The World's Most Powerful Smartphone...

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11 mesi fa

This new Blackshark 3 Pro smartphone takes things to another level.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 11 mesi fa
What are your favorite mobile games right now? I need some new titles to test out! thx
Merrick Cason
Merrick Cason Mese fa
I dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you care
brody 119
brody 119 4 mesi fa
Here before 500
The Necromancer
The Necromancer 4 mesi fa
Reirei Pgb
Reirei Pgb 4 mesi fa
Genshin Impact
Jocardz 5 mesi fa
Fortnite man
Asael Fray
Asael Fray 7 giorni fa
Can you do a review of the new xiaomi back shark 4 pro
Jayasri Malladi
Jayasri Malladi 9 giorni fa
Now we got rog 5
JOHN MORGAN 19 giorni fa
I so wish I could afford this phone .... it would definatly be the coolest thing k own or have seen up close.....
Tak4shi 20 giorni fa
when this phone is better than ur pc🙂
m 25 giorni fa
What's with the polygon quality mlbb animation? 0:39
Regino O. Piansay
Regino O. Piansay 27 giorni fa
by watching this again i would want this design of black shark 3 than its new flagship black shark 4 and 4 pro because its not even looking like gaming phone anymore a punch hole in the middle a bottom and top dual speakers that nearly just cover up on your hands and for the pro version the pop triggers isnt pop up motorized anymore it had switches to pop them out many fan of this gaming phones would be disapointed of its expectation
Lucky Mese fa
Two watches, a mini mouse, and a power bank charger attached below the phone 😂 (sarcasm) 8:02
hubz nhk
hubz nhk Mese fa
The Question is should i buy it?
WalangPart2 Mese fa
Dude why pubg🙄
quantumphaser Mese fa
NASA: In 1969, we landed on the moon with the equivalent of dollar store caculator and a slide rule. 2020: This phone ☝️😁. For, dicking around and playing games. 🤣
Unfamous Dexter
Unfamous Dexter Mese fa
It’s not even 120 fps for that price point.🤡
My Dad is Invisible
My Dad is Invisible Mese fa
This gaming phone didnt put all its efforts to its camera but somehow better than apple's camera??? AND ALL ITS FEATURES ITS WORTH LESS THE IPHONE 11 PRO MAX? someone help me im losing brain cells
fardianne fardhi
fardianne fardhi Mese fa
my dad has blackshark 3 . and i was so jealous. buttttt. he bought it just for whatsapp. ;-; he is a pc gamers. but he is to decent on phone.
Nathskie M&G
Nathskie M&G Mese fa
Damn Wish I could have one man
tomkelly00 2 mesi fa
Wow, if only there was such a thing as mobile games that are worth a damn
DEX SANG 2 mesi fa
He : promoting black shark 3 pro Me : watching this video with my black shark 3 pro, and thinking about where can i buy those fan
Alli Heshmati
Alli Heshmati 2 mesi fa
We dont even have much games for smart phones only like 3-4 games ..
Muhammad Atan
Muhammad Atan 2 mesi fa
I tought he was holding a graphics card or some sort on the thumbnail😂😂😂
Epic Gamerz
Epic Gamerz 2 mesi fa
u should do give aways I dont have any money and still have an iphone 6
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili 2 mesi fa
Orzhov Syndicate
Orzhov Syndicate 2 mesi fa
What hurts is I just got a note 20 ultra and now... I'm sad I didn't research
Mr. Mobile
Mr. Mobile 3 mesi fa
Guys do you reccomend using this phone as a daily driver?
Mr. Mobile
Mr. Mobile 3 mesi fa
Is it still worth to buy this phone or should I wait for a new one to come out?
74 3 mesi fa
that smartphone looks like an nvidia gpu
Wasir Mahdi
Wasir Mahdi 3 mesi fa
After installing all the accessories it looks like a graphics card
hondaruckus7 3 mesi fa
What watch are you wearing?
Caleboss 6
Caleboss 6 3 mesi fa
Lew: the most poweful smartphone me: *laughs in iPhone*
Lakpa Sherpa
Lakpa Sherpa 3 mesi fa
Black shark 3=monster among phones😂
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 3 mesi fa
Its not a phone when its solely dedicated to playing games!
