World's Most Expensive vs Cheapest Toaster

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What a time to be alive.
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How do you take your toast?
Diana 4 giorni fa
You’re obviously paid to promote the Mitsubishi toaster. People aren’t that gullible to believe that they need to waste 400$ on a toaster when they can toast their bread how they’ve been doing for decades.
Vlad Originalu
Vlad Originalu 9 giorni fa
I use the premium bread and premium toaster as well! fells like haven.
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 11 giorni fa
When it comes to toast I thoroughly follow the Dark Side.
Mystic Ice Awokened
Mystic Ice Awokened 22 giorni fa
Abhinav Doma
Abhinav Doma Mese fa
how about a year
Alex&Mango Giorno fa
Plot twist : it's not the electricity that kills you when you put a toaster in your bath, but rather the emotional pain you feel when your toast gets soggy
Hcirdle 3 giorni fa
I want some toast now
Pip 3 giorni fa
4.4 million people actually sat here for 12 minutes to watch people eat bread
jim harley
jim harley 4 giorni fa
How did I find a video with guys eating toast and watch and enjoy the entire video
journogonzo 10 giorni fa
Throw some thick ass French toast in there.
Justin Heer
Justin Heer 10 giorni fa
at 1:03 the Canadian in me (which is 100% of me) got very excited
Sanyam Wadhwa
Sanyam Wadhwa 10 giorni fa
India's tawa laughing at the corner
Faisal Al Aujan
Faisal Al Aujan 11 giorni fa
oh i didn't know i sold my pc to you guys
Assassiner 358
Assassiner 358 12 giorni fa
Le me who toasts bread in a PAN😭
Assassiner 358
Assassiner 358 12 giorni fa
This feels royal to watch with the background too😭
Ethan Paul
Ethan Paul 14 giorni fa
It did what it said it would do? Holy fucking shit!
j. feld
j. feld 17 giorni fa
I want this thing just for grilled cheese sandwiches. I bet they're out of this world.
DS Rai
DS Rai 17 giorni fa
I didn’t think it would improve on the taste test too much, but I was clearly wrong. Fluffy even toast had me, but $300 good? Not sure. Maybe for the toast connoisseurs.
DS Rai
DS Rai 17 giorni fa
Buy a cheaper toaster and better quality bread. I never use a toaster, prefer to butter my bread first then put it under a grill. Much better tasting toast in my opinion. From London, UK.
Reanetse Egnitious
Reanetse Egnitious 18 giorni fa
Thst crunch at 10:05
ProstcastGroup 19 giorni fa
Pov. Watching people eat bread while eating bread.
the syamese blade
the syamese blade 20 giorni fa
Was half expecting a protogens to cameo
so kold
so kold 21 giorno fa
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Zacronzer Zetto
Zacronzer Zetto 21 giorno fa
How much of it is placebo? There is a higher expectation and feeling from a more expensive product. Now, it does heat it evenly. However compared to $50-100 toaster, would it still be better?
Michael Panggabean
Michael Panggabean 6 giorni fa
Definitely much better. It's not about just the even heat distribution, but how it manages to keep the centre moist. Most conventional toaster will crisp up the centre as well. Then again, you can actually mimic it by putting a cup of water inside your oven and toast your bread that way
nba _breadboy
nba _breadboy 21 giorno fa
Really just got 4 mil views from you eating toast
Marc Fernandez
Marc Fernandez 22 giorni fa
Says it's less than a dollar a day if you have it for a year but 400 divided by 365 is a little over a dollar a day
Marc Fernandez
Marc Fernandez 22 giorni fa
It's all fun and games until you can only do one at a time
MmatanelL 22 giorni fa
You are watching this craving for food.
Joshua Luff
Joshua Luff 25 giorni fa
if i get the toaster i cant afford the "premium" bread tho XD
Mapshader 25 giorni fa
the worlds cheapest toaster actually makes you money, of course
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee 27 giorni fa
You need to do these reviews high
Kuba Wojcicki
Kuba Wojcicki 28 giorni fa
"Capitalism breeds innovation"
Gary OConnor
Gary OConnor 28 giorni fa
Where did I hear that music before ? 🤯
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 29 giorni fa
That $10 toaster is bad, I would shell out more money for a good toast. I think I would go for a $15 toaster. Maybe I could get it for $12 during sale.
