The World's Most Powerful Smartphone...

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5 mesi fa

This new Blackshark 3 Pro smartphone takes things to another level.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 mesi fa
What are your favorite mobile games right now? I need some new titles to test out! thx
[Squidlin] 2 giorni fa
Boobs in the city
Lucas Fulton
Lucas Fulton 5 giorni fa
You probably won’t want to play this, but for American football fans the best mobile football game is Madden NFL 21 Mobile
Lanc3 3PH09
Lanc3 3PH09 19 giorni fa
Which is stronger Asus rog 3 or black shark 3, For you?
ムA͜͡s͜͡t͜͡r͜͡o٭ 4 mesi fa
ツpøp smøkë
ツpøp smøkë 5 mesi fa
Standoff 2
Yilliam Rivera
Yilliam Rivera 9 ore fa
Mobile geometry dash players Who needs a pc😂😂
Boro Stepanovic
Boro Stepanovic 16 ore fa
Honestly, at this point just buy a console 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Gabz Schuck
Gabz Schuck Giorno fa
Is it ok to play for too long for example 10hours+ everyday is it safe for amoled display? Im worried it will burn
Brandon Pakfar
Brandon Pakfar Giorno fa
Lol why would you need a phone so powerful to play mobile games. If you want a real gaming experience just get a console 😂😂
Dr. Meme
Dr. Meme 2 giorni fa
13:50 he is fighting his teammate
Naygoats 2 giorni fa
Ok but just by a computer
Mubashir Awan Awanzada
Mubashir Awan Awanzada 2 giorni fa
How I can buy in Dubai
David P
David P 2 giorni fa
The games aren't good enough to justify this. I've tried maxed out gaming on the s10+ and it handles it fine
Suz Anders
Suz Anders 3 giorni fa
Is this as loud as the ROG 3?
enfekted13 3 giorni fa
Rog 3 for the win..
Hari Haran Js
Hari Haran Js 5 giorni fa
Mom! I need this for online classes
Siegebreaker YT
Siegebreaker YT 5 giorni fa
with the two fans and controller on the phone that looks likes a graphics card.
globallio n
globallio n 6 giorni fa
But This. Is so Chines mobile Blue shark i did it.
Sibaram Pradhan
Sibaram Pradhan 8 giorni fa
imagine giving this phone to an indian
redcommet00 redcommet00
redcommet00 redcommet00 8 giorni fa
there are way more attachment's I have found could you do a backwards compatible episode if possible?
WizardsNipple 10 giorni fa
I was hoping this phone was shit because I'm struggling to figure out what to buy.
Mohannad Munding
Mohannad Munding 10 giorni fa
U take so long 😆
Mr. joker
Mr. joker 10 giorni fa
Excellent work😍
11k Subscriber before 2021 challenge
11k Subscriber before 2021 challenge 11 giorni fa
Imagine giving this to your dad then he just play subway surf😅😅😅 (Read my name btw)
DARK GAMING 666 12 giorni fa
I got this kind of phone its so fast and better performance
ThrowDownDX 14 giorni fa
I’m buying this monster soon thanks for the review
mads scheuerlein
mads scheuerlein 16 giorni fa
love your vids dude, keep it up :)
Danraj Rampersad
Danraj Rampersad 22 giorni fa
What was the game after pubg
Lusi Wong
Lusi Wong 27 giorni fa
did u know what the name of the console pad. i planning buy this phone. i got the cooler fan, magnetic cable charger.
