Why do I like the iPhone 12 Mini?

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

6 giorni fa

iPhone 12 Latercase and Gorilla Glass - latercase.com/iphone
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Teachmehowtodoge 5 ore fa
I see an ugly notch I press dislike. Other functionalities don’t matter to me.
Kyle Duffield
Kyle Duffield 5 ore fa
I have the pro max but a part of me wants to get the Mini for work and leaving the pro at home. Considering it.
PS4Playz 5 ore fa
This man has got to be a trillionsre.
PS4Playz 5 ore fa
Hudson Davis
Hudson Davis 6 ore fa
How many iphones had this guy unboxed?!
thevacdude 7 ore fa
12 mini, I have small hands, So I like the smaller form factor.
XXX Saiyan
XXX Saiyan 7 ore fa
That looks like Batman’s basement or whatever from “the dark knight” lmao
Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon
Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon 7 ore fa
"Entry" "Done" "Need" : any mobile Reason: because i dont have love from bangladesh
Ashton Drake
Ashton Drake 8 ore fa
Hi will do review on OnePlus n10 5g and n100 please as love you reviewing OnePlus phones
Onecent 8 ore fa
I love my money.
Bo Andresen
Bo Andresen 8 ore fa
Buy a mini iPad, and Bluetooth headphones... problemsolved, telephone and tv in one 😉
Alexa Chantal Mulder
Alexa Chantal Mulder 8 ore fa
I just ordered a 12mini blue to replace my 4 year old IPhone SE Since I’m so happy with the small size of the new 12 mini but still the bigger screen
Jelo V
Jelo V 9 ore fa
Please review the new Nokia 8000 or the Nokia 6300 4g... They are new smart feature phone...
Chandresh Singh
Chandresh Singh 9 ore fa
This is the bat cave from The dark knight rises where they had the nuclear reactor
Joey Stevens
Joey Stevens 10 ore fa
What’s up with the Batman cave
R 10 ore fa
Is there a reason Lou talks about the Later Case like it’s not his company?
Abbottsmile Reviews
Abbottsmile Reviews 11 ore fa
You changed your walls to black
funfeces 11 ore fa
how much is the mini??
nasif munim
nasif munim 12 ore fa
i really want to know where you are filming! is it green screen? or the exact location that we are thinking.
Gregory House
Gregory House 13 ore fa
Ana Servin
Ana Servin 13 ore fa
Unbox therapy is the new Lindsey Graham of the tech reviews you went to Apple like Lindsay went to Trump
Violet Blue
Violet Blue 13 ore fa
Give me the mini pleaseeeee!! It is sooo cute 🤤🤤🤤
Denis SD7
Denis SD7 15 ore fa
For a tech channel with 17.6M subs. I have to ask, why on earth do you still only upload in 1080p?
Erlend Skeid
Erlend Skeid 15 ore fa
iphone X was perfect for me
Arjun Agarwal
Arjun Agarwal 15 ore fa
Of the entire iphone 12 series, I like the iPhone 12 mini because of the small screen size. It is extremely easy to use it and this might not be a great deal for many but the fact that it fits perfectly in the pocket is a plus point for me.
oldschool7522 16 ore fa
My s10e is awesome. All the phone I need in a nice size and still really good battery. Where is the s20e?
Dharsan Mathew
Dharsan Mathew 16 ore fa
you can just not like it too. you don't have to force yourself to like it. xD
Diogo Marques Pascoal
Diogo Marques Pascoal 16 ore fa
Hi, have you detected pwm flickering in the oled screen? If so how bad is it? Thank you
Balamurugan Sekar
Balamurugan Sekar 17 ore fa
Mini make many... better phone for small hands...😂😂
Kunaall Pramod
Kunaall Pramod 17 ore fa
aight but i wanna see a guide in your TDK batcave
Niklasfrilander 17 ore fa
Bonny N Clyde
Bonny N Clyde 18 ore fa
NIcE viIdeo BLOtHEr!!
Mago Poker
Mago Poker 18 ore fa
Great episode!
Medwyn Barnham
Medwyn Barnham 18 ore fa
Which one is better iPhone 12 pro or 12 pro max
Yashvardhan singh chundawat
Yashvardhan singh chundawat 19 ore fa
I am a iphone lover but cant afford it .