Keegan Ezzio
Keegan Ezzio 4 mesi fa
The fragile sweatshop reilly calculate because cross intriguinly refuse to a regular talk. juicy, blue-eyed column
Angela Angela
Angela Angela 4 mesi fa
The majestic greece preauricularly encourage because sousaphone literally sneeze unlike a draconian yoke. internal, descriptive gondola
MotoPhuns 4 mesi fa
im using its lil brother black shark 3 and im happy with it
Icy- ChickenFrost
Icy- ChickenFrost 4 mesi fa
So unbox I watch ur vids for soo long crying saying I won’t have these stuff I will jus play on my moms phone I will jus have to force my life to STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDDYYYYYY While u happily jus touch play game and get money Sorry I am a little angry
moab smith bey
moab smith bey 4 mesi fa
Nintendo need to take notes.
Bacawaka 4 mesi fa
With all these gaming phones coming out, I am surprised that Nitendo doesn't try to make a Switch Phone.
Jason Young
Jason Young 4 mesi fa
Where do I purchase one?
The Myth
The Myth 4 mesi fa
why do people buy s20 ultra and note 20 ultra while you have this
Ethical Warrior
Ethical Warrior 4 mesi fa
Please review the System 76 Lemur pro.
989COOLER PLAYZ 4 mesi fa
that reminds me of the rtx 3090 😂🤣
Rodney Huff
Rodney Huff 4 mesi fa
Does this support metro pcs?
invisible human
invisible human 4 mesi fa
I’m getting this, knowing full well I count gaming as minecraft.
JJ Supreme
JJ Supreme 4 mesi fa
But can it run Genshin Impact on max graphics?
walter poll
walter poll 4 mesi fa
All this for ((pubg)) !!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
philip 4 mesi fa
nah i rather play among us
C fC
C fC 4 mesi fa
Borg gaming rig
Exactly Squad
Exactly Squad 4 mesi fa
Why you not review Global version
Jorge R
Jorge R 4 mesi fa
When thats fully assembled i swear thats compatible with VOLTRON 😂
Mary Mary
Mary Mary 4 mesi fa
Welcome to another episode of : You can't afford it.
Berry Mckockiner
Berry Mckockiner 4 mesi fa
When these become more mainstream, this will be the Switch destroyer. The fact that in the future it'll be your phone, plus a portable gaming console 😱
Executed 4 mesi fa
2028: The New Phone PC T6789
Bush Sina
Bush Sina 4 mesi fa
I love this phone it will be perfect for Asphalt legends my phone gives 10fps experience 🤣🤣🤣
Efani John Diacamus
Efani John Diacamus 4 mesi fa
Looks like a dual fan video card😂
Omar Mossad
Omar Mossad 4 mesi fa
stop writing the most powerful smartphone I hate your channel
michaelsmith5583 5 mesi fa
Wifi 6 compatible?
sammy bentrad
sammy bentrad 5 mesi fa
Stupidity = spending huge amounts of money to game on android platform.
Hannes 1
Hannes 1 5 mesi fa
Snapdragon 865, big Battery, huge Display, 12GB of RAM and a fucking headphone Jack! And it's not even that expensive. Found my next Phone there. Edit: Stereo Speakers! Jackpot. Mixing with the n-Track software incoming.
mike 5 mesi fa
This cell looks like it can fly and videotape you 🤣
Bat Lightyear
Bat Lightyear 5 mesi fa
2 videos before you were complain about phone are to big in your pocket and now your are talking about a phone who is bigger than the galaxy ultra kkk..
Uniecahijo 5 mesi fa
Sorry, but this looks like Ben10's fighting tool😁
JoColate 5 mesi fa
The Smartphone I've wanted for life, but would never afford..
