iPhone 12 Pro MAX Unboxing

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Unbox Therapy

15 giorni fa

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple's true flagship smartphone for 2020.
iPhone 12 Latercase - latercase.com/iphone
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 14 giorni fa
iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max?
Sumita Pattnaik
Sumita Pattnaik 2 giorni fa
iPhone Pro Max
Bacon Ivan Boi
Bacon Ivan Boi 4 giorni fa
I have pro max and my sister has pro so botu
si zehao
si zehao 11 giorni fa
Gaurav Gaba
Gaurav Gaba 13 giorni fa
@1 sub with notis before 2021? pro max
CoiledPainter77 14 giorni fa
@MrBeast shut up
Julian Zehf
Julian Zehf 30 secondi fa
Is there anny sugar daddy here to buy me this iphone ?😂
blvccpercs baby
blvccpercs baby 53 minuti fa
can’t wait to unbox mine, i hope it comes soon. i normally scale down, i went from the 5 to the 7 to the xr to 12pro max
John Vincent Sanido
John Vincent Sanido Ora fa
Waching this with my iPhone 12 Pro Max 😅
Jdonk_1904 2 ore fa
Why no charging box
Brooklyn Jlo
Brooklyn Jlo 2 ore fa
His family is like so what number are we calling today 😩
dreamcode dreamcode
dreamcode dreamcode 2 ore fa
OMG what is that horrible carbon fiber case(plastic) on the iphone 12 pro. with the lens cut outs ....jeessss
Trae Fittz
Trae Fittz 3 ore fa
*Shoutout to Everybody that rockin wit the 8 Plus & still not Upgrading* 👌🏾
Lawi love
Lawi love 3 ore fa
Hopefully to have this cool iphone 12
aoun aloe vera
aoun aloe vera 3 ore fa
"1099$" (me here paying 1200 for the iphone 12 and crying)
_wxrrnn instagram
_wxrrnn instagram 5 ore fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason: I own an android :(
Ghostnova100 8 ore fa
No 4k in 2020 with 17mil subs. Pathetic
Elana Henricus
Elana Henricus 9 ore fa
is it safe to use other power bricks and wires if its not from apple? I'm scared it could ruin my battery
Olsen olsen
Olsen olsen 10 ore fa
Germany is 1300e
Hamza Nadeem
Hamza Nadeem 10 ore fa
The best iphone i have ever used...its just amazing(iphone 12 pro max)
Unboxer Tony
Unboxer Tony 10 ore fa
I am gonna get the max
Andrew Durfee
Andrew Durfee 10 ore fa
Well of course the nano costs less, Apple likes to rip people off
sumit gupta
sumit gupta 11 ore fa
I like it iPhone 12 pro max it's amazing iPhone.
Kira B TV
Kira B TV 12 ore fa
Great Video! I also did an unboxing when I received mine, so excited 😆
Balamurugan Sekar
Balamurugan Sekar 15 ore fa
iPhone pro max is better and look like value for money..(😑😑 for rich people )
i am zia
i am zia 16 ore fa
This is unique n different review
Give me i phone 12... 😥😥
shahil SHAHIL
shahil SHAHIL 18 ore fa
Huawei mate 40 pro?
Darren Fisherman
Darren Fisherman 22 ore fa
If you can’t tell the difference on the photo send it through airdrop to the other phone
Mabel Gm
Mabel Gm 22 ore fa
I’m getting the 12 pro max in about 3 to 4 days I’m so excited looking forward to it😄
SHAHEED ALI 23 ore fa
tiktok trending PH.