Jay C
Jay C 19 ore fa
this is actually the first ITpost vid I’m watching on my new 12 mini 😂😍🙌🏼
Jay C
Jay C 15 ore fa
@Jimmy McGill Sound in the middle of the night is LOUD. Obviously not as good as normal 12, but not dealbreaking. I say go for it! The reps at the phone store couldn’t believe I wanted the Mini, but I stuck with my plan and knew I wanted to go back to a “normal” size phone! If you have smaller hands like me, the phone won’t feel “mini” to you at all after playing with it all in one night! You’ll even understand right away why people say it’s the perfect size! Believe it or not, it’s actually still a little hard for me to grab down notification Center or control center with one hand (if pinky is underneath phone) as well aha.
Jimmy McGill
Jimmy McGill 17 ore fa
How is the battery and volume level? I want to buy a smaller phone because my wrist and palm pains.
Jason Elston
Jason Elston 19 ore fa
Here’s the thing: the iPhone 6 Plus was 5.5 inches (their largest iPhone at the time). The iPhone 12 mini is 5.4 inches. What is happening here?
Vo Thai Son
Vo Thai Son 19 ore fa
When you're so rich you decide you're batman.
raymond barry
raymond barry 19 ore fa
I’d love to get my hands on that blue pro max 🤩😍🥰😍🤯
blizzard stone7
blizzard stone7 20 ore fa
The sustain performance of the 12 mini is the worst compare to other 12 models.
king P
king P 20 ore fa
Apple releases iphone 12 mini with 5.4 inch display android manufacturers: wait thats illegal
Nicc 20 ore fa
omg your video is too white, hurts my eyes!
O'day Tim
O'day Tim 20 ore fa
i have the 11 pro max and really want the mini is that a good choice given the different camera setup i’m not worried about battery use or screen size obviously
Mridula Deb
Mridula Deb 21 ora fa
I don't like this video
pomme dapi
pomme dapi 21 ora fa
Guys check your grading.. the red is orange.. and change depending on the shots. means all displayed colored are wrong
Pradeep Hr
Pradeep Hr 21 ora fa
Give me bro
Ging Bolos
Ging Bolos 21 ora fa
I wish you give me an apple phone the iPhone 12 mini. Pls pls
Isakk 22 ore fa
Lew: "Finally we can be socially distant!" Willydo: puts on glasses "Ohhhh shoot, this says 6 feet, not 60 feet. We should sell this back to Bruce
Muka Zero
Muka Zero 22 ore fa
Why do you live in bat cave? should be the title... :)
OneGun OneGun
OneGun OneGun 23 ore fa
Because you're used to small things in your hand
Jusuf Hasanovic
Jusuf Hasanovic 23 ore fa
I like my Mi 10 more. Is not baby/dumb proof phone.
Stephon Jones
Stephon Jones 23 ore fa
i wish i would have waited for the 12 pro max but i switched carriers and i didnt want to be paying two bills
Jasmine Taragan
Jasmine Taragan 23 ore fa
I have the 12 pro. Held the mini today. Really wish I would have waited because I’d rather have the mini. It’s so convenient.
Bobbie Knott
Bobbie Knott Giorno fa
Pro Max Silver is Sexy!! I Would Love One 💋Thanks for Sharing Blessings and Love B,
Dayton 404
Dayton 404 Giorno fa
my hands are small
Bjørn Erik Vaagland
Bjørn Erik Vaagland Giorno fa
The Silver Pro Max is definitely the beautiful/luxurious one! Sooo beautiful
Xpert chuy
Xpert chuy Giorno fa
Me who has a iPhone 7 I think I’ll stick with mine
Mike H
Mike H Giorno fa
is this room really long or am I being fooled. 😂
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams Giorno fa
I want the Iphone 12 mini I have the iphone 4 and you cant download anything on it and it cant be updated because it is to old
Reid Castellanos
Reid Castellanos Giorno fa
Who else saw the guy pop in the frame
J Louis
J Louis Giorno fa
Hey did you see the Oppo rolling phone?
Scott A. Venerable
Scott A. Venerable Giorno fa
I like that case. Where do I pick it up? Is it magnetic?
aymen fellah
aymen fellah Giorno fa
i want one plzzz :' :'
Mishelle Titova
Mishelle Titova Giorno fa
I honestly feel like I should just upgrade next year since I have the xs max
Jiajian Hou
Jiajian Hou Giorno fa
They need to make a pro mini!!!! That would be a perfect phone.
GeoffAlex Giorno fa
Waiting for the 13 Pro Mini..
Scriptonusman Giorno fa
The audio in the new set is horrible. please have a look at a fix for this
Kevin Ip
Kevin Ip Giorno fa
Mini because some people already have iPad/laptop/tv for media consumption. A phone is a phone to me, only use it for looking up information, chat and calls.
