LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD

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Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.
The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.
This video is sponsored by LG.
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D o 2x G Y
D o 2x G Y 5 giorni fa
everyone knows where the fcking sub button is why tf you pin a comment with sub link.
Gio Cayetano Vlogs
Gio Cayetano Vlogs 9 giorni fa
Super nice phone 😍😍😍
Brian William
Brian William 16 giorni fa
Does it breaks fast when we flip it hard?
slow mo only
slow mo only 24 giorni fa
Send to india 8307394141
Chevifier 25 giorni fa
No, you lol
THE GAMBLE 21 minuto fa
The lgV60 dual screen is a smarter design in my opinion
saxojon Ora fa
Going into this I was sceptical, but this actually looks pretty cool. If I hadn't bought a new phone this summer I'd definitely consider it.
Andrew Hajj
Andrew Hajj 3 ore fa
I love this
Shad a
Shad a 5 ore fa
That's a Galaxy s6 edge
Much better than the fold concept. Go LG
WhiskeyShots 12 ore fa
This and the Surface Duo are both growing on me.
S 17 ore fa
this reminds me of LG chocolate phone.
Paul Willow
Paul Willow 20 ore fa
LG just cornered the 'having a wank on your phone but can still control the video with one hand' market. Can you flick between tabs with one hand too? Asking for a friend...
D4RK 21 ora fa
How much ?
No Expert
No Expert 21 ora fa
what a load of nonsense 😂😂 this should get most of the sheep wet again👍
Toirneach Neul
Toirneach Neul Giorno fa
I foresee a lot of broken phones!
Aram Contreras
Aram Contreras Giorno fa
This is it... It's the broke radar.
Leonice M. de Oliveira
Leonice M. de Oliveira Giorno fa
I really liked this new concept! LG is to be congratulated for this innovation. 😉👍
Kemal Hadziabdic
Kemal Hadziabdic Giorno fa
200 000 only?? You just did like 20 in like 5 seconds🤣
mr reaction
mr reaction Giorno fa
I just want it
JDboy TV
JDboy TV Giorno fa
This is the phone I should buy now 😂😅
Kevin TheAlpha
Kevin TheAlpha Giorno fa
Im Fucking buying that
Henrique Nicolau
Henrique Nicolau Giorno fa
Priests from the 9th century would love this phone
Bharath Rko
Bharath Rko Giorno fa
What's the price of it
MrTweety Giorno fa
I'm super annoyed that this isn't coming to Canada at launch like come on I actually really want this I have so many uses for this
Shubham Backend
Shubham Backend Giorno fa
this phone can change lg future in smartphone industry if this would launch with in 40-50K Rs in india...
Marcus S
Marcus S Giorno fa
Phone case? How that's go work
Taylor Lincoln Alvarado
Taylor Lincoln Alvarado Giorno fa
I always wanted to know what he does with the things he unboxes. He definitely keeps some things but does he ever gift to family or resell things they don’t like.
Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average 2 giorni fa
The Wing concept isn't new,I had an old LG wing phone back in 2007.
Fizza Zahra
Fizza Zahra 2 giorni fa
LG is better than APPle🍎
Toulouse Rojas
Toulouse Rojas 2 giorni fa
Does anyone know if it supports fortnite? Lol I’m just wondering 😂
Oso Da boss
Oso Da boss 2 giorni fa
13 Point Black
13 Point Black 2 giorni fa
LG T would be a better name
X WOW 2 giorni fa
imagine the top screen is a Fold 2...
XZEROTWOX1899 2 giorni fa
Still gonna use my iPhone just saying
Noel Vijay
Noel Vijay 2 giorni fa
Apple iPhone should learn and get some knowledge from LG..there is no use in Apple logo or making hype in phone and sale in higher price ..there is no changes in display no innovative nothing in iPhone but price will more and no adapter no charger nothing useless iPhone ..no external memory.. nothing useful in iPhone..
yurednaxela 2 giorni fa
Whats with the static sound???? Does it make you feel good??? So annoying
Mickhronic Hydrochloride
Mickhronic Hydrochloride 2 giorni fa
That phone was designed for VLOGGERS!!!! lol
Chwayde 22
Chwayde 22 2 giorni fa
We have fold phones, touch screen flip phones, & now this phone that I just heard about. And most offer different colors. We finally have a wide variety of options again.
GMK X 2 giorni fa
Other companies does the dual screen thingy and people be like its nothing. Apple does it and it cost 3000$ everyone mind will be blown out
FORDINFO 2 giorni fa
Ok. Why?. 🤣
jaeYEET `
jaeYEET ` 2 giorni fa
I just don't get why people even buy iPhone lol like it'll take apple at least 20 more years to get here
magical girl
magical girl 2 giorni fa
I want this phone so bad😭💙
DIVYANSHU JAIN 2 giorni fa
Wake up Apple do some innovation like LG and make our life good
Ken Ek
Ken Ek 2 giorni fa
Does anyone else agree that this is, or almost is, cooler than a foldable screen? Especially for all of its practical real world uses!
Lenin naga kumar
Lenin naga kumar 2 giorni fa
Deonte Moore
Deonte Moore 2 giorni fa
Tony stark had this in the first ironman
Gonzalo Militar
Gonzalo Militar 3 giorni fa
Samsung be doing too much
Barry Dingle
Barry Dingle 3 giorni fa
In 3 months it will be worth 28.00 on Usell in good to fair condition.
Michael Pérez
Michael Pérez 3 giorni fa
They should make a budget version afortable for everyone so developers actually optimize apps for this phone
David Castaño
David Castaño 3 giorni fa
All of this on 4000 battery????? Really?