Fck Tou
Fck Tou Mese fa
I've never seen people this excited for peices of burnt bread
Edgar Sánchez
Edgar Sánchez Mese fa
I own the Kitchenaid Air fryer oven and is the Best, toast perfectly and is oven plus airfryer
Error sans Error
Error sans Error Mese fa
i can hear the difference when you guys bite on it......
Dax Oliver
Dax Oliver Mese fa
StopFear Mese fa
Don't you guys know why so many kitchen products intentionally have very short power cables? It is actually for multiple safety reasons and it really does help save people from getting hurt due to stupid reasons.
arminlok Mese fa
Premium bread" :D:D come to europe and you will be supriesd what is a bread. I think thats what i missed the most when i lived in the US... the baked goods
mike lacey
mike lacey Mese fa
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CRS Mese fa
2:47 ma boi, you bought a fucking 400 dollars toaster that toasts one single shitty piece of bread at a time, of course that shit is expensive
Ira Dippel
Ira Dippel Mese fa
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Aaron Meuleman
Aaron Meuleman Mese fa
i toast my bread with camp fire
jefferee2002 Mese fa
So the expensive toaster can only toast one piece of bread at a time, and you have to remove the toast with a spatula. Give me the $10 toaster.
Michael Panggabean
Michael Panggabean 6 giorni fa
The toaster is made with japanese market in mind. In Japan, people tend to eat a single really thick slice of bread for their meal. Because of that, most toasters sold in Japan are the ones that look like miniature oven, and you'll rarely see sideway toasters like in the west.
Terra Universe
Terra Universe Mese fa
its not worth 400 for one slice of toast, if it wants to be revolutionary atleast do 2 slices at a time
Mr Farhan
Mr Farhan Mese fa
Woah give it to the ants
Robin Mese fa
Its a toaster guys. I mean its not like u got a super innovative water heater - calm down.
Dawid G
Dawid G Mese fa
We need full episode of making perfect toast in that toaster 😩
Jo S
Jo S Mese fa
USA: premium toaster bread Italy: Mamma mia I commit suicide.
Z Baker
Z Baker Mese fa
"...I don't know...and french toast" lol 3:15
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid Mese fa
Bruh I eat easy 3/4 pieces of toast at a time....this would take me ALL day!!
Gurung Deepesh
Gurung Deepesh Mese fa
a Bread Teast Like A Toast ! that's It ! 😂🤣
Christopher Pizano
Christopher Pizano Mese fa
lol this video pissed me off
Mcdonald's Big Mac
Mcdonald's Big Mac Mese fa
It's a bit dry ?!?!! Wtf it's toast no sh*t you moron ! 🤦
Michael Panggabean
Michael Panggabean 6 giorni fa
A proper toast should be crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. You're supposed to only crisp up the outer layer, not making a huge piece of crouton
Kaung Pyae
Kaung Pyae Mese fa
I want to know is there any news about ROG brand new phones coming? I just wanna know.
Nereus 24
Nereus 24 Mese fa
As a German, I had to laugh about both kind of breads 🍞. If you want a good breakfast eat German bread or a nice type of Brötchen, that's worth more than that money
Myel Lisondra
Myel Lisondra Mese fa
at the end of the day...its just bread🤣
Alberto Guadalupe
Alberto Guadalupe Mese fa
Dude... just turn on a pan, some butter on the bread, throw it in there. Who needs a toaster
Tsachi Itschack
Tsachi Itschack Mese fa
Just put a iron skillet on the fire and toad your bread 🍞 Gets all sorts of new tastes
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin Mese fa
The way Lew looks at Willy Doo is amazing who is watching this in march 2021, GIVE ME A HELLL YEAHHHH!!!!!!
James Leslie
James Leslie Mese fa
the cobs bread doesn't toast a lot bc it has less sugar
Alistair-william Steele
Alistair-william Steele Mese fa
i bet that room smells so nice
Tiny Apples
Tiny Apples Mese fa
I spread butter on the bread slice, then I put it in the toaster, that way it's golden, crisp and buttery
Mike B
Mike B Mese fa
what have i become i’m watching 2 men eat toast
Jerry Mese fa
Two men, 1 toaster If you know, you know...