Kaden Wijayatilleke
Kaden Wijayatilleke Giorno fa
I also like the smaller phones more than the bigger ones
Amir K
Amir K Giorno fa
That setup looks like batman movies!
//AutoBarn Giorno fa
What do you do with all the unboxed phones? @unboxtherapy
Maki Mobile Games
Maki Mobile Games Giorno fa
I do a lot of my phone , i have 11 and i think next year i will switch to Pro MAX. Working , music , TV , games ...yeah i like that big screen and it must be realy fast :) So yeah...PRO MAX for me is the best option
niafasas Giorno fa
Fate/Zero episode 24
مصعب الرواس
مصعب الرواس Giorno fa
Hi lew I just want to say one thing for the benefit of channel as a follower to this great channel I hate two things in this world (iphones & video longer than 10 minutes) If the iphones will continue in this channel it just okay But no one will be patient to watch 18 minutes for the worst iphone ever !!! You can divide the iphones unboxing to short videos seperately The video name is iphone 12 mini Why I see the iphone 12 pro max among this Why 😡 Answer me Answer the mothe... Fuck.... Question
Madi 18
Madi 18 Giorno fa
Why is everyone talking about batman i dont understand can anyone explain it to me i am a kid
Kristoffer Selvig
Kristoffer Selvig Giorno fa
12:37 "Pinkish hue?" "Yes, a rosy glow. "There's a hue..."
Everton Giorno fa
Before 12 mini, I have tried all the other models basically, but I stuck on iPhone 7. Now changed for 12 mini, and I think this is the perfect size for a smartphone. I'm loving it.
miro lund
miro lund Giorno fa
Corporal tunnel lawsuits for 12 max 😂
Richard Giorno fa
I was confused on which one to get so I’m trying them all. I’m liking the mini so far.
Julez Owens
Julez Owens Giorno fa
The SE and mini's target the chinese / asia markets for their salea. They buy more of those then other models. Not 'ALL' but most.
Omolemo Galorale
Omolemo Galorale Giorno fa
Did he just say he bought all of these coz Apple didn't send them?😮
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema Giorno fa
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema Giorno fa
Warlei Barbosa
Warlei Barbosa Giorno fa
Duuude what do you do with so many iphones open after the video? uaaau
MukinZ Giorno fa
12 mini this time
Danial Hakim
Danial Hakim Giorno fa
would you giveway all of those ?
Adjectz Giorno fa
Currently use iPhone 11 but if I was gonna upgrade might get a blue 12 pro max
Joe See
Joe See Giorno fa
Just FYI.. LOVE your channel and thank you for all the work you do. The wife says it's time to upgrade all our phones. LOVE your new digs (very TRON-like)! Thanks in advance!
robert bishop
robert bishop Giorno fa
Apple iphone porn?
Armando Navarrete-Vidals
Armando Navarrete-Vidals Giorno fa
The only thing that is holding me back to upgrade to the 12 mini from my current se 1st gen is Touch ID.
Mallanagouda Mali Patil
Mallanagouda Mali Patil Giorno fa
Can you give me one.. please 😁... Loved your style of unboxing...❤️ Love from india
Mouwcat Giorno fa
The white pro actually looks so clean
Trust Chihowa
Trust Chihowa Giorno fa
When are you giving away all those iPhones 📱...i really need one!!!
HowToRepair Giorno fa
Nice video brother
FaZe Funk gaming
FaZe Funk gaming 4 ore fa
Chris James
Chris James Giorno fa
I've had it for a few days after upgrading from my old Xperia XZ3. Love the small size and quality feel of the Mini 12 but the much larger XZ3 lasted twice as long with much heavier use and was much faster to navigate around. Considering the XZ3 is over 2 years older this is not at all what I expected. In fact, I might even be returning it. If the battery is this bad after a few days use then what about 10 months from now? $300 for a new battery every 6 months? Should have perhaps got the PRO or another flagship sony.
ᴅɪᴄʀᴜxᴢ ᴅɪᴄʀᴜ
ᴅɪᴄʀᴜxᴢ ᴅɪᴄʀᴜ Giorno fa
Can u gift me an iphone🥺
oliver Lison
oliver Lison Giorno fa
For business purposes I choose the phone with the best power mangement and longest battery life. This happened to be the Apple xr. What I am looking now into the Apple 12 series
La_King31 Giorno fa
cant wait
Laith Aburashed
Laith Aburashed Giorno fa
Why I like 12 mini? Cuz apple paid me for it
ALI_ENZ Giorno fa
What if we find out the background is actually an optional illusion which isn't that long? 👀
AIMA India
AIMA India Giorno fa
*Amazing Background 😍👌✨*
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