Shane House
Shane House 3 giorni fa
Dont mock LG by uploading a video showing 4k 60fps recording when your youtube videos aren't even 60 fps...i got the LG v60 trust me this video wont do justuve fir the 4k 60fps recording with almost 0 motion blur
Caleb Black
Caleb Black 3 giorni fa
How does a case work
Francisco Alvarez
Francisco Alvarez 3 giorni fa
Will it keep vampires away?
Aki79 3 giorni fa
If you drop that phone....
Zelun Wu
Zelun Wu 3 giorni fa
I cannot understand these designs ...
KieM 3 giorni fa
Please spigen, enlighten me with this phone case.
Jhay Jhay
Jhay Jhay 3 giorni fa
The design kinda like Samsung s20 specifically the back camera and design. 🤦‍♂️
Babasaheb Darade
Babasaheb Darade 3 giorni fa
This phone is going on sale on Flipkart for only 19,999 🤯🤯
chittresh dhawan
chittresh dhawan 3 giorni fa
Somehow it puts me off. Strange design in my POV.
Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma 3 giorni fa
Split screen?
Hamijul Siddul
Hamijul Siddul 3 giorni fa
wowkenshin1 3 giorni fa
Oh, dear lord, grant me strength! For my desire for this device went into overdrive when he started turning the phone and showing off Google maps with media controls on the side... But what did it most, FULL SIZE KEYBOARD WILE STILL SEEING YOUR AP!!!
SL TV 3 giorni fa
Wow ! This is amazing ..can you give it to me as a gift😁
Salmanuddin Zakaria
Salmanuddin Zakaria 3 giorni fa
Hi im from malaysia
aku adalah aku
aku adalah aku 3 giorni fa
Leon Chua
Leon Chua 3 giorni fa
i like this unboxing video
Razmi zakaria
Razmi zakaria 3 giorni fa
Shounak Patwardhan
Shounak Patwardhan 3 giorni fa
This phone has had RedBull .... Because it gives you w.
2ToneFox 3 giorni fa
Where is that knife from?
Elijah Bataller
Elijah Bataller 3 giorni fa
perfect 3ds emulator device
Ryan Rezaei
Ryan Rezaei 4 giorni fa
Welcome to the 2020 sidekick...
Andrew Escobedo
Andrew Escobedo 4 giorni fa
I guess I'll be able to afford all these phones when I'm 80 like this guy.
Grace Kluchka
Grace Kluchka 4 giorni fa
1:25 So funny
Gohdaninja 4 giorni fa
LG just upgraded from the Ironman phone from 2008 which I love and which I could still use
Robert s
Robert s 4 giorni fa
another useless android phone. next.
Wah Ler Thaw
Wah Ler Thaw 4 giorni fa
1:11 love this momment
MixedVictor 4 giorni fa
3ds emulators fit perfect for this
Saphia juma ally
Saphia juma ally 4 giorni fa
Cool phone
First Last
First Last 4 giorni fa
If the cameras weren't kinda trash and reacted faster, this would be a perfect phone
Rosa indica
Rosa indica 4 giorni fa
I just think 2020 will get an award for "the craziest year". The Quarantine has finally caught up to all these mobile companies since they are all coming up with the craziest ideas. They are like ' Go big or go home'
Adenan Mohamed
Adenan Mohamed 4 giorni fa
Guess....what....I have split screen...
xminty_ moonx
xminty_ moonx 4 giorni fa
the fact that they dropped this after all those meh phones is legit magic
Angelo Caguia
Angelo Caguia 4 giorni fa
In my mind I have it in my hand , But in the reality Me: goddamn it!! My phone sucks!!😭😭😆😆
nell k
nell k 4 giorni fa
It's the teen titans tower
Ashley and Izzie
Ashley and Izzie 5 giorni fa
meditation music
David Kacprzyk
David Kacprzyk 5 giorni fa
How do you protect it in a case?
Archeia 5 giorni fa
I want this... It's like modern flip phone and DS had a baby ;a:
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper 5 giorni fa
Wtf!!!! No way will this go down 🤣
Dash Fatbastard
Dash Fatbastard 5 giorni fa
This is t!ts.
Tera Chehra
Tera Chehra 5 giorni fa
A natureza é maravilhosa
Kodjo Gan
Kodjo Gan 5 giorni fa
I was patiently waiting for LG to do something cool and different like they always do, and here we have it. I love it!
Aryan Rajvanshi
Aryan Rajvanshi 5 giorni fa
This is what Iron Man's phone look like irl
Sir_Vorteks 5 giorni fa
Did anybody me else think about Tony Starks phone from Iron Man when watching this?
Indra Lewis
Indra Lewis 5 giorni fa
Now this the phone I want
Indra Lewis
Indra Lewis 5 giorni fa
This show be call the LG Cross with a lot a meaning to it
Darren Robinson
Darren Robinson 5 giorni fa
i want to see how Spiegen makes a case for this :-)
Kalyani Pantula
Kalyani Pantula 5 giorni fa
It looks a lot like the note 20 series
Kalyani Pantula
Kalyani Pantula 5 giorni fa
It looks a lot like the note 20 series
SnakeEyes716 5 giorni fa
The practicality gets more and more obvious as you go through it
D o 2x G Y
D o 2x G Y 5 giorni fa
What a failphone. nobody needs this shit wtf
Noah Solom
Noah Solom 5 giorni fa
At this point it's like he's making up phones
thecsslife 5 giorni fa
200,000 swivels isn't actually that much at all. This think could break for some people in months.
AUSTIN Wright 5 giorni fa
Glad I did my research. I bought a v60 which has better processor. The video processor is better as well as.better audio in the v60 with 48 bit dac. Awesome sound in the v60. Plus the battery is more powerful in the v60. The wing isnt bad though. I love my v60.
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