Google Pixel 5 Event Livestream

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27 giorni fa

Google Pixel 5 incoming...
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Juha Vierinen
Juha Vierinen Giorno fa
Too bad the Google Pixel 5 128gb model is so expensive here in Finland / EU : 749 euros so its about 885.55 USD ;( and we have only one reseller here ( so if you live in Finland better get the phone from the Germany.
Mean Timbits
Mean Timbits Giorno fa
What's Google?
saurav shere
saurav shere 3 giorni fa
Argha Dawn
Argha Dawn 6 giorni fa
he I am Argha from India I am a big fan of your google phones I as a child always want to put my hands on a pixle but finally when its time I found that the latest google pixle 5 isn't coming to India . Please its my request to launch the google pixle in India as well PLEASE
Earth To Jupiter
Earth To Jupiter 7 giorni fa
I got 17.... Samsung smartphone Ad's while watching this 😤😡😠
Slaya Steev
Slaya Steev 8 giorni fa
Mark sounds like he's on a lot of Xanax
Professional Gamer
Professional Gamer 8 giorni fa
iPhone 12, 12 Pro, And 12 Pro Max Are WAY Better Than Google Pixel
Professional Gamer
Professional Gamer 12 ore fa
@THE DEAD PIRATE No it isn’t
THE DEAD PIRATE 6 giorni fa
But note 20 ultra is way better than iphone
Super knullisch
Super knullisch 11 giorni fa
19:50 Why the Indiana Jones, Jurasic park, Starwars mash up themed music?? Because it's so EXITING??🤩🤩🤩.. am no..🥱🙄 23:17 "So my favourite buttuuun, is the Assisstant buttuuun, and that's why we even made it a fun pop colour." The *"fun colour"* of button.. BLACK. LOL!! (To be fair though.. depending on your choice, there's also that *light 50's-mint-green colour* and that *light pinkish-orangeish*! 😁😂😂 24:01 "We wanted to make the remote as delightful as a boule of candy" proceeds to show a an almost empty ceramic *plate,* coloured in bathroom tile beige, with a few similarly coloured Macarons representing the *"CANDY"* Yeah.. I guess if you work at Google and have her salary, this might be what candy looks like to you. Not so much for the rest of us though..😏 lol!
Super knullisch
Super knullisch 11 giorni fa
18:21 One thing is quite strange and one thing is *VERY OFF* with this picture.. *Quite strange:* His name.. is Hiroshi. He does not look Japanese... O_o *VERY OFF:* That chocolate, raisin, TURD LOOKING MONSTROSITY OF A COUCH!!! 😳😳😳
Ajinkya Deshpande
Ajinkya Deshpande 12 giorni fa
Hey, Google is not selling Pixel 5 in India but I can get it from USA, will I be able to use it here in India with Indian cellular networks? Please Answer
Armin4Real 12 giorni fa
Im gonna keep my Pixel 2XL. It still works perfectly fine and it's got a finger print scanner and no stupid hole punch or idiotic notch. I skipped Pixel 3 because of the notch, I skipped Pixel 4 because no finger print scanner and will skip the Pixel 5 because of the hole punch. Whenever Google makes a phone without hole punch/notch and with a finger print scanner Ima get it.
Charan C babu
Charan C babu 13 giorni fa
Sir.. Can u give me a apple airpod 1 or 2 🙏🙏🙏
THE DEAD PIRATE 6 giorni fa
Bartek Dymecki
Bartek Dymecki 13 giorni fa
I LOVE that turning earth 🌏 behind you ❤️👌🏼
Lebo Yeni Yeni
Lebo Yeni Yeni 16 giorni fa
I love your vids Love your content Every time I watch your videos I wish I was you. THANK YOU
Jackie M
Jackie M 17 giorni fa
Actually the Pixel 5 price is the same price as the Iphone SE 2020 128GB in certain countries in Asia. So in those countries, the Iphone SE 2020 and the Pixel 5 are going head to head. I think this makes it interesting, because the Iphone SE has a glass back while the Pixel 5 is aluminum. So the built quality of the Iphone will be better. But the iphone's camera does not have the wide angle lens. So it really depends on what matters to you most. Also what is important is that, although the battery capacity of the Pixel 5 is bigger, how efficient will it be. Will the Iphone SE battery perform better than the bigger Pixel battery. But he is right... its disappointing that price isnt $599. Id say okay for $699 is they used a faster processor and bumped up the storage to 256GB. Also, what's up with the limited color range?!?!
