The $20,000 Cyberphone Billionaire Smartphone

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3 mesi fa

Unboxing Caviar's newest smartphone the Tesla Cybertruck inspired Cyberphone Billionaire.
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Luis angel Ramirez
Luis angel Ramirez 3 ore fa
Just iphone 11 pro !!!
Aditya tech tips
Aditya tech tips 4 ore fa
Vinsoy 01
Vinsoy 01 6 ore fa
If your a billionaire, you probably gonna buy this for shit and giggles.
Amie Eichstadt
Amie Eichstadt 6 ore fa
Anyone still watch this video?
andrej čefarin
andrej čefarin 7 ore fa
go to china and buy it for 0.55$
David Perez
David Perez 8 ore fa
I dont believe this is an actual phone. However, if it just proves how the intelligent have become adapt at bullying the rich! Damn theyll buy the dumbest gifts.
Reza Ali *
Reza Ali * 11 ore fa
So basically 19000$ they are charging for a standcase 😬😂
Winston Wright
Winston Wright 17 ore fa
“Smart phone “ is VERY LOOSE that’s a fucking gold case dude lol
aj200415 17 ore fa
Soooo it’s a case........?
Kingsmen 17 ore fa
It's just a case
Scrimbo 20 ore fa
A case for 20k that looks like I could buy it at 5 below and own it for three weeks before it snaps
Gabriel Omodei
Gabriel Omodei 22 ore fa
It's just a freaking case
med amine kaddar
med amine kaddar 22 ore fa
1 question : Why?
popoy d
popoy d Giorno fa
It's just an iPhone inside a stupid looking metallic case.
momo simo
momo simo Giorno fa
A bon 20000 avant que les us vende cette chose ridicul qu elle paie aux maleureux les soins dentaires
Chucky The Creator
Chucky The Creator Giorno fa
This is just case over the IPHONE....😲😲🤬
jack esmonde-white
jack esmonde-white Giorno fa
Bro this is fake mate plus the company that sent u the phone nicked an apple charger plus airpods. Ur a disgrace to mankind. Click baiting with 15.7 million subs.a Wow! Also the phone is a i phone 11
Maisha Ramoshaba
Maisha Ramoshaba Giorno fa
Where do you get your phones bra. .... what phone you think he has?
Minimum Torque
Minimum Torque Giorno fa
Uglier than my pube
Minimum Torque
Minimum Torque Giorno fa
Looks REALLY bad tbh
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Giorno fa
20k 🤮
That Jacob guy
That Jacob guy Giorno fa
So its an overpriced iphone
Good Stuff
Good Stuff Giorno fa
What a Rubbish!
Thierry M
Thierry M Giorno fa
Lol I think billionaires would be smart enough not to use a phone lol
Edward Bennington
Edward Bennington 2 giorni fa
This phone is horrible!!! Not just for being an iPhone, just look that shit
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson 2 giorni fa
Lmao that phone is stupid! If I saw someone with that phone I'd think they were mentally retarded or something.
Waddah Mustafa
Waddah Mustafa 2 giorni fa
Just another iPhone with metalic cover made by a blacksmith
Shawn Maurice
Shawn Maurice 2 giorni fa
I phone is about 1,000. So your paying 19,000 just for the case.
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 2 giorni fa
20k for an already outdated iphone lol no thanks
Stacececey 2 giorni fa
Why is it so ugly tho 😩
badum dadum
badum dadum 2 giorni fa
Lol who actually buys from this brand? All their phones are cheap looking. The iphone 12 just came out and they release a phone based on the 11 haha what a joke.
Dalton Duminy
Dalton Duminy 2 giorni fa
I 3 giorni fa
If it was android it would be worth it but they chose apple and that's why nobody's buying their product
G M 3 giorni fa
Gold is so tacky, if it was diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, I would have liked it slightly more, but gold... Seriously?....
Hsu Vincent
Hsu Vincent 3 giorni fa
da dumbest phone ever seen. the price proved it as well. and the dumbest billionare deverses it, please buy all 99 of that. keep other billionares away from being/looked imbecile. hilariously, dumbasses would buy it as its a "smart" phone.
ShwePot78 3 giorni fa
You can't call it a cyber phone. It's more like cyber accessories that comes with iPhone
RED-P 2000
RED-P 2000 4 giorni fa
You must be a stupid billionaire to buy such a thing!
Da Rush
Da Rush 4 giorni fa
That is the most expensive Iphone case ive ever heard of, but at least it comes with an I phone. XD
namco boss9
namco boss9 4 giorni fa
Waste of money.
HeatedSnail 4 giorni fa
so its basically a 20000 dollar case for one version of an iphone
Ded Ender 072
Ded Ender 072 4 giorni fa
Wack pack of the century
asymptotichigh5 4 giorni fa
This is why the world is going to shit
Sauradeep Dhar
Sauradeep Dhar 4 giorni fa
Andy 777
Andy 777 5 giorni fa
God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.🕊️
Philip Crompton
Philip Crompton 5 giorni fa
Tell me what billionaire would blow 20k on this? People don't become billionaires whilst buying trash.
Luis Rivera
Luis Rivera 5 giorni fa
$20,000 case really
JAGDEEP SINGH 5 giorni fa
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz 5 giorni fa
18Gs for a case???
Clock Gaming
Clock Gaming 5 giorni fa
You cannot even play games on that device...
Aaron White
Aaron White 5 giorni fa
That’s literally the phone in my hand, but 5x as heavy
Osama Albadani
Osama Albadani 5 giorni fa
an iPhone with a case.....