tiktok trending PH. 23 ore fa
I want the iPhone 12 pro max
rachel anderson
rachel anderson Giorno fa
all the ppl who dont hv an iphone 12 :( I I
Mishelle Titova
Mishelle Titova Giorno fa
Tbh the videos and photos on 12 pro look better than on 12 pro max imo
Ricky Peralta
Ricky Peralta Giorno fa
I love the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The flat edges feel amazing in the hands. The screen is gorgeous and of course the iOS software is smooth as butter. My camera will never disappoint me with the quality pictures/ videos that are taken. I also really like that it feels a little heavier, & the gold color option looks amazing especially with my slim black case with the front gold trim slighting glistening 😍 Oh and I can’t forget about the indestructible ceramic screen! 💪
K Z Giorno fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason- cause i watch your video since december 2010😁
Aliazger Ahmady
Aliazger Ahmady Giorno fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: Always wanted but could never afford an iPhone
Esther Toguchi
Esther Toguchi Giorno fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: Because I never wanted an Apple device soo badly in my life before
Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter Giorno fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason- because I want it
Faith Nkwocha
Faith Nkwocha Giorno fa
Entry "Done" Please I really want to have a phone because I never had one and this phone really looks nice 🙂 Hope I win!
Hxusnnshxixksmjshx Meh
Hxusnnshxixksmjshx Meh Giorno fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason : just wanna sell it and give some cash to my mom :’)
Eyta Auliya
Eyta Auliya Giorno fa
Bowe Cloud
Bowe Cloud Giorno fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason: My phone now is getting so slow and I am saving my money for a car so I can’t get a new phone
Raiyan Mehran
Raiyan Mehran Giorno fa
I thought that apple will provide us ear pods with iPhone 12 , but they didn,t provide a ear phone !
Billitz Giorno fa
bruh wtf apple not even including a power brick wtf?? the arrogance of apple is just over the top here, they litterally just take a shit in your mouth with this, im never buying an iphone again just because of this. imo this is just not done, delivering a 1200€ phone without a charger??
Sedinam Anyadi
Sedinam Anyadi Giorno fa
'Entry' 'Done' Reason:Can't afford one and trying my luck
Dukens Saint Vil
Dukens Saint Vil Giorno fa
iPhone pro max need a pen
Rannoom Al-Wattar
Rannoom Al-Wattar Giorno fa
What about the headphone (airpod) ?? Are they included ??
JoKid Giorno fa
99% of the comments are: "Entry" "Done" Reason: blah blah blah...
Jamie Leung
Jamie Leung Giorno fa
pro max: has better battery apple: expirery date 2 years
Jenalyn Spencer
Jenalyn Spencer Giorno fa
Can i have one ? I love Iphone ❤
Tia Pruitt
Tia Pruitt Giorno fa
I just got my iPhone 11 in May of this year, the next time I buy a iPhone the iPhone 13 or 14 will be advertising 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️.
Prashanth J.K.
Prashanth J.K. Giorno fa
! PLEASE READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT ! I don't know why anyone else isn't saying this: Your videos are getting really damn boring. Since like half a year or even longer you are more interested in sponsorships and money than actually making videos which give information about products. I subscribed to your channel 2 years ago coz ur videos had a different vibe to them but now all I see is 20 minute long videos of u blabbering sht about tech u have almost no tech knowledge about and about that Latercase. The Willy du and Jack puns are gone. The green chair is gone. Your videos're just pure views views views and clickbait now. Mkbhd and Dave2d's videos have far better info than yours that too in shorter videos. I'm sure that it's not just me who feels like this. So if you too feel the same please like this comment so that it goes near the top and Lew reads it. Thankyou for reading.