Matthew Digioia
Matthew Digioia 17 giorni fa
So I'll go with this analogy. Google is like Nintendo in this cellphone industry. More concerned about comfort and community, as opposed to the hardware that is constantly between Samsung and Apple
Paula Wroblewicz
Paula Wroblewicz 18 giorni fa
It's called SORTA SAGE 🤷
Azwad S
Azwad S 18 giorni fa
Bit slow someone already done a video on it
Tech Hunt Productions. Inc.
Tech Hunt Productions. Inc. 19 giorni fa
When i saw the thumbnail i thought it had 5G lol🤣
Select Sovereignty *Defend Liberty*
Select Sovereignty *Defend Liberty* 20 giorni fa
Now Google can spy on you in realtime, have 1,000,000 data points on you instead of 4G's 10,000 for their A.I. to better predict your behavior, and work-in unison with Facebook,China. and Bill Gates to use your own money to enslave you. How exciting is that?!!! The fact that they can straightfacedly act like they're offering these goods and services to serve the American consumer and people actually believe them is saddening.
Khubab Nizamani
Khubab Nizamani 20 giorni fa
5xl where?
TGT AG_gamer
TGT AG_gamer 20 giorni fa
Dashie what is he doing here?
Saif Al. Musawi
Saif Al. Musawi 20 giorni fa
Ma boi dashe is here
Oliver Caine
Oliver Caine 21 giorno fa
Anyone else really dislike the fact that the camera is off-centre? Video calling people who are looking off to the side all the time is going to be so distracting.
Hh Qq
Hh Qq 21 giorno fa
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LinuxCoder 21 giorno fa
That dude said high frame rates on consoles, don't tell him boys....
A'Bria Ja'nah
A'Bria Ja'nah 21 giorno fa
I'm stuck between Samsung and Google two of my all time favorite phone brands ☺️ also have been considering OnePlus
A'Bria Ja'nah
A'Bria Ja'nah 21 giorno fa
I've been wanting a pixel for a long time I definitely wanted that oh so orange but this pixel 5 I'm excited for but I want to wait I love the bigger versions !! So I think I'll keep an eye out for a bigger version for awhile
Obi Dark
Obi Dark 21 giorno fa
Plastic 5...
Matthew 21 giorno fa
Kind of better then iPhone right?
Sanky Majra
Sanky Majra 22 giorni fa
Bola M. Sydhom
Bola M. Sydhom 22 giorni fa
Congrats on the new watch ❤ but what is this watch ?😅
منصف ع
منصف ع 22 giorni fa
The chrome cast remote is ugly
BigFat 22 giorni fa
These google chicks are thicccc
Arish Mahmood
Arish Mahmood 22 giorni fa
I am your big fan
Joro Jorov
Joro Jorov 22 giorni fa
wonder ? people need unbox therapy for this "information" ???? :D
Robert Bob
Robert Bob 23 giorni fa
Google : Females & Minorities = Good Male Whites = Bad
Robert Bob
Robert Bob 23 giorni fa
28:09 Whats "More Valume"? 😂🤔
Robert Bob
Robert Bob 23 giorni fa
Less Google more Lew Later.
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 23 giorni fa
In 2020, a cell phone costs more than a laptop. It’s insane.
Errol Yusi
Errol Yusi 23 giorni fa
The bias android fan guy is promoting his favorite phone
MegaDJcubano 23 giorni fa
every one has spaking so far they are from is from USA......really
MegaDJcubano 23 giorni fa
QUESTION ......Why every one is from India....sinse google ceo is from india....he fire all the amercians........socialist.......