Nathan Bonano
Nathan Bonano 27 giorni fa
the knockoff switch
Captain America
Captain America 28 giorni fa
Who else thought that THUMBNAIL was fake Like
Puncakie 29 giorni fa
....Just build a pc or buy a switch for probably a cheaper price
One word AWESOME!!!!!! 👍🏾👊🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Harshal Alegaonkar
Harshal Alegaonkar Mese fa
I think this phone 📱 is for gammer
Mercy X Gaming
Mercy X Gaming Mese fa
My father's phone is only fast when he throws it to me :(
D Dheeraj
D Dheeraj Mese fa
I mean like your background song is like.................."CLEAN." Like it's ah!!satisfying that piano or something that really controlls my stress
Opiniononion Mese fa
I got my new Galaxy Note 20 5G last week, today the camera glass broke on its own. Samsung told me more or less "fuck you, buy a new one" so that's what I'll do. I'll revoke the contract and get the Black Shark 3 Pro. The headphone plug sealed the deal for me.
Rejected Gamers
Rejected Gamers Mese fa
I'll stick to my switch
Raghavan.K Raghavan.K
Raghavan.K Raghavan.K Mese fa
What's the third game he played
Toxic Virus 247
Toxic Virus 247 Mese fa
looks like a crap GPU XD
Hugo Negrete
Hugo Negrete Mese fa
8:00 It kinda looks like a graphics card!
Anash Hussain
Anash Hussain Mese fa
00:38 did anyone notice gusion, layla and saber from mobilelegends
This or the rog phone 3? I have the black shark 1 and it's still kicking ass.
Sci C-323 Sahil Gurav
Sci C-323 Sahil Gurav Mese fa
14:00 he thought they were enemies
HunterCraftGaming (Dutch)
HunterCraftGaming (Dutch) Mese fa
What is the official website of the retailer or seller?
Sir which is better this or s20 ultra?
FapKing69 2 mesi fa
I still wonder why people buy apple products when there are these awesome things around?
Jt The Great
Jt The Great 2 mesi fa
From the thumbnail I thought it was a graphics card
III B 2 mesi fa
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! Oh. wait I dont have any.
louejie cayanan
louejie cayanan 2 mesi fa
I like that phone, do you give phones?
LKX YEAH! 2 mesi fa
Who else touched thier screen at 10:07
James Kim L. Moro
James Kim L. Moro 2 mesi fa
Thomas Walton
Thomas Walton 2 mesi fa
Gaming phones are useless, barely any decent games out for mobile most are shit graphics shit gameplay and ofc pay to win.
Arda Normm
Arda Normm 2 mesi fa
Woaw black shark !!!!
Ray Caballero
Ray Caballero 2 mesi fa
Maybe the analog stick can be pressed in? For sprinnting
Ray Caballero
Ray Caballero 2 mesi fa
Are there American developers that make gaming phones like mowing i7s. Snail phone. There specs are good but I know we can make it even better in the US. The directional pad should be like vita. Or even X box one was great too. Needs back shoulder buttons like switch.
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 2 mesi fa
What's the internal memory n is there a micro sd slot for extendable storage
Retard Idris
Retard Idris 2 mesi fa
256 or 512gb and no micro sd
Mix content Aka Rehmat channel
Mix content Aka Rehmat channel 2 mesi fa
A Snow
A Snow 2 mesi fa
that "phone" is bs.. makes no sense to exist..
shiva acharya
shiva acharya 2 mesi fa
Oh so vague 🤔🤔🤔
0 0
0 0 2 mesi fa
I mean..... just buy a Nintendo switch🤷‍♂️
Tech channel
Tech channel 2 mesi fa
seriously your video get bored.kindly try to make videos with in 5-6 mins
Think BroaD
Think BroaD 2 mesi fa
I have this and it's a true monster
Yonkaboo Exkaboo
Yonkaboo Exkaboo 2 mesi fa
Ordering 4 of these. Thanks for the review!
musab umair
musab umair 2 mesi fa
i have it
50-BCET-16 2 mesi fa
12:50 you can see the lag....🤣
René Tvrdý
René Tvrdý 2 mesi fa
Battle Prime im comin
Sadit Alam
Sadit Alam 2 mesi fa
Asphalt 7
orangehax 547
orangehax 547 2 mesi fa
mikael facelo
mikael facelo 2 mesi fa
Peasant phone gamers
Skrill Gaming
Skrill Gaming 2 mesi fa
Dude u always say "fastest phone in the world" even in asus rog phone, u said it.and in asus rog phone 3 also
Mr.pyramid 2 mesi fa
Hi ,how can i buy a black shark with a extra cooling fan??