Prime Bear
Prime Bear Giorno fa
Guys what you think : Should I buy Iphone 12 Pro Max or wait for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra ? Having Galaxy Note 10 Plus and it's time to upgrade for me ...🙂
girlboss1692 11 ore fa
honestly, it depends on your budget. i’d say the iphone, though
Sundar Dante
Sundar Dante Giorno fa
I like iPhone 12 Pro Max everything is max when I get my own apple device
Vanessa Nigley
Vanessa Nigley Giorno fa
*Omg just got my iPhone12 pro through alvinshyper40 on !nsta i wasn't expecting it to work but it did so amazing*
Vanessa Nigley
Vanessa Nigley Giorno fa
*Omg just got my iPhone12 pro through alvinshyper40 on !nsta i wasn't expecting it to work but it did so amazing*
Hegovii Giorno fa
Entry: Done: Miracles are notifications after all. :)
Zion Gabriel
Zion Gabriel Giorno fa
I can’t even afford one of those even XR 😌 I want iPhone 12 even 12 only huhu
Camesia Hailey Wilson
Camesia Hailey Wilson 2 giorni fa
I've been watching your vids from 2019 probably 2018 and I'm soo jealous rn and I hope I can get a phone like that never had an iPhone for my self before
Merrex 2 giorni fa
Yelling at the start of the video did make me want to give you a Thumbs down for the lack of professionalism.
gamer_ god56
gamer_ god56 2 giorni fa
ENTRY DONE REASON: I really want to get my first phone but I can't afford a phone like this.
Lanz Ryniel Pyponco
Lanz Ryniel Pyponco 2 giorni fa
All the way from the PHILIPPINES hope I get 1 of those phone, I really love Iphone 12 pro but I can't afford to buy it, love your channel and videos. Lovelots here from PHILIPPINES, Hoping for some brand new 1phone 12 pro ❤️☺️ thanks and godbless 🙏 Done subscribe, like and turn on notifications.❤️❤️❤️❤️
La_King31 2 giorni fa
ENTRY DONE Reason: i am just a typical broke college student who needs a new phone
Ms. J
Ms. J 2 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" "Reason" in my 25 years of age, never been try using iPhone. Even my my friend don't want me to touch it their phone LOL! they don't trust me 🤣
European Babe
European Babe 2 giorni fa
why the pro max has a glitch when you record videos?
arben bytyqi
arben bytyqi 2 giorni fa
Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 T with 144 hz refresh 108 mpg camera snapdragon 865 for 370 Euros
2j Ryan
2j Ryan 2 giorni fa
Switched from Samsung note 9 to iPhone 12promax
rocco minatozaki
rocco minatozaki 2 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: dont have enough money to upgrade to a new phone since this year was kinda rough on me (last upgrade was to the iphone 6s)
W-youtube 2 giorni fa
Yooooooo y’all should buy it..... Lmao just kidding just steal it, I sold my lung so that I could buy one, I can’t breath 💀
James Bond
James Bond 2 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: Want to switch to iphone
tova jonas
tova jonas 2 giorni fa
That gold colour is really nice
WarShips Boss
WarShips Boss 2 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: I want to win an iphone for my sister
Jayson de Paz
Jayson de Paz 2 giorni fa
Hello sir. 2 weeks ago I lost my phone. My phone LCD is already broken. And due to covid 19 I lost my job. I hope you notice my comment. And I wish you can spare me a phone. Always take care and God bless to your family, career and ITpost page. From Philippines.
Mamad 2 giorni fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason: I never owned an iPhone and this will be a great help because I am a student with a tight budget.
soua Vang
soua Vang 2 giorni fa
Sumita Pattnaik
Sumita Pattnaik 2 giorni fa
iPhone Pro Max is better in my opinion.
Khamkong Phonbamrung
Khamkong Phonbamrung 2 giorni fa
Why most blogger review only iphone pro max in gold?
Alexa Demelo
Alexa Demelo 2 giorni fa
All thanks to *swipeechecks* on telegram for his system legit method of carding phones and pc Now I’m a phone dealer,I sell all kinds of PC and phones.all thanks to him No red flag about him ,is legit 🤟
Veiled Family
Veiled Family 2 giorni fa
Nice Video!!!
nghietngarang doivotinh
nghietngarang doivotinh 2 giorni fa
btsff zawarudo drdray
Shamyra Miller
Shamyra Miller 2 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" Because my 6 finally went out and I can't afford a new phone just yet.