Tech HourEXTRA
Tech HourEXTRA 23 giorni fa
People:im getting this Me: im not getting this, because google doesn't even exist im my country
Phantom Alrasheed
Phantom Alrasheed 20 giorni fa
Same :'(
noblsht 23 giorni fa
Leo Laporte has said that this Google event and the new products are a complete farce
Paul Venson Rara
Paul Venson Rara 23 giorni fa
Great video! Please continue covering live streams lu and wil! Very nice content, after the presentation instant feedback and reaction on the products revealed. Very brief and concise! Keep doing this!
Uwodi Jesse
Uwodi Jesse 23 giorni fa
I am guessing this is supposed to compete with Samsung S20 FE 🙆🏽‍♂️
Nick Rahn
Nick Rahn 23 giorni fa
Do we get wireless charging with that case on?
[WINR] THE WINNER 23 giorni fa
We need 2021 phones. Already have a 2015 one, Iphone Pro Max 🤕
Jackie Mae
Jackie Mae 23 giorni fa
Apparently the 5 has mmwave but also only has the 765G
Total Gaming
Total Gaming 23 giorni fa
500 Subscribe is a everyone not dam
L1f374k3r 23 giorni fa
whats the game at 44:30 ? Thx
Fie 23 giorni fa
44:40 to 45:00 look at the bench
Dan Parden
Dan Parden 24 giorni fa
I love when otis barks lol
CRASS2047 24 giorni fa
Google tv Looks exactly like Apple TV
Narsinga rao Mettu
Narsinga rao Mettu 24 giorni fa
27:34 the person said 'we are introducening' ha haaa
Sonu Sales
Sonu Sales 24 giorni fa
ill rather buy a RTX 3090 than buying a 699 dollar phone atleast i ;; have ray tracing
ice- Elvis
ice- Elvis 24 giorni fa
i never ever owned a pixel phone this one has interesting features,but one day i decided to download their camera app on the play store on my old note 5 Samsung ,it sure improved the pictures with better software
Daniel Santoski
Daniel Santoski 24 giorni fa
I love that I get a pixel 4 a day before this
Drago The Wolf
Drago The Wolf 24 giorni fa
I’ll prolly get this when my phone dies. Which could be any day now. Considering my phone overheats with music and discord going at the same time.
Bacanu Ovidiu
Bacanu Ovidiu 24 giorni fa
The texture is the SKY :D Don't you get it? Google came 1st with Astrophoto'... they continue it big style!
Michael 24 giorni fa
Pixel 5 has a really clean look and that’s what I love about pixel phones. no big camera bumps.
Justice Bernal
Justice Bernal 24 giorni fa
Can I plug in my HDMI converter to watch movies on my projector? None of the previous pixles allowed this... ☹️
Niyaz Yaaz
Niyaz Yaaz 24 giorni fa
Anh N
Anh N 24 giorni fa
how can such a big and successful company create something this cringeworthy?
Aman Kdkdxd
Aman Kdkdxd 24 giorni fa
Give me a phone please
Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell 24 giorni fa
I would have been happier with the Pixel 4 specs in the 5 except have the 5 with a bigger battery, wide angle on the rear, increased ram, and remove the sonar thing. And I would have been willing to pay $800 for that.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 24 giorni fa
I have no idea why you have a channel. I literally learn nothing from your unboxings. And your info is usually incorrect,
Jeff Grills
Jeff Grills 24 giorni fa
Google pixel 4 was my worst phone out of all the Google pixel phones. I'm afraid to try the Pixel 5
Podtrash Radio
Podtrash Radio 24 giorni fa
48:49 “they don’t tell you the color” it’s right there in the bottom left side menu for the image slider. “Sorta Sage” is the color name. You literally put your mouse cursor over it. Typical of Google.
Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson 24 giorni fa
why does this phone have a slower processor than my 2 XL?
lo, aftee installing android 11 my pixel 2 is heating up too much and battery is lasting not more than 25 minutes. what the hell is going on man?
dev mavani
dev mavani 24 giorni fa
37:37 ‘WATER’
Jaime Ibanez Vasquez
Jaime Ibanez Vasquez 24 giorni fa
Sorta sage / green colour
Jake Washburn
Jake Washburn 24 giorni fa
Man Google has really beat an apple but I can’t really switch simply because iMessage that’s it there’s just things that I like about iMessage that Google pixel just can’t do. I just wish there was a way to get iMessage on the Google pixel not so much on other android devices we just make it limited to like the Google pixel because that’s like Google‘s phone it’s the android phone so to me that would make sense for it to be exclusive if Apple ever let it come to android even if I have to pay for it but it only in a one time payment though
Nabdab Tabla
Nabdab Tabla 24 giorni fa
28:08 gotta have that "valium"
FreshLikeYafet 24 giorni fa
Samsung S10 and IPhone 11 Pro Had a baby and had a plastic back/ Stadia can’t even support the best games.
Juan Pakito Rosado
Juan Pakito Rosado 24 giorni fa
IMO not worth 699$... More like 599$ should have been the price. I love stock Android and their cameras but SD765 performance for that price nah.
Justin Best
Justin Best 24 giorni fa
Well they didn't want to answer that question about what they did with the tech after they've finished with it.. I bet keep what they want, sell everything else, not a bad money maker 👍🏻
Blvk Midas
Blvk Midas 24 giorni fa
goofing around lol
Stern Vibes
Stern Vibes 25 giorni fa
So google just said yaa f*** you Samsung Apple all other phones we gonna just blow u out the game
bike bowling
bike bowling 25 giorni fa
Is it just me or did this feel like Google’s spokes people are kind of out of touch with customers so they tried to make up for it with celebrity appearances? Great tech but everything feels so fragmented like no one is steering the ship.
uiop uiop
uiop uiop 25 giorni fa
Looks like the first Pixel phone I w ill skip, that hole-punch camera looks pretty bad, and cannot even be taped over properly.
DZ HM 25 giorni fa
Medium class processor $ 700 very expensive is not acceptable
XCITING STUFF PRO 25 giorni fa
Pixel 5 is stated to have an aluminum unibody. It's surprising to see how the back supports wireless charging. That's a bit of a surprise. I am eagerly waiting for the sale of Pixel 5.
Berta Caricyna
Berta Caricyna 25 giorni fa
7007 somboi
7007 somboi 25 giorni fa
just thinking. can any smartphone industry make dual screean for youtube. just in case, i wanna hear your videos via stereo speakers and maybe my friends want to hear a music video from blackpink? can they do that?
Robert Young
Robert Young 25 giorni fa
I had to unplug my Google home to watch this 👀👀
Asif tech & gaming
Asif tech & gaming 25 giorni fa
In *Google Pixel 5* I was expecting Snapdragon 865 5G processor....😏.
2650873 25 giorni fa
Google brings the revolutionary phone available to not only the most but making their experience amazing and flawless without paying huge amount. Great confidence.
akhilesh yadav
akhilesh yadav 25 giorni fa
it looks far better than s20
Assault Pig
Assault Pig 25 giorni fa
I missed this :( Just a question: was the chat ruined again by Indian spammers?
E N 25 giorni fa
Dumm dogs. If you do research their saliva is full of germs and diseases. Research also show more than 99% of dog does not save their owners but run away when owners are robbed or attacked. People also takes care of their dogs more than humans. There are millions of people without food. People spent so much on their dog then their families. Hahahahaha
Brian Medina
Brian Medina 25 giorni fa
Back in the Nexus wave, I'm down.
Goku 4
Goku 4 25 giorni fa
Rahul Mandal
Rahul Mandal 25 giorni fa
Pixel 5 is not launching in India.
Will Serrano
Will Serrano 25 giorni fa
His thumbnails are always so extra
yilmanbabilonia 25 giorni fa
Why would you pay $200 extra for the pixel 5? for a little bit of battery, a bit of extra ram, water resistant, a nicer screen that you won't even notice it ?
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