Adrian Cornejo
Adrian Cornejo 2 mesi fa
I was waiting the whole video for him to use the little fan
Mr. Pup
Mr. Pup Mese fa
Orest Karpiak
Orest Karpiak 2 mesi fa
same and he didn’t use it
MD Mahidul Islam
MD Mahidul Islam 2 mesi fa
Lew reaction--- Iphones:- Nah Android Gaming Phones:-Holymoly🤣
Rick Rye
Rick Rye 2 mesi fa
Wow surprised he's not a Noob and actually PWN'in people in PUBG! Also Phone is Rippppped!
Luis F. Arizandieta
Luis F. Arizandieta 2 mesi fa
Hi, where can it be purchased? I've been looking around and only found the black shark 2 pro
Bhuwan Joy Gazmer
Bhuwan Joy Gazmer 2 mesi fa
Nice music
some dude
some dude 2 mesi fa
i mean you can only really play pubg or shitty version of gaming will never be the future
Solis Solos
Solis Solos 2 mesi fa
Nagamitsu Bizen
Nagamitsu Bizen 2 mesi fa
When he says "It pulls that heat out and then exchanges it with cold." My inner hvac training started screaming "THATS NOT HOW THAT WORKS!!!!!" lol
vanzyl 0x45
vanzyl 0x45 2 mesi fa
ok let me put windows on that real quick...
vanzyl 0x45
vanzyl 0x45 2 mesi fa
obv there probably aren't drivers for it but damn
I I 2 mesi fa
boris brian
boris brian 2 mesi fa
You don't need that phone to play pubg Play fortnite man
Josiah Diwa
Josiah Diwa 2 mesi fa
No need to buy speakers
wm nu
wm nu 2 mesi fa
wait for RedMagic 5S then review it
vvs rocks
vvs rocks 2 mesi fa
This looks like a ford f150 if it was a phone built tuff
Piotrecki 2 mesi fa
What watch you have on your wrist?
Arsennii Moroz
Arsennii Moroz 2 mesi fa
Where do you get all these Cool tech stuff
AVLRECORDS 2 mesi fa
slowest phone in 2025
mAx 2 mesi fa
Nah it doesnt remind me of a gaming pc it reminds me of star wars.
Resul Emini
Resul Emini 2 mesi fa
Can you give me a gift phone pls?
Mckynzy Ytac
Mckynzy Ytac 2 mesi fa
try ark survival with that phone
Petra 2 mesi fa
Even you have it, your still not qualified to call yourself gamer untill you play PC game lmao
Baylon Ronald
Baylon Ronald 2 mesi fa
Rog 3 is smiling 🤣
Emilda Llanera
Emilda Llanera 2 mesi fa
Asus ROG phone 2 review, i think it has better specs than
#Foods&About 2 mesi fa
Where to buy pls. Online
Rio Candra
Rio Candra 2 mesi fa
How many world most powerful smartphones are there? I just saw Rog phone 3 with the same title
Samuel Paredes
Samuel Paredes 2 mesi fa
I always download emulators so i can play psp/DS/N64/Gamecube games on my phone but without the emulators my favorite mobile game would have to be critical ops or modern combat online
Pubg Mobile lite fan
Pubg Mobile lite fan 2 mesi fa
This phone can run gta 5
trollerman 2 mesi fa
Imagine... This thing is better than a lot of people's computers/laptops
诸元 2 mesi fa
Veski Bateman
Veski Bateman 2 mesi fa
When Lou says to kick back you'd better kick right back.
cayden conrad
cayden conrad 2 mesi fa
damn, and its only 700-ish dollars!?
Rachindra Poudel
Rachindra Poudel 2 mesi fa
Can we play ludo with these accessories??
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