NOFATCHICK1 2 giorni fa
I want this phone bad. I would like this to be my first iphone ever, but I think I'll wait till next year. I currently own a oneplus 7t. This phone is great and it costed me $499 new. Not only does it have more ram (8gb vs the iphone 12 pro max 6gb). Same storage (128gb). Dash charging which is even quicker than than apples fast charging 0-70% in 30 minutes. Still appalled that people pay so willing and yet I still want one bad. With that said the lack of a 120 hz is a deal breaker. My oneplus 7t has a 90hz and even then the transition from 90hz to 60hz is substantially noticable to my eyes, so I will wait to next year.
Fabiola Decoster
Fabiola Decoster 2 giorni fa
“Entry” “Done” Reason: I have an iPhone 7 with a cracked screen and can’t afford to upgrade or fix the screen
saif sherief
saif sherief 2 giorni fa
"entry" "Done" Reason:- trying my luck and I low-key want it 😂
Zeshan Ahmed
Zeshan Ahmed 2 giorni fa
Technical Expert
Technical Expert 2 giorni fa
*0.1% people who are helping me reach 1k may your parents live more then 100 years with good health God Bless Them* 💝💝💝
Mohammed Al-Dknji
Mohammed Al-Dknji 2 giorni fa
12 pro max or note 20 ultra??
Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf 2 giorni fa
12 Pro graphite
amado1156 2 giorni fa
its an iphone 5 with 3 cameras..poor design
Lydia Andera
Lydia Andera 2 giorni fa
I really wanted the better camera, so I wanted the max, but I wanted the smaller phone. I gave up the smaller phone, for the better camera, for me personally.
madboyreadynow28 3 giorni fa
Apple has so much money now they’re throwing business away to other suppliers?
madboyreadynow28 3 giorni fa
They forgot to do the diamond cut on that large band around the phone to make it look elegant. It’s just this large band with no styling around the phone.
Rondo Glo
Rondo Glo 3 giorni fa
I dead need this phone 😭💯🙏🏾 my xs MAX is fried 😭
WhyTheWorld 3 giorni fa
You must be a male version of Ariana Grande. Why? You both only take a shot on your left 🤷
Jessica Mathew
Jessica Mathew 3 giorni fa
Unbelievable 😱😱 I got an iPhone 12 from Tech_hacklord003 on instagram with just shipping fee and it's was delivered to my door step in some few day's he's so legit 💯💯
Linda 3 giorni fa
Maria Kagan
Maria Kagan 3 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: my dream is to have iphone, I don't have enough money to afford that 😪 its been over 3 years that I want to buy iPhone. Always buy cheep android and get disappointed time after time.
Ctory Teller
Ctory Teller 3 giorni fa
Before this, your reviews used to be for people to help them decide what to buy... But now your reviews seems more like for companies, helping them sell...
mohabukhadra 3 giorni fa
iPhone 7 Plus.... thank u ! Hello 12 pro max.
Ramel 3 giorni fa
Me watching this with an Android 💔👄💔
Alexa Demelo
Alexa Demelo 2 giorni fa
Beep up him on telegram for his legit iPhone carding system ,got mine right now Now I’m a phone dealer 🥳
Ramel 2 giorni fa
@Alexa Demelo wOw I BeLiEvEd 😱😱😱😱
Alexa Demelo
Alexa Demelo 2 giorni fa
You can get an iPhone without money Do you know???...text up *swipeechecks* on telegram
Mohammad Dirawi
Mohammad Dirawi 3 giorni fa
It’s not nice🤢
Cedric Van Giesen
Cedric Van Giesen 3 giorni fa
I’m not sure you are correct about this being the first plus size phone to have a diference on the spec sheet. The 7 plus added a second camera while the standard 7 had only one camera.
Kate Ezekiel Molato
Kate Ezekiel Molato 3 giorni fa
"Entry" "Done" Reason: My family can't afford new phone for online class. And I'm still using my Samsung J7 core that my friend gave me.
Erik Joyner
Erik Joyner 3 giorni fa
what case are you using on your 12 pro?
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