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill Mese fa
2 men 1 toaster
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill Mese fa
i can just air fry my bread
KRIS· Mese fa
The moment you realise there are 2 dogs eating toast from a $400 toaster - and you're just sitting here watching them eat it…
The CryptoGame
The CryptoGame Mese fa
When mitsubishi make toaster haha 3:20
The CryptoGame
The CryptoGame Mese fa
great video!!
KenSo Fuego
KenSo Fuego Mese fa
Who needs a toaster when you can eat it straight from the freezer
Artemis Sparks
Artemis Sparks Mese fa
I fell laughing when he said "science"
nycboriqua90 Mese fa
Hell no a toaster that only does one at a time.
Pichan Liwag
Pichan Liwag Mese fa
I have savings for Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, but.......
Evan W
Evan W Mese fa
Nobody eats a single piece of toast. To me, that puts this toaster in contention for the worst toaster of all time.
Notosei Mese fa
This makes me want to toast bread with me 2 dollar toaster and enjoy it
Sheikh Humayun Kabir
Sheikh Humayun Kabir Mese fa
iPhone pro max of 🤑🤤
Levi VanWeerdhuizen
Levi VanWeerdhuizen Mese fa
Really sucks you won't be able to make a full sandwich with it
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena Mese fa
The silly encyclopedia behaviourally connect because guitar adversely camp beside a shrill ear. physical, living football
Abdullah Hasib
Abdullah Hasib Mese fa
actually, it was unboxing bread on unbox therapy
DJ Gaming
DJ Gaming Mese fa
Fresh baked sandwich bread isn't very good imo. It's way too heavy and thick
Karl Lee
Karl Lee Mese fa
3:22 I am fairly sure that is referring the thickness of the toast. In Japan, they use those numbers to indicate how thick the toast is. 4 means the loaf was divided into 4 slices, whereas 8 means the loaf was divided into 8 slices. So thickness 4 is twice as thick as thickness 8.
SevenDeMagnus Mese fa
devin taylor
devin taylor Mese fa
The 4,5,6,8 button is for thickness of bread 😂😭🤣
taz chars
taz chars Mese fa
i dont eat bread but im still watching...why?ermm why not...
Official Minecraft Menace
Official Minecraft Menace Mese fa
Two men eating toast...
Gangster 3.0
Gangster 3.0 Mese fa
I fucking love cobs bread
Abdul Numan
Abdul Numan Mese fa
Why do I feel like I have watched this video before ? 🤔
Sam 2 mesi fa
Why does the cheap bread look so much better lol
Ps5ComingSoon 2 mesi fa
Lmao at 7:30 guy on the left looks hella high
Isaac Chan
Isaac Chan 2 mesi fa
just a couple of guys, looking at a steaming toaster
Neo Francois
Neo Francois 2 mesi fa
*I feel like I bought a expensive appliances *Well that's because it's a 400 dollar toaster a expensive appliances*
Krisztián Ferryman Konszky
Krisztián Ferryman Konszky 2 mesi fa
I´m sure you can fit 2 slices in there
Krisztián Ferryman Konszky
Krisztián Ferryman Konszky 2 mesi fa
@6:16 "It tastes like chow...." what??
Dr. House
Dr. House 2 mesi fa
How long did the expensive toaster need for one toast compared to the cheap one?
Z3TUR 2 mesi fa
I am fucking hungry.
Vidyadhar Navale
Vidyadhar Navale 2 mesi fa
If you are weird or a 🍞 officianado? Are they not the same?
Omar Jackson
Omar Jackson 2 mesi fa
That crunch was beautiful
MAx MaxTrial
MAx MaxTrial 2 mesi fa
I would have lost patience trying to toast two pieces of bread for a sandwich when I have to do one by one.
Stefan W.
Stefan W. 2 mesi fa
Atleast put some butter on it
Coyote 2 mesi fa
Toast is the most important bread of the day.
namae myo-ji
namae myo-ji 2 mesi fa
4568 are how many slices a piece of bread are sliced into. 4 is the thickest and 8 and thinnest.
Ivo Smalls
Ivo Smalls 2 mesi fa
Here I am with work waiting for me over my neck but no, I'm watching $400 toaster review. Thanks UT
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