Deep Parmar
Deep Parmar 5 mesi fa
Bro you didn't use the cooling device
JessieJamesPlays 5 mesi fa
everybody gangsta until it slows down at citra
Hell blazer
Hell blazer 5 mesi fa
The Asus rog 3 is savage
孤独なexecutioner 5 mesi fa
phones back then: smol and not powerful phones now: literally looks like a graphics card
LOSGAMERVERAtv gg 5 mesi fa
Imagine buying a gaming phone for 700 bucks instead of the PS5
Banana Lana
Banana Lana 5 mesi fa
Come Christmas parents biggest fear specially if you have twins mum dad can we have one each for Christmas or man 🤤 Dad is like okay but just One 😎
Info with Varun
Info with Varun 5 mesi fa
That fan was awesome
Eddie's creations
Eddie's creations 5 mesi fa
can we buy the phone anywhere
Crunchy Lettuce
Crunchy Lettuce 5 mesi fa
14:10 actually you can change that setting in the menus usually for games, change aiming to either toggle or hold. Not 100% sure if thats on PUBG but I believe most fps games are like that 🙏
STAR CLAN 5 mesi fa
This guy starts to punch teammates
The Myth
The Myth 5 mesi fa
Watching this on mine
ÜŇŁüçķý 666
ÜŇŁüçķý 666 5 mesi fa
Where can I pass buy one
Yilliam Rivera
Yilliam Rivera 5 mesi fa
Mobile geometry dash players Who needs a pc😂😂
Boro Stepanovic
Boro Stepanovic 5 mesi fa
Honestly, at this point just buy a console 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Gabz Schuck
Gabz Schuck 5 mesi fa
Is it ok to play for too long for example 10hours+ everyday is it safe for amoled display? Im worried it will burn
Deputy Drip
Deputy Drip 5 mesi fa
Lol why would you need a phone so powerful to play mobile games. If you want a real gaming experience just get a console 😂😂
Naygoats 6 mesi fa
Ok but just by a computer
Mubashir Awan Awanzada
Mubashir Awan Awanzada 6 mesi fa
How I can buy in Dubai
David P
David P 6 mesi fa
The games aren't good enough to justify this. I've tried maxed out gaming on the s10+ and it handles it fine
Suz Anders
Suz Anders 6 mesi fa
Is this as loud as the ROG 3?
enfekted13 6 mesi fa
Rog 3 for the win..
Hari Haran Js
Hari Haran Js 6 mesi fa
Mom! I need this for online classes
u42 6 mesi fa
with the two fans and controller on the phone that looks likes a graphics card.
suck mydick
suck mydick 6 mesi fa
But This. Is so Chines mobile Blue shark i did it.
Sibaram Pradhan
Sibaram Pradhan 6 mesi fa
imagine giving this phone to an indian
redcommet00 6 mesi fa
there are way more attachment's I have found could you do a backwards compatible episode if possible?
WizardsNipple 6 mesi fa
I was hoping this phone was shit because I'm struggling to figure out what to buy.
Husna E. Munding
Husna E. Munding 6 mesi fa
U take so long 😆
Mr. JOKER YT 6 mesi fa
Excellent work😍
11k Subscriber before 2021 challenge
11k Subscriber before 2021 challenge 6 mesi fa
Imagine giving this to your dad then he just play subway surf😅😅😅 (Read my name btw)
DARK GAMING 666 6 mesi fa
I got this kind of phone its so fast and better performance
ThrowDownDX 6 mesi fa
I’m buying this monster soon thanks for the review
mads scheuerlein
mads scheuerlein 6 mesi fa
love your vids dude, keep it up :)
Danraj Rampersad
Danraj Rampersad 6 mesi fa
What was the game after pubg
Lusi Wong
Lusi Wong 6 mesi fa
did u know what the name of the console pad. i planning buy this phone. i got the cooler fan, magnetic cable charger.
Nathan Bonano
Nathan Bonano 6 mesi fa
the knockoff switch
Deadpool 6 mesi fa
Who else thought that THUMBNAIL was fake Like
Puncakie 6 mesi fa
....Just build a pc or buy a switch for probably a cheaper price
One word AWESOME!!!!!! 👍🏾👊🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Harshal Alegaonkar
Harshal Alegaonkar 7 mesi fa
I think this phone 📱 is for gammer
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