Beibs
Shady Beibs Giorno fa
Same bias
Think no guessing
Think no guessing 4 giorni fa
Samsung don't even show the footprints on the snow and turns it into blue snow . So samsung lost the whole match. Don't even try it!
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