Tasha Ferguson
Tasha Ferguson 6 giorni fa
Good video!!
iliquify 6 giorni fa
The gold and silver on there better be worth $18-19k or else the precious metals are fake..
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores 6 giorni fa
It’s just a really expensive can get the same phone for 1/20th of the price, minus that stupid ass case
Dan Mojica
Dan Mojica 6 giorni fa
Lightenant 6 giorni fa
It looks like a powerbank
MrNN23 6 giorni fa
Test Poco f2 pro plz
N K 6 giorni fa
$20k ? Than it should’ve the following benefits. 1. Charging less or never ending battery 2. No sim card needed, you can just call anybody without any SIM card.
Tafeem Gamer
Tafeem Gamer 6 giorni fa
LOL this phone is best for idiots 🤣🤣
Douen Volleyball
Douen Volleyball 6 giorni fa
Wow amazing phone
SnakeStretcher 6 giorni fa
That's not a phone, it's a 20,000$ kickstand...
brenticusthegreat 6 giorni fa
And some call my Z Fold 2 overpriced. *eyeroll* I wouldn't purchase this for $1k...
Kingzlee Alas Calimlim
Kingzlee Alas Calimlim 6 giorni fa
Imma Billionaire But I Don't Have a Phone Like that
Jefferson Spicoli
Jefferson Spicoli 6 giorni fa
Yo guys get your usa,uk,and Canada credit cards from *cashflukes* on telegram ,I bought one from him and it worked 😊 I’m so happy I finally got a real cc plug thanks to him for being real..
awesomedude 34
awesomedude 34 6 giorni fa
Imagine laying in bed and it falls on your face
Zorlaq 6 giorni fa
It kind of looks like an ashtray
Kenny Schulz
Kenny Schulz 7 giorni fa
You could buy an iPhone and a real 24k gold case for cheaper
jim Maddox
jim Maddox 7 giorni fa
Rubbish phone
Martin Crowe
Martin Crowe 7 giorni fa
Phone looks like shit
Vaidya Pugal
Vaidya Pugal 7 giorni fa
That’s a good one. Buy an iPhone, build a strange phone case, fit it, give a brand name and sell it for 20,000 dollars
Samia D.
Samia D. 7 giorni fa
This allows you to contact aliens on Jupiter, where it rains diamonds 💎
mohd rasidi che mat
mohd rasidi che mat 7 giorni fa
A wise billionaire will waste money on this horrendous phone. An instant lottery millionaire maybe
fαllєn jɑʂσɳ
fαllєn jɑʂσɳ 7 giorni fa
Corona 2020 vibes😂
TDoc 7 giorni fa
Even if i was a billionaire now i wouldn't want that
Ty Steyn
Ty Steyn 8 giorni fa
An extra 19k just for an iPhone in an ugly, bulky case
Robert Domiter
Robert Domiter 8 giorni fa
Es normal que no me guste?
The Nubby Nomad
The Nubby Nomad 8 giorni fa
I foresee a great downfall for caviar
INYOURFACE 8 giorni fa
How can u AFFORD IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanga Saravanan
Thanga Saravanan 8 giorni fa
iphone is arrested in a ugly metal case, already iphone market price is high, just only for the cage 18000$. What a brilliant company make.
Swapnil Shinde
Swapnil Shinde 8 giorni fa
Imagine someone throwing this expensive brick at someone. *WASTED*
Tikeshwar patel
Tikeshwar patel 8 giorni fa
Let me tell you 2 quick drawbacks of this ugly phone They forget to include a cooler for the phone, as it is metal and gets hot........???. I'm no billionaire but I guess they too wear CLOTHES, hey billionaire this oh phone will tear your pocket
bf3bestpilot forever
bf3bestpilot forever 9 giorni fa
Iphone 11 pro 1k Big useless case 19k
Alphaboy eyes
Alphaboy eyes 9 giorni fa
you paid 20grand for a stpid metal iphone case
Shirai 9 giorni fa
Its ugly af!
Legolas Abes
Legolas Abes 9 giorni fa
"The iPhone coated version"
Himanshu Patidar
Himanshu Patidar 9 giorni fa
Machudi parihe
arnold king88
arnold king88 9 giorni fa
So its a case??
Skip336 9 giorni fa
Imagine spending 20k on a phone.. taking it out the case, going to your local Verizon store and they offer you a trade in credit for $500 😂😂😂
Agus Olate
Agus Olate 9 giorni fa
Annie Squyres
Annie Squyres 9 giorni fa
C'mon man no affiliate link? I'm rooting for you and if someone's crazy enough to buy this after watching this I want you to get your commission lol
SenhasSenara 9 giorni fa
i could be a billionaire but still i would never buy that
o c e a n e x b l v e
o c e a n e x b l v e 9 giorni fa
Were am I supposed to find a case for this thing 💀😂 Edit: nvm it’s just a iPhone in a useless case ......😐
Clayton Hoyle
Clayton Hoyle 10 giorni fa
It’s just a fucking phone case
Epic7 Vet
Epic7 Vet 10 giorni fa
So this is a 20k Case? Not even a unique phone like wtf
B_To_The_B 10 giorni fa
The cost is in the title
Masood Saleem
Masood Saleem 10 giorni fa
Samsung we are still on $1300, Will catch up soon 😄😄😄😄
Saitama 10 giorni fa
this is disgusting
Jean-Marie 10 giorni fa
looks cheap
Meredith Acree
Meredith Acree 11 giorni fa
Good video!!
Dark Dino
Dark Dino 11 giorni fa
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